It started as an itch between my shoulder blades that just kept growing and growing and growing until it had a fourteen-foot span and feathers. I was twelve. I had mutated. All of the sudden, I found myself living in the shadows of the City of Light.

The City of Light

The year is 2216 and in the last few decades, the human genome has seen an unprecedented number of mutations due to higher concentrations of radioactive particles in the atmosphere worldwide, a consequence of using nuclear weapons in the war now commonly known as the Last World War. These Deviants are regarded with suspicion and fear by the majority of the populace due to their unique abilities. The most unfortunate of their number live in government-controlled concentration camps, but there are rumored to be several in hiding. Citizens of the International Cooperation Conglomerate (ICC) Empire are encouraged to keep their eyes out and inform authorities should they discover any Deviants hidden among them.

This story is set in a futuristic dystopia in which mutated humans, or Deviants,
live as second class citizens. I'm looking to explore questions like: What would it be like to live as a minority in a world that is almost completely against you? What dangers would someone in this minority face? What does it mean to be human? Should you use your powers for good even when those you'd be saving largely despise you because of them? I'm looking for honest storytelling, a no-holds-barred exploration into this world. It should be real and gritty and emotionally wrenching.

۞ 18+ only. Mature themes are going to be present due to the gritty nature of this setting. Turn back now if you're looking for neatly wrapped happy endings.

۞ Romance is encouraged, but will not be the driving point of this story. Please note that my character concept is for a female and that I am not into rping same sex romance.

۞ Advanced writers only. I'm looking for a partner with a strong voice who is willing to regularly produce detailed posts of whatever length is necessary for the story in that given moment.

۞ If you are interested in writing this story with me, please PM me your character concept, your ideas for plot direction, and a little something about yourself.