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I’m withdrawing as well, sorry about the timing and all. I’d gotten a bit bored and decided I probably wouldn’t be joining season 2 anyway, but with both my main choice of interaction and the loss of potential superfriending supergirl I don’t feel I have anything left worth contributing, so I’m bowing out early as well.

V A L O R - | - | - K I D Q - | - | - C A M O - | - | - T W O L F

Location: Jump City - Time of Crisis I
Crisis #1.02: Anatine

Interaction(s): Star City Crisis Team
Previously: Vergō

Mon-El quickly discovered how very hard it was to stay focused during a chaotic disaster like this one; his hearing was leagues better on this planet than on Daxam, and everywhere there were frightened screams and threatening groans as the cityscape's structures quickly lost stability. They'd barely entered the city before it became too much to ignore; "Camo, land this thing!" He called abruptly, abandoning the pilot's seat and not bothering to wait for the other before slipping into the back and rolling back the side doors, flinching back at the sudden buffeting wind billowing through the group. "KQ, you're with me!"

He dove from the edge without thought, immediately catching himself in the air and bolting towards a pair of construction workers dangerously close to throwing themselves to a messy death in their maddened state. In a flash he had the two men separated and bound in ropes from the construction site. He only spared a moment to inspect them and listen to Worm’s diagnosis before moving on.

Q caught up quicker than he thought she would, skipping across the air as she stepped from temporal platform to temporal platform. The two of them landed together at the base of a skyscraper that had been crashed into by a bus. Concrete was crumbling from the sides and a large crack carved halfway up the building, all the windows blown out. Q caught a large slab of debris just before it hit the ground, totally obliterating it’s momentum and allowing her to drop it without further damage.

Mon-El shot her a quick grin, ”Nice work Q,” he complimented. He glanced around with his x-ray vision as he caught her up on Worm’s observations. ”The clouds we saw on the news must be nanites, they’re implanting themselves in anyone they can find and messing with their heads. There must be something nearby that’s controlling them, but I’m not sure what-” He was cut off by a roaring overhead, looking up just in time to see a swarm pour out of a large airplane, clearly having just affected everyone inside.

”Shit me,” Q said faintly, also looking up as the plane began to nose dive - directly towards the suspension bridge. It’s current course set it to catch it’s wing on one of the suspension towers and then be sent spinning into a cluster of glass skyscrapers. Neither of the two needed to even look at each other to simultaneously put the search for the source of the nanites on hold. If that plane was allowed to crash, thousands could die.

Q began running upwards on her invisible platforms once again, and Mon-El launched himself into the sky, moving to intercept before it could crash. For several long moments he feared he wouldn’t make it, which drove him to fly faster than he had ever believed he was even capable of, and then he was in the way of the plane’s head, throwing out his arms to catch it. His speed, his strength, his stamina, they were all untested on this world, so needless to say, he surprised even himself when he managed to not only hold on, but also push back against the momentum. The nose cone crumpled under his hands, the metal tore in odd places and gouged across his suit- but thankfully his impenetrable skin kept him relatively unharmed. He was pretty sure he’d have a concussion from the way his head bounced after colliding though.

It wasn’t enough, as he quickly found out, the plane was going too fast and he couldn’t muster enough strength to slow it in time…

Then the plane began to turn.

Some force caught the other side of the plane, directing it’s descent carefully away from the bridge and towards the shallows of the city’s waterfronts. Using his x-ray vision to see through the plane, Mon-El was awed to see it was Q who was helping him.

Her ability was as untested as his own, they knew she had the power to create fields of temporal energy that froze everything within it in a sort of space-time bubble, but the scale and utility of such a gift was a mystery.

She stood in the air over the bridge on an undetectable platform, created by pausing a thin layer of the atmosphere in time, and had one hand clutching her head from the strain and the other arm outstretched towards the plane to direct her focus. Mon-El couldn’t say for sure, but given the vibrations from the pull, he’d guess Q was freezing time around multiple air bubbles at once in order to realign it through subtle nudges rather than risk tearing it apart.

He hurried to help her, changing from trying to completely force the plane back and reduce momentum to pushing it sideways and away from the bridge all together. If they could just point it in the right direction they could use the water to do most of the work in absorbing the impact, and simultaneously have it settle where the sea wasn’t deep enough to swallow it whole and drown everyone inside.

