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20 Mar 2017 22:37
Current RP ho!
6 Mar 2017 14:41
Past-Me puts my current writing to shame...I think it's time to fix that. ^_^)
10 Nov 2015 15:33
Getting everything wrong (this takes blatent, oblivious skill; do NOT attempt at home.)
12 Sep 2015 3:47


Currently running on around 7-8 years of off&on RP -- AND STILL KICKING!

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This rag-tag outfit's looking better and better with every new character, heheh; Great work so far, everyone! (Provided we get accepted, of course)
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@Iuniper Quick Note: "120+ Lbs. Bows?

Although I do not know of any recurve bows with this kind of draw weight and which would be available for sale nowadays, I thought it would be interesting to mention that, historically, this kind of draw weight was very often used – particularly in the English longbow which was extremely popular during the middle-ages.

In fact, the English Longbow had to be a minimum of 110 lbs. to be deemed suitable for combat, and the strongest Archers would even carry 130+ lbs. bows. You can imagine just how much effort these took to shoot, but also how devastating they must have been. History teaches us that these bows were well capable of deeply piercing a human being from as far as 235 yards!"

From >>>

The above was just something I needed to back up this next statement, since I'm only partially interested in bows, and therefore didn't know *too much* about them myself. Still, I'll take the risk to say that Aeudla is going to need a more powerful bow, or a crossbow, since she won't be able to penetrate much beside light-armor with the current bow she's using. That's why crossbows were invented -- since they could get pretty damned close to the power of a long-bow, they could penetrate *most* armor (the best-quality plate-armor reserved for wealthy warriors would always do its job...although concussive force could hamper and wear them down over time, given exposure to enough bolts/arrows) in the hands of your average man, woman, or even teenager/child in some cases. Hope this helps!

What made you go for a sixty-five pound bow though, if I might ask?
In Endless 20 Mar 2017 22:03 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
So-so, but here goes:

Well I'm in sore need of practice, and I've never had the chance to be involved in a proper story -- sounds like as good a time as any to get in on something like this! Mark me as the seventh.
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