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Current Overenthusiasm is the order of the day.
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What kind of character was it?
6 days ago
Have you just been in that place before?
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I put a thing in casual checks if anyone likes RP grab-bags.


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I promise I have a sheet coming semi-soon. I put too much time into that 'little' teaser to not commit. I'm just easily distracted.
@Mystery Bard Well if that's your metric then you're going to have a bad time. My stuff has sat for days before getting anything satisfactory. For what its worth this looked pretty interesting too, but its not my decision to pull the plug.
Are we talking a small ship or a big one? If I were to be interested in running a CAG (carrier air group) would that be a thing or is this smaller scale than that.
I've played one of these games. I'm willing to entertain this for some time, see where it goes.
@WestWall Okay so I have this character ... or rather a character concept since the actual character elements (personality, psyche, etc.) are being stripped. Adrianna wouldn't work in this RP so I'm merely using a variation of the framework I created for her, which I've altered to better fit this RP concept. I want your opinion and a general thumbs up/down on whether or not I should work on it further.

Adrianna carried something called a Wraith Pendant. It might be obvious what that does. It contains a wraith that can be summoned for a massive, if temporary and later-debilitating, surge of power. Its not far off from the power level that seems to be targeted for this RP's characters. For this, I was wondering if I could invoke something similar. The character is actually two entities: a living person who never died, and the soul form or someone who did and has gained the powers associated with time spent in the incorporeal world which can inhabit the living person's body (control of the body remains cooperative, not adversarial). The possible advantage here is that it can be suppressed (the soul can occupy a small trinket in place of the person) to be a completely normal living human, but with the added disadvantage of mortality. Being still a living human makes the character vulnerable as such, even if they have the power of a wraith at their hands.

I could decide not to pursue this (since I realize that disadvantage is potentially overshadowing any advantages it bestows) but I do want an opinion on whether or not I should.
I have something of a teaser. ;) Everyone enjoy.

Always have wanted to play with hardlight as a tech concept. Though in terms of ammunition, there is something to be said for the brutal effectiveness of twenty million degree plasma bolts.
I have a PC ... I play games ... I don't live under a rock ... (that is the correct checklist, yes? ) Of course I know what Overwatch is ... even if I can't play because the past several versions of AMD graphics drivers cause the game to crash. I will take note of that when fooling with gear.
So I got nothing better to do than design some almost-magic level advanced gear. Exactly what kind of power level are we talking about at entry level? I'd love to work on some character concepts while waiting on further interest.
Probably would be better to limit groups to a set few factions . . .

I don't particularly agree with this sentiment, though I understand where you're coming from. I would consider that an overly restrictive move which doesn't give enough freedom for a supposed persistent world. I think having some prefab factions that are nice and fleshed out would be a great idea, but I think players should still be able to submit faction applications. That said, those should absolutely undergo a much more significant level of scrutiny.

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