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Current E're we go! E're we go! E're we go! WAAAAGH!
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Nobody wants to play detailed villains on here, why is that?
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I'm tired of being pushed around by assholes just because I like a certain thing or I like to roleplay a certain way. Fuck tribalism and echo chambers.
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I guess I should address this. In my roleplays I would like for you to fill out your CS in the Character tab so I can discuss matters in the OOC section.
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I'm new here, but I'm also a veteran roleplayer who's been doing so since 2010. :)


Howdy! I'm Jaredthefox92! I'm a 26 year old United States citizen from Georgia.I'm actually a veteran roleplayer who's been roleplaying on places like Deviantart since 2010. I have various genres and themes, as well as fandoms I'm into as well.

Genres I like:
.Science fiction
.Dark fantasy
.Hero vs villain, (with me being the villain)
.War and conflict stories
.Historical stories
.Supernatural stories
.Post Apocalyptic

.Battle and combat
.Giants and giantesses, (I have a bit of a macro thing going on. ^^' )
.Dark fantasy like stories, especially ones with various races.
.Family oriented
.Grimdark and cynical stories, especially in wartime.

.Warhammer Fantasy
.Warhammer 40,000
.Star Wars
.Skyrim (although this is rather new to me.)
.Marvel and DC comics

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Sure thing

Use the template to make a character for this if you want, I haven't made the starter yet. I need to formulate and plan everything.
Set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, this is an rather interesting idea; What if the Forces of Disorder races,(especially the furry ones), all joined together to go on a quest to bring about ruin to the Old World? While this is technically a furry fantasy "party" roleplay, it will have the grimdark themes of Warhammer.

Your character is from the various races of Disorder, or basically any race that is non-human. Your character will join a group of various races in a way to search for a quest for a mystical item of great power. Will they succeed or suffer in their journey?

1.While this is going to be in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, you're clear by me, the DM to come up with some slightly lore breaking or original characters. That is, you can experiment and I'm not 100% uptight about the lore. (As long as it makes sense.)

2.Your character must be a furry or a creature. This means the following races are allowed:
.Norscan creatures
.Undead vampires
.Vampire Coast sea creatures
.Daemons of Chaos
.Nurgle creatures.
.Chaos Spawn
.Daemons of Khorne and Slaanesh

3.I'm the GM, so even if I don't do something that's 100% lore friendly, please respect my judgement in calls about the plot.

4.Just a warning, your character may die.

5.Read all this and don't like the plot? That's fine, just refresh your page or perhaps just click to something else.I'm trying this roleplay on various forums and abroad, be please be thankful I'm sharing it here.

Current Characters:
.Shrall Zapwisker (Jaredthefox92)/ Skaven

Character Template

Name: Shrall Zapwisker

Age: 5 (50 in Skaven years)

Species: Skaven

Height: 5'0ft

Build: Skaven like

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Paetron Deity: Horned Rat

Occupation: Warlock Engineer

Appearance: Looks exactly like a Warlock Engineer

Outfit: Various mechanical contraptions and armor, has a respirator tank on his back, goggles.

Weapons: Warpblade staff, technomancy magic.

Personality: Cunning, timid, nervous, contemplative, studious, introverted, curious.

Hired Because: Skaven are greedy opportunists, he thinks the quest item can be used for technomancy.
Ok first I would like to start off and say that I, nor anyone else (I dont believe) thinks you are racist. However, the RP is a bit on the nose, and could be seen as racist.
Now I know it is not your fault for how people view your roleplay, but nevertheless it is how they see it, and I believe that because of that you're likely not to get interest. So I suggest you come up with a different idea that is not a civil war au. Warhammer and warcraft obviously based some of their races off of real world stereotypes, yes. However it was still loosely based in a world of their own creation. This is, as I said, a bit too on the nose.
So I will have to suggest, as a mod, to change it or take it down. Im only suggesting because I know you have no ill intent.

However if you do not, I will need to take it up with the other mods. And I know they are not as lenient as I.

Wait, the roleplay is supposed to be about the wild west after 1865, how can I change this? The thing is the Civil War just ended and I wanted to make a setting based on what many would be reeling back from the fallout of what just happened a few years prior. It's not even about slavery as the main theme, it's a western cowboy fantasy.
Hey, you're missing leprechauns for your Irish stereotype analog.

<Snipped quote by Jaredthefox92>
Yet that's exactly what you're doing with your race analogs.

Actually, the Irish would be Dwarfs. (Also, just to let you know, more than likely I have heritage from Ireland.) Still, I picked Dwarfs because they could have a monopoly on the trans-continental railroad and probably have executive rights to it's construction and operation.
I could be interested, I love killing zombies.
Plenty of other RPs for that sort of thing. In a RP where the aim is to *hunt monsters* and *play heroes*, doing so kind of misses the point.
And given the tone and setting are supposed to be serious and not without grit, I just can't see a Sonic "Original Character"TM cyclopess jiving.

I was going to turn her human like, as I do with many of my concepts. I didn't want her to be in her Sonic FC version here. Polyphema is based off the cyclops Polyphemus in the Odyssey. She doesn't have an anthro animal species, I based her off of the Classic Greek poem.

Still, if there's no decent villain or antagonist here I feel that's a shame. The Greek Gods were very tragic figures and not everyone of them were 100% good or 100% evil themselves, even Hades could be reasonable every so often and Zeus was sort of a dick. Greek mythos is NOT hero saves the day, it's very tragic and filled with moral grey figures.
I was the one to suggest the orc inclusion as plantation workers. However I rather suggested that the orcs (which I was comparing to Tolkien, not Warhammer) had been defeated yet again by the other races on one of their repeated crusades of pillaging and plunder.

