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Your turn to post. I forgot to mention you in the post, so the notification won't show up. Figured I'd make the mention here to bring it to your attention lol
Tharraloes remained rooted in his spot, his watchful golden orbs aware of each individual movement of his skeletal adversary. The teleportation, thus far, was the bird cat's only concern. But without warning, a rumble in the earth beneath his feet alerted him. With a look of surprise breaking his unyielding gaze for only a brief moment, he reacted swiftly and gracefully reacted to oncoming bones. Using his powerful legs, he sprung up and forward, flaring his wings to the sides. With a quick and hefty, inward flap, he was pushed towards Sans. His arms were out to the sides, thus utilizing his pair of secondary wings to glide towards his foe. His keen, taloned feet is what'd greet the skeleton is Tharr got close enough.


Hmm, well in the traditional sense, Tharr doesn't have much love. But if you count love in one's self, ergo Pride, then that's a different story. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how the bird cat handles such a bizarre opponent.

Now that that's outta the way, shall we continue? I think you just need to edit your last post, or whatever works for you.

The wiki seemed to explain it pretty well

"The effect removes invincibility frames, and, in turn, delays damage input. HP cannot be reduced below 1 while KARMA is in effect and is depleted in the place of HP when taking damage; if the target suffers otherwise fatal damage while KARMA is in effect, it effectively becomes a decaying second health bar."

Makes sense, for the most part. I think I get it
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