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Everybody feel a way about 'kane but at least ya'll feel something.
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4 days ago
High School Parties made me feel like a batteries, because I was always not included :(
10 days ago
Wealthy women like hot baths because it reminds them of hell, where they come from.
5 mos ago
liking traps isnt gay, it just means you like surprises
1 yr ago
Let me give a shout out to all the boys like me, who's fathers aren't around for whatever reason. Use this day to celebrate becoming your own man and setting your own example to follow.


I'm Dynamo Frokane

See you in the land of imagination!


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@BubblegumQueen to the cornerstone bar for a quiet drink and to keep a very attractive bartender company during an afternoon shift@Indy Cooper
@Dynamo Frokane
What about a supernatural/ghost enthusiast. Someone who is fascinated with haunted places and horror, firmly believing in ghosts and specters?

Its fine as a hobby, but its not likely to pay the bills in shine city so you would need a non supernatural profession.
Fenton Kelly (Shine City Aquarium)

@Stern Algorithm
Fenton was taken aback when he heard the voice of the young maintenance worker respond, not only did she have a tomboyish haircut but a fairly husky voice for such a petite girl. It was almost like listening to an experimental melody. He cleared his throat and pushed his hands in his coat pockets as he walked over casually, noticing how small she really was compared to him.

I suppose I never really stop to consider how much goes into keeping an atmosphere in a place like this.

He turned to the glass and watched as a large jellyfish billowed by.

It's not that I dont like jellyfish, I suppose you could say, I never really understood them, they have no eyes or ears, do they even have brains? But they look so peaceful all the time, like they are dancing. Someone like me, could never wrap my head around that. Piranhas though, they remind me of home, Neo-City, everything and everyone looking to take apart and snatch whatever scraps they can find.....

Fenton realised he was droning on a little, lost on his thoughts.

So this all seems like a big responsibility for someone so young, is this a weekend job you fit around high school Miss..?

Fenton remembered his manners and took his hand out of his pocket to offer a handshake.
Next question, sorry I ask a lot
What are the limits on what a character can be? I assume this is grounded in reality so no supernatural or science fiction?

Yes pretty much, but if you wanted to make your character almost supernaturally good at juggling or card tricks I would allow it.
All terrorists are assholes, but not all assholes are terrorists?…

CNN is fake news! Apart from the few times when mdk decides that they aren't.

Have you learned nothing from this thread?
@Delta44 will you be returning as Co-GM? If so you can happily have two characters :)
@King Tai I heard you were back....

Fenton Kelly (Shine City Aquarium)

Fenton's stroll was so relaxing, even being slightly hungover didn't stop the heavy thoughts he usually carried around melt off of him. Investigating bizarre cases in Neo-City burned a lot of images into his mind. He was still in his early 20s but his mind carried the burdens of a cynical old man. After seeing the end of the corridor which was mainly stingrays he turned to the Jellyfish Room to continue his peaceful exploration.

Fenton's detective sense warned him immediately of another person in the room, his heart sank slightly as he was enjoying the mystique of the sea environment on his own, other people sort of ruined the experience. The person appeared to be sitting down and Fenton walked over slowly to get a better look.

It was what appeared to be a very young tomboyish girl who was wearing a maintenance uniform, Fneton worried for a moment if he stepped in the wrong part of the aquarium.

Ahem, I uh, didn't know this place was under repairs, is it okay to pass through? I was thinking about seeing some piranhas.

Fenton coughed nervously, it was an odd feeling being a detective, but not in a position of authority.
@Stern Algorithm
Sayri Weston (Mochavine Cafe)

After a few mins of raising her hand she realised that if she wanted another coffee she would probably have to get up and go to the counter, table service was always thin on a Sunday. Sayri didn't have to glance around the cafe long, to notice a hulking, tanned beefcake of a man who had just walked in, his heaving muscles were making his footsteps heavy, every step he took seemed to send a small vibration through the floor that Sayri definitely wasn't complaining about. He also appeared to be glancing at her, and she was very familiar with the glance by now.

I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume you might have seen the show? Although I can't imagine how you find time to watch ANY T.V. while maintaining that figure......I take it youve just come from the gym? Maybe you could grab me a coffee and we can talk a little, you look like you probably have questions...I'm Sayri by the way!

She flashed her trademark smile, slightly relieved that she wouldn't have to get up if this man was nice enough to grab her a coffee. She turned and also noticed someone else glancing at her, a bookish tech type, he was trying not to look too obvious with his glances, but Sayri picked up on it anyway. She wondered how many more cute guys were going to catch her eye today.

@Indy Cooper is she working at the bar today? I can see fenton making his way over later on
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