Ok, brothers and sister. So I got this concept for this RP that's more a test of our, motherfucking. synchronization that it is a test of our writing or creativity. I'm gonna lay it flat and it's might seem pretty bare but that's because the gist of it is less a proposal of my own design than it is a proposition of you to design and work together:

The RP angle is this: There will be a set of very vague mythical roles sort of deal, each of them only defined by a straight up single sentence that can be interpreted in anyway. Here are the ones I'm thinking of putting down:

The King: He who rule is by right.

The Warrior: The one that slew the beast.

The Witness: The one that saw it all.

The Reborn: Thy who had risen again.

The Inheritor: Who claimed their destiny at birth.

The Devil: It who lied that now lingers.

The Priest: Thy Values that destroyed a dawn.

The Snake: It's poisoned the prosperous.

and so on.

I most likely will add a few more but you get the concept. What I'm putting on the yu gi oh field brothers is that, you can in this RP submit whatever vaguely fits these definitions. I most likely will have the roles be open to a few to contest for it then close it-once, say. the contestants for it have reached 3, just so it won't get crowded- when I say vaguely I mean it. You can go wild.

For example: The Priest: Can literally just be a school teacher who fucked up and accidentally indoctrinated their kid in a civil rights movement. Maybe he got shot, maybe that kid become a fanatic. Maybe he wasn't either but none the less that school boy lost his childhood and future education to activism.

Or The King: He who rules by right: can literally just be a run of the mill dad who is rule is meant to be rightful over his kids, but maybe he's abused or can't handle his own family and some shit.

My plan is that, when we got all the characters it's gonna be us all working together with what we got to make the story and the world around it. It's less about trying to creative within the confines of other peoples projects more than it is connecting them all together and seeing what we get. So, expect this one to be really heavy in the OOC chat department my kindred if you want this to possibly go anywhere.

I normally make big, system oriented world with already, motherfucking. made up materials. But those seem to simmer out, so I thought. Fuck it. you don't burn the counter when you can't cut your vegetables. You got to reorient your angle and try not to slice your fingers off, you know. So. I'm handing the creativity and rules to the players and less to myself.