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Use 'make' twice. Damn so Close....
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Jack Nomen


In Real life Jack is a taller Individual with tan skin. Sporting short brown hair and eyes to match. He is a little slender then he should be due to dedicating most his life to Haven now. He takes the gaming personality to heart. Usually wearing clothes that sponsor some kind of gaming company, Game, and logo on him. You would never find him without a pair of Headphones on his head or around his neck. Usually a hat or hoodie with the combo. Although he does so with a degree of fashion.

Jack's personality is better determined by his hobbies. He enjoys playing games that offer and competition with ranks. He also enjoys the kind of games where it is up to the player to determine their strategy. Meaning he is a extremely competitive and imaginative. Out of his hobby he is a quiet individual, always aware of his situation. So much so he wears headphones to distract him from hearing every thing around him. When he is challenged or needs to interact with people he usually is very friendly and dismissive. Only his true friends get to see his true friendly Joyful Nature. Trying to end conversations when he can. He also secretly holds anxiety within him most of the time, using products of Nicotine to keep him from falling off the edge.

Jack was born into a richer family in New York, USA. Maybe not rich, but definitely better than well off. Even with all the money, his parents could not fix his condition. When he was born he came with the gift Is Cerebral Palsy. Unable to walk. He grew up with helicopter parents due to his condition. Making him somewhat of an introvert as a child. Although as he grew up he eventually came out of his shell. He was never good at anything. Whether it was physical or mental. All besides gaming, finding his talent at the age of 14. Being the top 25 of any game he had played that kept a scoreboard. Usually games those games offered a PVP game type. This lasted for years until he found Haven Online. A birthday gift from his sister for his 20th birthday. The game offered him something he could never achieve before. Being the best. So he tries to be the best PVP'er of this game. Hopefully one day reaching number 1 on the PVP ranks ,but now with the induction of NERO he has dedicated his whole time in the game hopefully being the top in eliminating the most members of the ones who threaten his most treasured game.

Besides playing games, Jack is has a strange knack for catching things and juggling. He as has learned to cook quite well, due to his parents never being around to cook for him. Haven has improved his Reaction time multitasking, and data analisis drastically.

STR: ▰▰▰▱▱▱
STA: ▰▰▰▰▱▱
DEX: ▰▰▰▰▰▰
INT: ▰▰▱▱▱▱
WIS: ▰▰▱▱▱▱
LUC: ▰▰▱▱▱▱


Using his Jump Pack, Vector can jump in any direction at high speeds. Easily closing in or creating a gap from his targeted location. He can also leap up to cover dangerous gaps or climb higher locations. Although if used too many time in a short period, the user will start to suffer from "Jump Fatigue" Dropping their DEX by two levels.

Scorched Earth
Usable with the Jump Pack, the user can push out heat around him. The heat from the Jets create an small circle of Damage before lifting the user to the air. The Damaging circle last for 10s.

Dual Wield
Vector's preferred style is either with Dual Handguns or Dual Swords. Making him not only skilled at the art, but ambidextrous with most things in game.

Dirty Fighter
While some prefer to fight with style and even an art, Vector throws all of that away. Fighting aggressive, quick and dirty. Anything and everything is on the Table. Regardless of what it might look to others. Although others wouldn't necessarily call it sloppy. It is a style within itself, just one that is not as Honorable.

Static Traps
When attacking the target, Vector can set a trap down. Whether it set mid combat or before. They usually have the effects of Slowing, Paralyzing, or poising the victim that steps on these pressure activated traps. Usually there is a second delay before activating the circle trap, if the poor target does not remove himself fast enough a large static burst with open up from under them. Applying one of the effects at random.


Reaver Armor
A Armor set that is sleek with medium armor and a terrifying face mask. The Armor provides decent protection, but for the Armor class it provides extreme speed, weighing almost nothing. On top of that it buffs to the player's speed, melee, and ranged weapons. While not as specialized as other Armors, it gives very nice buffs overall.

Jump Pack
The Jump Pack allows the user to use the 'Jump' and 'Scorched Earth' Abilities. A obvious choice for Vector due to his play style. It has two small cylindrical cones on the center of the back and two smaller ones on the hips of the wearers Armor.

