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9 Dec 2016 15:32
Guess who made it into Uni? This basic bitch, that's who!


Hai! Hai!

Goodo! You decided to stalk me huh? That's cool, glad you've taken an interest into cute lil' me.

Here's the basic run down:
- I'm 17
- Always Happy
- I love Anime and JRPGs
- The Idolm@ster and DanganRonpa are some of my favorite games
- I love to make friends, so you should so totally hit me up some time~ Yeaaas~
- I'm pretty peppy most of the time
- I always speak honestly and sometimes bluntly, so I'll always say how I feel regardless of feelings.

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</3 they never taught me.

I know a lot of things in regular gana form. Just no Kanji lel
I only know very basic things:
(The numbers)
今日 隣 火 水 見 高 分 止 左 右 光 女 男 大 川 明日 秋 夏 食 行 犬 買
今 金 土 生 生 日 月 何 口 体 音楽 母 父 田 好 曲 春 冬 道 小 出 物

Those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head @_@
Ohoh if you learn any cool kanji, send it my way too~!
*scolded by tobi*
uguuu Q_Q

So the group was all invited inside for a tour of the grand facility. This, of course, happened when the remaining group of stragglers showed up. One of them being a girl younger than Mirei. Her hair was clearly dyed, so she must be a trouble maker. To her dismay, the entrance to the place didn't have any wackdonalds to be seen. No burgers stacked as high as the ceiling at all, how despair inducing.
They were handed these flimsy things called 'passcards' they were basically backstage all access VIP E-passes that were the size of a visa card. Figuring she wouldn't have to use it if she was in a group, Mirei brought it out her purse, sliding the card in one of the free slots right next to her debit card.

The group hadn't even started their tour yet but Mirei was already C&TC vibes. She honestly wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of tiny people came out singing about their impending doom. But in this scenario, nobody would be falling into a chocolate river, the tiny people would probably also be dressed up as different Digimon.
Our First Stop Is The Programming Department
'Oh Boy!' thought Mirei, she so totally wanted to go there. She couldn't possibly imagine sneaking away to nap under a table or something. The only thing keeping her going was the hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. A paid meal. To the companys' credit, the room was fairly interesting, to somebody who was actually interested in coding and data. There were several workers taping away at keys that flashed upon a monitor with every key pressed. Mirei peered over the shoulder of a worker, resisting the ugre to spook them as she watched them furiously type away in some kind of language she'd never seen before. The one thing she knew about computers is that it uses 0's and 1's so what was this stuff?

Leaving the worker to his device she listened to the jolly man Kuroda talk about Digimon. This room is where they're 'born' Mireis' mind moved to her D-Scanner she left at home. The Digimon inside probably reset by now or something. It didn't particularly bother her, it had happened multiple times already, after all, it's just a toy.

The next stop on their tour was the art department. To Mirei it was the most interesting, she could look and gaze at the amazing designs of old and new Digimon. The colours of some attracted her like a mosquito to a bug zapper. She practically drooled over the dragon-esque Digimon, they looked so awe-inspiring and powerful. There was, of course, the one time only, Burgermon, which of course Mirei had several copies of when they released them with a promotion with Wackdonalds. Unfortunately they had to move along from there and went to where all the cards for the game are produced. It was more interesting than the coding room but not by much, everybody else seemed mildly interested.
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