”Mon-El!” Worm suddenly cried in his head, ”You’re moving too quickly, the wing-!” A horrible wrenching sound interrupted, and Mon-El had just enough time to see the wing rip itself free and fly up into the air at a highly unlikely angle… right before it’s engine exploded.

The force of it set the plane on the right course, maybe a bit skewed to the wrong side, but it also blew them from the sky. Q lost her concentration immediately and went dazed and flying through the air over the side of the bridge, and Mon-El was caught by a chunk of shrapnel right in the face, and tumbling through the air, unsure which way was up, head throbbing from the unexpected collision.
What’s that? A bird? A plane?! An anticlimactic writers block post from the legion at nearly four in the morning?! You bet your ass it is!

V A L O R - | - | - K I D Q - | - | - C A M O - | - | - T W O L F

Mon-El uDaksam - | - | - Jazmin Cullen - | - | - Reep Daggle - | - | - Brin Londo

Location: Jump City - Time of Crisis I
Crisis #1.01: Vergō

Interaction(s): Upcoming with Star City Crisis Team
Previously: Familiar #1

"Matthews!" A stern voice called, causing Mon-El's head to snap up. He debated making a run for it for a solid ten seconds before sighing, resigned to his fate and hopping up from his desk. He hurried past his coworkers' desks and slipped awkwardly between a pair of broad-shouldered officers idling in his way. He appeared in the doorway of the Captain's office, halting before he could crash into the petite demon of a woman. "Shut that behind you." She commanded, stepping back to allow him fully into her office.

"Er, you need something Captain?" He asked, avoiding her gaze. Captain Siobhan Erin was a force of nature, highly intelligent and, despite her short stature, very intimidating.

Her eyes were narrowed as she sized him up, crossing her arms and taking his measure. Apparently she found him lacking. "I've got my eyes on you, Detective. I don't know what your deal is, but you need it sorted out." She informed him coldly, uncrossing her arms and strutting across the room back to her seat behind her desk. Mon-El wondered if he should sit across from her, but decided against it, maintaining his gaze slightly above her eyes.

Reep's hacking was solid, but there were holes and oddly phrased terminology that made his profile... weird. That, combined with his awkward avoidance of anything to do with his past or the parts of his file that were just heavily redacted and censored blank spaces, while giving him an alibi, also cast him in a suspicious out-of-place mold. The Captain hadn't mentioned his unusual profile to anyone else, and beyond a few curious glances and intense background checking waylaid by Reep, she hadn't acted on it either, but apparently some new factor had made her nervous enough to call him out on it.

"I've received an order from Internal Affairs." She prefaced, watching for his reaction. Mon-El did his best not to give anything away, but honestly that was a pretty worrying statement and he couldn't help his frown. Could Reep's computer skills have been less effective than he'd believed? "Apparently, you, Detective Matthews, are to report to Star City to aid local law enforcement with the developing situation. Would you like to explain to me why exactly Internal Affairs is drafting my newest hire to deal with whatever the hell is brewing up there?"

Well... no. "Uh, no Ma'am?" So eloquent, that wasn't suspicious at all.

She stared him down, eyes daring him to slip up. Finally she acquiesced, "An aerocopter has been cleared to transport you, bring it back in one piece. Now, Detective, get out of my office."

Thoroughly confused about what the hell an aerocopter was and deeply concerned about the very likely possibility it would not be coming back in one piece, Mon-El agreed quickly rather than stay any longer under her gaze. "Will do Ma'am." Finally making his escape, Mon-El could only wonder what the hell that was all about.

"Not to worry Mon-El, I am fully capable of piloting any and all aerial vehicles designed on this planet." What.

"Uh Worm? We need to work on your communication skills." Mon-El scolded in a hushed voice, waiting until he was out of the precinct to acknowledge the AI's words. "Seriously, how can you go a whole week without a word and then spring something like this on me?!" Whatever 'this' was.

Worm seemed to debate on an answer for a moment before responding; "Apologies my prince, I assumed you would desire to step up in the face of this threat. Shall I rescind the fake Internal Affairs order and return the aerocopter to the depot?"