Dual 'HOTSHOT' Handguns
Vector's choice of Range Weapons. The two handguns fire a short range red projectile. Usually used in Full auto due to each round having low base damage. While a short ranged, they are extremely accurate as long as they can be used at range. These are usually Vector's Primary weapons. After long periods of being hit with this weapon the target has a chance to start taking Burn Damage.

Dual 'Frostbit' Machetes
While not the Primary weapon, sometimes Melee is a viable option opposed to Range. These blades do a decent amount of damage, but are very quick. Albeit Vector has to be in arms distance to inflict the terrifying flurry of melee attacks from these weapons. With each hit they have a chance to inflict a Slowing effect on the target. It is rare to see Vector use one of these weapons and even rarer to actual Dual wield them.

3x Stim-Injector
A potion that is usually in a small vial. When taken the user will gain 50% movement speed and a 25% increase in overall stamina. Although after 2 minutes the user will lose 25% movement speed and 50% overall stamina due to the fatigue for 5 minutes.

5x Large Health and Stamina Potions


  • Diplomat of the Guild: PVP PLOX?: A PVP oriented guild that tries it's best to only fight others willing to fight back. They also operate in helping players who report areas of other Players who abuse their skill or Level to bully or attack those who do not wish to fight. The guild is known to only take player in the Top 100 Rank on the PVP Leader Boards.
  • Rank 56 on PVP Leaderboard
  • When not preparing for a Fight he usually dresses in a Fancy Black suit with a Red Tie.. He is always seen wearing it when out of his Diplo Missions.

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World War: Grief-
A large scale Player war that was conducted during the Early Release of Haven Online. The War was made of over 50 different guilds on two separate Alliances. The first Alliance was Known as, The Protectors. Made up of mostly lower skilled player, but were comprised of 37 guilds. The opposing Alliance was Known as, Freedom. Comprised of a smaller number of Players, but a majority of them were skillful in the PVP system of Haven. 17 Different Guilds made up the Freedom Alliance. This has been the first and single biggest War in the game's history.

The start of the War began after the Guild, Hard Knocks(the biggest Guild in the Freedom Alliance) were preying on other players who were either low level or did not participate in the PVP aspect of Haven. Although after a few months of the Griefing a now Legendary Player known as, Joseph Freeborn created an alliance to put and end to the Guild. The Alliance was named the Protectors, because of their mission. To protect to innocent or weak in Haven and to put an End to Hard Knocks. At first the alliance was extremely effective. Stopping all and any activity that Hard Knocks was conducting, whether it be mining, raiding, or PVP. After the first week of their crusade, the Protector alliance began being attacked by other foes from different Guilds unknown to them. Eventually a Messenger was sent to the lead Guild, The Crusaders(ran by no other than Joseph Freeborn). The message stated that Hard Knocks had made their own alliance known as, Freedom and the Protectors will pay for their actions. Whether it was their blood spilt or other innocents around them.

The Freedom Alliance was composed of Guilds that were friends of Hard Knocks(mostly other PVP orientated Guilds) and others who joined believing that they should not be stopped playing the Game because they were playing it fair. Not abusing a gaming mechanic or hacking. No matter how shady their actions may be, they still were allowed to commit their crimes. Thus was the Star of World War Grief.

The whole game became a battlefield with over 900 player participating. Only key areas of the game were considered "Non War Zones" that allowed player to keep playing while avoiding the Violence. Although this only inspired more to join up with the Protectors. Seeing not only was the Freedom Alliance defending a False cause, but they also took away from their own Game play. After about two more weeks, the War had ended. The Freedom Alliance surrendering after more and more Guilds left their cause. Mostly due to them constantly respawning and not being able to play the game.

The event set a mood for the entire game for years to come. Toxic players will not find many friends in this game, but of course their still are many who Grief. Every player who participated in this game received a undropable badge from the Developers. The badge took the form of a Shield if they had been on the Protector's Side and a Badge with a Dagger piercing a Black skull if they were a part of Freedom.

