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While I love the addition of Lady Shiva, I can't help but think she'd more than likely hit a lot of the same story beats as Shang-Chi. Assassins, martial arts goodness, being an Asian during the time of the Yellow Peril and the Red Menace, maybe even a Triad or two. Not to mention this means I probably have to throw out the idea of Fu Manchu sending her after him!

In addition, I haven't found much time to workshop Shang-Chi in the past few days as I've got other commitments and what not (and I don't want Ethan to murder me.), but it seems like 1968's got more than enough chopsocky shenanigans in store that it won't need the comic book version of Bruce Lee. That'll show me for giving my friends false hope in the form of half-joking skeleton sheets!

Now I need to go pester Gowi about the other RPs he's running.
In ①⑨⑥⑧ 21 Mar 2017 20:00 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Sloth>

Wow! I'm thinking of doing Iron Fist! Shang Chi is my favorite comic book martial artist though! We should totally team up!

is what I would say if I had any confidence in you

Fight some nameless mooks in the alley of a Chinese Restaurant you work at only to get pulled into some ancient war between mystical ninja societies and dimensional dragons and shit. Just Bruce Lee Shang-Chi things.

This is what happens when your sorcerer father trains to you to be the deadliest assassin ever, isn't it.
In ①⑨⑥⑧ 21 Mar 2017 13:44 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Now before I commit or anything only to no doubt vanish I have a very serious question I need to ask.

I swear I'm only half joking.
  • So far so good. Honestly, the only part I'm iffy about is the pseudo-telepathy right now. (and maybe the slight spoiler?)

@DeadBeatWalking — I will do a complete look over when you have finished your CS in full, but I did read a bit of it before realizing you had no jutsu list and things look up shaping nicely. I would also say I pretty much agree with what Ryo stated about the “pseudo-telepathic” communication.

What the hell, I'll throw in my two cents.

Personally, with the restrictions presented, I don't see why Ninja Monks couldn't have a form of Ninshū based telepathy and/or a vague detect emotion sort of skill. While I know this is an alternate universe and all that, hear me out. Multiple characters throughout the series have commented on the "feel" of someone's chakra, even when they themselves weren't sensor types. The Yamanaka Clan developed a hiden technique centered around telepathy. The Hiden part is important. Remember that, theoretically, anyone can learn how to utilize hiden techniques rather than it being a genetic thing a la Kekkei Genkai. Ninshū, and, presumably by extension, Ninja Monks, predate ninjutsu and it seems the connection of spiritual energies and emotional understanding are two of the primary tenets of the Sage's (IE: Ninja Monks') teachings.

The teachings of ninshū were meant to give people a better understanding of themselves, as well as others, and lead the world into an era of peace

Hagoromo exemplified his teachings by distributing chakra meant to "connect" people's spiritual energies with one another. It would allow people to understand each other without communication and pray for one another's safety.
Narutopedia's Ninshū Page

Now, if an explanation for it being a "Monk Only" thing is needed since "Ninshū is just archaic ninjutsu" or whatever, perhaps the way the monks utilize it is through their unique Monks Only Chakra. Or perhaps the Yamanaka have simply refined the technique to an absurdly high rate, seeing as they can apparently communicate with vast groups of people at once if they do it right, whereas, in this instance, Monks can only communicate with each other or those trained in Ninshū, which I imagine would be few and far between.

I dunno. I think it'd be a neato thing for Kodo to have. Anyway, I should probably be sleeping.
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