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1 Jan 2017 20:52
Current 2016 came to a climax when my engine threw parts of itself around the highway and died. Happy 2017 and a merry new car payment!
4 Nov 2016 3:46
The 7th College is definetly the worst.
29 Oct 2016 0:54
im cooler than cool
21 Oct 2016 3:18
Flip your body upside down in the air and shake it violently right now. Don't blame me for what comes out...
3 Oct 2016 8:05
i think the world is mostly just missing dinosaurs tbh


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Did sumon say mems?

last time i tried for a prussia game, i annexed hamburg and basically everyone declared war on me. i got fuckin' hitlered.
<Snipped quote by Lucian>

You dont count.

ah, we've all been through that. things will get easier as you get older.
woo! a post!
<Snipped quote by Byrd Man>

So far in the story it's coming to the end of the 2004 campaign and John Kerry's misuse of him as a VP during the time.

But based on Andrew Young's POV for the story, Edwards sounded a lot like a Clinton than he did a Sanders, just younger, a dude, and with a young almost 1960's Kennedy family.

Has there even really been a Sanders equivalent after McGovern? I mean, one that was making real numbers, not Kucinich or anybody like that in the little leagues. It seems like milquetoast liberal has been the norm for the Democrats for a generation or two.
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