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Since my main RP just fell through, I'll take a shot at this. Im also a fan of the rolling system so, yeah. Count me in.
Actually, now I wish I had a small escort corvette with the Venator, only a mere Arquitens-class light cruiser really (325 meters - not bad).

Too late for that I suppose.

@Queen Raidne Unless we can have more than one ship crew?

Yeah same. I think having a smaller ship would of been more functional overall, but to late for all that.

"Captain Anttoss the shield aren't going to last! We only been been able to keep them up with overheating the guns, but we are out of nanite-paste and the shield's are going to break if we continue this battle." The frantic Tactical officer yelled as he moved multiple Holo-screens back and forth. Each one contained information on each stations used for war. Their ammo was low, their shields breaking, and they had already lost a wing of Dragonflys. It seemed as if all hope was lost, but Anttoss knew better.

"Then we go down fighting! Focus all XL-Torpedoes on the, Rightful Damnation. Keep the Dragonflys close to the carrier and let the Mantle Pound them to space dust! Spread Fire on the Rapids, target by range.". Captain Anttoss's voice was as firm as ever. He was about to piss his pant's, but being a Captain meant he wasn't allow to show these feeling not even under certain death... That and he noticed something on his Commander Console that his Navigator missed. A quick getaway.

What most of the command bridge seemed to forget is that they could leave at any time if they could warp. This wasn't there fault. This situation doesn't happen often and the stress of death was probably new to many of them. Now usually their might be smaller ships keeping the ships Warpdrive powered down (Known as tackle) or even a purposely placed Electromagnetic Bubble that could do the same, but that wasn't the case. With only The Liberator and The Dreadnought, Mantle Breaker the force planned to attack hard and fast. Hoping to destroy the ships before they could either gather their ground forces and die or running and leaving them stranded on the planet. This would work if they had attacked the Liberator first. Due to their Ignorance or simple stupidity they tested the Tank of the Mantle Breaker, and failed horribly. This wrong move costed them all of their tackle and now they were trading blows with the Two Ishukone ships. The enemy Guristas eventually noticed this error and started focusing on the Liberator. Sadly they were too late and Captain Anttoss was too experienced. Now with most of their forces back in the ship, the Liberator began to sway to the nearest planet after a command override message passed to the Ship's Navigator's view. He turn around to be met with an order.

"Navigator Prex! Warp to Planet Seven at 100km! Pull in all Valkarys and Spin up the warp when they have docked.". As it was commanded, it was done. The Dragonfly Fighters began to pull away from the Enemy drones or small craft they had engaged and formed a line formation in the Hanger. When all functioning ships were accounted for the ship began to rumble and sway slightly left. The warp had began. Although a half second before they could make it through the full cycle a Black beam weapon unknown to anyone on this battlefield hit directly into the Liberator's Engines. Dropping their shields and ripping apart their rear warp core from the inside of the ship. They Began to warp still, although the Navigation computers had gone on the Fritz. It said they were about to travel 999999999AU. While Anttoss raised an eyebrow, Navigator Prex knew what this meant. It was the default number shift when ships entered wormholes. The Navigator's eyes opened wide as he looked through the Ship's navigation systems. All of them were offline.

That's what happened, or at least what Captain Anttoss had wrote in his log. After the Incident, they had no Idea where they had gone or why. Well maybe not why, but how was probably the bigger question. All the Captain wanted to do was begin repairing all and any damage to his Ship, Weapons, and Fighters. It was not an easy task, but it wasn't like they were going anywhere. It had been about a few minutes after Repair Drones had launched and Crewman began to fix the ship when something very interesting appeared on their directional scanners; A Rorqual Class Industrial ship. Several other signatures appeared, but without any Probes on hand their was no way of seeing what they were. Which was unnoticeably strange...

The Captain had almost jumped out of his seat with excitement, all of his worries had been wiped away when he saw the scan himself. Without hesitation he tried to open a Direct communication conversation with this ship. Hopefully it wasn't anything related to the Pirates.
"Hello, Captain. This is Captain Anttoss of the IKC Liberator, under the command of the Ishukone Corporation. We seemed to have stumbled into this system and not familiar with this Region. Would you mind Providing us some information? Maybe even some directions?" Anttoss said with happy smug. His tone purposely sounding ignorant and embarrassed to hide to true nature of the ship.

@Queen Raidne I made some changes to the guns and stuff on the Liberator. Wanted to run it by you before I edit it of course.



Anthony Hollisterr


Secret Identity
Space Man


28 Before the Incident

Date of Birth

5' 11"

When his suit isn't on, Tony is a very normal sized man, athletic in build. Usually sporting his thinning Black hair with the top long and the rest shorter until it fades to his skin. His eyes are now a blue flash of energy. Not just bright blue, but as if a star lives within in his Pupils. Tony isn't ignorant to this fact and usually keeps a pair of sunglasses on him at any given time to try to hide them from others. Paired with whatever clothes he can scavenge or placed before hand.

(solid 2 paras at least)

(don’t need a screenplay, just the important stuff)

(if any)

(non-super, like martial arts or cooking or step-dancing)

Well eve warp is weird too. We have a warp that uses some kind of Nav computer to plot a course that doesn't collide us with things and lands a certain distance from it. Now our warp is just moving our ship super super fast. It's not like creating a portal in Halo or in 40k, we can still crash and burn although the ship's Nav computers avoids this. Going very far distances like a new solar system is impossible since warping uses our Capacitor and it does not hold a large enough to do it in a single warp it could take years which obviously we don't have IC. We don't really warp lightspeed, just move fast(Even though the measurment of AU uses lightspeed). Its like a slower warp than Startrek as the normal human eye can see where their physically at space and we don't just burst into a place, we land. Stargates shoot us warpspeed by "Jumping" us. Although both our Capital ships have Jump drives and we can jump systems if we have a cynosural generator/field.

@Queen Raidne I think we should just allow the EVE ships to warp lightspeed or we need to have Cyno's or something like it in universe.

It's really looking like the interest in this has died down, so I think I'm going to shutter it for now. Thanks for your interest, everyone, if I start it again sometime I'll get in touch.

I actually assumed you had left. @Burning Kitty asked a question and you never provided a answer. I know I haven't put really anything out because I have the skeleton of my CS filled out, but I've had so many RPs drop before we even start due to others that I don't post the full thing until I see others fully committed. Even then most die before the first 50 IC posts...

I'm still interested, also it's the weekend and most people are weekending. I'm still in if others are, but since you already dropped (CANCELED) In the title before anyone could reply back... I guess all hope is lost.
Also interested.

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