"Ah sprock, I knew that wasn't normal!" He cursed, thinking about the broadcast that had went out only an hour or so before. The officers at the precinct had reacted very strongly, but Mon-El still wasn't sure what was normal for Earth, and metaracial unrest was expected given the history of any planet that faced similarly unusual evolutionary divergences. "Ugh," he groaned, "I guess we're doing this. Okay then. Worm, send a message to the legionnaires, let them know I want them to meet me at this aerocopter, and they need to bring their suits." They were not ready to pick a fight on this scale, they had no experience to draw on at all- and Lazon only barely counted!

"Right away Mon-El."

”Oh my god, yes! Q’s excited crow of joy was the first and only indicator Mon-El needed to know the team had arrived. The aerocopter was an uninteresting vehicle, unusual only in that it was such a peculiar design in relation to other earth-designed vehicles. It’s use of rotary blades and odd insectoid shape were just… strange, but ultimately the tech was nothing exciting, nor was the vehicle exceptionally fast or anything, just black and white. Bit like a dragon actually.

He wondered if they played garata on this planet.

”We really are going to Star then?!” Q demanded exuberantly, but the question was obviously rhetorical. Why else would they need transportation like this for the whole team? ”Sweet! Let’s deck this poser’s face in!” Whatever that string of nonsense meant.

And then Mon-El got his first look at the boys in their suits. Holy Rao above, and all the Sorrows Below, nothing was ever going to top this moment. The look of pure embarrassment and mutinous discomfort on their faces was perfect.

Q had her life on Earth, going to school and home and just walking out on the street. She was always dressed her best, with her hair curled and a blend of cosmetics from her face to her nails. Reep was a shut in, he stayed at Amnesia all day everyday, with few exceptions, and despite his shapeshifting it showed; all of his clothes were old and worn, and he consistently smelled of smoke from the many small electrical fires he caused. Brin was much, much worse. The faintly reddish hue to his brown skin stood out in direct light, and he preferred to avoid humans when he could, and when combined with his more wildly adventurous tendencies he was the king of messy hair and minimal hygiene.

Today Reep had shed his human skin for his more alien visage; reclaiming his orange skin and pointed ears, topped with two antenna and not a hair on his head. His lithe figure was strategically covered by the uniform rather than being a complete outfit like Mon-El’s or Q’s, with his hands and forearms bare, as well as his feet and shins, and a horizontal oval gaping open on his upper back. The design was obviously meant to allow him to shapeshift his various limbs, and the loose cut, rather than being skin tight and thus out of the way, was optimal for increasing his size or growing organic armor without destroying the suit’s shape or function. For obvious reasons, Reep decided to go without the obfuscating headpiece.

Forced into the light of day and for once freshly showered and groomed, Brin was practically a different person. His hair was washed and combed, hanging down to his shoulders in a soft wave, and his usual cheap jeans and too-large shirts were traded in for the space patterned tights of their uniform. The sleeves had been removed for reasons that were as yet unclear, but showed off his thick biceps to complement his broad chest. A product of those genetic experiments no doubt.

Mon-El’s huge grin at the sight of them caused them both to blush and duck their heads in a bewildering display of synchronized flustering. ”You guys look great!” Reep was not one to consider his appearance beyond simply choosing a face to wear, and Brin acted like an old hunting dog, striding with focus and confidence, but in these uniforms neither could forget what they were wearing and think it didn’t matter.

”Oh yes, this is going to be good.” Mon-El said, feeling eager about the upcoming mission for the first time. Q shot him a beaming smile and the boys seemed to remember themselves, puffing up and standing taller with little cheery twinkles in their eyes.

For all that they matched each other and stuck with the same theme, they were each different and so very eye catching. They’d have to consider what to do about that, they needed more stealth if they wanted to pull off this hero thing effectively.

First though, they had to get to work.
WW said fuck the police!

Finally, the careful tiptoeing is behind her and she can go fuck shit up! :P

V A L O R - | - | - K I D Q - | - | - C A M O - | - | - T W O L F

Mon-El uDaksam - | - | - Jazmin Cullen - | - | - Reep Daggle - | - | - Brin Londo

Location: Jump City - Present Day
Familiar #1.08: Lumen

Interaction(s): None

The fabrics and armors of the Daxamite pod's uniform cache were extremely outdated, covered in a pristine nebulous space print that was both startlingly enthralling and unbelievably retro. Q had fallen in love with it immediately, and Mon-El had ignored the twinge of discomfort at the back of his mind as he explained the design was that of the night sky as seen from Daxam. He pointed out nearby systems for his friends, such as the home of the by now infamous Xudarians. They were his go to when he felt the need to poke fun at aliens, it was just so easy to joke about their soft scaled skin, their webbed fins, their snoutish beaks and improbable wings.

