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“You've got to be fucking kidding me.” Alison Sparks said to herself as she processed the information staring back at her from her computer screen. When she had agreed to help Racheli look into her father's death, she figured that it would be an open and shut case. Michael Garth was dead an buried, simple as that. And to most people who might be looking, it would appear that this was the case. However, when one has the resources that being Richard Midas' right hand affords you, the ability to look a bit deeper can be quite illuminating. According to the records, Michael Garth was pronounced dead by a local medical examiner named James MacGrath shortly after being executed on Death Row. MacGrath also conducted the autopsy and then shipped the body to the Parker Funeral Home in Hood River Oregon, where Michael's body was cremated.

There was only one problem with the official record of events. Neither a medical examiner named James MacGrath or a Parker Funeral Home exist, or existed in the entire state of Oregon. Then, there was the fact that someone who looked exactly like him was caught on a security camera in a Price Chopper in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont shortly before the Hounds of Humanity attacks as well as the fact that Racheli had received a birthday card from someone claiming to be her father, and the fact that the writing on the card was a perfect match for Michael Garth. When adding up all the evidence Alison came to one conclusion:

Either Racheli's father was alive, or someone was doing their damnedest to make it look like he was.

Ms Sparks inserted a USB drive into the computer and began copying the files on Racheli's father onto it. As the data was being copied to the drive, Alison felt a sudden pang of sympathy for the woman. Someone was playing fast and loose with Racheli's life, and Sparks knew first hand how agonizing that could be.

“Oh Rach, I'm so sorry.” Sparks said aloud as the data was being copied to the drive. However, she didn't have time to dwell on her thoughts, as her phone began to ring just as the data finished copying.
Sparks looked at the phone and saw that the call was coming from a familiar number.

“Hey Boss, what's up?” Sparks said as she answered the phone.

“Good evening Ms Sparks, I have something for you.” Richard Midas' voice said from the other end of the line. “I need you to go into Crown Ridge tonight to meet our friend at his base of operations. We have much to discuss, and I want my best person on it.”

“I understand.” Sparks said coolly. “What time?”

“8 o'clock. Don't be late.” Midas warned her.

“I'll be there.” Sparks said, her praying that her voice didn't give any hint of the trepidation she was feeling. “I just have one stop to make, then I'll head right over.”

“Good, Midas said. Again, this is a sensitive meeting, don't do anything to embarrass me.” Midas said, his voice even, but a none so subtle reminder that he hasn't forgiven her for allowing Racheli to join up with the heroes during the battle of Sherman Square. “I'll be keeping an 'Eye' on you.”



A young woman with spunk and energy in every step she takes, "Athena" is a go-lucky and cheerful individual who thrives on interaction and living in the moment. At first glance, one would think her nothing more than a young woman who should be living the dream in a university of her choosing. She's polite, friendly, and warm-hearted to those she meets. Often, she tries her best to include those she encounters in the conversation or make them feel welcomed, depending on the situation.
She's compassionate, loyal, kind, and very comforting to her friends. She's willing to go the extra mile for them, no matter how far that mile is, and she's stubborn enough to go for it. And with that, she's adventurous and is willing to do all sorts of things with her friends: whether it's sports, games, video games, or traveling. Even without them, Athena tends to forge her path so that she may explore and better understand the world around her in the way of gaining knowledge and experience.
With such energy, she pours herself into her dancing and singing, and whenever she's able, her focus in bettering her knowledge in medicine. She's passionate about the field and is often very excitable because of it. Due to her friendly demeanor, she makes quick friends with people regardless of their differences. And because of her natural curiosity with the world and how it works, she is genuinely interested in the conversations she makes with people. This part of her made her popular with her fans and said the number of them only continues to grow.
However, with such friendly mannerisms, it may appear to many that she's naive, and this can cause certain people to be somewhat judgmental. She is loyal to a near-fault once her trust is earned, and is willing to fight for those she deems her friends. She values sincerity and truthfulness and in turn, often likes speaking the truth as frequently as possible.
Despite her age, she's cautious in her words and is eloquent. With her sunny disposition, it's hard to imagine her that she has any troubles of her own when she acts and seems relatively carefree. She's a little guarded of herself and doesn't tend to share too much of herself. (To a point.) While she'll be open about her experiences and relatable topics when the situation calls for it, she tends to withdraw when it comes to talking about her past. This trait tends to lead to her bottling a lot of her emotions in until she explodes or finally has a mental breakdown.

