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I return! Now to get caught up...
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To my lovely writing partners, please bear with my slow responses! I just got engaged and now I'm headed across the Atlantic for a couple weeks. I promise I haven't forgotten you!
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The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. -Joseph Campbell
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I disagree. Your personal preference for one writer over another, does not change the fact that both may be good at what they do. Skill is not subjective.
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Perhaps the answer is some conglomeration: A good writer is someone who can artfully combine proficient use of the English language with ideas that make the reader think or feel.


I think I was probably a cat in another lifetime. I don't like noise, I don't like bright lights, and I don't even particularly like people, though there are one or two exceptions to that last one. What I do like are warm places, good books, hot drinks, and pleasant conundrums, you know the sort that might occupy a longish drive with interesting thinking. Antepenultimately, I enjoy words of a sesquipedalian nature, though only as a veridical aesthete; I don’t think these words have much of a place in the writing I’ll be doing on this forum. They mess with the flow of the prose if you catch my meaning. Supereminently, I’ll write with anyone that has a strong voice and a good grasp of the English language, and while I won't promise not to bite, I will swear I've had all my shots, so pm me if you've got any clever ideas or inchoate notions.

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Can't find partners.
Honestly, I was leaning towards the Spirit category. I have a predilection for thinking up mythologies and religions. I do agree that magic is most interesting when it follows some form of logic, though.
I'm interested in this, especially in the Spirits or Magic coGM categories. We would also have characters, right?
Greetings, writers.

I'm looking to catch a few partners for collaborative-style roleplays, using my ideas and preferences as bait. So read on, and if what you see tickles your fancy, send me a PM or email

About Me

1. I prefer to roleplay in Google Docs. Play-by-post is a wonderful invention. It got me into roleplay. It's why we're here. Still, it has some major draw backs. Writing in a format both writers can edit fully is more creative, more collaborative. It allows the characters to respond instantly to every action, allows for a faster, more natural play, and removes the question of post size.

2. I write well. Not on a best seller/prize winning sort of level, but I take creative pride in the words I type here, not just the plots and characters. I'd like a partner who cares about this too. This is absolutely the most important point here.

3. I play female characters. Yes, I know. So does everyone else. All I really need though is to find one or two of you that don't mind humoring me on this point.

4. Romance is MxF only. I mean no disrespect to those of you with other preferences, this is just what I like.

5. A good story contains a mix of light and darkness, is often emotionally wrenching, and doesn't always work out for our characters. This can be difficult for those of you who are attached to your characters, or worse those of you who insert yourself into every story, but I'm not looking for happy endings. I'm looking for a compelling story that neither of us will forget anytime soon.

Preferred Genres

High, Low, and Dark Fantasy
Space Opera
Science Fiction
Alternate Modern Day
Historical Fiction


Roles I'd like to play are in bold. If neither are in bold, then I have no preference.

King x Guard
King x Spy
Knight x Squire
Assassin x Thief
Prince x Thief
Warrior x Priestess
Monster/Demon x Priestess
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Human
Pirate x Pirate
Pirate x Princess
Greek God x Mortal
Greek/Roman x Amazonian Warrior
Greek/Roman God x Amazonian Warrior
Mythological Creature x Human
Beauty x The Beast
Tentatively interested. For more fun multiverse-saving stories, check out Neil Gaiman's Interworld Trilogy. This reminds me a lot of that series, except in Interworld all of the superheroes are actually the same person or rather different versions of the same person each from a different universe within the multiverse.
New plots and things.
@Dynamo Frokane

Thanks for your interest but I'm closing this topic. It's been filled.

It started as an itch between my shoulder blades that just kept growing and growing and growing until it had a fourteen-foot span and feathers. I was twelve. I had mutated. All of the sudden, I found myself living in the shadows of the City of Light.

The City of Light

The year is 2216 and in the last few decades, the human genome has seen an unprecedented number of mutations due to higher concentrations of radioactive particles in the atmosphere worldwide, a consequence of using nuclear weapons in the war now commonly known as the Last World War. These Deviants are regarded with suspicion and fear by the majority of the populace due to their unique abilities. The most unfortunate of their number live in government-controlled concentration camps, but there are rumored to be several in hiding. Citizens of the International Cooperation Conglomerate Empire are encouraged to keep their eyes out and inform authorities should they discover any Deviants hidden among them.

Our characters start as a second group starts coming to power. The ICC is the government pushing for the registration and segregation of deviants into concentration type camps, fueled by the fear average citizens feel towards people with greater powers, but unknown to them, an underground resistance of deviants is planning to strike back. This group would be comprised of mutants hiding within the City of Light. They'd be angry, fed up with being mistreated by law enforcement and others who know that the legal system would never stand up for a deviant. Many of them, including their charismatic leader, have started preaching about Darwin's Theory of Evolution, claiming that because deviants are more evolved humans they should not only control the government, but should also cull the less evolved population. War is on the horizon and our characters will either join a side or work to change the direction the two groups are headed in.

This story is set in a futuristic dystopia in which mutated humans, or Deviants, live as second class citizens. I'm looking to explore questions like: What would it be like to live as a minority in a world that is almost completely against you? What dangers would someone in this minority face? What does it mean to be human? Should you use your powers for good even when those you'd be saving largely despise you because of them? I'm looking for honest story telling, a no-holds-barred exploration into this world. It should be real and gritty and emotionally wrenching.

۞ 18+ only. Mature themes will be present due to the gritty nature of this setting. Turn back now if you're looking for neatly wrapped happy endings.

۞ Romance is encouraged, but will not be the driving point of this story. Please note that my character concept is for a female and that I am not into rping same sex romance.

۞ Advanced writers only. I'm looking for a partner with a strong voice who is willing to regularly produce detailed posts of whatever length is necessary for the story in that given moment.

۞ If you are interested in writing this story with me, please PM me your character concept, your ideas for plot direction, and a little something about yourself.
That sounds like good advice. Haha

I'm teaching a high school band camp this week because I need the rent money, but I promise I'll have a post up this weekend. Probably Sunday evening.
Actually, I've been avoiding disc so I don't have to explain to my wow friends why I bailed right before Tomb of Sargeras opened...
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