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21 hrs ago
Current I mean ... power armor and an assortment of large guns helps too.
8 days ago
I just put up some concepts for what my next big project will be in General Checks. Do give it a looksie and let me know what you think would be the most enjoyable future roleplay!
21 days ago
Offerings of reckless courage bring freedom for us all.
27 days ago
"Killer queen" makes me wish I trusted someone here enough to pitch that 1 on 1 idea I keep locked in my archives.
28 days ago
When you're a GM you don't get the option to delay replies. Whether I feel like it or not, it has to get done today.

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Five posts ago I was about to have some choice words for the subtle threat of thread closure.

Then this happened.

We can shut this shit down now.

(This is a not-so-subtle suggestion to rerail the conversation.)
The only scenario where opinions are shared without any friction whatsoever are echo chambers. Actual productive debate is not sunshine and rainbows. I welcome a more intense debate so long as everyone remembers the first rule of good rhetoric: Respect the individual; only engage the argument.

That said, How to piss off every section simultaneously: A sarcastic take.


Substance? What's that? If you want real content here you have to look across multiple posts to really see any advancement of plot. Its brief and often lacks good formatting, and if either of those are true than it's actually a casual-level RP masquerading as free. I hope your inbox is prepared to explode because lack of per-post content is often made up for with sheer volume of posts. Good luck keeping up!

Literally everyone is here. So many RPs, characters, and players come and go so frequently I don't recall having seen the same person twice. The sheer fervor of activity in this section makes things blur together, and that activity only draws more to it as GMs often gravitate towards where the players are. Its the catch-all for everyone where people think themselves above free but are afraid of advanced, even if they're very capable of writing to it's level.

Here it's always the same crowd it seems. You think that thousand word CS was long? Get ready to be expected to do that every post. The lore dumps are massive and intense and you better keep up. The GMs here enforce rules with an iron fist you won't find elsewhere. Oh and don't be surprised when posts come in as slow as once a week.

And I thought advanced moved at a turtle's pace.

Porn. Yeah I said it. One browse of the checks will find more erotica than storytelling. Nuff said.

If this place isn't godmodding-metagaming central then I will honestly be shocked. Every nationsim RP I've ever been in before ended up with people being more concerned with getting ahead and running up the score than the actual complexities of diplomatic relations or grand strategy, or the overall plot and how their interactions affect the world and story at large.

I already have a D&D group.

[end sarcasm]

An actual, more thoughtful take:

Very reminiscent of my time RPing through Skype and other messenger platforms. Its a very rapid-fire style that I don't particularly care for anymore since it burns me out quickly and I don't feel like it effectively represents more complex, more cerebral characters. Its not my prefered cup of tea, but I'd be lying if I said I don't agree with why it exists. This was the style I cut my teeth on after all.

Honestly has a bit of an identity crisis. There's a ton of stuff, and players, here that I feel could pass in Advanced (admittedly I have somewhat unique standards for a GM in that section I'll talk about later) but don't for whatever reason. Some have said its intimidating. Others prefer faster pacing. A few GMs have said they prefer the exposure and perceived accessibility. Reasons aside, it does represent the largest pool of potential players on the site.

It has a bad rap, and some of it is deserved. Someone accused the RPs in this section of crumbling under their own weight, and unfortunately that's not without basis. From my tone it should be obvious this is a section I'm both attached to, but also want to see improve. The sheer content of people's posts makes it a bit exhausting to keep up higher post rates, and I know firsthand the burnout is very real. It also contributes to that intimidation. I could go on but I'll end this blurb here for brevity of the larger post.

I don't actually spend any time here. From outside it has the appearance of being slow-moving, and the profile "arena stats" thing really doesn't help its appearance. It gives this competitive image which is honestly kinda off-putting.

I wasn't actually kidding in my sarcastic version about the volume of erotica I come across here, and it's a bit annoying as someone who very much is not interested in partaking in that. I'm also super fucking picky about my one-on-one concepts so really it's just not the right place for me to be advertising those. In RPG's defense, those particular concepts have struggled everywhere I've advertised them, not just here.

I've had a number of bad experiences in nation roleplays. I projected that in the sarcastic version so I'll concede that's entirely coincidental to me. I'm also not really a fan of stats in written RP, and I'm really not a fan of a GM rolling stats for me. That's pretty much deal-breaking for me. Stats are often the order of the day here, so its a section I don't frequent. That said, it seems to be alive and well so obviously it has its crowd of people. One day I want to either join or run something here.

My same personal dislike of stats affects this section too, which means I don't really go here. Long-form written RP just doesn't seem like a medium that works well for a tabletop game, but I also really don't see actual RP activity there. Maybe people recruit and go to Roll20 & Discord voice or something? Its an obscure section I don't really think about unless I'm actually thinking D&D at the time.

