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21 yrs/o
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I also love long walks on the beach and other such cliches.

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@RedI've just read your post (nice one btw ^_^), got mine up, I apologize if it took a while.
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There is man intently scoping the whole scene from the bar under his sunglasses. His leather jacket, torn skinny jeans and messy hair made him look like a Sid Vicious knock off. Within the buoyant crowd his head paused, slightly tipping his sunglasses to take a closer look at the woman. He definitely see something he likes.

Grabbing two bottles of beer, one for himself and the other to the pretty lady, who to him stood out and seemed out of place in the crowd by the bonfire.

"Hey sugar." he said cooly. The awkward smirk on his lips, his overall stance and get up showed wholly his mediocre charm. "So, you come here often?" he offer her a bottle but she declined. Telling him it was her first night, caused him to raise his eyebrows. "First night eh? Havn't met any first timers in San Junipero in a while." he gave her a wink. He let the woman go after their little chat, his eyes followed her as she went over to the crowd of people dancing.

Back then Violet was never the type to get into crowds like this. Not in the most of her waking life that is until her own issues caught up to her, pulling her down with the dregs of society where she later on came to appreciate the exuberance of such lifestyle. The crowd, the music, the booze and the numbness it brought, was a blissful salvation to her otherwise troubled life, albeit temporarily. And now spending her eternity, those times are the only things she wanted to relive. Just don't make her dance.

Vee was with a crowd, just by the corner of the dance floor, though she frequents places like this she was never really the dancing type. She watched the crowd of lively people, then glanced on shore as the sun completely surrendered to the vast horizon, when her eyes caught an unfamiliar patron. Not on the party scene but on the shore, alone. Residing in San Junipero for quite a while now Vee can easily tell the regulars from the visitors and this particular person, a woman, she had never seen before.

Finishing up her glass of whiskey, the well rounded woman moved through the crowd until she exited on the quiet end of the scene and to lonesome figure. Vee had her arms crossed over her chest as she stood just a few steps behind her. "Hope you're not planning on taking a swim." Vee teased the woman. " But if you do, I suggest you go to that spot over there. The rocks in these parts are somewhat, prickly."
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Great :) Looking forward to it.
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@Red Finally posted it ^u^
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The small, well lit town by the sea, seems to never loose it's vibrant atmosphere even from miles away one could hear the echoes of it's upbeat theme, and make out it's frisky neon lights illuminating the night. To the residents, the town has this sense of melancholic satisfaction. San Junipero has that effect on people, just ask any permanent resident here. To them it's a personal heaven, which they can freely relive the happy days, or make one if they hadn't, contented to stay in the eternity of mortal retirement.

By the seaside is where the younger spirits would regularly come. The large bonfire in the center brightened the dawn, whilst Bowie serenades Modern Love through the giant stereo speakers behind somebody's pick up truck. People would come with their cars or jeeps in groups or in pairs, letting themselves move to the music or grabbing a beer or two at the nifty tiki bar in the other corner. The shore swarmed with people, Club kids, Grunge kids, Zippies, and the like, freely going about their own interests. It was another great night to get lost in, for the visitors it's only a matter of time, hours it seems, til the clock strikes 12 and until the next dawn they can return again.

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