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Current You guys haven't taken political science courses by the sound of it.
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Why must all good things end in silence?
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What I would do for a Dark Heresy campaign ...
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"'Sovietwomble torched two players with fire.' They don't mention those two players are FUCKING OURS!"
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I'm presently suffering from a severe inability to care. Nothing interests me and none of my characters hold my attention.
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Quick bump on this. Other stuff in the pipeline ahead of some juicy additons for this but they will come in due time.
The Sorcerers' Cycle
The world of Avalon lives under an unyielding prophecy. As long as intelligent beings can sense and wield the magical powers of the aether, the miraculous energy of the gods that grant mortal beings a mere sliver of their power, then the cycle will continue.

As long as the aether flows, there will rise a congregation of sorcerers taken by the dark powers, united in vision and purpose to upheave and reshape civilization. With their rise, dynasties end.
-- Lord Cairn Christian

King Friedrich Vahlen, third of his name, has stopped at nothing to see the recurrent devastation come to a close. Yet his people resent him. The once-great elven kingdoms of the forests and plains were savagely annihilated half a century ago at the dawn of Johann Vahlen’s reign, and his sights settled on the dwarven people’s of the Siegfried Mountains soon after when the cut off his supply of war gear in protest. They eventually sealed themselves away within their mountain fortresses to avoid a similar fate. The cost of that war was placed squarely on the shoulders of the citizenry as it was a war “for their protection.” Taxes and high demands on the tradesmen of the Vahlens’ kingdom that have not subsided. Now they pay for the tyrannical hunt for any man, woman, or child brave or foolish enough to explore the mystical powers of the aether that are soon to be a relic of a bygone age. Friedrich’s Royal Inquisition listens around every corner and pounces without mercy on those caught.

Now the fifth incarnation of the Sorcerers’ Cycle is upon the world. The Kingdom of Man is poised to finally crush the sorcerers’ rise once and for all. The only obstacle remaining is to find them among the populous. But a rumor is spreading throughout the kingdom: This incarnation of the cycle could undo much of what the Vahlen family has done in its long and bloody tenure; that the races of Avalon long thought extinguished would return to save humanity from its grim fate, whether they deserved it or not. But first the aspiring sorcerers would have to escape the insidious talons of the Royal Inquisition.

Who are you?
You are no one. A commoner, a tradesman perhaps, no one the kingdom would ever really care about as an individual, for now. By a convenient happenstance, dumb luck, or maybe fate, you found something from the sacred library of the old mage’s academy. Most people would rip it to pieces, burn it even. The possession of just a page from an old spellcraft text would have a mere commoner staring down an Inquisitor’s blade. Yet you keep it hidden instead of doing the sensible thing and destroying it. Perhaps given time, you can learn something from it. Prophecy works in mysterious ways, and it is nothing if not relentless. You are now a part of the Sorcerers’ Cycle.

What can you do?
It takes months of study, practice, discipline, and a clear and focused mind to practice even the simplest techniques when conjuring aetheric power in its purest, cleanest form. It takes less than ten minutes and some frustration for a desperate soul to summon power beyond description. The power of the aether is bent and shaped by the willpower of the wielder, but is attracted to and colored by the emotions of its host. This is the danger of the aether’s multifaceted nature. Even an amateur will realize that strong emotion seemingly amplifies their power, and that power feels good. Without formal training, most self-taught magic wielders fall into the trap that is the darker form of aetheric energy, and everyone who wields it is invariably twisted and consumed by the emotions they feed it with, by unrelenting powerlust, or are destroyed by the raw power they cannot hope to contain.

The magical possibilities of channeling the aether are as limitless as the imagination of the wielder. Given enough willpower and aetherial energy to make it so, anything is possible. A great and powerful fighter can defeat dozens of opponents and slay any beast living or undead, but a great and powerful mage can level whole cities in seconds. The capability of a wouldbe sorcerer is limited only by what they can will to happen, and how much power they can channel and contain within themself without being ripped apart.

What happens now?
It is only a matter of time before Vahlen’s inquisitors find you. They seemingly smell the magic emanating from those who channel aetherial power. Some believe the ancient knowledge of the old academy has been given to the Royal Inquisition to aid in their hunt. Some even believe the mage academy is not shut down but instead trains inquisitors in the ways of magic for themselves. No one dares speak such heresies aloud.

You must avoid the bloodhounds for as long as you can. Whether with dangerously intoxicating power, or with steel of your choice, you must prepare yourself to fight for your life. Sooner or later, you will need to. It will take all of your practiced skills, and no small amount of luck to survive and escape. How far are you willing to go when everything is on the line? Where will you draw the line?
I like surprises, so in my upcoming attempt at taking the GM reins again, I've opted to go for a ridiculously small CS for an advanced section RP. Though, that's just what I'm going to have people send me and post publicly. I'm also going to give my players the same character-building framework I use when I write a new character and tell them to go work through that on their own time. I have no plans to ever ask for that sheet; its entirely meant for personal reference and doesn't need to be readable to anyone other than the author. Maybe that's a risk since I'm relying on people's word, but in the advanced section I feel that's not too much of a risk. People there are willing to put in the effort even without me wanting verification. As a disclaimer, I would not be trying this if I intended to post this in the casual section for several reasons.
The brand new Within Temptation album that dropped the other week.

