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Warcraft: Silverscale

Wild magic, ancient and purposeless, have sung along the ley lines of the world, sparked into action by careless magi, disturbing portals they do not understand. This magic reaches realms impossible, and the light of these spells conspire with fates and gods to reforge the notions of this reality.

The Dragon Forge

Souls of a far and familiar place were caught and lured into a world in need, landing in a place of misting shadows and ethereal light, long forgotten. Clutter and debris marked the ancient building’s age and lack of residents. Suddenly beings of transparent light fluttered into the building, like ghosts materializing in the physical world. These formless creatures were not simple things, nor was their arrival random. Within them were memories, personalities, and thoughts of a person; stolen from the grasp of a different physical plane, a realm of subtle Sight.

Here, in this obscure and hidden room, secrets of long past power waited. On towering racks made of obsidian pillars and black steel hooks, great skins of silver scales and sharp teeth hung suspended and on display. A moonlight glow glimmered from their undersides, a swirling magic that reached for the translucent travelers.

One of the conscious lights broke off from the group and reached out to touch the magic tendrils reaching from the scale-skin pelts. At once the two were joined, the pelt fell from the rack and latched around the being’s ghostly form. A bright glow marked their joining, and in their wake a pale silver scaled egg sat silently.

The building shuttered, magic breathing to life within it once more. The other beings of light were abruptly shoved by an invisible force, falling into reach of the scale pelts’ arms. Each were bound in the scales and molded together, and in their place a silver egg remained.


Here you will be playing a member of the Silver Flight, a sect of dragons not present in the canon story. Long ago the Titans brought the native dragon races into their service, granting magical power and a new form to the various flights. Before this all dragons were of one race, now known as proto-drakes, and were not divided into the conveniently color coded flights we know. So here I’m head-canoning that the dragons were gifted their magic through color-coordinated dragon coats forged by the Titans.

You will have a character originally from our Earth, invited into this world by subtle magic; and the character had to accept to get here, even if they didn’t understand what they were doing at the time. The invitation could have been asked in a dream, or through a presumed bug within a game, or even a random questionnaire that just happened to be lying around. The circumstances after accepting are cloudy and will never be clarified. The character manifests as a ghostly, vaguely humanoid, ball of light within the Dragon Forge, another non-canon innovation of mine. This is the place where the Titan’s would have forged the colored coats of the Flights.

The silver scaled coats the characters encounter were for a silver scaled flight that was never created for reasons as yet undiscovered. Once touched, the essences of the characters were combined with the dragon scales by the Titan’s enchantments. Due to unequal interpretations of age the character becomes a dragon baby in an egg, meaning in this story no matter how old the character was before the dragon equivalent is still egg-aged. For the majority of this roleplay the character will be a dragon baby, so they will need to rely on shape shifting and other kinds of magic to make a difference in the world - unless they find a way to magically age themselves.

Silver dragons appear anywhere from a dark metallic color to almost white.

Certain knowledge is imparted on dragons in their eggs, presumably by their mothers, but since there is no mother dragon here I’m going to give this information to the characters via more Titan enchantments; these coats were made for the first of the current Flights after all, and there would have been no mother to teach them to wield the power granted to them either.

The things your character will know from the moment they hatch include;

The way the knowledge is imparted means that it will be blatantly obvious where the character is. Whether they choose to believe or are particularly dense, they could still not know, but it’s just easier if they understand immediately.

The Roleplay:

This RP will be Open World; you can go off exploring and meddling on your own if you like, I might be a bit slow on answering posts if we have a lot of players doing so, but that’s okay.

For the purpose of this roleplay, Azeroth has no more unknown continents.

More than one character is fine, and if you feel up to staying in character, I’ll allow canon characters to be played as well. This is the canon world however, so keep that in mind for characters that would have continued on as scripted without the arrival of the Silver Flight. There are also an unnamed number of eggs that won't hatch immediately, so late players can trickle in if they can catch up.

The first of the Sliver Flight hatches just before the First War. Draenor is sick but whole, the Draenei are in hiding, the Dark Portal is built, and the orcs are coming through, but the reports have not yet made it to Stormwind. The Eastern Kingdoms are mostly at peace, with enough troubles to keep them occupied. Kalimdor is far away and very isolated from region to region, also most races there tends to be slightly xenophobic. Northrend is in a similar way. Pandaria is hidden by the mists. The Broken Isles are reachable, but few who go there make it back out, and they’re smaller than represented in-game, so much less chance of simply stumbling upon them.

