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21 days ago
Current Neighbors are firing fireworks, in my woods. Yep, that's probably illegal.
1 mo ago
I'll be busy this time around due to Christmas, but Merry Christmas to all! (Unless, you're Jewish then Happy Hanukkah)
1 mo ago
Ad Victorium, Knight.
1 mo ago
Rev up those fryers! Because I'm sure hungry for one- *Gets tossed out, but doesn't even hit the ground yet.* MY LEG!
1 mo ago


Howdy! I'm Jaredthefox92! I'm a 26 year old United States citizen from Georgia.I'm actually a veteran roleplayer who's been roleplaying on places like Deviantart since 2010. I have various genres and themes, as well as fandoms I'm into as well.

Genres I like:
.Science fiction
.Dark fantasy
.Hero vs villain, (with me being the villain)
.War and conflict stories
.Historical stories
.Supernatural stories
.Post Apocalyptic

.Battle and combat
.Giants and giantesses, (I have a bit of a macro thing going on. ^^' )
.Dark fantasy like stories, especially ones with various races.
.Family oriented
.Grimdark and cynical stories, especially in wartime.

.Warhammer Fantasy
.Warhammer 40,000
.Star Wars
.Skyrim (although this is rather new to me.)
.Marvel and DC comics

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@Lauder After reevaluating a lot of what's on my plate currently, and just not having time to look up everything I need to. I am afraid I'm going to have to respectfully drop out of this RP. It's just that it's been years since I've played Halo, and I have a lot of other projects that I just feel are grabbing my attention currently. That, and I'm soon to go back to college for the semester. I'm sorry in advance.
@rivaan I'm interested, I just have a lot to do and I have to sit down and do a lot for my CS. That, and I also have friends on Discord, as well as some art I'm currently working on. I'll ask for your help when I need it though.
@rivaan Alright, I'll try to fix it. It may take a while though.
This is a trainwreck, please help.

@rivaan Alright, just know it will be very raw. I've never played the online game of WOW, (because I usually just buy games and keep them as opposed to monthly memberships, but I've played Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne.) If there's a problem, I will need assistance.
Shall I post my prototype CS here or not? It's a lot of information so I may need to get some review.

I'm going to have to find time to sit down and do it, life be hectic at this point.
Alright, seems fair. I just was going to go with that or frost. Blood seemed to be more combat focused and I've done buffing before. AOE attacks seem more fun.
So, since there's no necromancy. Would that mean I have to pick another specialization other than unholy?
@rivaan Alright, I'll build her like you would do any other deathknight anyways.
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