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23 Apr 2017 15:30
Current Well, Disneyland was fun, but it's time to go home
21 Apr 2017 21:39
I had my concert today and brought home silver :) so proud!
16 Apr 2017 15:48
Happy Egg day to the people who celebrate it. And those who don't: lucky,
14 Apr 2017 1:57
Bara Tiddy is the best Tiddy
12 Apr 2017 22:27
Freeze your brain, Shatter your Skull, fight pain with more pain. Forget who you are, unburden your load, forget in six weeks you'll be back on the road.



I am trash

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@TwelveOf8 Danke! Das war sehr nett von dir! Du kennst deutsch? Ich wusste es nicht. Ich sollte mit dem Schreiben ins Deutsche beginnen. Ich habe ein wenig deutsch gelernt wegen Reinhardt Wilhelm.
"I-I'm ok!" She shakily answered.

It was easy to tell she got scared. She didn't want Rolo to think she wasn't tough or he might take her home. She's not used to riding so fast and making turns like that. Her brother just cruises around on his bike, enjoying the view and driving along a nice landscape to clear his mind.

Her heart was still pounding, about to burst out of her chest. They could have easily fallen to their doom. She tried shrugging it off. Rolo must know what he's doing, she thought to herself.

"Are we there yet?" she asked. They had to be close.
@TwelveOf8 Any time mien freund!
Corrine had never actually took the time to see what Sea Salt Bay actually looked like. She had always spent her time at the beach or at the diner. It almost looked like a fairytale town. Everything looked so cute in her eyes. It looked much better than her old home. Then again, she stayed in the house most of the time. Maybe moving here wasn't such a bad idea.

As they ride up the mountain road, Corrine began to feel nervous. They were going quite far from the town. She had no idea any of this was there either. It was a nice drive with an even nicer view, but she had no idea where they were going. She felt worried that they might have been going too far. What was Rolo planning?

Fun fact #4: Charles's friends are never really described because Charles himself hardly acknowledges them. As far as he's concerned, his friends may as well be pets and fashion accessories.
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