This is an RP from when I was 16. I found it and want to try this again.

Once Upon Atyme…

Once upon a Time. A phrase that you may have heard throughout your life. The truth is, the phrase should be, Once Upon Atyme, for Atyme is the name of this world in which we shall set the stage.
Atyme is a world, divided into 4 continents. 3 on land, and 1 in the sky. In this magical place, many strange beings live together. However, many are also at war with one another currently, and many try to find a way to survive. Every being on this planet knows of, and cane use, a power known as magic, which is divided into many different categories.
Magic, is the use of one’s own Mana to create or manipulate other things. The Types of Known magic are Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Wood, Metal, Water, Electric, Shadow, and Light. Some have found ways to use the different categories in creative ways, such as re-equipping themselves with other armor or weapons in the middle of battle, or making shadows extend so the sun doesn’t harm them.
The stoy here which is to be told, is of Dorothy, a girl from our world with a gift that she has yet to realize. Her story begins in Kansas. Where will yours be, and what part will you play in it?
(Note: There will be 3 others and a final part. I may continue if this goes over well.

Mana: The energy that gives life to all, and goes throughout the world of Atyme. Mana is godly residue, left behind by the Gods of Creation, Land, Order, Chaos, Sea, Sky, and Nature. Every being has their own Mana which replenishes with time. Mana runs throughout the world in veins, and replenishes itself, though the means to this is still under debate, it is thought that when one dies, their mana returns to the planet, and they live on in the mana until someone else is born. Many cities are actually built around the ends of certain veins, known as Mana Geysers, where actual physically seen Mana flows up into the air and back into the ground. Some believe that Mana Geysers actually lead to the realm of the gods, though none have returned to tell the tale.

Magic: Magic is the ability to control, create, and manipulate the elements around oneself. Nearly everyone in the whole of Atyme should know a basic spell of one type, especially adventurers. A well known spell around the world is the Yellow Brick Road, which creates a path of yellow light that leads one to where they want to go.

Technology: Technology is not high in this world, cannons, clocks, and carriage are the main means of technology here. However, a smart human recently developed Revolver Handguns, and has spread the making of these to a very small select few. He has kept secret his techniques as he has created for himself a magazine fed handgun. He makes a living developing watches for people.

The Continents of the planet are Ahz the floating continent, Unterland the reverse continent, Grimoire the dark continent, and nefarland the Warring continent.
Ahz: a large floating continent, invisible to outsiders, and seen only through a rainbow. Some say the only way to it is over these rainbows which are actually created from the mana dropping from the bottom of the continent. While large, and very diverse, Ahz has been under the rule of witches of late, both good and bad, and the Wizard, a human who was said to have come through a Mana Geyser in a hot air balloon, is the only source of order on the continent, until the lost princess is found.
Grimoire: a land of darkness. Those who live there seem to have a care free sense about their lives and must battle every day to live. Grimoire was a land first founded by two brothers, who after settling, had trouble determining who should rule. The two battled and left the continent scarred and desolate. Now clouds cover it, even during the day, and many things prowl to try and eat each other.
Unterland: Another of the many places currently in a warring state. The LeCard family and the Chess family, two royal households, once ruled this land together, but after the King, Diamond, had died from an unknown disease, the Queen, Heart, set out on a warpath to destroy the Chezz family. Here is where it is said, the most fascinating, and yet terrifying creatures beyond imagining exist, as every day seems to be a struggle to survive. Unterland is known as the Reverse Continent due to the large plant life, with grass growing at 6 feet and up.
Nefarland: The land leading to the underworld. Nefarland is one of the few continents that has every race living on it. Almost all races here have been at war for supremacy, and recently, the Demon King was killed by Human heroes, wielding a magical sword. This has flung the continent into the midst of yet another war, as the ferocity of the Demon King Jabuul had managed to quell much of the fighting. Now Nefarland is filled with Mercenaries and Mercenary Groups that will work for the highest bidder to further their reach into Nefarland. Supposedly, the continent was the birth place of the Fairies, and were chased away by pirates, which still lurk the seas and shores.

