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19 Jul 2016 17:36
Current @Lady Amalthea: That moment when you feel like you were the instrument for a blessing or miracle.
18 Jul 2016 13:35
I made the decision to work every day I can until I head back to school in order to pay off my immediate debts. Four hours into this decision I already regret it immensely.
7 May 2016 22:58
@Cynder: Two thumbs up to that idea!
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7 May 2016 22:29
@Cynder: On my end it's your avatar, I like looking at ones I'm interested in (be it cool, cute, or whatever) up close. Guess you'll know when I yours catch my eye now. XD
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27 Apr 2016 2:57
@Cynder: Bring it.


Simply a writer who enjoys working with others.

What, that isn't enough? Okay, fine.

Let's see, I've been roleplaying for... eight years now, I think is the number. Hard to remember, it's been so long. Of course, the first few years of my roleplaying I'd rather not remember (Adriane was great though), but I feel I've developed into a competent enough writer as to not completely embarrass myself. Group roleplays, one on ones, anything you can think of I've probably done it. I'm in college currently, the RA (Resident Assistant) of my wing of the building, so not only do I have class but an around-the-clock job too. I love writing with others, getting to know their characters and see them develop, while developing my own. Some of my proudest moments have happened when characters of other people are influenced by my own, and change because of it. I'm a bit of a planner, as I usually write with arcs in mind, and an overarching story.

I was here before the Great Collapse, and when the transition happened I made an account but never used it. The Great Collapse happened during one of my lower times, and I couldn't bring myself to keep roleplaying. Now I'm back though, with new experience and new ideas. I'm ready to go.

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Alright, it's up! Now in come the flood of posts of the making of an unofficial, temporary band of ruffians.

Basically, by that I mean it's time for everyone else who wanted to join up with Christopher to join up with him. You can do that by yourself, where the character just sort of attaches themselves to the group, or you can work with me if you want some immediate, direct interaction with say Christopher, or you can work with whoever has joined the group if you're wanting direct interaction with anyone else.

When all that's done, it'll be time for the journey, and I'll give you details about how that will work then.
@Atrophy The plan is to play some of the journey. Specifically, I have two scenes planned out for Joachim before he reaches Kyora, and twoish for Christopher as well. Since no one is gonna go along with Joachim, may have to do three scenes with him instead to have someone else introduce a character so he isn't alone the entire time. I'll have to speak to some of our lurkers who are planning on bringing characters in about that.
@Big Dread Actually, when it comes to that, Revali isn't going to be heading to Kyora. So perhaps she sends him instead, as representation? That's if you want to bring him along as a protagonist, I know you have another character coming in later.
@Big Dread@arcanestatic@Raijinslayer@Atrophy@PetiteAmbivert@Sol Grim

Alright, so, last call before we start the next part of the arc, which is of course the journey to Kyora. I want everyone to state here, definitively, which group they're wanting to go with for their characters. I kind of have an idea already, but I want to make sure before Atrophy posts. The reason why is because Joachim's group needs to leave before Christopher's, and Atrophy's post includes the beginning of Christopher's departure.

So, where are your characters going, all that shit?
Announcement: Everyone who wants their character to go with Joachim, make sure to let me know, because we have to make sure that group is gone before Atrophy and I can post the collab where I begin Christopher's departure, and then we can move on into the rest of the story after Christopher's group is gone.
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