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Neighbors are firing fireworks, in my woods. Yep, that's probably illegal.
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I'll be busy this time around due to Christmas, but Merry Christmas to all! (Unless, you're Jewish then Happy Hanukkah)
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Ad Victorium, Knight.
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Rev up those fryers! Because I'm sure hungry for one- *Gets tossed out, but doesn't even hit the ground yet.* MY LEG!
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Howdy! I'm Jaredthefox92! I'm a 27 year old United States citizen from Georgia.I'm actually a veteran roleplayer who's been roleplaying on places like Deviantart since 2010. I have various genres and themes, as well as fandoms I'm into as well.

Genres I like:
.Science fiction
.Dark fantasy
.Hero vs villain, (with me being the villain)
.War and conflict stories
.Historical stories
.Supernatural stories
.Post Apocalyptic

.Battle and combat
.Giants and giantesses, (I have a bit of a macro thing going on. ^^' )
.Dark fantasy like stories, especially ones with various races.
.Family oriented
.Grimdark and cynical stories, especially in wartime.

.Warhammer Fantasy
.Warhammer 40,000
.Star Wars
.Skyrim (although this is rather new to me.)
.Marvel and DC comics

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I know Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy are popular roleplay topics on here, but what about warmachine and Hordes? Would be really neat to make characters from the Iron Kingdoms of Immoren and see how they all work out, not everyone has to be a warcaster or a warlock too. Would that be a fun universe to host a roleplay in?

We'll be using the Iron Kingdoms RPG core rulebook, and I can allow character generation from this:

So, would anyone be interested?
Alright, good. Just as long as they're team players then.
Okay, so I'm going to say 'yes' to your character, but they will have to work as a team with the other Eldar.
I guess Harlequins could be involved, I just don't know how they would be in a squad of normal Eldar.
<Snipped quote by Jaredthefox92>

So are Orks not allowed then, boss?

Eh, Orks would be few in number, at least from the start. I really was thinking Dark Eldar would be our main antagonists. Unless we're dealing with Orks who were manipulated and tricked.
Indeed, I would be a Warlock but you can be pretty much any type of class seen in that picture, even a Falcon gravtank pilot!

I have an idea to make a RP where a Warhost of Eldar have to band together to help save a world filled with Soulstones. While other races are allowed, (minus humans as this is more of a story where Eldar actually get the job done.) I would like for us to make a party of Eldar, perhaps of the various Craftworlds friendly to Ulthwe. Chaos, the Tau, or the Dark Eldar maybe our antagonists.I'm looking for very few Imperial characters, unless they're willing to actually help the Eldar which is usually zilch. However, you can pick your Eldar class and pretty much everything below a Far Seer or a Matriarch/Patriarch is fine. Howling Banshees, Warlocks, Striking Scorpions, Dire Avengers, Guardians, you name it! (I personally would be a Warlock, but we maybe able to have multiple warlocks if it works out.)

Genre: Adventure, Science fiction, science fantasy, grimdark.

Allowed Races: Eldar (protagonists), Dark Eldar (antagonists), Tau, Chaos, mayybe some Necrons.

Players Wanted: 3-6 (for the party), others races are negotiable.

.This shall have at least one paragraph minium per post.

.You need to know Warhammer 40,000 lore. That, or at least be willing to follow along.

.Jaredthefox92 is the GM, don't try to pick a neckbeard fight with me.

.This story maybe slightly unorthodox as it could potentially have the Eldar succeeding.

.Other racial characters must be agreed upon, if you want to play someone from a list above, you must clear it with me.

.This will be mature for violence and warfare, you know. Like in Warhammer 40,000.

.You can choose any class or Craftworld, but make sure your character makes sense.

.We're looking for antagonists as well, we need Dark Eldar and Chaos. Tau are rare and Necrons would be only if the story needs to be spiced up some more.

.There will be a turn order, to start once we have at least two other people onboard. Any newcomwers must merge into the story and await their turns.

While the plot won't take part on a Craftoworld, there's going to be Webway gates involved.
Alright, CS template is up.
Character Sheet Template. (Note: Use hiders if you want.)






Faction: (If applicable at all.)










Religion: (If applicable.)




Sentimental Attachment: (If applicable.)


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