I originally talked about this in a reddit community. Suffice to say the gamut opinions there was rather narrow. Thus I want to poll RPG about this as well. Maybe an interesting discussion will spawn.

I have a world of the sci-fi variety called Stardust that I've built up. It originally started as a setting born out of a roleplay, but those of us that created it kept it going as a worldbuilding project long after. All of the other participants have since dropped it but I keep working and tweaking at it. By this point, well over half the body of work is mine alone and I'm a little attached. Suffice to say, the project has become pretty massive over the years it's been developed. The written documentation is over 150 pages (none of it formatted for ease of reading) and the unwritten documentation - stuff discussed and decided but just never made it to written form at the time - is equally as plentiful, and gets bigger anytime a new question gets asked.

The sheer volume of the body of work, the immensity of the task to distill it down into something more digestible for an unfamiliar reader, and my personal attachment has led me to be pretty closed off about it in the roleplaying world. I'm afraid that people will get key relevant details wrong that I'll need to correct and that I then look like an ass for it. I'm hesitant to let other people back into a position to have significant effect on the lore of Stardust. The people I originally wrote it with have since become close friends and I trust them and their visions for this. But introducing new faces to it brings unknown variables.

So I present this to all of you to ask whether or not this phenomenon of extreme stinginess with my world is not limited to me. The world is incredibly detailed and dense and I'm fiercely protective of it to the point it's likely to never be used in a roleplaying setting ever again, since that opens it to interpretation and adaptation that isn't within my control. Beyond “just learn to go with the flow” which is quite predictably out of the question at this juncture, what are you people's thoughts on potentially working past those mental blocks? Or am I completely justified in my overprotectiveness? Discuss.
I want something dark ...

Not something serious or depressing. No slice of life abuse/addiction plots here. No.
Not something angsty, somber, melancholy, edgy even. I've grown out of pain for the sake of pain.
There is a time and a place for all of those descriptors. But at the core of it all, I want blood.

I want something that's twisted, violent, sadistic even. Somber tones and depressing histories have their place as second fiddle to stories of unbridled vengeance. I want to tell the stories of what the cliche tragic history brings about: the stories where the wronged carve a bloody swath through everyone responsible; where corrupting power is wielded with efficient brutality, where whole nations tremble before the unhinged wrath of one person. Here are my relevant premises:

The Queen's claim was illegitimate. Everyone knew it. The whole trial of the young princess reeked of corruption. But an iron fist was an iron first and the nail that sticks out gets hammered. Legitimacy meant shit when you had an army to force your will. Yet the people of the land still held out hope that the young princess was still alive. It had been years since she was supposedly killed, but everyone knew that rebels had tried to rescue her from the axe. No one knew whether or not they succeeded. That hope was enough to inspire a few to stand and continue to fight the Queen's tyranny. Among them stood a proud and ruthless fighter, Sylvia Blackheart. Fake names seldom got more obvious, but she was not someone you tried to pry for answers. Her skill with a blade spoke for itself. Yet she was surely hiding something. No one knows what, and everyone valued their lives more than to badger her about it. The only thing known for sure is that she hates the Queen more than anyone, and will fight against her so long as she breathes.

Interesting roles: fellow rebel fighter, royal court servant, military defector

They said she didn't have the self-control, that she would never be a mage with her impulsiveness. The Malistare name would not see a mage in the family for another century. Whether it was a desire to please, a stubborn insistence to prove her professors wrong, or something more sinister, Kassandra found power on her own. Or more accurately, power found her. The dark forces were well known to corrupt absolutely anyone who dared to tap its power. A young and naive failed mage reached forth into that hellish abyss, and the abyss reached back. Little did she know how quickly her sanity would fail when she tasted the boundless strength of malevolent magics. Little did the world know what it would take to save itself from her.

Interesting roles: fellow mage-in-training, childhood friend

There's more I'll add in time. I have no shortage. The interesting roles are suggestions for what I would be looking to play against and ordered by general liking (most interesting coming first). If you like what you've read and want to pitch something to me, send me a short blurb in the same general style introducing your character concept and how it relates to the premise. And please title your PMs something inventive. "Want to RP?" will be immediately disqualified for lack of imagination. I will not actually write sex scenes but I'm not hesitant to involve characters romantically and it should be plainly obvious that I'm not shy around violence, blood, language, you name it. I will not be pulling any punches, and I expect nothing less from anyone brave enough to message me.

For your consideration,
Granted. Their hue is precesely between magenta and cyan.

I wish for motivation to come back to me.
Debating if I wanna try and do an existing character adaptation ... or make a new character ... or if it's worth it. It certainly sounds interesting enough so I'll keep a watchful eye.
Been wanting to take a quick rant in this thread. And today's my ranting day it seems.

Less that they're overdone, and more that they're consistently done in the same way over and over. To add to that, I've almost always viewed the default way as a poor way to do them. Of all the cliche templates one can use to create an RP (a top offender being standard tolkienesque fantasy), this one creates the smallest room for stories in my book. It doesn't offer the same degree of narrative freedom in the stories told, the characters it accepts, etc. It's actually quite frustrating because there's been one or two that looked like they had promise but the shortcomings inherent in the genre stifled that.
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