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19 Dec 2016 1:53
@RumikoOhara That one's in like five months.
8 Oct 2016 3:16
1 Oct 2016 22:23
I beg to differ.
26 Sep 2016 22:13
Zygote Equality.
27 Aug 2016 7:50
It is invariable that what is reaped will be the same in kind as what was sown.
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@Pudding You can't complain about one person doing it, then do it yourself. You're better than that. Anyway, as long as you remember, and aren't needlessly delaying, or wanting to bail without saying anything, it's fine. That being said, Mirei is entertaining.
I mean, do post when you have time, but Pudding
I am very much still looking for someone with whom to roleplay.
I understand. Totally fine. Glad I could help. : )
@PuddingAre things alright with you? You've been kinda quiet recently, so I don't know if you've lost the thread or what. Hopefully everything's fine, yeah? Cause I think it might be your turn to post.
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