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I like to draw. I do it a lot. Actually, all the time. It's kind of a problem. Come look at my stuff. some if it is good, most of it isn't

A character named milo. this took forever and it murdered my wrist

A character named Connie. I used to think this was pretty good?? yes, she does have tentacles pouring out of her stomach. there isnt very good reason for that

building some Aesthetic(tm) for a failed rp. yes i know the anatomy is super off, whoops

i was havin fun with some markers with this character

some lil things of my superhero character cassie and ft. her supervillain gf

some good ol technicolor moth man

A few misc. spooky monsters

a whole dump of characters part of a world/possible comic im working on
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@bigbadwolf Is the first image done digitally? The cross-hatching is very interesting. Sort of looks like scratchboard, actually.
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