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Would it be possible to play an Eldar Wraithknight? The interplay between the pilot and the spirit of their dead twin would be really fun to write.

I'll allow for Xeno Titans for the intelligent races(This means Eldar and Tau). The Imperium has worked along side them before.
Could I do something with a Chaos titan? It would be interesting having one and then portraying them with the daemons in them.

Well that is an option. Depending on whatever the other interested players vote on will determine what we do. Now if you meant as an enemy, that's a no. Only I will control the enemy fodder and main Antagonists to shift the story as any good GM.

"I have fought as a God fights.

I am Imperius Dictatio.

Kneel before me and beg for your lives!"
Ervin Hekate

Hello, one and all! This is an interest check for a 40k RP I did on another site a few years ago(So I've already figured out how this would work) and wanted to see if anyone wanted to join in. I've been on a big 40k Nerd recently... Now, this is going to be a APOCALYPSE style RP. Meaning that I'm not sure if we are going Super Heavy tanks or are we going with Titans. I will leave that to a Vote with the people who are interested in it. The year is 998.M41 if it makes a difference to you.

If I still have your attention, let me explain to you how the Super Heavy Tank RP and the Titan RP will work in terms of play and story.

Apollo Diomedes

These are SUPER HEAVY TANKS and will be part of SUPER BIG BATTLES. It will only consist of only Tanks from the Imperial Faction(Humans). We will be apart of the same Astra Militarum Regiment and will be fighting a Enemy(or maybe multiple) Faction. The First Arc will be defending a City in a 'Civilized World'. This world will be very similar to the 1960's era of our World. You will have to kill the bad guys, talk to the local officials, save the world, and look like a badass while doing it. This journey will not be as simple as 'get in a kill all the things'. It will involve decisions that may or may not align with your Moral compass in order to accomplish the mission. Will you be a wise and generous Commander or be a stern brutal Sword only matched by the Emperor's Angels? Oh, yeah I almost forgot! There may or may not be Space Marines that came to the Planet as well. Maybe one with a Land Raider or a Legendary Fellblade or Astraeus?

"When the Titan walks, only the dead have no fear."
J'blann Threekiller, Tiger Lizards (12th/23rd Davin Regiment)

For the Titans, we will have a small Maniple from the same Collegia Titanica Order. The first Arc will involve the ending of a recent Campaign and the mission considered complete on a Hive-World. Your Legion has suffered great losses and only another Maniple has survived with yours greatly weakened. This could be due to the increasingly high number of new Princeps that recently were assigned to these God Machines. While the Titans are ready to leave the Planet, something really bad goes down and are now trapped Planetside. This will be sort of a Survival RP. It will involve more combat then the previous RP, but you will also have to interact with places that are War-torn from the battle of before. Make deals with others that don't really have your ideals in mind. Some of inhabitants might worship you and your God Machines. While others might want to take them for their use or possibly salvage them for much needed parts. How will you establish contact with your Order? How will you get back home? Will you help the people while there or just use them to escape this near Dead world? You as a Titan Princeps will have to decide!

We can switch these roles to being Chaos! Instead of defending, we will be attacking a Planet with either Super Heavy Tanks or Titans. This gives a lot more freedom in how you build your Titans or Tanks, but will make it more combat oriented. There will definitely still be a story with decisions, but not as much as the other two options. Trickery, Betrayal, and general Assholery will be included.

I'm looking for a Co-GM!. PM me if your interested. Any questions that arise I will answer them as fast as I can. This is just an interest check. I didn't wanna spoil or even create anything too much ahead of time if I have no one to play it! On voting, just put which RP you would like to see. I'm looking for Five players for just me. If I get more I will need a Co-GM 100%. I'll be constantly editing this post and will inform everyone if anything big is added or removed.

Hey, Im interested and could help Co-Gm for you depending on the responsibilities I'll have to take on. PM me if that's the case. If not I'll post up a Charter sheet up soon.

<Snipped quote by Thecrash20>

This game is just Marvel/DC

No way... Well, I'm Embarrassed!

Actually read the post.

@Thecrash20 Wouldn't that just heat up the clay and harden his skin? Making him more easier to kill?

Hmm, I guess you would be right. It definitely would harden and then be extremely brittle and easily fall apart or at least be tossed aside as 'Dead skin'. I'll be sure to change that up, but before that. So far is it a nay or yay?
@Sierra It's pretty good, hopefully someone will try to ask if they can ride her drone into battle or if she does.

@KatKook No you leave with your 2A pictures, I'm joking your in. Sorry if I seemed unclear

@Thecrash20 Wait what? "Depending on the heat of the Weapons his Plasma cannon will actually begin to melt his skin, Liquid's skin is exactly that, Liquid." What? How do you burn liquid?

@GingerBoi123 Yeah man it's cool

Ah, well I made sure to put this: "The only thing Biological left in liquid is a few important Organs and his Skeleton structure. His Synthetic liquid skin is closer to loose Clay than actual Liquid" because you can't have an actual liquid body, that's absurd. Although to someone actually looking at it, it looks like a Liquid body. Swirls, splashes, falls off. You technically can burn liquid(Sorta not really its the vapors the liquid expels). Liquid skin just rolls off the tongue better than "Watery Clay skin" too...
@Spriggs27 A heavy WIP, but I wanted to see if you like the base Idea before I come up with his Personality, History, and fine tune the sheet. If you're not a fan I'll go with a more Basic alien Concept. The idea is like making him the Attack dog or 'Groot' of the Pirates. He will be way more intelligent then titles just given, but he is a powerhouse for the team. While strong he has key weaknesses, but when they hurt they really hurt.

@BlueSky44 Woah, it's been so long from my initial interest and with no word for so long I thought this died. I'm not out all the way, but If I don't show up with a Char sheet soon I'm probably out of this.
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