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Alright then. I already have ideas for how my character could become more involved in the story, so while I may start as a totally unaligned character, that may not be the case in later stages. Or maybe it will be, but either way I have rough plans for how such a character could become an important part of the RP, if I did decide to commit. It would help to see other sheets before I make mine, so I get a better sense for the world, but I'll do what I can until then.
I would be interested in playing as a minor character, if possible. Not an Exarch, or an Archon, or even a hero tied to them. Just a lone hero of sorts unaffiliated with the empire. Maybe on his own or perhaps under the employ of some other faction. My interest in RPs fluctuates unreliably, but I still want to give this a shot in a way that wouldn't negatively affect the story if I were to suddenly drop out. So yeah, a minor character with potential for growth if I decide to fully commit. If that is possible/allowed, I'll see about making a sheet using the hero template.

@gorgenmast Where have you been? I thought you were dead and I wept for thee. Get on Steam more often so I can bother you.
What a bunch of fuckin' morons.

Confirmed foreign shill.

@Dinh AaronMk Pictures like that are exactly why people don't think Communism can work. You don't even have enough for jpegs.

@mdk I hadn't considered that this may be an ongoing thing. That does change things. Although, I don't think anything Assad's opposition says is trustworthy. But if there are other sources claiming the same, I guess it may be true.
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