When Reep had pointed to the pale spot of Krypton amongst a backdrop of tinier specks, he stopped breathing for a solid ten seconds. Dread built in his chest, and his heart clenched and sped up, it felt like the most horrible inkling of something terrible his memory was just one stray thought away from recapturing. He had pretended not to hear and changed the subject.

Regardless, Reep had torn the uniforms to strips with neat, precise lines before sewing them together with various other materials to create their first supersuit; a tight midnight suit, speckled with deep violet dust and silver spatters of minuscule starlight, adorned by a distinctive gray hard-vest, accented in red. It was very spandex-esque, tight in all the right places, and some of the wrong ones, but they were blast-proof, fire-proof, and the fibers were hard and sterile, less durable than Kevlar, but useful and capable of keeping out contaminants while providing protection from extreme temperatures. They were made from crash-apparel after all, and spaceships came with all sorts of nasty problems when they exploded. The outfit was completed by a steel headband, modeled after his mother's royal diadem, but their design emitted a low energy pulse that disrupted the invisible waves of light around their faces, making photos and videos of their features blurry, but not interfering with natural eyesight.

The first one was for Q obviously, this had all been her plan after all, and she was eager to finally have a hero costume to match her hero alias. Kid Q slipped wore it with pride, using the band to hold her hair back and slipping on a pair of shades, a red and white bomber jacket, matching red chucks, and blowing pink bumble gum through a shit-eating grin. Her statement that this was the coolest look she'd ever sported was extremely gratifying for their chipper Durlan, who rolled out the next suit in half the time.

Mon-El's suit was the same design as Q's in essence, but given his power of flight and the need for maneuverability in the air, his came with a bright red cape. He refused the idea of shoes, for all that the suit allowed for them they were unnecessary and more likely to simply be smashed to shreds from any hard landings. He'd made to take up one of Brin's pairs of shades, but the wolfish teen had told him in no uncertain terms that he would not be putting his laser eyes anywhere near his lenses. Which was honestly a fair point.

Reep promised to finish the rest before the next mission, but he needed to finish the collar and Kid Q and Valor had their own work to do.

"Ready for this Q?" He asked, carefully hovering just over her head-height in the alley outside Amnesia. The steel over his brow was an unfamiliar itch, and the tights were pinching his ass when he walked, but all in all it didn't feel too strange. Mostly he was just nervous about taking Q into a fight against a personified flamethrower. Also a bit nervous that some anti-alien or anti-meta or anti-whatever would shoot them. Jump City was untested, for all that they had aliens and metas neither group had been in the spotlight long enough for public opinion to really make itself known, something that Mon-El suspected the police themselves were helping along. The fact that Lazon had a file at the JCPD but wasn't mentioned in the news at all was pretty telling.

Q popped another piece of gum nonchalantly, but her moment of silence spent glancing from him to the nearest skyscraper gave her nerves away. "Come on Val," she said with a grin, which spread wider at his huff at the nickname. First from Valorium to Valor, and now even that was too many syllables for her. Humans. Ugh. "Don't worry about it, we practiced remember? Just get me up there."

He nodded, mentally reassuring himself he'd be keeping a close eye on her no matter what anyway. Holding out his hands, she took each in her own, and then they were off. He lifted steadily at first, and then quicker and quicker as he shot away from the ground and into the sky, racing pasts the shorter single-digit story buildings around them and towards the top of the glass pillars that stretched over a hundred story's a block over.

Grinning in blind joy at the panicked squeak his friend made below him, Mon-El couldn't keep himself from chuckling. His tight grip around her wrists sent his worry packing into the dust, so he didn't fear her actually falling from his grip, but he did find some amusement at her bluster crumbling as they rapidly gained altitude.