Angels: A slowly disappearing race of Atyme, born with large elegant snow white wings. The Angels are known as the children of the Gods, and have a large amount of power. However, the reason the angels have been disappearing is because of certain people capturing them and siphoning their power. Angels have many appearances as well.
-Cherubim: An angel that stays in the form of a child. They are the most jovial of the angels.
-Celestial: An angel that looks like a regular person with wings, they age very slowly as well, at 1 year for every 100 human years.
-Seraph: The rarest of all Angels, and the most powerful. These angels are born with 7 Wings and are so powerful, they usually reside in the clouds as to not cause any problems on Atyme.
Animals: A race of Atyme made of many kinds of animals. They range from talking animals, to full sized anthropomorphic animas, to half animal half humans. Among half animals terms such as mermaids are used to define the type of animal they are.
-Animalan: Simply, talking animals.
-Victians: anthropomorphic animals, they have a strange problem of saying the sound they normally make at the end of their sentences.
-Immundus: A half breed. Half Human, half Animal. This encompasses many other races as well, such as Nekomata demons.
Demons: Demons are an old race of Atyme. They usually have darker skin tone and pointed ears. Demons encompass many different kinds though. When a demon becomes powerful enough, they grow horns, and the horns continue to grow as they gain more power. The king of all demons had horns at the length of 2 feet from the temple.
-Succubi/Incubi: One of the most well known types of demons, they have tiny bat like wings on their back, and small pointed tails. These demons age slowly at a rate of 1 year to every 100 human years.
-Elemental: A Demon whose skin is colored similar to whatever element they are born with. These demons are significantly younger, than most, only living twice the age of a normal human.
-Death: A demon whose duty it is to lead the dead to their resting place. Most wear masks resembling a skull, so as not to attach a face to the death of a being, though some choose otherwise. They also have a lantern that comes from their coats, and are only able to be seen by those who will die soon (Which is relative).
-Drakens: Though not an actual demon subrace, they live among them, and are seen as demons by other races. They are always in the form of a humanoid demon with pointy ears. When they reach the end of their life, or at their own accord, they will become a Dragon. However, they lose all semblance of their former selves. Though, on rare occasions, the Draken has transformed back because of the love of someone dear to them, and their sheer force of will.
-Humna: The most common of the Demon race, the only difference between them and humans are their pointed ears and the odd coloring of their hair, making them appear more outlandish.
Elves: Though by name, most would think of the Sylvan Elves, but actually the Elves encompass a fair few kinds of Elves. The Dwarves, forest elves, cave elves, plains elves, and the river elves.
-Dwarves: A short, hearty race of Elves that make their living from mining and developing technology with the ones that they have found.
- Forest Elves: A very friendly Elf Race, they seem to live with the forest around them, and it is seldom heard of one leaving the forest. Some say that the Elves are bonded to a specific tree, and if it dies, they die. These Elves also have the ability to speak with animals.
-Cave elves: A pale elf race that have learned to handle spiders to create excellent clothing, which thy export from their caves. They are brilliant weavers, and some can even communicate with spiders.
-Plains Elves: The most unfriendly of the Elves. They tend to live in nomadic tribes, and hunt animals on the plains, but use every part of the animal killed. They are amazing at camouflage spells.
-River Elves: An amphibious race of Elves that take to water as easily as a fish. They are amazing craftsmen and fishermen.
Fairies: A smaller race with the ability to fly. They have a natural aptitude with magic as well, allowing most to go on journeys without too much worry or care. The Fairy Race encompasses a few kind though
-Caits: A cat-like race with an aptitude for wind magic. They have ears, tails, nose, and paws like cats, and are very good safety precautions, keeping shiny objects safe for you, at the right price. Some train to become beast tamer and use them as mounts.
-Gnomes: The largest of the Fairies, and excellent makers of statues. They have an aptitude for Earth Magic, as well as burrowing and gardening. Some train to be herbalists, and doctors. When enraged they can become huge, even for Humans. Eggs are like poison to a Gnome and will be avoided like a plague.
-Imps: Fairies with an aptitude for Shadow Magic, and have the ability to see in the dark. They are mischievous and playful. Most become thieves, snatching wallets from unsuspecting travelers.
-Leprechaun: a fairy race granted with the gift of luck, and Plant Magic. They are a pugnacious species of fairy, and will brawl, but if someone finds there stache of money, they will be obedient and subservient until they can take it back. They are also very good blacksmiths, and have mechanical wings.