Guild name: PVP Plox?
Members: 37
Specialty: Solo-PVP. Small and large Gang-PVP. Player Hunting.
Description: PVP PLOX? only recruit members of the Top 100 that can fight not only solo, but in a Team. They also must not be known griefers or were members of, Freedom during World War Grief. Besides those three requirements, nothing else is needed. No tax is stated and besides keeping their Leaderboard rankings they don't require participation in anything. The average member is usually out attending their own business. It is rare to see a pair let alone a whole group of these players in one spot unless of the most Dire Situations. Single Members usually are found assisting other players or stalking Griefer hideouts.
PVP PLOX? Was made by the once #1 PVP Leaderboard Holder, Logan Loophole. The Guild started out a small club of like minded players who wanted a safe place to Practice and Duel. Although as this constant training occurred the Members in the guild became some of the most skilled PVP players in the game. Originally they never dubbed themselves a PVP guild or even one that held members with a high Leader Board rating, but it became more of a tradition that turned to fact. They blew up in membership requests after World War Grief. Due to so many newer players being a part of their Alliance, The Protectors they shined. PVP PLOX? held leadership roles of Parties and several key battles. Now most of original 13 are known Names around the game to vets and noobs alike. This includes: Arcadia, Crabs-R-Us, Dino DD, Giga-Whaaaat, Logan Loophole, Krazy Killa, Moon goo, QQ, Snake, Roody, Vector, Utropica, and Zer0. While not all of them still play the Game, they are considered the Leaders of PVP PLOX?.

Now in days they are forgotten about. Only due to their low activity as a group. Not many guilds have contact with them and fewer guilds have even met one of the 37 players. They are now just another Guild that Harbors PVP players.
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Home Universe/Name of Franchise
EVE Online

Capital Carrier/Orbital Troop Transport

Caldari Ishukone Corporation Mega Corporation

Crew size
4000 Ship Crew members and 500 Infantry.

Physical Size
1026km Long and 300km Wide


History of the Ship
The Liberator is under Command of the Ishukone Corporation , one of the 'Mega Corporations' of the Caldari State. It uses the Hull of the Chimera Carrier, being reconstructed as not only a Fighter Carrier, but a Troop Transport.Used to Protect the corporation's planets and occasionally assaulting Other Empires Planets. The Liberator was assigned to the Battle Group: Ishukone 1. The battle group holds Two two Leviathan Class Titans, Six Wyvern Class Super Carriers, Twelve Chimera Class Carriers and Phoenix Class Dreadnoughts, and finally 4 Chimera class Troop Carriers.The Liberator has successfully Protected 27 Different Planets and has successfully assaulted 13. Not losing a single battle. While it is a small number of Battles compared to many of the other ships in the Battlegroup, it's success rate is admirable.

In it's last battle, Battle Group Ishukone 1 was ambushed by Guirista Pirates. The Battle had damaged the Liberator significantly, damaging its warp stabilizers. Still the Liberator warped. Sadly it had warped into a unknown space, due to the damage done to it's warp core.

+Size more than 1km
-Malfunctioning/missing ship systems(Warp Core)
-Low resources (Ammo and Infantry Manpower)

Notable Crew

Crew Name: Captain Oijo Anttoss
Crew Role: Ship Captain
Crew Description:
The First and only Captain of the Liberator. Oijo has proved to be a brave a capable captain. A man respected and trusted by his crew. The liberator has had a few close calls, but Oijo has always kept his crew's welfare in mind and has occasionally pulled feats of Legend on his Ship. From Crashing his ship to another to create a domino effect on enemy ships, bumping each one further and further to get them out of their weapon Range of his Battle Fleet. Even his last act was used to save his crew.

Crew Name: Denic Keskilm
Crew Role: Mercenary Dropship General
Crew Description:
The Immortal General's name is known across the Caldari state and he has worked for almost every single Mega Corporation in it. Although recently he had accepted the contract given by Ishukone. He is known as a master Tactician, winning countless Battles aboard his MCC. While not much of a fighter himself, he keeps out of the battle, directing from the rear. Some say he never leaves the comfort of his stasis pod. Always running simulations aboard the MCC even when docked.