The second her feet touched the ground of the skyscraper's roof she immediately collapsed to all fours. "What the fuck, Mon-El!" She hissed between clenched teeth and making her way to her feet so she could glare at him. "You didn't go that fast in practice! Aw man, I spat my gum..." She crossed her arms and huffed at his smirk.

"Hey, you said you were ready!" Which, yeah, but that wasn't his real reason for deviating from their practice. He was a bit ashamed to admit it, but a split second after taking off an idea to test if his friend was really ready popped into his head. Hit her with something harmless that she wasn't expecting, see how she handled it. Mon-El felt bad about it now, it wasn't his... it wasn't his job to lookout for her, but that wasn't true was it? Out of everyone in their group, he was the most powerful, the only one with any kind of leadership training, and for all that he was new it wasn't until he'd shown up that Reep and Brin had felt confident enough about the hero thing to commit to it. So... he'd have to make it official, maybe have a vote later? They voted on everything on Earth right? Or they pretended to anyway, democracies-that-aren't-actually-democracies and all that.

Q shook off the mini-scare with ease, for all that she was cross with him over it, she hadn't panicked or acted rashly and was already moving past it and checking the GPS attached to her belt to orient herself. He smirked, pleased. She really was ready. All that talk about wanting to be a superhero and gushing over the opportunity and here it was and she just... did it. No hang ups or regrets, she knew what she wanted and she could actually handle it too.

"C'mon, Brin's lead won't last long. I'll be close by." He barely caught the muttered 'asshole' as he took off into the sky again.

With a sigh Q walked over to the edge, peered over the side and considered the sheer height she was at with no small amount of trepidation. IT'd take more than a few practice runs to get used to that. She took a deep breath, and focused her power. The air before her began to glow a light pink, trapped in a flat rectangular shape that rapidly settled into a small platform of 'solid' air. It wasn't actually solid, it was just normal air but their molecules had been frozen in stasis and bound together in such a shape that they couldn't fall without the other molecules also trapped in stasis falling too. It should have increased it's collective weight, and it definitely should have gained even more weight when Q dangled it over open air and stepped on it herself. Instead it simply began to glide slowly away from the top of the roof, only slightly inclined towards a fall, but more or less Q had a hover board. Or, well, a glider-board. It didn't hover so much as slide through the air like a very thin and rigid piece of paper.

Kneeling on her gliding platform to keep her balance, Q kept careful control of her stasis field, adding more of her own weight forward to gain speed. She didn't go as fast as Mon-El, not yet, but she successfully had her own mode of air-travel. Now if only Reep could invent a jet pack for her so she didn't need Mon-El to help her reach the height needed to actually glide from.

Speaking of Mon-El, he flew ahead of her, eyes scanning the ground closer to their destination. The place was in sight already, not too far away from Amnesia, at least not by using this method. It was away from the center of the city, amidst the lower buildings and some of the poorer districts.

She kept silent as she reconsidered her eyewear accessory, she may have looked cool and it may have kept her from being recognized by anyone who might know her face, but it was nearly midnight and so very dark out here away from the digital advertisements and glowing towers of glass and light. With another huff she slipped them off and hoped no one she knew actually lived in this direction.

Then Mon-El startled, his glaring red cape whipping back in a strange sharp ripple as he came to an abrupt halt in the air a short distance in front of her. Just as she was preparing to call to him and his advanced hearing to ask what was up, he shot off like a rocket, far faster than he'd ever flown with her - probably because she had no doubt her neck would snap at such speeds. "Damn it Mon-El," she cursed, hesitantly pouring more weight forward to increase her own speed past her comfort zone. On the one hand, she knew she could stasis herself if she fell, and while it would be jarring it would keep her from dying, or sever injury, but on the other hand if Mon-El was racing off without her she couldn't afford to get trapped on the ground and have to walk to their target.

"Okay, okay, think, you've got this Jazz- Q, Kid Q, hero who can solve all the problems. Right. Right"

Making a hasty decision to risk it all on a trick she had no idea would work, she threw herself forward off her platform and immediately created another one where her foot was supposed to land. And again. Again. Again. By creating a chain of invisible trapped-in-stasis air-platforms, she was effectively running on air! Who needs a jet pack now nerds! "Whoo! This is awesome! Yeah!" Now that she could run on air (holy shit!) instead of gliding through it, she could move even faster! This was way better than the gliding thing too, the longer she had to hold onto a stasis field the more energy and concentration she needed to keep it going, but here she created one and dropped it a second later! Sure it was just air, so it wasn't hard to freeze it in a 4x4 space-time plank, but it was such a relief she could do this now.

