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Current Sorry everyone Im feeling sick, but will get to responses soon.
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Stan Lee was able to create superheroes on the pages for us as kids, so we could find the superheroes in ourselves as adults.
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My Horror RP is ready in time for Halloween! Join now:…
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Castlevainia Season 2 is excellent.


I'm Dynamo Frokane

I'm an experienced RPer. I mainly like to GM original concepts that push the boundaries of RP.

Click the Icons for some of my main RPs (not all are active, but feel free to message me if you want to start one of them up.


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Is there an echo in here?

I have not nor will I ever purchase Fallout: 76.

So you're going to pirate it? Or watch loads of let's plays of it?
I really hope Fallout 76 does poorly.

That is all.

You purchasing it would seem to work against that hope.
The Fantasy World of Terraixa

The traditional sword, sorcery and savior setting where I base all my high fantasy stories and characters.

Hi there Nation RPers.

I have a developed fantasy world that I've been developing in multiple RPs and 1x1s and I want to expand it into a nation. But I need help with the management of all the lore and also a map.

It's a pretty traditional Swords & Sorcery RP not quite as 'lofty' as high fantasy like LOTR but then not as gritty as a low fantasy like GoT. It's somewhere in the middle. It has 4 major countries (called provinces) and the usual collection of fantasy races.

If you're interested in helping me bring this to life and have experience with GMing and/or Mapmaking send me a message.
@Khyron Shadowfang Id be interested in a supernatural mystery rp where I RP mutliple F characters.

Let me know if youre interested
@Hari Would you be interested in a slice of life light mystery with pre set characters
@Fabricant451 A lot of what you enjoyed about the game I also enjoyed in small doses at the beginning but it's beginning to wear on me. The animal hunting system is well done, but I find no incentive for doing it. Killing a deer cooking and eating it is cool. But you don't need to eat deer, you can just stock up on canned peaches and live off those. The price you can sell even good quality pelts and carcasses is pitiful and hardly worth the journey.

I can appreciate what the game is going for, and most of the 'realism' is done fairly well. It's certainly a fully thought out experience but its a boring one. The game is excellent at creating 'those special moments' but unlike other open world action games, there isnt enough of a fun consistent gameplay loop to string those together for an overall fun experience. GTA 4 had this same problem, too much attention to atmosphere and immersion but once you were immersed you werent having much fun. Which is fine for a bit, it's novel and charming to have to complete a taxi ride around liberty city or go to an internet cafe to respond to an email. But I need a reason to be doing it, I need a pay off.

RDR2 boasts having 59 weapons but a quarter of them are tomohawks and axes. The very limited weapon customization is only available on about 3 weapons per class and everything else is a 'bouns' weapon you have to pick up. The shooting is functional but still clunky. I'm playing a very pretty game where I'm not looking forward to anything besides the pretty good story.

I do think the overreaching story is interesting, exploring the 'end of the west' on a more personal level than the first game. But the individual story beats just seem meaningless. Everyone in dutch's camp seems to realise that pinballing from camp to camp trying to rob everyone and everything blind isn't a very sensible long term strategy. Which is great on a narractive level but crappy on a gameplay one because I still have to go through the motions and follow along with it anyway.

And so far, apart from the train missions, I've found none of them 'exciting' like I have with other rockstar games. And I really am getting sick of just 'shooting up towns' when things go sideways. Especially because I know this is a long game.

I feel like I sort of 'owe' rockstar games enough of my time to see a good story to the end, but I'm fighting to give myself reasons to play it and that's never a good sign. Though far less polished, I never had to find a reason to play Far Cry 5, GTA 5 or Spider-Man because those games maintained excitement to a high enough level to keep me engaged.

But maybe this will change when online launches. I can already think of ways to have fun with that.

20 Hours in and Red Dead is boring as shit.

'Slow and deliberate' is good for setting tone but its not a fun gameplay mechanic. I'm literally just playing for the story now which is pretty interesting but barely a motivation to keep one with these story missions. I'm also not crazy about becoming public enemy number 1 because I accidentally stepped on someone's dog and have a 5 dollar bounty on my head.

The characters have interesting interactions but there are too damn many of them, I cant care about 15 people enough to keep hunting deer for them so they stop bitching. I'm also getting sick of returning to a town 4 times to shoot up the damn place because a story mission forced me to, and now the place is too hot with law for me to get a fucking haircut.

This game is a very pretty visual novel where for 70% of the game I'm staring at a horse's ass for too long with a pointlessly cumbersome 'pull the hammer back' shooting mechanic to break it up.

The train stuff is good, the brawling is good, and things involving animals tends to be good.

But, a piece of wood isn't going to sparkle no matter how much you polish it.
I have an original fantasy universe with plenty of lore and ideas if youre interested.

Hi there

Quick interest check, looking for someone to play as a pair of F characters for a slice of life romance story.

Looking for a casual to advanced writer who enjoys details.

Bonus if you like to inculde art and music in your posts ( I do)

Slice of life in a Fantasy, Cyberpunk or Modern setting are available.

PM or post to apply!
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