I know this post is getting long but I wanna take the time to make a rebuttal to @tex about his critique of that post sample before I conclude.

The post you're critiquing is, for one, far fluffier than what I write and what I expect from my own players. In that regard I have no objection. The usage of grammar in a lot of ways that you critique, however, is somewhat reminiscent of something I and a few of my players do. We purposely ignore the technical correct usages in favor of using grammar to make our posts read in a certain way. I personally abuse commas, semicolons, and fragments to do this. The result is that my posts, if read as intended, actually have a pacing that somewhat mirrors the action and emotion taking place. I make it a point to ensure spelling and word usage is always correct but I do take creative license with the intricacies of grammar & punctuation, as do certain others. I acknowledge your subjective dislike of technically-incorrect usage, though I will challenge the implication that this somehow disqualifies a post from actually being more advanced.
Samantha Meredith Whitmore, Baroness
Daughter of James and Chelsea Whitmore of Astaria

[[ 19 || Bi-curious ]]

Interested in:
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Duelling
  • The color red

  • Jewelry
  • Nobility
  • Controlling parents
  • Fish

Nontraditional. Masculine.
Traditionally male apparel makes up nearly half her wardrobe and is incorporated into almost every outfit in some form. Feminine elegance is not her prefered style, ruling out virtually all traditional women’s fashion. Knee-high leather boots are worn with everything. Dresses and skirts are often paired with a mens-style top or coat. She never sits still to let her hair be braided and decorated.

Reckless. Tomboyish. Independent.
She’s oft’ viewed as intense, hyper, sometimes overbearing. She is no simple lady who can be won over with simple romantic gestures. She is a handful to be around on her good days. Her energy is seemingly boundless, giving that bubbly, “hyper” appearance.

Rigid. Unyielding.
The daughter of a Baron is expected to be the perfect lady: the curse of nobility. The name Whitmore was ubiquitous in every port in Astaria, being only the largest mercantile company in the country. That certainly didn’t put any pressure on her. Her hand in marriage was expected to ensure amicable relations with whichever of the other noble families’ sons she tolerated the best. From a young age she was supposed to be groomed to be at the arm of a man as well off as her ... and she had absolutely none of it. All the money in the world couldn’t buy what she really wanted: freedom, adventure, independence.

So @Congee ... You might remember this girl from way back. Same character but I redid the sheet. I honestly feel like a minimalist approach is the right call here. Personalities are complex things and I didn't actually want to nail down a lot because I'll either contradict it or retcon it, etc. All that was doubly likely to happen in something that plays as personal as this. In any case, lemme know if you just want me to grab the old version. Also lemme know if you're getting overwhelmed with sheets & such.

Do you people have any idea how hard it is to fine a faceclaim picture for a character I've not put a real face to for over a year ...

... it's hard.

With that out of the way, the rest of this revision should be done soon enough. This should make things easy for @Congee since the CS is a known quantity. (It should ring bells once you read it, same character from before.)
<Snipped quote by cerozer0>

The Queen Regent might need a spy. ;)

Calm down there Avasarala ....
You changed all the names and now I gotta completely retool my sheet from last time. Thanks for that ... :P
@tal0n I havent really sat down to solidify any kind of plot arc at this time, but I have though through a basic structure for the roleplay that alternates combat deployment and downtime. This way we can have some more structure to the pacing while also having time for the narrative storytelling to breathe.

As for the world, I've written a lot of notes about it stemming from Pacific Rim. While the franchise isn't known for realism by any stretch, I've always felt it does a good job with believability, and the subtle elements of how the civilian side of their world works. I've developed a world concept where you have these younger generations that aren't weighed down by the gravity and the mental baggage of the past in sharp contrast to most of the leadership who is still deathly terrified. The physical readiness is definitely there, but you have this divide in attitudes that exists. There's a certain lack of faith and lack of fear that exists that will bite them when the predictions of terrified survivors come to pass.
@Willy Vereb See though ... shit like this is stuff that should be front and center in the main post that lays out the concept and the world, since all of what you just said seems fundamentally important to the RP you're pitching. Instead I often see it either only show up when the main thread is posted or get mentioned in passing (often after sheets are in or otherwise being worked on) by more than half the people who post things. Its by no means unique to you, but it is nonetheless incredibly frustrating.
There are certain "believability minimums" you run into when dealing with interstellar-capable civs since these have to be K2 civilizations with access to fusion energy as a minimum. Any less and its patently unbelievable that they're capable of interstellar travel. Coming off the whole mention of "hypergates" (which you mention in passing and then don't proceed to set FTL limits) suddenly you could be dealing with civilizations that haven't gone interstellar of their own means, but any such civilization would very much not be prepared for first contact with another spacefaring race far away.

Just some random thoughts having done my share of sci-fi worldbuilding.
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