"Hot damn Mon-El, I'm coming for your cape!" She crowed gleefully. Then she saw the blast of fire shooting up into the sky and promptly increased her pace tenfold, sprinting through the air with renewed determination. Damn! Human! Legs! Move faster!

She finally caught sight of them, Mon-El- er, Valor, was standing in a smoking crater in the middle of the deserted street, and across from him an unassuming human shape stood in an orange hoodie and a pair of shades. She let herself have a moment of regret for taking her own off, because whoo boy, that was not fire he was shooting.

Scorching beams of light shot from the guy's hands, leaving trails of smoking tarmac as the beams moved rapidly across the street towards her friend, who was dazedly clutching his head. Q could only assume he'd been shot out of the sky and that's why he was in a crater. Suddenly her plan to follow Mon-El through the air seemed extremely risky, new air-running technique or no. The guy caught sight of her easily, noticed her costume matched his other assailant, and then promptly turned into some kind of freaky light gremlin and shot through the sky right at her.

She gasped and dropped the platform below her, quickly free-falling right out of the gremlin's path and creating another platform to land on a few feet down. Deciding she had enough of being in the open air, she dropped the rest of the way to the ground and ran to Valor's side. "Valor! You idiot; do not go ahead alone, you dumbass oh my god." She punched him lightly on the arm, mostly to check if he was okay.

Mon-El shook the concrete dust out of his hair and fixed his skewed headband, shooting Q a miffed look over her assault but silently agreeing anyway to her vehement request. "So it turns out," he grumbled sarcastically, "our Lazon? Not an alien!" He refocused on the spot of light in the air lining them up for another shot and intercepted with his own attack. The feeling of laserbeams shooting out of his eyes was just as morbidly fascinating/terrifying as he'd imagined, but they tore through Lazon's lightbeam attack with only minimal struggle.

"Oh ho!" Their target laughed with a distorted voice, "You think you can match my light? Hah!" They barely had time to skip out of the way, clambering up the side of the mini-crater together and away from the burst of light that promptly set fire to the place they'd just been stood. "You know, it's actually a good thing you're here! JC needs some heroes, you have no idea what kind of nasty shit is going on right under your noses!"

Q gave Mon-El a look that clearly demanded an explanation, because seriously, what the hell. "Metahuman." He said shortly, still annoyed at being caught off guard by the attack. "His attacks look like gentle little sunbeams, right? They're not. They're just flaming sprocking lasers."

"Uh huh... and the turning into a sparkly light gremlin?" Mon-El just shrugged at her. Great, could they even hurt that? She couldn't trap light in stasis. "Right, you got a plan?" Because she definitely didn't, this was not what they'd prepared for at all.

"Oh I've got a plan all right!" He grunted, sort of shrinking into a crouch and launching himself at full speed towards the flying pyromaniac criminal. He halted in midair and blasted laser eyes at him again, this time they were so bright they left a flashing dark line in her vision as she tried to blink away the spots.

Lazon seemed to have the same problem, blinded by the light and crashing into the ground. As he tumbled across the tarmac he lost his creepy glowing form and became human once more. Now that she could trap.

Mon-El landed beside her, a pleased smirk on his lips. "Weird that our guy controls light, but he's only seen after dark right? And that light form, no way he sees normally without physical eyes." Q filled in the rest easily enough, returning his smug smirk with her own cheery one. Eyes made of light equals light-based vision. Weird, but apparently accurate. She really envied Mon-El his advanced education, she was pretty sure everything he'd just said and implied didn't fit with the human understanding of the universe, and yet he'd deduced a probable solution in what? Ten minutes? Yeesh.

Lazon made his way to his feet unsteadily, blinking rapidly and rubbing his eyes. Q and Mon-El quickly discarded their conversation to get the drop on him while he was still blind. A stasis field trapped him in place for the few seconds it took Mon-El to close the distance and knock him out with a solid elbow bash to the side of the head.

