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21 Mar 2017 18:23
Current Working on posts y'all <3 Left this essay a little too late so I'll finish this first. Then I'll finish those posts ^^
5 Mar 2017 6:32
I am absolutely exhausted from constant drilling. I'll work on posts and replies tomorrow y'all, I'm just too tired XD
2 Mar 2017 7:17
Okie, gonna be leaving for a camp tomorrow. I'll be away from the keyboard until Saturday EST or Sunday NZT but I'll be checking out OOC in my downtimes :)
26 Feb 2017 6:43
Swimming with a mixed training set of powerlifting and bodybuilding has indeed fucked up my shoulders. I am very stupid XD
23 Feb 2017 10:39
When you're guilty of cluttering OOC... >< XD


"I ain't no hot shit, I'm just a normal guy tryna enjoy life and make friends."

Hello there, I'm the Sergeant, the Sarge, the Gio or the guy that you're currently stalking because you thought I was A) Interesting (I doubt that very much) or B) I was on your stalking lists. If B, I apologise for my stalker tendencies. I'm a weirdo. Okay, that's a strange opening line to say to someone who is potentially new to you but it's just the truth. I'm not one to say much about myself because I ain't that interesting and to be honest, you could be looking at a myriad of more interesting people to look at. But since you're here, I might as well quit wasting your time and tell you a tidbit of info.

I am a Kiwi hailing from the lands of the Philippines a place which really fucked with me but who cares, Pinoy Pride. My name is Gio and as I said, I ain't very interesting. I'm pretty young but I'm not going to spread my age out into the RP world and instead tell you things you should know about me. I absolutely love sci-fi and slice of life but I take anything that seems fancy and I'm willing to try out new genres and flex my roleplaying muscles. I enjoy reading roleplays just as much as I enjoy joining them and writing for them. I enjoy making up fantastic world's in my head and daydreaming. I love my friends and if you become a friend of mine, you take away a piece of my heart that you ain't shaking away for a long time. I don't necessarily love myself but I love the people around me who shaped me into who I am today.

I try to write sad characters with sad back stories most of the time but my muse takes me everywhere and anywhere with ideas. A running theme in most of my characters is that they're in emotional turmoil and that there is something wrong with them that no one can fix. It may sound boring as I centre the character on one fixture of their personality but I challenge myself by also trying to make them interesting as well. I'm all for varying ethnicities and varying genders but I'm trying to vary my sexualities as well.

"1 universe. 9 planets. 204 countries. 809 islands. 7 seas. And I had the privilege to meet these wonderful people."

@Dirty Pretty Lies
My Boo, My Soul, The One Who Rocked My World

@Altered Tundra
My Older Brother, My Bear, The One Who Brings Me Up

My Fox, My Eternal Friend, The One Who I Stand By

My Shipper, My British Girl, The One Who Shows Me True Beauty

My Dorky Dork, My Typo Queen, The One I Share My Stories With

My Cutie, My Smartie, The One I Wish I Could Be

@Wade Wilson
My Meme, My Weirdo, The One That Makes Me Laugh

My Tormented Friend, My Toilet, The One I Shit On Constantly

@Silent Observer
My Grandmother, My Pretty Girl, The One I Wish I Could Talk To More

My Younger Brother, My German Cutie, The One Who Shouldn't Look Up To Me

@lovely complex
My Mother, My Kind Friend, The One Who I Should Be

*I might add some more shit cause I'm indecisive like that XD*

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I'm super excited for all of our characters to finally meet ^^
Is anyone waiting for me to post? I don't have much to comment on except for Ja'Far watching everything happen, bleeding and stuff XD

Edit: Honestly, I feel like I'm missing out but I'm out of ideas for a post because I can't think of anything worthy to do XD
Hope that was enough for the wait guys <3

"We're into the last minute as Jameson finds Jacques with a final throw! Let me tell you Philly, this man is called the Lightning for a reason, one of the biggest men in the field but he flies like he's twinkletoes! Look at him! Dodge left, dodge right, duck under the arm of Cray as the Irishman tries to pull him down! Coming up to 10 meters from the try line, he's facing fierce opposition from the Ottawa Harlequins. Jay Johnson, the captain of the Harlequins looks to tackle Jacques right where it hurts! But with a one, two, three step dodge and he scores a try on the last second! Toronto won and moving on to the finals against their rivals. Lemme tell you Philly, that was one of the best tries I've seen in Canadian Union history! Jacques is a coming star in the League-"

Indiscernible sounds awoke Jean, the sun peering from the boarded windows into his wide eyes. He hissed quietly, his vision going white before he slowly opened his eyes again. He moaned, holding his head in pain as a small headache struck against him. Sammy didn't know this but he had been drinking the previous night, once they found this house. He let her go to sleep inside the bedroom while sleeping on the couch that faced away from her current position. They had been staying at this house for the night, having run away from the horror of the previous house, and he had found the drinks cabinet. He drank to his sorrows, grieving by stealing from the cabinet and grabbing a few Molsons. He drank and drank until he fell asleep, not content with just one drink. He wasn't a lightweight but the combination of fatigue, heavy drinking and stress turned into one massive hangover. He bit his lip, preventing himself from making another moan.

