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Current No, the live action movie is a heretical disgrace unto the franchise.
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In time you will know what it's like to lose, to feel so desparately that you're right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it, run from it ... destiny still arrives.
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I'm dealing with enough fighting between people in my house right now. I come here to unwind, not to listen to it in the status bar. Can we please act like adults and take the arguing elsewhere?
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Already have 4-day passes for mine. Which con?
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No one is ever "deep in the EA ecosystem." EA is deep inside you. That's how this works.


Before you message me, ask yourself this: "Is this PM solicited?" If you read an old thread of mine and want to bring that up, the answer is very much "yes." A status bar remark is not a solicitation for roleplay ideas.

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Woo that's a colorful post! It is way too late at night but I said it would get done and it got done, even working around con schedule.
Special thanks to Whoami, Silver Carrot, and Templar Knight for collaborative work.

The night's biting chills had begun to set in. The cold always brought with it the most beautiful, star-speckled skies. There was a time long past when Adrianna was enamored with the night sky, but no longer. The new moon bore no light upon the world, leaving only the guiding light of the campfire to show her the way. 'Be weary!' came the urgent voice.
Adrianna jolted, unprepared for Kassandra's whispy tones, 'Do not startle me like that!'
'Forgive me child.'
Adi grimmaced at the mention; she hated being belittled in such a fashion, especially by someone who lacked a physical form which she could hit back. It was no doubt a peculiar sight, a woman in a commoner's robes and a warrior's staff standing alone in the dim flicker of firelight having a silent argument seemingly with only herself. The notion went completely beyond her until something by the fire, someone of the many around it, startled her out of her embarassing performance.

Fay, ironically, was startled by Adrianna's outburst, and turned to see that they had another visitor. From the way they talked to themselves, they too must be a Legionairre's chosen. Fay noticed that she was a common-looking woman, and sick of the coversation of warriors and former nobles, stood up to greet their visitor, and approached Adrianna. 'Be extremely cautious!' Quoris hollered inside Fay's head. 'This woman has been chosen by Kassandra Malistare! I don't know what she could have in common with such a twisted individual, but I pray it is not her bloodlust, or excessive fixation on their own vices and desires over the will of the Legionaiire!'

"Hello! Please, come by the fire and warm yourself!" Fay offered the stranger with a concerned yet friendly expression, ignoring Quoris' advice for the time being in favour of courtesy. "It is late and you must be chilled to the bones! My name is Fayvre. May I ask yours?"

Gwynne's attention was focused on her wound. She was glad that proper aid was given to it, but the pain was still there for her. She let out a quiet sigh, knowing she'd have to let Topesh do much of the heavy lifting when it came to commanding the orb. She wasn't very fond of giving Topesh too much freedom with the orb, and preferred to command it directly. But with the limited motion she had with her arm, she acknowledged that it was the best choice. The orb continued to float around the camp site, as if allowing Topesh to size up the party of chosen. The light emanating from the crystal would either glow brighter or dimmer depending on the chosen. Gwynne preferred to keep it a secret that the glowing had to do with Topesh's impressions of the individuals.

Gwynne was the first to hear Adi coming. She caught Fay's movement out of the corner of her, and followed the other woman's gaze to see what the interest was. The orb floated over to Adi, "Hm~ Another weary traveller. Certainly, it is no coincidence that you have come here. Do tell us your name, girl. That one over there is Gwynne. Though Apostate is a more fitting name." The orb shone a beam of light directly on Gwynne, causing her to raise her hand and shield her eyes from it.

"Give the girl some space, Topesh... And I hate being called Apostate. Why must you keep reminding me?" Gwynne sneered at the orb.

"Simply because it is what you are~ Pigs never chose their ungraceful name as a species. So why must you choose what you call your place in this world?" Topesh let out a chuckle, which caused the orb to pulse in timing with him.

"Indeed; for certain I did not dress for weather such as this." Adi mused, "I am Adrianna Corvello-"
A floating orb whizzing into her face derailed her thoughts. She leveled a confused and judgemental look at the glowing ball, though it disappeared before her coiled hand could distance it from her personal space.
'Yes I know who you are," her gaze hastily turning to Gwynne, "anyone who's lived in the Imperium knows who you are. Had our paths crossed a year ago I ... lets just say 'twould be less friendly a relationship."
That wasn't the right way to start that conversation. She should have known better than that. "I apologize, I was too ... callous."

Her choice of words tonight was lacking the grace she was so vigorously taught. Nonetheless she felt compelled to correct the speaking orb. "Your place in this world is what you make it, Gwynne Lancet. The world is nothing if not a cruel mistress which rips from you anything it can without mercy or hesitation. Never be ashamed of who you are; never let anyone take your future from you," a strange amalgamation of prideful determination and its mirrored shame penetrated Adi's voice, "what has been given to us is the power to right the wrongs we have suffered, carve out our place in the world and finally have that which has been denied to us."

