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5 Feb 2017 9:09
Current Was stuck in a rut, so I had a break from the internet just for a bit. But I'm back now working my hardest.
9 Dec 2016 15:32
Guess who made it into Uni? This basic bitch, that's who!


Hai! Hai!

Goodo! You decided to stalk me huh? That's cool, glad you've taken an interest into cute lil' me.

Here's the basic run down:
- I'm 17
- Always Happy
- I love Anime and JRPGs
- The Idolm@ster and DanganRonpa are some of my favorite games
- I love to make friends, so you should so totally hit me up some time~ Yeaaas~
- I'm pretty peppy most of the time
- I always speak honestly and sometimes bluntly, so I'll always say how I feel regardless of feelings.

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That Night of Carnage post is just so chilling the first time I seen it.
Against my better judgement. I'm voting Neko. Because my gut tells me this game was started to use my strong feelings of friendship against me.
For all that is good in this world. Strike down the evil one.
I'll always have faith in my friends!

*votes @Blueflame*
Shomarin, Tsuke and I worked our toots off during that
Oooh the sleepless nights and Discord crashes.
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