Unlike preyed upon Africans the thought was that the orcs put themselves in their position of indentured servitude through their constant warmongering. This allows for higher minded characters to question the wisdom of the deplorable situation and maybe seek an alternative solution.

One must have evil to tell a story of good conquering evil.

So basically I should have an Orc villain that's perhaps a leader of a band of what would be Desperadoes? I mean, I could make an antagonist like this if necessary. I actually wanted to base the orcs in this more akin to Warcraft and Skyrim orcs, they can be sympathetic and likeable to even humans. This is why basically the United States government saw this as an injustice and burnt this fictional Atlanta to the ground, (probably burning all the vampires or just killing all the dark elves.)

I'm looking for ways to make this better however, I would like help on making this story better. I just have a lot on my plate offline with college and life so I'm sort of frantic with posting.
<Snipped quote by Jaredthefox92>

Just seen this pop by and so.

Your missing one key point here, espechily on your Ork / IN RP comparison. I have read both latest and original Warhammer books like inquisition war serris.

Orks, are close to the cultural negetive atrabutes and strotypes of the time. Your same ill educated, more durable and so argument is a historical view point of the tome long proved wrong.

Warhammer. And its core nature is dark joke, the ork race especially has a joke nature to soften things, and the sheer brutality, of a race that is basically fungal omnicide.

I fact many races, often have a small aspect that counters the darker, or potential negetive refrence used. You it seemed relised a link but not used somthing to soften that link or make it less direct. Dark eldar are sadistic as hell, but they also troollish. Orks are viola t with humour. Mankind facepalm in stupidity, while also casually making Nazi Germanny or a gulag holiday camps espechily whwn grey knights kill just for knowing somthing. Again, chaos as some form of releof, for a group who have the darkest in the experiments of honsou and fabius bile.

There lies a uncomfortable refrence. I would just suggest you think about it, and while no one been majorly offended, just be careful that the ground your on is a a little thinner than you probbly want be on comfortablely.

So please just consider the points, as it seems you have a good idea but may want to consider your use of refrence and contexts.

This roleplay wasn't based on Warhammer 40,000. I actually wanted to mix themes from Warhammer Fantasy, Skyrim, and Warcraft here to be honest with you.

They're only "ill educated" because they were former slaves and slaves had to go into an education transition period in real life shortly after the Civil War. This was meant to be historical based on what a free'd slave had to went through. In fact I planned on having an orc version of Fredrick Douglas in this roleplay:

I think the issue here is people are getting the notion that I want these Orcs to be bad, no. I actually would like them in a sympathetic point of view in this story, if anything I would like actually for the Confederate Dark Elves/ Vampires to be the ones who are the villains in this. (Sort of like that one guy in the Wild West movie who basically wanted to rebuild the Confederacy.) Anyways, the point for the Orcs is not that they're bad and that all races are sort of at fault for the events in the roleplay. I am trying to not make this roleplay say being a single race is "bad", and anyone can make a character from any race they want. I think people are misunderstanding what I had planned. I wanted this to be like Skyrim where it's basically a big clash of ideals, culture, and of course the dangers of living and settling on the Western Frontier. However, I also want to keep it historically accurate and the simple fact was that many came from all over to tame the west.

I will say this very explicitly. I am not trying to bring about any negative connotations based on real life stereotypes into this story. It's a fantasy roleplay, there are no vampires. No orcs, this is not about shaming anyone's background. This is a fantasy story meant to entertain and provoke the imagination. I just haven't thought of my unique ideas yet due to college and my limited time frame.

Except at no point does Warhammer go directly:

"Orcs/Orks = British people."

They go. "We took the common myths about Vampires and Vlad the Impaler, a Romanian, and we based a fantasy race and culture around them, which will resemble Romania thanks to this."

See the difference?

Pfft! It's clearly known in the Warhammer community that the Orks are inspired by British football hooligans as an in joke.

There are no "myths" of Chaos being vikings or of High Elves being British as well, also technically the Skaven are English too. Oh, and vampires are NOT just Romanian, the Von Carstein family are actually German and are technically legal Elector Counts by region as well. Anyone can be a vampire, it just so happens that they're situated in Romania, but have Von Carsteins have German heritage in that is what they were in their previous lives.

Seriously, now you're still jumping to conclusions. I made these races all based on what would be most fitting, I really wanted to make my "southern white race" of vampires where white people up north would be normal humans. However, my friend from Italy simply suggested I do dark elves instead. I merely choose these races out of pure historical context.
Isn't this a teeeeeeeeeny bit racist? Like, associating real world races with fantasy races that have stereotypical 'traits?' Like, that is some fairly fucking heavy connotations right there...

Way to jump to conclusions, in this roleplay I had the idea of white, southern people such as myself as half vampire or dark elf. Of course it's about race, it's fantasy. As far as actual racism goes, no it's not. The idea is that the United States would be composed of different fantasy races, and not just all human. Seriously, play a game of Warhammer and see how many races are changed into mythological creatures or inspired by real world groups. (Example: Romanians are vampires except for the Von Carstein family, High Elves are British, Chaos are vikings, Lizardmen are Mesoamerican,Beastmen being Germanic invaders,ect.)

Your notion that I'm saying being any of the races are "bad" is unfounded. This is a setting where the United States had to deal with not only the issue of simple skin color, but being different fantasy species with various capabilities as well. If you do not like the idea you're free to not join, but don't toss false allegations of racism where they're are none.
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