"The Girl who had everything, and the Boy who had nothing."

High School. That dangerous and menacing building located between Garry's Bait Shop and the Bok-Chow Restaurant in downtown Generic City, or Generic Town. What can you say about this place? Its full of drama, that's about it. Its the introduction to the rat race of life. You build yourself up through the hierarchy, only to plummet back to the bottom after 4 years of school. You've got the typical crowd. The jocks, the sports-fanatics, the cheerleaders, rich girls, and of course, the lovably nerdy kids who play Dungeons and Dragons in the back while the others prefer to ignore them. Then, there's always the new kid.

She's a little bit spoiled. Her family was very wealthy and thanks to being "Daddy's Little Princess", she got everything she wanted. Walking into the school, she was all dolled up and looked like a little supermodel. Guys gawked and the girls all envied her looks as she strolled through the halls for the first time. She was bright, outgoing, and loved socializing with people. While most of the newcomers seemed to be shy and slowly found their ways into social groups, the wealthy young lady instantly found acceptance from the popular girls and the popular guys. Soon after, she found herself a cheerleader for the school sports teams, and was loving every moment of the spotlight. Then.. She met a boy.

He was a year older then her, but they were still in the same grade. He was handsome and kind, but most of all: he treated her differently. It seemed like this boy was deliberately talking to her as a person and not to her as the pretty girl she was treated like by her "friends". Thanks to this factor, her curiosity was peaked and she began to spend more time with him, gradually getting to know the boy. He was on the baseball team, but he wasn't a jock. He played Dungeons and Dragons, but he wasn't a nerd. He loved music, but he wasn't a Band-Geek. He was an "InBetweener", which only made her more interested in him.

Will the young man's kind and caring charm win the rich girl over, or will it be her "stop at nothing" attitude that lands them together? Only time will tell, but rest assured that it will become a great love story that will reach far into the young couples future.

There will be romance, drama, death and maybe even a surprise that neither teen was "expecting", but the two teens will discover that through the thick and thin of life, they were destined for each other and theirs is a love to span ages and change lives.

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