Crew Name: Hanari Mannidlich
Crew Role: Dropsuit Infantry Captain
Crew Description:
Hanari is also a Immortal Dropsuit Infantry commander although he leads on the ground and is usually in the Forefront of each battle. Translating orders and passing them on from General Keskilm. He is identifiable by his glowing Gold lenses on his Drop suit and his Rare class of weapons he brings to the battlefield. Hanari is not as renown as his leader, but definitely earns his pay.

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Anthony Hollisterr


Secret Identity
Space Man


28 Before the Incident

Date of Birth

5' 11"

When his suit isn't on, Tony is a very normal sized man, athletic in build. Usually sporting his thinning Black hair with the top long and the rest shorter until it fades to his skin. His eyes are now a blue flash of energy. Not just bright blue, but as if a star lives within in his Pupils. Tony isn't ignorant to this fact and usually keeps a pair of sunglasses on him at any given time to try to hide them from others. Paired with whatever clothes he can scavenge or placed before hand.

(solid 2 paras at least)

(don’t need a screenplay, just the important stuff)

(if any)

(non-super, like martial arts or cooking or step-dancing)
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Jason Todd

Red Hood

Jason Todd was once Batman's Robins after Tim Drake had outgrown the role. Unlike any other Robin, Jason died. Although it was not for long. The Joker had captured the Robin and set off explosives before Batman could save his Boy Wonder. Batman also could not find the body of Jason. It took years before the new Robin Damian Wayne received an anonymous tip to where Jason was located. He was being held in Gotham. Bruce was already en-route minutes later.

Batman arrived in an abandoned warehouse. With Jason being tied to a Chair passed out with a Letter Taped to his forehead. The letter explained what had happened to him over the years. Ra's al Ghul had taken the Boy's body. Only minutes before Batman had arrived. He originally planned to use Jason against the Bat, but the Lazarus Pit did not work as intended. The Boy was brought back to life, but he was put into a deep sleep. He did not age or require nourishment during his rest. Until the Boy woke up only months earlier from the day he gave out Jason's location. He awoke crazed and confused, but Healthy. Ra's tried to cure his mind and with some success, but his plan was abandoned long ago.

Bruce took the still 14 year old boy finding out Ra's al Ghul didn't lie about Jason's Condition. A series of test had found that he had not changed at all physically since his death. Batman began to try and heal Jason Todd's mind and for the most part he did. Eventually leaving him in the hands of Dick Grayson. To not only care for the boy, but to continue training him. Finding his place in the Teen Titans.

Jason had created a new Name for himself: The Red Hood.
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"If it exists, I can fix it. If it doesn't, I can make it."

- General Characteristics -

Full Name
Jerry Rig Jordan

Black Finger



Face Claim
Appropriate Concept art.

Dialogue Color
Dark Blue. Bet you didn't see that coming.

Under the grime and filth or scars Jerry is possibly the most handsome looking man in the Wasteland. Even with these he seems like something like a pre-war model compared to most Wastelanders. With medium Brown hair and eyes to match, they fit his athletic build nicely. It is still obvious that the Wasteland hasn't been kind to his body. While no mutations have formed, burn, bullet, and slash scars are found in almost every piece of his body. Save his face. He stands average to most people who ate often as a child although looks a lot more stronger than even those who had such a pampered upbringing. A few fading tattoos are painted on his Chest, Back, and Arms. Most of them identify him with other factions, while some are just of his own design.

Psychological Profile

Jerry is a man of action rather than words. Not because he doesn't like talking, but more that his mouth had usually just landed him in more trouble then he already was in a previous life. When he does talk it usually is in response or dry humor. While rare, he will occasionally speak more than a sentence when needed. Due to his past, he is quite a solitary Man as of late. Which has been harder than he would like. The word 'Survivalist' is a adequate word to describe Jerry in a nut-shell. Scarred, Troubled, and Solid. Jerry is a primary example of a Man who will do anything to survive, but wishes it would just end. Still, Jerry is a kinder Man than most. Helping out whenever it was convenient or more rarely, it mattered to him. Possibly to atone for his sins or maybe he was just born that way. Even he doesn't know where his occasional generosity comes from.