'Oh how the mighty have fallen...' Jean thought bitterly, massaging his temples subtly, trying not to alert his friend. The pain slowly but surely subsided, now dulled to an almost unnoticeable numbness that he ignored. He sat up, turning to the side to pick up the baseball bat he had received from Connor. Before they set up in the house, the Aussie left for bed and announced that he was going to go around to scout for more information. During that week in the house, they had listened for any radio contacts and government announcements but beyond that, the group's information on the world was limited. All they knew was that when people got sick with whatever disease this was, they turned into some fucked up zombies. The normal ones, called Screechers and Sprinters, like his deceased teammate's daughter he had encountered a week before.

It hadn't felt like a week for the Ivoirian. He had taken the leadership in their group before, making sure that everyone was receiving the same amount of rations and was doing alright. It was day after day of getting people to cooperate and stay calm but even under him, several members left in the night. One day, one of the former group members, a man by the name of Daryl had ran away with several weeks worth of food and especially water in a truck. This had left them starved, tensions rose amongst group members and the house was threatening to buckle under the weight of the aggression. Flyback Joe's sudden awakening as one of those damn monsters only sped the process up, the eventual breaking of the house group. Everyone went out of the house in chaos and panic, some taking whatever supplies were left while others just ran away.

Luckily, Jean, Sammy and Connor made it. They didn't have the chance to get any supplies in the mad escape but found this house to sleep on for the night. And the weapon he was currently eyeing on the coffee table. A Bennelli M3 with six ammunition packs of 12 gauge shells. He had found the gun during his drunken haze yesterday and kept it at his side on the table, now glad that he still had the sense not to shoot the gun. He recognised the weapon from his days back in the Ivory Coast, popular with those territorial gangsters and gangbangers in the slums as well as common people for protection. He had never fired an M3 but he roughly knew how to work it, extracting memories of people he used to know who fired the gun in front of him. It was a powerful weapon but Connor seemed to have left it alone when he went to scout.

Jean was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of Sammy speaking, turning his head towards her. He smirked standing slightly, greeting her and slowly walking towards the kitchen to start cooking, bringing a pan and oil out. He took a swig of the bottle of water on the counter, letting out a small sigh before indicating towards the bat and gun. "Well, we've dealt with these fuckers before haven't we? These guys seem to be following zombie movie and show rules, like the Walking Dead. There's probably a protagonist, main lover and everything right now, probably planning to save the world." He failed to mention the futility of the people in the Walking Dead but he kept with his light tone, bringing out a can of corned beef in the unfortunately emptying pantry.

"Hey, you think we're the protagonists? Me, the stunning, awesome main character and you, my awesome sidekick?" He poked back at her, trying to keep the conversation from anything deep. Letting the moment settle into a sort of normality, he let himself relax to the sound of sizzling oil and beef. However, the moment was broken with a crash from one of the back rooms and the sounds of a screecher filled the house. Coming from a door nearer to the kitchen countertop, the monster lunged at Jean, growling and shouting with fierce determination. The monster had seemingly come out of nowhere and looked slightly familiar to the Ivoirian but before he could dwell on this, the thing pounced on him and tried to pin him on the table.

The rugby player's eyes widened in surprise, gasping as he pushed against the massive mass of muscle. "Connor?! What the fuck?!?!" He struggled against the former Aussie, trembling against the bigger zombie. He tried to look for a weapon but had to keep his eyes on the monster in front of him, shoving him away and grappling him. He took a moment to glance towards Sammy before being pinned successfully on the counter, Connor's jaws opening wider than they should.

"SAMMY!" Jean fought against the former human but was slowly losing. Either from the fatigue or the mild headache, his strength seemed to have been sapped from him. Staring at the hungry, open mouth of his former friend, he could think of only one word. Fuck.
FINALLY POSTED! Hopefully I didn't depict Duos as overpowered or anything but the next bout of fighting is bound to take them a notch down or two.

Ohhhhh I might have to make a new character after this fight, I really fucked him over XD
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