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Join Date: Long time ago

Writing Level - high-casual to advanced.
Guild Forums: Casual, Advanced, 1x1's -

RP interests/Genres/Categories:
  • Fantasy (medieval, modern urban, high, heroic, dark, epic)
  • Sci-Fi - (hard sci fi (Ex: Interstellar), loose sci-fi (Ex: stargate), near future (Ex: Stargate), space opera (EX: Star Wars), Future sci-fi (Ex: Star Trek))
  • Superhero (X-men, Marvel, Heroes Unlimited, Champions, etc)
  • Military
  • Spy/Espionage/Assassination/Intrigue
  • Semi-historical
  • Post apocalyptic (largely zombies, but others are also good)
  • Survival (not just surviving the badguys, but using true survival/bushcraft skills in the RP)
  • Mystery/Investigation
  • Mix - I am a huge fan of mixing genres, especially if you can give plausibility
    1x1's (all of the above are doable, including a number of fandoms)

Active Roleplays:

Current Interest Checks:
- None

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Other Information:
Age: 32
Occupation: None, presently.

Other Notes
I like action, plot, adventure, and fun, but I also like detail, and adherence to world-conventions, accuracy, believability.
I'm pretty creative. Don't give me anything you don't intend for me to use, or adapt to a use you didn't expect.
I haven't run that many games here because I feel I would intimidate a lot of people, and I'm also a little nervous about it.
I love 1x1's - not for smut (which is fun, but just for the sake of it gets old), but for development, interaction, and keeping a story smaller and more manageable.

Feel free to hit me with PM's if you want to RP. I always respond to PM's, if I can, and usually quickly.

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Formatting Tips Int Checks and OOC threads
So You Wanna Make A CS?

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In Tearstone's Gallery I 7 Jan 2017 3:41 Forum: The Gallery
A basic gallery to avoid some frustrations here and there.

In Phantom Crew 20 Dec 2016 0:46 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Guessing this is dead.

I'm binge-watching Dark Matter right now, and it reminds me of something that I was putting together years ago... the setting anyway. The story elements I also love. If it is dead, I might consider putting together another rogue-crew type RP.

  • Is this going to be low casual or high casual?
  • How far in the future/sci-fi are we talking? (Ex: Near-future where most things are just an extrapolation on existing tech, or farther future - Cyberpunk, mecha, and advanced directed energy weapons, etc)
  • What kind of posting rate are you hoping for?
  • How much creative freedom do you plan to give your players?
  • How developed is your world lore and/or head canon?
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Name - Alias

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~"A quote from the character."~

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