Jerry doesn't fear much. While of course he will be startled at a jump scare or even feel the pinch of fear when almost stepping on a mine. He doesn't fear Dangerous Creatures or Legends or even his eventually death. People. Jerry's biggest fear is people. Maybe not really fear, but distrust. Animals have no sense of control, they aren't smart enough to make any other decision that isn't survival. Humans have this ability, but due to the harshness of the Modern World they act like Animals. Even when they have a chance to be more than just Animals. Super Mutants honestly scare Jerry Shitless, even though he would never show it. Luckily for him he has only seen one up close. They represent everything that makes him cautious around people. Yet they are stronger and have enough basic intelligence to operate weapons and talk. The thought sends chills down his back.

Place of Origin
Detroit, Michigan

To understand Jerry's past we must look long before he was Born. We must look at Vault 239 and the Wild Cats...

The Wild Cats

Vault 239 was placed under on of the biggest Garages in the world. Specifically a Chryslus Motors Garage. The garage had laid in the far outskirts of Detroit. The garage was three stories high and was the Main manufacturing garage of Highwayman in Michigan. Vault-tec had also added additional security to the Garage such as Blast doors, Protectrons, and Turrets. Hoping to keep the Garage still functional once the Vault opened. One day it did.

Vault 239 was composed of the greatest Mechanics of the Michigan state or at least the ones who made it before the Radiation or out right Nuclear Blasts took them away. Four whole new Generations had passed before the Vault had finally opened and the treasure of the Garage laid waiting. While it was Vault-tec's intention to have the greatest Mechanics held under to be sent to the world and fix everything, they did not expect the people to start worshiping machines. That's right, they Worshiped machines. Anything from a working blender to a Car had great value to them. They worshiped the 'Machine Spirit' more specifically and for each type of Machine held another deity. Such as the Angel of Combustion or the Angel of Fusion.

Now the Vault-dwellers had a whole fleet of vehicles, a warehouse of spare parts, and enough gas then they knew what to do with. They eventually began to send single vehicles to collect any other supplies, Weapons, and food they couldn't create in the Vault themselves. Until their Waterchip failed, for two whole days they sent out Three vehicles instead of their usual One while the Water chip was repaired in record time. While the little event might seem irrelevant to the story, it changed the Vault-dwellers of Vault 239 into the Wild Cats.

On the final day of their Waterchip failing Three Highwaymen were sent to Detroit to grab additional Water and food, just in case. So, they all headed off, but only Two returned. This worried them greatly and they sent a search party, but not their usual. They had already made preparations with some of the Highwaymen for when they had to finally push back against the Wasteland. Known as 'War-rigs' these vehicles held great reverence and veneration from their Builders. They had been given reinforced armor plates, frame, wheels, spiked rims, and a cut off rear to mount weapons. At the time, their were Five of these Matte black vehicles. All composed of Corvega Atomic V8s. Off the War-rigs rode and as expected faced a large Raider force stripping the lost Highwaymen of parts. It seems like they tried to drive it and crashed it into a pile of rubble. The sight had enraged the Vault-Dwellers and they began a vicious attack on the Raiders. The ones that didn't run by just the mere sight or sound of the Car's V8 engines were quickly cut down by Mini-gun and Missile fire. Even those who revealed their back to the Highwayman were stomped out. The missing vehicle was towed back. Leaving the name of Vault 239 behind and bringing back the name, The Wild Cats.

Several Generations passed after that event. The Wild-Cats becoming a Major Faction, yet extremely solitary having no real connections to other settlements. Only that they had working vehicles and legends were known. This is where Jerry's story begins.

Jerry's story

Jerry Rig Jordan was lucky to be the Son of the leader of the Wildcats. This fact let him grow as so many did in the Vault generations before, while still taught useful skills of his clan. His father made sure he was one of the Healthiest children of the Wasteland and was properly cared for. His Father had big dreams for his son. Not only to be the next leader, but to also be the next 'Imperator', the Driver of the last Original War-rig, Wild Cat. A great title only held by the strongest, smartest, and most blessed by the Angel of Combustion. Jerry's well upbringing made this task easy enough and when the Imperator before him died from disease he held the title at the age of 17. He rode for his people for Four whole years before the end of the Wild Cats.

