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@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
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I beg to differ.
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Zygote Equality.
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It is invariable that what is reaped will be the same in kind as what was sown.
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I'll probably be able to get this started this week. It's just a matter of getting a certain bonus thing ready, and getting the time when I have energy to make the intro post, but that shouldn't be that hard.
@Crow@Double Indeed. I think I technically have an Ultimate as a Mega, but it works thematically.
I did a thing!
The deployment ride was... boring, honestly. Despite the mild break of stopping in the D-Connect building, it seemed the whole day had been one giant trip. Out of one car and into another. It was almost sickening to a point. As he sat in the bench seat, Haruka thumbed the trigger of the new D-Connect lightly. A moment later, and a gasp of realization, he withdrew his own D-Connect. There was a moment of shock as he found the screen empty. The egg which had been formed when his Digimon reverted was nowhere to be seen. Had the two D-Connects somehow synchronized? Shaking the thought, he hurriedly returned the v-pet to his pocket, making his deck-holder clip to his pocket for easy reach, while he palmed the new D-Connect in his left hand.

Upon their arrival, Haruka stepped out, taking a strong stance with his left foot forward, "Time to see if these things work out here too," he muttered casually.
Flipping the Digivice on its ring, he aimed his hand out straight, catching it and pulling back the trigger with a soft chunk in a fluid motion. As before, the Bakumon emerged, showing no signs of distortion, nor hologram transmitter in the daylight.
'What? But that means...' his mind raced, and for a moment he froze, quivering in the strange breeze that seemed to pick up.
Haruka's senses were alerted by a strange sound, a shadowy shape looming in the distance. It was rather large, but held a vaguely humanoid shape, and seemed to be carrying a club. With very few Digimon- if this truly was a Digimon- wielding such a weapon, the plan of attack was clear.
"Open fire. Emit Virus Delete," he commanded in a cold, efficient tone.
"Calculating... Estimating RAM Output... Targeting... Virus Delete!"
With that, a misty fractal jetted from the Rookie's open mouth, eyes aglow. The blast careened towards the figure with a satisfying 'woosh', and seemed to be dead-on target for a moment. Shifting his gaze to the side, the boy saw the other partnered with the Commandramon, Makoto, modifying his Digimon with a Mega Class weapon. Haruka scoffed.
"Tch. What an amature move. Relying on such a tactic so early on is positively barbaric. I can see why you'd want to be some copycat legend, 'Emu'," he called out sarcastically, "Stay mid range Bukamon," he continued, now turning to the battle at hand with a casual attentiveness, "[color=ece40]Keep your distance, but make sure you can get a hit in.[/color]".
@Nikki Moonlight Okay, you can put your CS in the character tab now. We can refine the thematic/theatrical stuff later if need be.
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