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Current Watch this if you want a laugh 😂
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Well where was the humor then??
14 Nov 2016 23:29
That's probably your giant asshole talking.
14 Nov 2016 23:27
I would expect dark and DIRTY from giant assholes actually.
14 Nov 2016 18:39
Nobody gives a hoot!! Lol


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I thought it was strange that someone posted an already finished fight from another site... lol
In Chaos Is Born 23 Feb 2017 6:49 Forum: Arena Roleplay
True enough, a normal man would find that using his body as a battering ram against an armored opponent to be rather futile. Even for a "normal" meta-human they could find it a challenge; but Xavier was far from the normality of either. Within the few days of Xavier overtaking Benudans body one of the first changes would have been to the skeletal structure. Through means of Dread Energy combined with an affinity to Earth Elements Xavier was able infuse his skeletal structure with Dread Metal. Allowing him to double the bone rigidity along side of tripling their weight. The weight of his bones alone was almost identical to a suit of armor.

That being as it was, Xavier was more than ready to take the exact amount of force he was dishing out. More so, she was in for quite the surprise with the headbutt that was she was throwing forward. It would comparable to headbutting a concrete wall and made only worse by Xavier throwing his own head forward to smash against hers. Hoping that he may daze her for even a moment with this incredible force she was about to experience.

Watching intently Xavier would be looking for any sign of faltering in the womans pupils; pouncing upon it in an instant. While his muscles still had a long way until full power, they had enough to leave a mark as he would attempt a quick a 4 hit combo. A strike to the plating of her lower abdomen from his left hand and followed by another strike to the abdomen from his right. Following it up with a shunting forearm strike that would force her upper body to remain upright and allow him to end with a hefty blow to the dead center of her chest plate. Nothing meant to kill or maim her, but he wanted to cripple the plating of her armor if at all possible.

(My thinking behind this is that your character misjudged her headbutt and is getting hit very hard like I said. A daze is pretty reasonable and what happens in that moment can never really be up to you. But, as always, I'm up for debating!)

The Hounds

The outskirts of the city have been abandoned; the guards and people who have survived the attack have begun to spread word. There are cries of the stranded that still echo at random as the beasts hunt down the prey for their master.

Amongst the cries of the tormented and dYing a blood curdling howl pierces the air once more. Itself full of pain and agony as its creator tasted the bitter sting of steel. A single mighty cheer tore through the air; setting off a reaction through the entire village much like the howling of the wolf's. The guards had downed another.

The Hounds would need to regroup now. The guards have been able to successfully gather their forces and set up defense posts to aid the fleeing.

Remaining Hounds: 18

In The Battlefield 23 Feb 2017 5:00 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Wow awesome backstory

Not sure if sarcasm or serious.. lol
In The Battlefield 23 Feb 2017 5:00 Forum: Arena Roleplay
The man watched the actions of the women as though they were played in slow motion. The sight of their conjoined bodies struck him somewhere deep for a moment. Such a physical state could be seen as a handicap and yet they moved perfectly. This delay allowed the bolt to close the majority of the distance before the man had reacted to it.

The mans gaze shifted quickly to the bolt, superheating the air all around and infront of the bolt. This ignited the feathers of the bolt and super heated the tip, but it was not enough to burn it entirely. With a quiet thud and squish the bolt sank home, burying itself just an inch beyond the head in his right pectoral. The impact forced his upper body to lurch backwards slightly, but this was the only affect. The hit didn't appear to register with him.

What could be seen as a reaction was the man quickly positioning his hands infront of his chest. Placing them together, but holding them horizontally. Upon his body the tendrils stood strong, starting to create a stream of steam from the surface of the surrounding skin as their light briefly intensified. Respectively a bright white light would shine between the mans hand before the light expanded with a burst of hest and air. Creating a white hot orc of energy whose heat was refined and condensed to mimic and double the cutting power of razor sharp steel.

This attack was not as slow as the last, tearing through the distance in mere seconds. The exact target was unknown, all three were at risk to be hit by the flame blade. Upon its creation the light in the mans arms began to fade, allowing it to cool as he awaited the results.
In Chaos Is Born 21 Feb 2017 4:45 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Sorry! Pokemon Go came out with their update and I've been addicted lol. Now my mom's also in town so I will work on a post over the next few days! It will probably be out sooner than that though!
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