Yes, the Draenei do have spaceships, they're more like lifeboats than battleships however.

All of the Silver Flight will essentially be at level one, you’re not totally useless, but you don't want to go head to head with anything too big or scary unless necessary. That said, launch a fireball or two at an orc and it’ll probably die; this isn’t hardmode DnD, this is a game to change and explore the World of Wardcraft, and hopefully have some fun character moments along the way. I won’t be working to hinder your character’s progress or power as the GM, I’ll be as realistic as possible within the game world and I’ll try to trust you with your own character’s development as far as magic and skill. However, if you get too powerful too quickly I’ll inform you that you’re out of balance with the rest before overruling anything.

However, be aware of your actions! You can be evil, sure, but if people find out about your dastardly deeds the good forces of the world will come after you. If you interfere with powerful people they’ll respond. Play smart, be cautious, and try not to get caught doing anything untoward.

Note: First Post, for others’ reference.

Esra, The Dragon Forge

He didn't know how long exactly he'd been in the egg, but it'd been plenty of time to think up a new name for his dragon-self. Esralion. It had a nickname; Esra, and he loved nicknames. It was also just canon-sounding enough to fit in, or so he hoped. He hadn't memorized every name ever used in the whole of Warcraft.

The realization that he was in a fictional world had come and gone, as most things did in the egg. Very little actually mattered, and that was likely because he was a baby, or maybe the egg was magic, either way his emotional range wasn't extensive. If Esra had to sum up the whole experience, he would say it was simple and calm. His gradual understanding of what was happening to him had taken a while to sink in, mostly because his mind wandered in circles and didn't pay the information much mind.

But now it was different, his mind was sharpening, beginning to work like it used to. He could feel others, like him, just at the edge of his consciousness. They were close, but not close enough to reach, or maybe his mind just wasn't strong enough to do so yet.

In the end it didn't matter, the shell was growing weaker with every passing second, soon he would be free and he could see this world at last. The moment arrived without any physical indication, it was instinct that drove him to headbutt the shell. It split with a soft crack! It was the loudest sound he'd heard in a long time.

His first view of the room was faceplanting on dusty stone. It was smooth to the touch, and lit by a soft blue light. He looked up to see over a dozen eggs scattered around the room, and a few silver dragonscale coats still hung from obsidian racks along the walls.

He and the other eggs were on a central platform, below them was a luminous blue lake, reminiscent of the Night Elven moonwells. It's glow lit the lower half of the chamber, and above were reaching shadows and dark corners. Twin bridges of smooth dark stone reached out on one side, connecting the platform to what could best be described as a cave of eroded ruins. Not much was left of them, but it was easily identifiable as Titan-made for those that knew the look. Past the cave was what might have been a tunnel, but it curved out of sight and could have been a dead end for all he knew.

Esra pulled himself free of the rest of his egg and flapped his wings once, twice, and then he flapped more confidently and began to rise quickly. Flying seemed instinctive, which shouldn't have been surprising; he was a magical winged reptile, not a bird.

His mind felt more whole, and worry and excitement began to creep in. He was in Azeroth, which was brilliant, but how many times had this world been on the brink of annihilation? It was magical and exciting, but also dangerous and tragic. Corruption, undeath, torture, rape, murder… all these things occurred here regularly.

Or at least they would. He did not readily understand how, but he’d pulled on the ley lines a few times whilst in his egg. It was tricky, but the lines were like rivers, and if you looked carefully you might get a glimpse of what was happening upstream. One of these recent visions had revealed the date; 590 KC, a couple years before the arrival of the Orcs. If that was still accurate at least, who knows how long some of his naps within the egg had lasted, or if KC meant King’s Calendar as he thought it did.

His eyes caught movement among the eggs; one was shaking, and another!
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The overall goal for the characters isn't going to be immediately clear, as a new Flight they'll potentially be struggling to find their place in the world, as well as answers to various questions such as what was the Silver Flight for and why was it apparently canceled? All will be revealed don't worry!

The idea for what the characters are supposed to do is a little hard to answer, because I came into this with the concept of letting the characters do what they wanted and exploring the results. So take it for now, until individual goals pop up, that the main objective is to save what they can and defeat the Legion. By no means will this be short, or easy. All too many times Azeroth escapes destruction by the skin of its teeth, with future knowledge and infiltration skills you can make a difference, but in the beginning it will mostly be convincing others into action, and their personal power will have to be acquired and grown in their own.
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