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A flash. Then another. The illumination of the planet below was beauty to behold, as various projectiles issued forth from the fleet, streaking down through the atmosphere and impacting with the doomed world. Far above, a lone figure sat comfortably in his personal observation deck aboard a massive dreadnought, sipping red wine and smiling wistfully. -"Is there nothing more beautiful, more emotionally evocative, than a sight such as this? Soon, all my enemies will join them, and I will take my rightful place upon the seat of the galaxy."- the Emperor thought to himself.

Name: Gyld Gallent
Occupation: 11th Emperor of Gallentia
Age: 22
Skills: Tactical mastermind, resolute leader, shrewd diplomat
Weakness: Inexperienced in handling conflict personally
Homeworld: Gallentia, an Earth-like planet on the outer rim.
Description: Tall, lean, Caucasian, blonde, golden eyes
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@GyldedCirclet I'm guessing you're still working on this?
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