-Pucca: A rabbit like race of Fairy, with Ears, tail, and leg muscles of a rabbit. They are also skilled musicians, using music as magic in battle. They also have the ability to be invisible for 1 minute every hour. They can even shapeshift into whatever they want, however, their size stays the same.
-Salamanders: Physically the strongest of the Fairy Races with an affinity for fire. They have the ability to turn into a fire breathing lizard, about their size, for an hour. After that time they must rest for a day, or become extremely tired. They can also breathe fire, and have lizard like claws and tails.
-Spriggans: A fairy race with an affinity for illusion magic. They are also well known treasure hunters. Spriggans are also sometimes known as changelings, as some have learned to use their illusion magic so well that they can become the thing they are pretending to be. Spriggans are very good actors.
-Sylphs: The fastest of the Fairy race, and attuned to wind magic. Sylphs are also gifted healers.
-Undine: An aquatic fairy race that is skilled with water and healing magic. They also have the ability to move in water as if flying and to breathe underwater.
-Pixies: a very helpful race of Fairy using magic to navigate around the world, create light, and purify food and water. They are known as a traveler’s best friend.
Golems: A false being created, usually, through the use of magic. Most are made to protect a house or to be a servant.
-Homonculus: A false human, made of metal and to look like a person, but is totally subservient. However, if their master chooses to release them, they will live as if they were a normal person, not knowing of their previous life.
-Clock Work: metal golems made to serve a kingdom. They are made to protect a castle gate, or smaller ones are made to send messages. To operate, they must be wound with a key.
-Material: a living pile of materials. They are very quiet, usually stationary, and can grow or shrink with more material. The material may be anything, from wood, to snow, to even bones.
Humans: The youngest of all the races in Atyme, as well as the shortest lived. However, despite this, humans seem very resourceful, using whatever they can find, including magic, and technology. Though humans are an average species now, some of the other races see them as lesser beings.
-Munchkins: the only difference between these and regular humans is that they are like a Chibi Human.
-Winkies: Yellow Skinned Humans that are skilled golem creators and repairers.
Inanimates: a race of anthropomorphic inanimate objects given life through the mana running throughout Atyme. They can range from porcelain dolls, to scarecrows, to a chest of drawers, and more.
-Furniture: a race of human inanimates. They look like regular humans, but their true form is that of furniture. Their master or owner gets to decide when they become furniture and for how long. Unless the master doesn’t specify.
Mythics: a broad term for creatures that are human like, such as werewolves and goblins. Mythics are known for thinking themselves superior compared to humans, usually.
-Werebeasts: a race of humans with animal like features. They can become a humanoid form of the beast that they choose, but only for a limited time, dependent on their strength. If they go longer than they should, they begin to become that beast, and it gets harder and harder to get out of the transformation, until they stay as that creature, without any memory of their old selves.
-Goblins: A race that comes in three kinds. The Pig like Orcs, the dimwitted yet strong Goblins, and the giant lumbering Trolls. It is not unusual for these creatures to adopt children of different races after an attack on a town.
-Slimes: a gelatinous mass that, after consuming a creature, obtains its memories and form, but as a gelatinous, single colored version of itself. However, after having one creature inside them, they can form weapons from their hands and harden themselves to a degree.
Undead: the undead are a large amount of those dead, unguided by Death Demons, and revived through natural Mana. The undead encompass a large amount of creatures, and some can even turn others. It has been noted that some undead were living that chose to change.
-Zombie: a basic, slow, rotting corpse. By consuming more living beings it can obtain more power. The strongest of all the Zombies, a once living music legend, Zaxel, can use his own bones as a weapon, harden them, and even conjure lightning bolts through his fingers.
-Skeletons: a living skeleton. They can take themselves apart, but as long as the skull remains intact, they can still reanimate again and again.
-Vampire: An undead that can transform into a bat. They have an allergic reaction to UV rays, causing them to itch uncontrollably. However, clothing, or a large hat, are sufficient defenses against the rays. They also must have blood to sustain themselves, though that does not mean they will turn others into vampires or drain all blood from a victim. A quart will sustain a vampire for a week. Vampires also have an aptitude for shadow magic, allowing even more protection against the sun.

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