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29 Oct 2016 21:19
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"He's just meme-ing." they said. Pah!

Don't worry Ethan, I got your back.
Oh hey, it's that RP I'm being strongarmed into joining.
I figured I should at least post what I do have done here before I pass out from exhaustion in a few minutes and am probably gone for the entirety of tomorrow due to travel. If I don't manage to make the deadline due to my upcoming Texan vacation, it's all good. I'll let you guys know whether or not I manage to bring my laptop with me to work on the thing systematically. Friends, I bid you adieu. For now.

Also, if someone could essentially do all the coding for me, that'd be swell.

I do have a Bleach character concept I've wanted to run ever since I got into the series earlier this year...

What the hell, I'll give it a shot. Blame @Kal-El.

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Bro, you ain't @Sloth

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