A new, domineering presence stole away the attention of all those attendance. The barely-living fire roared to new life without provocation, a deep, throaty growl emanating from the flames. "At last ..." the guttural, inhuman voice boomed from the burning centerpiece of the gathering of chosen, "I have not seen a gathering of power like this in five centuries."
The conflagration pulsed on every syllable, as if drawing breath as a human would. A more fearful variation of the same confused look that Topesh garnered spread across Adrianna's face, now staring towards the speaking bonfire. One hand slid towards her knives as if somehow that would harm whatever supernatural power had taken hold of the blaze. "Who are you?" she demanded, clutching the short blade.

"I am the God of war Aktorr Xurtas. My brothers and sisters and I once beleived in the power of your predecessors. It was to our great dissapointment that in their defeat they cheated death for their own ends. Despite their ultimate failure they were once considered heroes in my realm."
"And what changed? Adi's studies in diplomacy made the conclusion inevitable, though the correctness of her assertion apparently was irrelevant.
"Silence mortal!" the campfire erupted into a towering column of flame from the God's displeasure, "My brothers and sisters have since turned their backs upon the legends of the great Legion of Shadows that once razed Avalon. Even in my adoration I grew impatient with thier discordance. Perhaps you, their mortal chosen, will wield our gifts to the world with greater coherence."
"What would you have us do?"

"You are an audacious one it seems. Perhaps in time I will come to admire that when my patience is not being tried," Aktorr scorned, "This world is one of hypocracy. Its leaders claim many a thing will lead them to salvation but only mediocrity and toil come in lieu. Man is led away from us, taught that my brothers and sisters are the root of all evil. Evil is a construct unique to mankind. Show them the error of their ways. Rid the world of its heretical leadership and bring this world together under a single banner, our banner."
The elder diety allowed his words to permeate the minds of the mortals. Most seemed dazed and intimidated by his presence, as he felt they should.

Dorian looked on at the spectacle in somewhat stunned silence. He'd never seen much magic in action, and had never actually been much of a religious man, and this was the first "God" he had ever seen in action. Vardun chimed in within Dorian's mind.

"One of our benefactors, a God from Below. I sincerely hope I don't need to tell you not to piss him off. Ask him what you will, I have what I sought from him and his kin long ago when first we struck our bargain with them."

Dorian steeled himself before daring to ask a question, the War God was more ferocious though no less imposing than Vardun despite being merely a fire. All the same, he felt he may as well as a God something while they had its attention. Even so, his uncertainty spilled into his question.

"Is there . . . any advice or boon you can grant us? I mean, I wager most of us wouldn't know where to start in terms of bringing down empires . . . Or more simply, what would you have us do to not repeat the mistakes of our . . . predecessors?"

"I appreciate your agreeableness, mortal, though you will find it is not a trait well suited for the battlefield. In time your power shall grow to contest even the great armies of the Imperium without difficulty, provided you survive that long. Your predecessors may struggle to maintain their focus, as they did centuries before. Do not lose sight of your goals whatever they may be, and do not turn your backs upon each other ... or you too shall arrive in our realm as failures," the bassy tones of the God's voice warned intimidatingly.

"For now you all must all rest while you have the opportunity. The forces of this world will not give you many such. As they grow aware of the return of your predecessors they will pursue you without relent. Men are already on the march here. Enjoy this calm while you have it. On your journey you will have my blessings, but this time that is all you will receive."
As spontaneously as he appeared, the campfire returned to its normal, docile state signalling the departure of the God. For every question now answered, there existed at least twice that still without.

'What did he mean by 'this time that is all you will receive' Kassandra?'
'A story for another time, Adrianna. For now Aktorr is right. We must rest, for we do not know when danger will inevitably find us.'

The battalion had made camp for the night, but the battalion commander did not sleep. He stood a silent vigil over his troops in their slumber, the hot embers of fires speckling the encampment. The caw of a raven drew his attention. Its obsidian feathers invisible in the moonless night, the spectre descended gracefuly onto a pedestal, revealing itself in the lantern light of the commander's tent. The officer removed the message the bird carried from his detached cavalry group.

Commander Geisler,

We have made camp early in the day and are a meager distance from the Ruined City. We intend to break camp well before first light and ride swiftly towards our destination. We should arrive shortly after dawn. If the incarnates have made camp as you have suspected, we will catch them unprepared with our arrival. We expect moderate resistance, though I have confidence in my soldiers and your intelligence that our targets are both unprepared and untrained. Our numbers will ensure a relatively decisive victory. We will report back when we have captured the incarnates and are en route towards your encampment. Please extend my thanks to Inquisitor Valdi for his assistance in this matter.

~ Captain Riquer

The commander smiled, and turned back towards his tent with its multitude of maps and model tables.
@HowlsOfWinter You actually bring up several really good points I want to comment on with some experience from past projects I've been a part of, have attempted myself (all ultimately failing) as well as my current project that is so far alive and well much to my incredible satisfaction.

