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7 days ago
Current I don't normally solicit RP pitches in statuses ... but I'm open to hearing people's ideas they'd want to play against a witch hunter.
1 mo ago
Both of those things would be easier if I didn't have such a severe soul-crushing response to rejection ...
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2 mos ago
That's a fuckin' mood there NuttsnBolts ...
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3 mos ago
Flat disc planets are indeed possible, albeit as a megastructure of a K2 civilization rather than a natural construction. The engineering behind it is honestly quite fascinating.
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4 mos ago
Don't go into someone's 1x1 thread and ask THEM to PM YOU. It's lazy and unprofessional and deserves to be ignored. If you're actually are interested I expect you to show some initiative.


A status post does not constitute a solicitation for private message. Unsolicited private messages will be ignored.

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I finished the history up, though I elected to trim the bit about helping someone else because it just kind of flowed to omit it. I also got a blurb together for the dreadnought.

While utterly annihilating the navy TWICE seems cruel and puts the Alduuri at a severe numerical disadvantage, it does give the benefit of the entire fleet being state of the art. All of their ships were designed from scratch in the last 30 years, rather than putting century-old designs back into production to facilitate a war effort.
Still working on this (it only goes up to the first few years of the Great War), but here's a preview of some history.

I did totally decide to be sadistic to my poor empire (I still love them). I figure they'll spend the rest of the war using part of their military industrial complex to produce someone else's ships in support, while the rest of it steadily rebuilds their core navy force. The Treaty of Detente would widely be viewed as a suggestion and careful measures to continue construction of powerful capital class warships would be taken. I expect they'd be given a little bit of slack considering they were completely stripped of naval forces twice, but they'd still be very carefully walking on eggshells.
The Alduuri Imperial Navy bows to no man ... well, what's left of it that is. I haven't decided if I want to pulverize it during the Great War or during Ashtar subjugation ... or both if I'm feeling particularly sadistic towards my own creations.
Imma go ahead and keep an eye on this. It might be a worthwhile return to writing for me after many months out of practice.
Bold move to ping me considering how scarce on RPG I've been ... but I eventually saw it so I'd say that strategy panned out well.

Now remind me, which game archetype (or typically combination thereof) best describes this? Writing game, Stats game, or Dice game? Is it masterful prose, meticulously kept stat sheets, or Lord RNGesus who will be deciding the fates of nations?
Can I bother for some elaboration on the two factions in play? There's some things that are loosely implied but never really touched on so here's a (nonexhaustive) battery of questions that should apply to both:
  • What kind of internal politics & ideologies exist?
  • What does their endgame/win condition look like?
  • What does the leadership structure look like in more detail?
  • Are the deviant membership demographics incredibly binary or more nuanced?

One last question not related to the factions I want to hit you with and then I'll stop bothering you. Are powers, being genetically derived, limited to the capability of one's own body or can they extend beyond? Classic example: telekinesis, which extends well beyond the body of the individual.
I've watched basically every isaac Arthur episode.

The concepts struck me as pretty familiar right away. Always nice to run into a fellow SFIA follower in the wild.
Hmmm, do you watch Civilizations at the End of Time by Isaac Arthur by any chance?
No extra content with this bump. Just a friendly reminder that no one has jumped on these yet.
Human beings are human beings. We're evolved to compete for survival. For as long as humans have interacted with other humans with any physical/cultural differences, they've tried to kill each other. The anonymity of the Internet lowers the power of those behaviors but also effectively negates the risks. Ergo the problem is inherent and systemic to humans. It has existed since the creation of intelligent life and it will last until the heat death of the universe.
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