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16 May 2017 0:33
depression weighs heavy like wet clothes....
25 Mar 2017 19:28
liking traps isnt gay, it just means you like surprises
20 Dec 2016 5:20
If I had a dollar for everytime I got rejected, I'd stop getting rejected.
16 Aug 2016 19:45
Its all fun and games until you fall in love with a fictional female.
19 Jun 2016 8:48
Let me give a shout out to all the boys like me, who's fathers aren't around for whatever reason. Use this day to celebrate becoming your own man and setting your own example to follow.


I'm Dynamo Frokane

UK person in their 20s who loves (and needs) escapism.

I'm a pretty classic geek, I love Video Games, Movies, Comic Books, Anime Sci-fi Fantasy, Steampunk and Cyberpunk.

Good old action based RPs always work for me, also like squad fellowship type stuff, and ultra cynical mature themes too sometimes.

Also love just talking and making friends, feel free to PM me for my kik, if you'd like a chat :)

See you in the land of imagination!


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In conclusion: fuck off.

Goodbye dynamo.

Ya'll come back now.
<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

I was a little confused to what 'OK?' means with the question mark, I didn't know if you were actually acknowledging the point or just being flippant.

But if you do agree then thanks, its important to be able to correct yourself when you make exaggerated claims like you did in the quote.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity I am under no illusions that you are a bigot. Anyone accusing you of such thing was probably angry, misinformed or both. Anecdotal evidence cant be verified, I havent seen you be attacked by radical left wingers and I haven't seen @Penny being discriminated against for her nationality and gender and neither of you have seen me attacked by both sides of the political spectrum along with those fucking libertarians.

But for the sake of this discussion I think it makes sense to give all parties the benefit of the doubt, we are already doing 100x times better than most people in our supposed camps by talking to people with different experiences than us and establishing common ground. I'm willing to suspend my skepticism of anecdotes for the sake of good discourse and productive conversations.
selective reading comprehension

You're absolutely right, Ive only selected one quote because its the only thing you said that I have a disagreement with.

T_D is interesting to me because they present facts that get suppressed everywhere else.

Now if you dont want to address this quote then that's cool, we can change the conversation back to memes if that's less frustrating for you.
<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

Speaking from that center-right, a number of us felt that way because whenever we voiced an opinion contrary to our vocal opposition we were met with cries of "hate speech", "racist", "sexist" and any other throwaway that is cringe worthy at this point.

To give you an anecdote, a subordinate had heard I was considering Donald Trump for my vote back during his earlier running career in 2016. Without any base to stand on, they mechanized anyone who was sympathetic to the left to brand me "racist" because I had also agreed in another instance that illegal immigrants are unlawful citizens and need to be removed from the country.

It is it an anecdote? Beyond a doubt, but having nearly twenty some-odd people jump at you just because they thought you were a true Alt-Right'er tends to give that impression. The good news is, I had the authority to make be still and explain just that - my belief and my considerations of the candidate - but this type of behavior is not limited in scope.

You tend to feel like a small number when there are not a lot of you who feel like you can safely say or do anything without becoming demonized.

This is a legitimate concern, I absolutely believe you and yes there are hateful, reationary people who treat anyone to the right of them like shit and call them names. No argument from me there.

The point of contention is, while people on the right might get called sexist, racist, facist etc. People on the left may get called cucks, beta males, blue pillers, white knights, feminazis, Dindus, and the list goes on and on.

Basically it sucks to be part of damn near any group as there will be people out there to attack you and de-legitimize your beliefs when they run out of rational arguments.

I absolutely believe you have been the target of slurs against the right
I know for fact Doggo has been the target of slurs against the left

and @Penny has absolutely faced some issues for being a woman/immigrant, which you could argue is worse, because these are things that cant be as arbitrarily shifted/changed as something like a political views.

<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

You're, like...... know what don't go to T_D, it would not be good for you. Moving on.

Except like doggo said, I've already been there, got bored of the repetitive rhetoric and stale memes and moved on. Keep hanging out there, but if you think the facts on that sub are getting suppressed everywhere else then it might be helpful to occasionally browse other parts of reddit before you start to really believe that as truth.
No, see, for that I'd point you to literally any other political subreddit.

Wrong I can think of at least 6 other popular subs with the same rhetoric

T_D is interesting to me because they present facts that get suppressed everywhere else.

Except they dont. Because there are other right wing subs that dont suppress those types of topics.

This is literally my only point of contention, and toward your point about john oliver/colbert/samantha bee, are you SURE youve never seen them critiqued? Does everyone in the right wing circles treat them as untouchables?

I'm never sure why right wingers are so dedicated to trying to make it seem like they are the tiniest, most exclusive, romantic resistance group fighting the Goliath opposition as if they don't make up damn near half of the country.

@Kratesis Jesus, this is getting obtuse. You know what I mean when I say cant make an argument.

I don't mean you are not allowed to argue whatever point you please.

I'm saying you arent able to make a good argument against the position (that the implications/results of politics are serious).

No goalpost has been moved, if you need me to clarify, I will but don't assume I'm trying to say something I'm not. If you learned how to debate from reading T_D posts I suggest you quit while you're ahead.
@Vilageidiotx bulgaria is a european country and its Muslim population is 11%

Checkmate Liberal.
<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

Why not? I'm curious here as I feel I can argue against (or for) any claim I want. The moon is made of blue cheese? No problem. The President is a reptile in a human suit? Sure thing. True communism has never been tried? You got it lol. What makes this particular claim so special that I cannot argue against it?

Alright knock yourself out, lets hear some rational arguments.
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