She wears a hoodie (of varying colors of black and grey) with a recognizable pair of wings on her back and a matching baseball cap to help cover her eyes regardless of the time of day. Coupled with a matching face mask that covers her mouth with a slight voice-altering mechanic. Underneath the sweater/hoodie itself, she wears durable pants and boots to help her traverse without worrying for wear and tear.


Athena was born very fortunate, with an innate desire for both knowledge and wonder. Coming from a family of wealth on her father's side, she had no limitations of what she wanted to do with her life. Her father was one of the board members of a large company well known for the import and exports of goods, among a variety of other odd successful business ventures. Under the CEO, the company known as Reid Industries was the company he served.
Her mother was from an old family line known for their herbal remedies and medicines, giving Athena the knowledge she has today. While her mother's business was very successful—starting from the late 1800s to the present day—the company never went beyond several chains in a few cities. It was only when her mother met her father that they decided to expand the business and try to sell the herbal remedies into other countries.
Athena grew up with an older brother under very lax care, her parents distant as they focused on their companies and giving her to caretakers to care for her. Her parents' ventures into business left Athena with the freedom to explore all avenues of her interests from ballet to music to martial arts to academic studies. No matter what Athena did, however, her parents never really looked at their daughter or her accomplishments. Their primary focus was on her older brother, nicknamed Ares, who was set to take after her father. Though she knew that her parents loved and genuinely cared for her, her grandparents and her older brother were the ones that eventually started to care for her. Though, she did bond with her mother whenever she had the chance. When her mother brought her to visit her grandparents' herb shop, they talked about herbs and medicinal plants. It was through their mutual love of the plants that they genuinely bonded.
Over time, her grandparents were grooming her to be the one to one day lead their small company. But, Athena wanted more in life and discovered her near insatiable hunger for knowledge. That need for knowledge was quenched by her brother when he began to study for school earnestly. Through that, they both shared an interest in academia and what the world has to offer.
Eventually, when Athena turned fifteen, on a whim, decided to audition for a part in a girls' pop group. To her surprise, she was selected and joined a K-Pop idol group. On top of that, her parents approved of it and let her join. By doing so, they hoped that the experience would better educate her on what life had to offer her. Athena had never been busier or happier in her life. In a strange turn of events, Athena was finding her place in life as an idol while balancing her family and personal desire to learn.
When she turned sixteen, however, this started to go downhill. While on a trip with her grandparents into the country for some R&R, she got into a car accident. It should've killed her. Instead, it left her in a coma for a week. Her grandmother became paralyzed and was in critical care while her grandfather took the brunt of the damage and had died. The doctor explained to both her parents and her brother that Athena had technically, for all intents and purposes, died. During her coma, she was a "vegetable" that showed little to no response aside from the beating of her heart. But then, at the end of the week, she woke up as though nothing had happened.
However, to Athena, things had changed from that day forward.
Thanks to her brush with death, her family became overprotective and worrisome about both her and her grandmother. After mourning the death of her grandfather, she was given numerous get well letters and presents from her fans wishing her well. It was through this that Athena decided to continue her work through other means when her manager suggested she try acting.
By the time she reached eighteen, Athena had become an accomplished teenage actress with one successful and top-rated movie under her belt and another in the works. However, due to recent events of her recent movie, the movie was put on hold to recover from it. And now, the paparazzi was dying to find out the reasons behind the delay in filming. Athena's manager decided to send her to Lost Haven to recover and hopefully help her hide from the world of Hollywood...

Mystic / Energy.

