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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.
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It is invariable that what is reaped will be the same in kind as what was sown.
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@Double Sounds fine to me.
@Nikki Moonlight I appreciate the heads up. You can post whenever, simply reply to Itachi telling you to evacuate North West, tell him who you are if you want, then cut to whatever you want to be doing to be present with the RP. No big.
At that moment, a dull droning of an engine cut over the noise as cinders began to glow at the impact of the train station. From above, six figures dropped from the aircraft, sliding down cables. With a loud crash, they burst through the glass skylight at the far end of the station. Five figures in white skin-tight uniforms with black visored masks with bright red armor pads deftly landed upon the tile floor. Following that, a large slam could be heard, as a middle aged man in a similar uniform, piloting a machine with mounted guns on its arms, and supported in much the same way as a roll cage, landed among the middle of them.
"Anyone with a weapon is a suspect," the man barked, "Secure hostiles, then affirm the safety of civilians! Sumeragi Active Security Force C: Move out!"
There was a tense moment of silence in the air, before the sound of trampling feet came back up from the deck. All at once, a beeping sound resounded from each of the divers' helmets. Without so much as a second thought, they leaped over the edge of the boat into the ocean, passing without a trace. In a thunderous herd, the remaining divers jumped over the port of the ship, while the others had vanished starboard.

The moment of reprise was shortlived, however, as the boat was rocked powerfully, a great tremor shaking it from behind. And with this mighty disruption, the boat drifted into the shore, running aground against the train station, the shock causing most of the passengers to topple over. A thick, black smoke began pouring from the rear of the boat, faint orange flames licking at the hull from the inside.
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