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There is absolutely nothing better than a homemade teriyaki glaze atop anything from salmon to strip steak.
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You would be surprised how many issues are solved by periodic reboots. A lot of computer software doesn't like to be run 24/7 for months on end.
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What is the point of having, and running, a website ... if no one can use it?
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"Welcome to Avalon ... where peace is an illusion, loyalty is skin-deep, and everyone has dark secrets."


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Mack probably has a few low-level friends in EuroCorp but basically nothing that can get actionable intel.

JPN-22 special operative called away on short notice for a hush-hush "top priority" assignment the morning after an unidentified subject goes digging for any data on Ori that's available. I'll give you one guess what's so important.
Kira blew against the steaming hot tea in front of her. Her eyes were fixated across the street on a house a little too run down for District 10. According to the file that crossed her desk, the place was occupied by a lowly drug dealer. Said drug dealer apparently knew about a Blacklight safehouse in the district stocked with cash, IDs, weapons; all manner of things that nobody wanted in the hands of a street gang. She didn’t care about where the place was; that wasn’t part of her orders, nor did she have a need for anything there. Her task was not to find the physical goods, but to find out how a street dealer knew about this. The thug had the right idea keeping around a huge male with a big gun for protection, but speed, surprise, and fifty thousand volts would take care the would-be bodyguard handily.

She took a quick sip of her tea, stood, and walked out of the café patio across the street. A junkie was banging on the door, probably desperate for a fix. That had been the queue to move, just in case it spooked him. A hulking black figure opened the door and argued with the druggie. 10 had a fairly bad drug problem for its average wealth, but it did a good job of hiding it from view. A junkie on a crowded street in broad daylight wasn’t common here. Stepping back onto the sidewalk from the street, it was less than half a block to her target. She unbuttoned her jacket for quick access to her sidearm. Approach harmlessly, rush the guard with a baton, shock him, draw weapon and sweep the house, interrogate at gunpoint. She ran through her approach one more time in her mind. She never bothered anything more than a basic plan for something low-risk like this. After all, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

She was just two doors away and was about to reach for her stun baton, but her phone chimed. She slowed her pace slightly and clicked her earpiece. “Takeda.”
It was Mack at the most inconvenient time, “we need you to come in, priority assignment.”
“I’m a little busy Mack,” she answered curtly, “can it wait?”
“This takes precedence. We need you at HQ stat; wave off.”
Mack always had a funny way of pronouncing ‘H’ with his thick Bristol accent. Kira’s response was punctuated with a frustrated sigh, “fine. Are there travel arrangements?”
“First class train ticket at Central-West concierge, no questions asked. You leave in an hour.”

She clicked her earpiece again to hang up on Mack and kept walking. She gave a quick glance to the front door of the dealer’s hideout as she passed by, irritated that Mack would pull her off an assignment right before it was go-time. The com-van was a block down the street on the far side as she headed off towards the train station. She gave the van a quick glare in passing and kept moving.

As promised, there were zero questions asked at the train station. She was waved right past security and onto the train with barely a glance. The eggheads in C-war sure did good work with getting documents. The way things usually worked, a company car would be waiting for her when she made it to District 4.
@ihinka And I thought I was good at tragic character stories ... holy crap.
@DeadDrop I cannot claim to speak on anyone's behalf, but I suspect I am not alone in being displeased with your attitude. I don't know if its sarcasm that doesn't read through text, or some attempt to troll, or what but it doesn't matter. It comes across as annoying, conceited, and egotistical and everyone involved here deserves better than that. I - and possibly others - would appreciate if you take it back a few notches. Currently it's unbecoming and derisive. Thank you.…

Found one that slipped the cracks. Kill it with fire please.
@Genni I'm disappointed you didn't take the opportunity to make this joke.

In any case, this is why Kira chambers ferromag APCR rounds in her sidearm.

P.S. TY for the earlier photo. After some consideration I ended up using that as a face, so I really appreciate it. I decided in the end that it actually fit really well.
Are we talking closer to Gundam or to Mechwarrior here?
@Genni She's not sadistic (well, as minimally sadistic as you can be as a yakuza enforcer) so if she were going to kill someone, she'll go ahead and get it over with. That's not to say she isn't merciless, but she lacks the patience and desire to see someone suffer for days on end. The only call to torture someone is to intimidate or extract information.

That said, not even Matsutoya-san could get away with "Kira-tan". If anyone ever tried the result would be an immediate summary beating and ... assuming their neck is still in one piece after that ... far more bullets than necessary at point blank range. Even still, life expectancy: ~90 seconds. One does not say something so dishonoring to a yakuza.
Actually yes that's not bad at all. I omitted pictures because I wasn't confident I could find one that fit the part but I like that one. I may include some referencial images in the final submission.

As for name, the professional, appropriate answer is to call her by her surname as Takeda-san. "Kira" is predominantly a nickname derivative of her forename. Anyone can use it, but few people can use it and not get shot in the throat.
-relocated following insomnia error-

Been worked on for far too long, but this is absolutely the definitive iteration of this character. I've worked on it so heavily that I don't think there's any more room for tuning. On the upside, that excess of tinkering should sate my rampant perfectionism.

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