Taken in his sleep and beaten, Jerry awoke one day with his Father, Mother, and Two Sisters lying dead in front of him. A Coup had begun unknowingly to him. Although it wasn't much of a surprise. At the time the Wild Cats were split in a decision to leave the Garage and Vault to find new lands and other's wanted to stay. While it was obvious to all the resources in their territory of the city were almost completely gone almost a half of the Cat's wanted to take the resources and wage war with the nearby settlements. They all knew it would be easy enough, but Jerry's Father refused to turn the Wild Cats into Raider scum. So, the others decided they will take their future in their own hands.

Jerry was stronger then they were and quicker. He fought the two men who had captured him killing one and knocking out the other. He raced outside to see the main garage bay in chaos. Their sacred machines were being shot out, workbenches flipped over and used as cover. Wild cats killing one and another with great zeal. Jerry took a few minutes to say his final goodbyes to his dead Family and grab his and his Fathers gear. He then charged through the Bay. Killing any who stood in his way, but still taking a few wounds of his own until he finally reached his vehicle, The Wild Cat. He smashed through the reinforced main sliding door and began to drive North. His garage, his home, beginning to be engulfed in flames.

Eventually making it to New York where he took his car to a the Settlement "Little Town". The journey their was hard and took months of surviving on his own, but he made it. He had survived. He vehicle however had been badly damaged on the journey and by the time he had reached the settlement it couldn't move faster than 15mph. He settled in the town. Allowed entry not only due to his arrival with a legendary working Car, but
the promise of being the Settlement's Mechanic if need be. He stored his vehicle outside his small shack and removed some key parts so no one will be able to move it. It took about three months until he was contacted by the Pariah. The reward for his mission was enough to finally be able to buy the Parts he needed to repair his vehicle and continue his journey. He didn't have a destination, but after what had happened with his home he didn't enjoy being forced into another. Jerry made his way on foot to the meetup location. Hopefully the last time he would have to deal with people again.

Survival Characteristics

  • Medium Ruck-sac
  • Tool Box
  • Food and water
  • Camping equipment
  • Pen and Notepad
  • Compass
  • Gas-Mask and filters
  • Shiny Pocket Watch
  • Brown Leather Racing Jacket
  • Racing Goggles
  • Blue and Purple Bandana
  • Steering Wheel

Non Combat Skills
  • General and Advanced Mechanic: If it can be fixed with Human Hands and tools Jerry can fix it.
  • Jerry-Rigger: While he claims to be able to fix anything, sometimes the proper tools or parts can't be found. Jerry has a knack for creating those parts from other materials as temporary use or even improving the original part.
  • Driving: Due to his time in the Wild Cats, Jerry probably is one of the most experienced drivers in the Wasteland.
  • Survival: Having to fend for himself for quite awhile has taught him useful survival skills. Such as where and what water to drink or how to skin and cook Wasteland creatures. He learned most of these skills the hard way.

Combat Skills
  • Plunker: Advanced Knowledge and use of Pistols or small caliber SMG weapons. Bigger Weapons seem to never give him any luck and the complicity of Energy weapons seem more of a hassle then their power is worth.
  • Heavy Hitter: Hitting hard and fast. Jerry is a fan of Melee with his Hands or Melee Weapons
  • Pure-Bred: Jerry was born in better conditions then most and fed well as a child. Naturally making him stronger, taller, healthier, and better looking than the average Wastelander. At the same time he seems to be effected more heavily by radiation.
  • Perceptive eye: Because of the detail that comes with his Mechanic skills, Jerry can easily notice when enemies are unnoticeable injured and sometimes even able to view their spirit(Such as timid, Rage induced, Weak, or calm). Helping him better asses the enemy and prepare for the battle ahead.

  • "Industrial hand" Power Fist
  • Shanxi Type 17 Chinese pistol
  • Combat knife
  • Ballistic Weave Vest
  • M3A1 "Grease gun" SMG
  • 10mm Round(17) .45(30)
  • Small Medkit

Things to add: , history
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