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23 Mar 2017 4:16
Current [@BlackSam3091] No way that Lethal Weapon the TV show can be that good.
20 Mar 2017 20:10
Welp. Just beat Breath of the Wild. Pretty touching ending I'd say.
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16 Mar 2017 19:20
I don't know why but my characters have been insulted relentlessly from multiple other characters lately. It's kinda funny but at the same time it makes me think that I'm makin them a-holes.
6 Mar 2017 1:53
2 Mar 2017 0:51
Just about no one adresses me as rocketrobie2. It's almost always a nickname. Funny.
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Pull over here

We can't park here

Why not?

It's a yellow zone.

We're about to pull off the biggest heist in the world and your worried about parking?


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@Raddum I'd do the same if I had a PC. I'm stuck on console so console mods were a life saver even if they were for fallout 4. The old isometric fallouts look rad but I'm not tech savvy enough to figure out how to run them on my Mac laptop.
"Let's stick around Albany for a bit. Who knows, maybe we'll come across some Kobra commandos or some monster... thing out there." Hector speculated as he imagined the two of them on the front page of time magazine.

"Have you heard of the HIVE? I can't believe men go around dressing like bees and buzzing around a woman with bad hair..." Stag mentioned jokingly.

Hector paused for a moment as he thought Stag was serious about his description of HIVE but began chuckling a little as he caught on to Stag's humor.

"Last time I heard about HIVE was when they were out in Star City. Speaking of bees how about we get ourselves some diner food. I could really go for those pancakes I was talking about earlier." Hector suggested as he began looking down the road at the exit as a small town came into view.

"Sound like a plan Stag ol' pal?" Hector asked as he sat back in his seat. "How 'bout there. I'll bet that place has pancakes." he said pointing at a 50's styled diner just down the long highway road.

As the pickup truck pulled into the parking lot of the diner, Hector took out his wallet to check his current financial situation. Things didn't look very good but Hector was sure he had enough to get the two of them breakfeast. The duo walked into the diner and sat at a booth where an older waitress came by and unethusatically asked for their orders to which Hector ordered the two of them some pancakes. The diner was a decent looking place, doing a good job of capturing the 50's vibe quite effortlessly though that was probably because none of it's appliances had been updated since then. As Hector and Stag sat in their booth a man in what looked like a skin tight teal costume with a leaking gun of somesort walked into the diner calmly with a smug smirk on his masked face.
@The Kid Lantern Sounds good. I'll be in the pad intermittedly tonight
@JesseJ Lookin' forward to it! Hope your workshops go well.

@Raddum Nice. I haven't played fallout 4 in a little while now (last time I played was around when Nuka World came out) but I remember using a the alternate start mod and trying to use a few race mods that didn't work very well. Also a mod that turns deathclaws into Randy 'Macho-man' Savage.
So do you guys use mods? If so what's some of your favourites?
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