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Current Watch this if you want a laugh 😂
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Well where was the humor then??
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That's probably your giant asshole talking.
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I would expect dark and DIRTY from giant assholes actually.
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Nobody gives a hoot!! Lol


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In Chaos Is Born 21 Mar 2017 23:39 Forum: Arena Roleplay
(Rolls use a 30 point bonus)
The smirk on Xaviers face grew into a wide grin as he felt his Dreadful Lightning sink into his target. While it appeared she had managed to avoid the fatal shock he had been looking to administer. In truth, Xavier was having difficulties deciding whether that was a good thing or not. She had yet to fail to surprise him at any opportunity.

"Tricks are for kids!" Xavier yelled in response as she threw out her hand. The fluctuation of energy that emanated from her hand was small, leading Xavier into over confidence.

Making no effort to move out of the line of firenn Xavier charged forward once again; looking to take the brunt of the attack and counter immediately.

(Total Xavier Energy Weakness Roll = additional 56%)

In the charge Xavier had taken care to position his upper right chest into the direct line of fire. What Xavier had not been expecting was an energy finely tuned to combat the Chaos Energy which was the foundation of his Dread Energy.

The impact of the bolt of energy seemed to stop Xavier I'm his tracks for just a moment before sending him reeling backwards. Upon his skin a ripple of Chaotic Energy cascading from the impact point. It was for only an instant, but it had felt as though it had burned into what was left of his soul. The rippling was halted and repaired almost as quickly as it had appeared but the shock of it could still be read on Xavier face.

Xavier managed to catch his footing after stumbling twice and brought his left hand up to grope at the impact zone. Where a circular singe as big as a dollar coin now rested.

"Well then.." he spoke quietly; both to himself and to the woman. The look of shock on Xaviers melted away and allowed his familiar, entertained smirk to return to his lips. "Let's see what other surprises you have in store."

As he spoke Xavier moved his hands and arms infront of his body; mocking the position of holding a sword at waist height and aiming the tip at the woman. It could even be seem as a ride gesture, as Xavier was still in the process of gathering the resources to create his weapon.


The hounds were wild but not stupid; they could tell the guard has gathered themselves and it would take someone detail work to get passed. A loud but deep howl pierced through the skies once again, beckoning the hounds to amass their forces outside a single guard outpost.
In Chaos Is Born 19 Mar 2017 4:35 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Does this bolt have any special properties I should be aware of? Even if it's a passive one that Xavier wouldn't know about but I could work into the post. He's a tank so I plan to allow contact!

In The Battlefield 19 Mar 2017 4:32 Forum: Arena Roleplay
The man landed with unprecedented grace; his knees bending in perfect time with his landing so as to cradle his weight and allow him to crouch towards the ground. Without even a whisper. The emptiness of his eyes fell upon no specific target, but rather an empty space between them. Splitting his attention so as to watch and listen to all the women. This allowed him to be ready as Nilori and Cirilyn dashed in once more; though his muscles did little to show a readiness.

Nilori and Cirliyn were upon him in moments and from the corner of his eye the man could see a shield careening towards him. The muscles of his right arm from shoulder to finger tips could be seen tensing up in one moment before it moved into action. Niloria shield would have been just inches from solid impact when the man's clenched fist made contact, sending a brief squishy clang and a shower of tiny blood droplets into the air as he punched the edge of her shield to block it. Tearing the flesh of his knuckles to do so.

They did not stop there though, the other sister shifted their combined weight to spin them around. Still the man did not move; awaiting the outcome of the technique before him.

Crossbow. The man's left hand answered in time, moving with a blur in front of his head. The thick twang of the crossbows string vibrated the air and released the bolt. Yet another squish sounded off; the bolt had pierced his hand, but it's trajectory had slowed enough that his forehead completely halted its movement and bled only a thin stream.

The man's hand had begun to close the instant the twang sounded out, leaving a tunnel of fingers for the bolt to fly through. The piercing point was the space of flesh between his thumb and pointer finger. The flesh gave way easily, there is little muscle there to slow it. It was the closing hand that helped to slow the bolt, for as it pierced the man's hand it felt the weight and grip of his closing fingers. It was in this moment that the lit beams of energy shifted their color from light brown to light red. Making the color change happen in unison with the bolts contact with his forehead.

Only now did the mans gaze shift, locking directlt onto the women. In only a moment the blood which had been dribbling from around the shaft of the bolt suddenly thickened and then dried. The shaft of the bolt began to blacken before his entire hand exploded to life with flames. A snap sounded from his left hand as he clenched it shut tighter and shattered the now burnt wood before throwing the fist out In front of him. Surely he would strike only air, but in truth that's what he wanted. The punch was just the sight and trigger for the pillar of flames that surged forth from his fist. It would expand to three times the size of the man's fist, approximately as large around as a basketball and was aimed directly at Nilori and Cirliyn, who could still be dangerously close.

The other woman was not as immediate a threat as the other two. If she did not attack him, she would not be attacked in the momwnt.

In The Battlefield 16 Mar 2017 17:25 Forum: Arena Roleplay
I have not given up on you!

I work at an arcade/go kart/bumper boat/mini golf center as the mechanic and during the winter my boss leaves the state until we open in spring. Well, he's due back in 3 days and I just have slot on my plate; so bare with me!
In The Battlefield 9 Mar 2017 17:28 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Which angle would Niloris shield strike be coming from? I understand the target is his head, but would it be an over the head blunt strike? Side of the head blunt strike? Or side of the head shield edge strike? I would just like to formulate a perfect post that leaves everyone happy.

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