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Current Flying off into the sunset....
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If I am to further my life as GM I need to learn how to make maps.
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You booksmart types really know how to make song lyrics un-sexy
1 mo ago
High School Parties made me feel like a batteries, because I was always not included :(
2 mos ago
Wealthy women like hot baths because it reminds them of hell, where they come from.


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@Dark Lugia I dont suppose there is any more room?
if making revised versions of RPs, with some degree of character overlap then yes. If not, then not yet.

Oh you mean like rebooting/re-imagining? Its a new continuity but yeah its a way to not waste good ideas.
I mainly GM, and with the common problem of RPs not getting off the ground or dying early, the worst feeling is always feeling like a world youve built has gone to waste. So I started recycling worlds from old RPs and making new stories in the same universe to build a larger continuity. Has anyone else done things like this? Timelines or multiverses?
@Cameleon hello again, would you be interested in a new somewhat larger story?
>says he's not back
>goes to look across 30 pages for out of context quotes to then make a comment with one gif

Still not fully back, but enough for the occasional gif.
Honestly I just don't bother. Girls tend to be interested in me sometimes so I let that happen.

If a girl is interested in me, let her say so and I'll see if I am interested back.

@KratesisYou better be beautiful or I wouldn't let you get away with that ;)

@catchamber I'm not back, this is my last day had to dig up some old RPs and copy them over to Google Docs.

But thanks for the gesture anyway, I'll be back one day.
I'll admit I'm pretty jelly of how black people can get their hair done though, like without any sarcasm. Having it so short yet so curly is pretty fucking stylish.

See you guys? He's not a racist.

You lefties and your labels.

<Snipped quote by Dynamo Frokane>

I kekd pretty good. It's not like Cleopatra chances are had red hair and was a Macedonian making her Greek and/or Slavic and thus 100% white. Not only are folks denying more complex shit but simple recorded history.

<Snipped quote by Andreyich>

I mean that whole 'starter pack' specifically is all over the place. Is it supposed to be things Africans have contributed to society or things that people who don't think Africans contributed to society are into because I'm not sure the Swedish developers of Crusader Kings 2 have done much in the way of societal contributions of the African person.

Also I'm about 70 percent sure that Blacked was started by Caucasians anyway. Which would of course lead me to believe the starter pack is for people that think Africans contribute nothing because history shows again and again that interracial cuckold porn is top tier shit for pasty white folks with HOT TAKES.

I log in to say goodbye to one of my 1×1 and yous just wont let me be retired.

Yeah its a starterpack for people who think africans have contributed nothing, or rather peoople who use that sentence in an argument.

Andy, i dont think anyone is saying that cleopatra wasnt at least mostly greek, I think the starterpack is highlighting that people who call their own women 'bedwenches' and play crusdaer kings as a power fantasy are the type of guys to never shut up about it.

And its not just caucasions who create/consume blacked but specifically insecure right-wing men with racist inferiority complexes. If all the pseudo-science you read tells you that africans are physically more manly than you in damm near everyway, its bound to have an effect on at least a few of you.
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