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9 days ago
Current I had my bike stolen today, but logging in and seeing RP responses really cheered me up.
21 days ago
Man in the neckbeard castle
25 days ago
My superhero sandbox is back!
1 mo ago
Writing novels is hard, but rewarding.
2 mos ago
Sorry everyone Im feeling sick, but will get to responses soon.
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I'm Dynamo Frokane

I'm an experienced RPer. I mainly like to GM original concepts that push the boundaries of RP.

Click the Icons for some of my main RPs (not all are active, but feel free to message me if you want to start one of them up.


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I have a modern semi-fealistic setting with light horror elements if youre interested?


Im doing something a little different than regukar 1x1 or group roleplay.

Basically I'm slowly building on an original universe with 1x1s and establishing them to join a larger group (which well eventually be a 1x1x1x1) in a fantasy universe. Let me know if this is somehwate interesting to you.
@Yui How do you feel about doubling up on characters? I have an idea that might interest you.
Same, sorry for not being around. This is going to be a very interesting year work-wise and for my company so i was pretty distracted for the first year but I'm back on it now.
@Prizrak Hey, still waiting on your post.
@Prizrak Yeah that post was them in prep for the training mission in Tenchu 1

In future only use that PM for IC though.
Ace Combat 7 is going to be like every AC game before it, and that's exactly why I'm going to buy it.
@Undead Eyes

Your 'Ink & Paper' is so genius I'm mad I didnt think of it first.

Would love to RP that with you.

Ive got a ton of ideas I want to brainstorm with you if you're still lookimg for an experienced and long term qriting partner.
@Dark Huntress

This is a little out of the ordinary but I thought Id enquire. Would you be interested in joining a 1×1 for a deep lore fantasy 1x1x1? We were actually looking for a huntress character to join the story so I said I'd ask you.

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