He hit the dirt with a solid thunk, and Q threw her hands up and cheered. "Whoop! Yeaaah! Look out Jump City, you've got some new heroes around to beat that criminal ass!" She laughed giddily at Mon-El's fond scoff as he threw their guy over his shoulder.

"That magical running on air thing, that new?" He asked mildly, and she let out another exuberant cheer as she remembered that yes, she could run on air now!

Reep's collar worked like a charm, with some minor modifications to deal with the fact Lazon was a metahuman, not an alien. Brin's cell was more or less a cage with bars on all sides and some kind of bullet proof glass welded to it. Not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but neither was Reep's collar. It did work well enough for their purposes though, for now anyway, and hopefully they'd have a solution for that soon.

"Nice job," Reep commented, sounding more thoughtful than excited. Mon-El turned to him with a raised eyebrow. Reep didn't like to share his thoughts unless prompted, but everyone knew he always had thoughts to share. Apparently the raised eyebrow was enough of a prompt. "There's a mystery here, a case if you will." Reep explained simply, "Brin's source tipped him off about Lazon carving another threat onto the side of a building-"

"Yeah, some kind of store filled with chemicals and highly flammable substances." Mon-El interrupted, it was why he'd left Q behind moments after coming to the resolution of keeping close to make sure she didn't fall from the sky. If left unchecked the guy was definitely going to blow himself and the entire street up, considering 'carving into the side of a building' for him was done by searing the message in using extremely hot laserbeams.

"Right, a gas station." Reep ignored Mon-El's frown of bemusement at the term and kept going: "A place also marked by our taurus gang, and!" Reep pulled up a picture on his phone of the tattoo the hospitalized taurus goons had, and then swiped to a new picture of the same tattoo, the same taurus mark. "Whoever the Taurus Gang are, Lazon was apart of it." Reep said swiftly, zooming out from the picture and revealing it to be a tattoo on the back of Lazon's neck.

The two looked at each in thoughtful silence. They had their guy, but there was so much more to learn... It'd have to wait until Lazon woke up though, Mon-El had overestimated his superstrength and Reep had determined he'd be out for a few days at least.

"I did have another idea," Reep eventually continued, a mischievous grin stretching his lips.

Mon-El laughed, Reep was quickly becoming his favorite; he was smart, cheery, and secretly a deviant little trickster. "Okay then, let's see it."

When Reep fished out a square shaped leather pocket from a nearby drawer and held it out to him, Mon-El rolled his eyes fondly and opened it. It unfolded and he realized he was holding some kind of wallet, something everyone but him had, and there was some kind of shiny silver badge in it, as well as cards with his face and 'name' on them. The human alias Q came up with; Mike Matthews, and various other inaccurate bits of information.

"...alright, what is this?" He asked, confused but still willing to play along.

Reep tapped the badge; "That's JCPD," he said smugly. "Congratulations on your promotion, Detective Matthews. As the new guy at the station you'll have to earn the squad's respect, but by your resume you've got a good head on your shoulders, and with these new heroes in town more talent is desperately needed." Reep mimed smoking a cigar, imitating a deep gruff stern police captain voice, Mon-El's smile growing wider and wider with every word.

Oh yes, Reep was definitely his favorite. He'd mentioned needing an in with local law enforcement weeks ago, maybe even a whole month, and yet somehow the little Durlan had not only remembered, but solved the problem without any prompting and simultaneously securing him an income and human identity at the same time.

He inspected his new badge, happy gleam in his eyes.
I think we’ve got a fairly even split, as far as characters gathering in theee different locations, except for like the three people who were like uhhh No


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9̴ ̶ ̷ ̸d̶ ̷i̷ ̸g̷ ̸i̸ ̸t̷ ̸s̸ c o n f i r m e d . . .

An odd chime sounded in the headphones around his ears, music automatically dulling to make the voice more comprehensible. "Finally! Koms to Dynamo, ping on Pariah... Coords sent. Received?" Roman sighed, tapping the treadmill a few times until it powered down. On the one hand... no. Just no. Frankly he didn't care what the Underground was up to, they were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and staying out of Chimera's way. On the other hand, Chimera wanted contacts, information, they wanted to know who was involved, what they could do, and if they could use each other to further both of their goals, assuming the Underground's mission statement was accurate. Roman had other priorities.

