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2 days ago
Current I need a long term Co-GM for about 4 upcoming projects, hit me up.
13 days ago
A local hairdresser was arrested for prostitution last night. I'm shocked. I was a customer of hers for years, and I didn't even know she was a hairdresser.
2 mos ago
Inspirational Quote: "Friends are a lot like potatoes, if you eat them, they will die."
2 mos ago
I will continue to push the limits on creative roleplay.
2 mos ago
Got my hot chocolate & my cyberpunk playlist I'm going to finish creating this tabletop game tonight.


I'm Dynamo Frokane

I'm an experienced RPer. I mainly like to GM original concepts that push the boundaries of RP.

Click the Icons for some of my main RPs (not all are active, but feel free to message me if you want to start one of them up.

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<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

That's literally what remakes are, but I guess we'll ignore the fact that they improve upon the dated 2006 gameplay and introduce the combat system of 6. Not to mention that they add new story elements to solve confusing plot points, and even let you play as Majima in an entirely new section.

also condemned used to be underrated until people started making videos on it and it was quickly hyped hyped hyped dont @ me

Surprisingly enough, If I wanted to play a game with 6's shitty combat system I would've just played 6. Beyond that I have no desire to go through 2 all over again, the story was a good slow burner the first time, but its not very re-playable.

I don't even think condemned is that good, its just very overlooked and basically underrated by default.

Killer 7, now there is a game that could use a remake to explain confusing plot points.
So anyone want to give me the short version of what's been "civilly discussed" here? Ya know, the snark and insults back and forth aside.

I don't love to say it but @Andreyich is right.

You are commenting on the snark while adding your own snark, which puts you on the same level as those you are critiquing.
The Condemned series is underrated.


<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

shut up ya fuckin nerd

yakuza kiwami 2 demo yeeeeeeeet

I wasnt like....3 when the original came out, I have no desire to play a shot for shot remake.
Shenmue 1&2 are getting a re-release on consoles.
Yakuza has gone so off the damn rails lately, we could use this.
<Snipped quote by catchamber>

you could try having some lol

<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

Ponte a escribir anda 😒

Yes chica, I'll have the post by tommorrow.
@Dynamo Frokane

Feel better! And don't come to SoFlo... 😖

Youll just have to send your friend to UK via Spain then 😆
@Xandrya@LittleFae@King Tai Ive had heat stroke, but I'm going to respond to your posts today.

@NPC@TolkienBlackGuy will you guys have something up soon?
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