"May the force be with you, Mr. Bowie." Said Voldemort as he bowed and turned on his heel to face the Tardis. A magical toy that Megaman should have used in place of a pew pew'ing toy. As Voldemort stepped into the Tardis he sat the spear chain on the bench, it annoyed him that he was compelled to yell "GET OVER HERE" every time her used it, but it was useful. Voldemort sat in the massive throne that resembled a mass of swords as he uttered the magic phrase.

"Beam me up ya filthy animal."

"YOU SHALL INDEED PASS, BUT ONLY FOR A SNICKERS" rumbled an old man who seemed to be the shits in the tardis. Voldemort groaned as he flipped on his pipboy and dropped a snickers. Not long after, a crab came out of nowhere and stole it, then disappeared with a laugh. The Tardis was turned to dust as Voldemort appeared somewhere else.

"Hey, listen!" Squeaked a tiny, agitating voice behind Voldemort.

"Oh no..."

The battle music roared to life as a large frozen sword appeared near Voldemort.

"OBJECTION" roared a new voice as a table was thrown at the tiny light who spoke before


"Well fuck we can't use that"

"Just use the zombie dogs infect with the Tbo-I mean T-virus. That's legal right?"