Street Level (Presently). Eventually: Cosmic


✦ Understanding Qi and Qigong / Life Energies - From a young age, Athena was taught and understood quickly that there's a life force that drives people and everything is made up of them. Because of this, she understands everything is connected and uses this knowledge to help with those she helps heal.
★ Intellectual Ability - She's born with the mental capacity for absorbing information. She's good at the memory and learning that this lends to her capable of conversing on intelligent subjects. With this capacity of memory, she's able to learn several languages on top of everything.
✦ Animate Objects - Temporarily, Athena is able to animate non-magical objects no bigger than, roughly, her size. Anything bigger, she struggles and loses her ability to do so over long periods and can exhaust her. However, the smaller she animates things, the easier it is for her to manipulate. At the current moment, she can animate three medium dog-sized objects and double that number the smaller the object. The length at which she can manipulate the objects depends on her levels of exhaustion and mental fortitude.
★ Cellular Manipulation - When she touches someone, she's able to see the life energies of their bodies, and in turn, their body cells and can manipulate them for proper regeneration of their bodies. It leaves no scarring when she does this, and the body feels as though it has renewed its lifecycle. Think 3D printing organs, and that's what Athena does. By taking the cells of other parts of the body, she duplicates them by harnessing the energy and power around her. Then, she changes their basic cell structure to become the organ she needs them to become.
✦ Energy and Life Manipulation - The core of her abilities and powers—Athena is skilled in manipulating life and being what life is. After her meeting with death, she's able to harness and use the energy around herself to her benefit. However, she was only allowed to use it in healing and helping the creatures and people around her. If there's anything like a soul, she can see them and perhaps, even "understand" them without actually talking to them.
★ Regeneration - With the awakening of her abilities, Athena has obtained the ability to rapidly regenerate. However, this will slow, depending on her focus. If she focuses on another to help heal them, then her recovery will slow down to compensate. Alternatively, if she hasn't properly taken care of herself, her regeneration will also slow down to preserve energy. However, regardless of her exhaustion, she will never be pushed to the brink of death by whatever means, be it poison, severe injuries, etc.


HEIGHT: 5'5" / 165 cm.
WEIGHT: 110 lbs. / 49 kg.
AGE: 18
SPEED/REACTION TIMING LEVEL: Slightly above human but subpar in comparison to most others.
AGILITY: 5x due to her practices in dancing and experiences with martial arts.


★ Being Human - She's only human and generally has all the weaknesses that a human ought to have.
✦ Magic / Combat - Just because she's adept at the healing capabilities that she's gained, doesn't mean she knows how to defend herself against the other powers of the mystic arts. Though she's capable of defending herself to a point, she's not the sort of user that's capable of defending against the elements or against people who excel in combative situations.
★ Paparazzi - Athena is famous all over the world as a renowned singer, dancer, and actress with a huge following over ten million fans. Because of this, she's often worried about her public image and tries to keep to a certain personality type of cheeriness and friendliness.
✦ Mental & Physical Duress - Her abilities directly correlate to the wellness and health of her mind and body. As she's aging, her body is continuously changing and will continue to change her limitations. This leaves Athena in dangerous territory as she has yet to discover the limitations of her healing abilities.


✦ Ares Lin - Athena's older brother of three years. He's currently going to university studying business and biology. Athena was brilliant in terms of academia and people; her brother was the same. Capable of multitasking between his two majors and of succeeding in school, he hopes to one day surpass their father. Despite how busy he is, Ares is always consistently shown an overprotective nature over his little sister and deeply cares for her welfare.
★ Mei Lee - Athena's manager. She handles all of Athena's work and performances throughout her career. She's the one that scouted Athena and has been with her since the beginning. A woman of short stature and a comely appearance has a surprising fiery temper. It makes Mei a woman not to be messed with when it comes to Athena and her faith in her and her work.
✦ Jayden Kim - Her bodyguard that's surprisingly not someone that's able to be noticed from the get-go. He has stylized black hair with near handsome-ish Asian features that's pleasant to look at, but not enough for him to overtly ogle. His age is about his late thirties. He views Athena like a sister he never had, and he's watched over her since she started her career as an idol and actress.

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Character you have created: Araceli Holguín y Muguruza (Or, simply Araceli Holguín in Yanqui naming conventions)

Alias: N/A. Araceli embraces being superpowered as part of her rocker life, and makes no attempt at hiding that she has powers.

Welcome aboard

Even from his perch above the crime scene, the smoke that billowed from the remains of the 16th Precinct burned Lyger's lungs, and the smell of burning rubble and melting tar stung his nostrils. He watched from afar as rescue workers combed the scene, pulling body after body from the rubble. He watched as stunned paramedics loaded black bag after black bag into the backs of ambulances, which then drove off, carrying the remains of someone who would never make it home.

It was a familiar scene, one that he had seen repeated here again for the sixth time this night. At each site, a school bus loaded with explosives had driven into a building, causing a massive explosion that leveled the target building. The first location that had been struck was the city's central fire station, then the local state police barracks, followed by a Sheriff's Department sub station, an apartment building, City Hall, and now this, the 16th Precinct of the Crown Ridge Police Department. To Lyger, the simultaneous attacks had two purposes. The attacks on law enforcement, city government, and the fire department were meant to destabilize the city and slow down any response by those departments. The attack on the apartment building was meant to incite fear in the population.

It worked.