Lack of Communication/Poor GMing skills: Specifically this combines to create an incident of a GM playing "I've got a secret" with relevant lore material. In my dealings with this case, it killed off about half the initial interest before things were even underway, and the limited players afterwards led to dwindling interest and poor pacing. If you're ever GMing, don't fucking do this. If you have lore material, it should be written somewhere visible unless there is a plot-relevant reason for it to be hidden. And if a player unknowingly contradicts that lore, then it's time to reveal the information since the player is clearly trying to go down that road. Players are not going to play 20 questions with you to make their CSs work.

Underdeveloped Ideas: This needs no further elaboration directly. I will say that this guide to GMing should be considered required reading and was very helpful to me. I also wanna indirectly elaborate on the related idea of badly represented ideas. This actually was an early failing of mine in the past where I didn't properly represent an idea in the interest check, which resulted in even worse player losses moving to the OOC than average. This ended up being a deathblow to my motivation and I ended up abandoning the project. I may revisit it sometime in the future.

Boring Characters: It fucking sucks to have to tell someone a straight up no. I had to do it three times with Tear the World Down. It never gets any less unfun or any easier to say "I can't approve this for X, Y, and/or Z reason(s)." It was even worse when I had to tell someone their entire concept was fundamentally incompatible with what I was trying to cultivate ... because I know if I heard that I would filter it as "all the work you put into this really thorough CS was for absolutely fuck-all." But sometimes it has to be done and I think that's what separates good GMs from bad GMs: having the backbone to do it when you need to.
@BurningCold I think Adi should get in on this if I can get around to it. I also may need to steal @Whoami for some undisclosed stuff (I will hit you up in PMs either late tonight or tomorrow morning)

@MegaOscarPwn I certainly know the struggle of trying to work on things during finals week. Hell I actually wrote a lot of the lore work during my own. For me it was the motivation that kept me going through it all. I won't try and beg you to stay the course if you don't believe the workload is doable, and good luck on your finals!

Everyone else I haven't yet tagged in this post (that's @Drunken Conquistador, @Isotope, @dragonmancer, @Templar Knight, and @Silver Carrot) I finally caved and made a Discord server for people to join. I've included some text and voice channels for collab work (albeit these are not private or secured in any way bar honor system), an open general room for players and non-players alike, and a players-only room for RP-relevant stuffs.
@Ferrocerium Sad to see you go. I'm not gonna force anyone into something they aren't comfortable doing.
Important Announcements:

I will be advancing the plot no later than this coming Thursday (5/24) afternoon (expect around 6pm EST). This requires everyone to have arrived at Silverwick in the IC, or risk being not being included in the main group. Please make an effort to ensure this does not happen.

I have finally caved and created a Discord server for public use. The included link should be infinite in nature.
@Templar Knight THat is not to say you cannot or should not post with the group around the campfire. That's completely fine. That's mostly for everyone who hasn't gotten there (which I believe is like, half the party right now.)

@Ferrocerium I was wrong above and you are actually the one person with nothing IC. I gotta put a little pressure on to jump in. He's kind of an interesting case in that I might be willing to discuss an alternate way for him to link up with the party (if you wanted to go that route we should discuss it beforehand) but I can't help you if he's not even in the IC by the time we put the main story underway.
Player Characters (8/12):

@Sierra || Adrianna Corvello - Kassanda Malistare the Bladedancer
@Whoami || Gwynne Lancet - Topesh the Wellspring
@Drunken Conquistador || Gabriel Digani (Agatho D'Amere the Thorn Captain) - Agabyzus the Brass Prince
@Isotope || Meera Kaes - Akat the Wicked
@BurningCold || Katarina Valdi - Beoris the Bastard
@Silver Carrot || Fayvre Ralourhin - Quoris the Green Death
@dragonmancer || Joseph P. Kane the Orc Slayer - Alistar the Wyrmcaller
@Templar Knight || Dorian Vadderung - Vardun the Titan of the Deep
I'm over there too by this point, however I have more important things I need to mandate.

I am going to be writing to advance the plot Thursday afternoon (I'll have nothing better to do after getting two fillings). I'm going to be taking stock of who's posted and who hasn't at this point (I don't think we have any accepted characters who haven't posted which is good). If I have to choose between waiting longer for people who haven't shown up in Silverwick or keeping up some momentum, sorry but I'm leaving people behind. That's still about five days away however so if you haven't arrived there yet, you have time. If you're working on a collab post, be aware of this deadline please. There will be plenty of time for character interacting once the party is assembled but getting it assembled and beginning the main plot arc is fairly important.
@SavOrhchid one of those was a mispost by a guy and we've had one withdrawl. Until such time as I edit the topic to say full then you can assume we are not. By my count, we can take 2 more and I know there is one sheet out pending revisions right now.
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