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1 Feb 2016 15:30
Time to go on a horror movie binge.
25 Jan 2016 18:52
Seems like I need to replace my phone. I never know how much not being able to check the time bothered me until I started walking around the school campus without my phone.
20 Jan 2016 23:04
So today my phone fell in water. It was there for no more than two seconds tops, but it's going haywire. Time to see if the old rice trick works.
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29 Nov 2015 1:12
The semester is almost over!
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31 Oct 2015 1:16
I'm slowly working on getting replies up. Just be patient with me, please. =)


Just so my rp partners know, I'm in Central Time.

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Bump with a slight update.
@Yayoi PM'd you.
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