Set in the fictional Springdale, our heroes are college students who have just graduated college. They have known each other since Pre-School and have stuck together through thick and thin. But with their schooling over now comes the question of whether or not some will move away or will stay and continue to live in the city they know and love. Right after the graduation ceremony, the group of friends decide to go up to the local wilderness and camp for a few days. There's beer, wine, probably even some pot. Needless to say everyone is having a blast now that they can truly begin to be independent and have jobs of their own.

On the second night of camping near the river, they stumble across a small box of watches behind a waterfall. The group each put on a watch and before they can think much of the treasure found, they begin to feel the ground beneath them rumble and shake. The sky overhead turns a dreary grey as a large red demon appears. Springdale has been known to honor its lore and spiritual history, and yet these folks have never seen demons or spirits that they've read about in school. And this particular demon stands at over 50 feet and does not look like he's in the mood to have friendly conversation.

The group runs back down the mountain as fast as they can, narrowing escaping the demon's destruction. They decide to investigate the watch's origin, beliving the demon and the watch might be connected. Upon going to Timer and More, a local shop, they are told that spirits are indeed real and can be seen using the nifty watches they had uncovered. This begins the group's summer adventure as they go around taking up part-time jobs for both people of Springdale but also the demons who inhabit its alleyways and haunts.

Inspiration and direction:

This is based heavily on Yokai Watch (the game, though the anime does follow it closely enough). That said I will be providing you guys with maps and such so don't feel like you need to have played the game (or seen the show) to get involved with this RP. I am seeking only a small group of people for this, so ideally I'd like 3 other players to join me so we'd have an even amount of boys to girls, but so we're not getting hung up on waiting for loads of people to post and have to catch up.

I am not looking for posts to come daily, I'd much rather this be slow paced due to it being a slice-of-life based RP. There will be fighting involved but it won't be frequent and will rely on the yokai (aka demons) we meet and befriend. Generally though, this RP is very much open (or considered sandbox-y) since our characters will decide where to go and what to do so I'd like writers who can take the lead and play characters who seek adventure.

In terms of ages, I'm thinking we'll be playing 22-23 year olds and we will be sticking to anime pictures for appearances (as opposed to celebrities or descriptions). Posts should be around 4-5 paragraphs, If you're interested or have further questions, just ask me. For the most part, I'm able to get the OOC up when I feel I get at least 3-4 interested folks, but be aware there will still be 3 spots open so space is limited to those who get a CS approved in the OOC first. If necessary I'll take two as opposed to three people.