"Received." He acknowledged, checking his smart watch for the coordinates. The device was highly unusual, being mostly bare metal with no display screens or aesthetic design. "So what's Peru up to today?" He asked idly, wondering if this would be another rumor trail that lead nowhere.

"Chem raid underway. Police pursuit in progress. Roman raised an eyebrow, grabbing his bag and looping it over his shoulder. So not some obscure web whispers, but actual confirmed activity. Best get a move on then.

"I'll be there soon." He waved goodbye to the gym's desk assistant as he passed out of the doors.

It only took him a second to turn into an underused alley and vanish into the power grid, riding the surges of intense high voltage energy and reappearing on a roof top seconds later several blocks over. Navigating the power grid was difficult to do with any accuracy, but it was extremely quick and he usually managed to land himself in the right district at least.

Midtown was a boring place, but, what with it being Midtown, everything and everyone passed through there at some point. From here you could get anywhere else in the city with ease, meaning if he wanted to find these people, he had to get eyes on them before they got too far away.

"New coords incoming," the operator spoke again eagerly. Roman didn't recognize the voice, but they sounded young and spoke with the familiarity of experience manning the chair. That arcade on the west side, they're heading for Uptown!"

He didn't bother responding, instead jumping into a nearby surface network and trying to find a path quickly to the arcade. It wasn't too hard, mostly he flashed into the side of one building, usually through an outdoor light, and then out the other side and repeating the process for the next building, never fully flesh for more than a few seconds. It disorienting flashing between a physical and electrical state of being, but he only needed to move straight until- bingo.

Suddenly he saw the familiar street the arcade was on, and he shot up the internal power cables of a nearby building and reappeared on it's roof. He jumped, in physical form this time, straddling the line between leaping and flying for a few seconds as he made his way subtly over a few more rooftops. Then he was peering over a ledge and smirking as his targets came into sight. Now he just had to keep them there until he figured out where they were going. "Eyes on," he whispered simply, "Dynamo out."

He removed his earbuds for the first time since entering the gym earlier that morning. Only taking a few seconds to take stock of the nearby electronics, Roman prepared himself to give chase when he noticed someone else in their path; a tense young man who'd stepped out of the arcade, eyes focusing in on the Undergrounders.

Great, and he'd been looking forward to an easy tracking mission too. If he had to give himself away to bail the duo out, he would, mostly because he hoped it would make them grateful enough to feed him enough information to satisfy those geeks in his ears. Then again... if they were caught he could probably bust them out, earn their trust that way...

He narrowed his eyes and sunk back further from the edge, keeping sharp eyes trained on the situation but jaw clenched from indecision. What to do, what to do...


  • @Bounce with Toy Boy
    • This is such a great and fun out of the box take on this character, and I've seen a lot of weird Robins. This one just seems very fresh and well in character isn't the word, but it's thematic, it really works well in the DC Universe, but also it just fits with whats going on here in our own little universe!

  • @Star Lord and Wonder Woman
    • Difficult one to narrow down, but I feel like Diana has been steadily evolving both as a person and as a hero. There's a lot of past that's been drudged up that she's supposed to just deal with now, so I expect her growth is still underway. I'm really hoping to see her solidify as a leader either in or after the coming Crisis.

  • @Bounce with Billy Batson
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  • @Inkarnate with Lex Luthor
    • Ah! I recall being major satisfied reading that Prodigal Son post, because yes! Exactly perfect execution of everything Lex is that so many skimp out on just to make him appear slimy and villainous. His charisma and character are way more than that and you really just capture that and harvest it for your own nefarious deeds and I'm living for it!

  • @Lord Wraith with Bruce Wayne
    • Do I even need to say why? Watching the discord roasting the old bat is reason enough tbh.

  • @Natty with Illyana and honorable mentions to @Hexaflexagon with Zatanna and [@Saint Maxx] with Fate
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  • @DocTachyon and [@Saint Maxx] with the X-Men and Spiderman
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  • @webboysurf with special shout out to @Retired
    • Both players are super helpful and conversational, I feel like every good RP needs a positive dialogue between players to be successful, and webby really brings that, while Ret offers our group personalized reviews and advice to improve our writing which is really unique and rare, and neither of them are overbearing with including people but instead just kinda put themselves out there for the group to interact with.
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