The tension in the air was palpable. In the wake of the attacks, the city was on edge, and Lyger knew that all it would need to descend into chaos was the just the slightest push. He alsoAs he knew that he had to act fast to keep it from coming to that. Having seen enough from his perch on the rooftop overlooking the scene of the crime, he surveyed the scene one last time before he activated the com link in his mask.

“Whisper, tell me you've got something.” He said, unable to mask the anger in his voice.

“Nothing yet boss.” Came her reply. “The only thing we know is that the buses seem to have left from the same location, east of the attacks.” She finished after a momentary pause.

“Well, that's something. I'll look into it. See if you can narrow down the location of the launch point, and I'll see what I can find.” He told her as he made his way across the rooftop.

“I'm on it.” Whisper said as the communication was cut.

From there, Lyger made his way to the corner of the rooftop, just above the alley where he had hidden his motorcycle. He took a deep breath and dove off the roof of the three story building, completely a forward flip and landing in a crouching position, thankful for the upgrades to the impact dampeners that Harry had installed in his boots before he retired. He then climbed on the bike, and started it up before riding off into the city, hoping to find any clues as to the identity of the person, or persons responsible for these attacks.



Emma Jones sat behind the news desk waiting for the countdown until they resumed their live coverage of the attacks in Crown Ridge. As a seasoned news anchor for WCR News Center 5, Emma had reported on her fair share of horrifying and tragic stories. However, something about these most recent attacks was different. It almost felt as if this were just the beginning of some nightmare, if this was only the opening volley in a war that would tax the very souls of the people of Crown Ridge, and beyond.

“Chuck, how are we doing on that refill?” she asked, lifting her empty coffee mug toward the producer. “If we're going to keep going like this, I need my fix.”
“Joey, would you please get Emma her fucking coffee?” Chuck responded. “We're going live again in one minute.”

As the crew rushed around making last second preparations for the broadcast to resume, the studio door opened and a figure slipped onto the sound stage. The slender man was wearing a long black overcoat and a Crown Ridge Reapers cap, and did what he could to stay out of the way.
“Okay people, 10 seconds.” Chuck announced. Then, after several seconds began the countdown to going live. “And 5..4..3..2..” then he pointed to Emma, indicating that they were live.

“Welcome back to WCR News Center 5, I'm Emma Jones and we're continuing the coverage of the multiple bombings that rocked Crown Ridge earlier this evening. If you're just joining us, six locations throughout the city were bombed earlier tonight in what authorities are calling a brazen act of terror. We're told that Jose Gutierrez has more information from the Crown Ridge Police Department's 16th Precinct, which of course was one of the locations hit in this attack.”

“Terror? Oh, you don't know the first thing about terror.” The slender man in the ball cap said loudly from the corner of the studio where he had been biding his time. He stepped forward removing his cap, and for the first time those in the studio saw his jaundiced yellow skin and his sunken black eyes. “But, if you bare with me, you will.”

One of the stage hands rushed toward Insomnia, however, before he could grab the madman, Insomnia reached into his overcoat and produced a buck knife. Before the stage hand could react, the blade pierced the side of his neck, and with one quick motion, the intruder pulled the knife from the front of his throat, nearly decapitating the man where he stood. He stood over the man's body for a moment, a sinister sneer etched on his face as the rest of the studio stood in stunned silence. Then, he looked up from his handiwork and began slowly striding toward the news desk.

“You see, some people might say that I'm insane. But...I...I assure you that I am not.” He spoke as he moved toward the news desk. “The truth is, things have never been more clear to me. This world is diseased. Violence, corruption, government overreach, they are all simply symptoms of a greater truth.” He said as he reached the desk. Emma Jones looked up at him, choking on fear as he began to gently stoke her long blonde hair. Then, he began to run the dull side of the blade down her cheek.

“The truth is, the world is a nightmare. And I'm here to...” He paused. “Wake. You. Up.”

“Who...who are you?” Emma, finally channeling some of her years of investigative reporting asked.

“Oh...didn't you know?” He asked feigning hurt. “I am.....

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Pretty much that. I also know there are a few players who dub in the supernatural and other genres which allow your character to cross paths with them whenever you want. I know I have a werewolf that's involved in that stuff, and I'm slowly trying to back on his feet again. Had an extreme case of motivation block since most of the players he was attached to ended up becoming overwhelmed with real-life or dropped the rp suddenly. I swear, if I didn't know better I think Ben had the plague or something.

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Previously on CAH:…

Scott remained on bended knee as he waited for Alexa's answer. Each agonizing second that passed felt like an eternity. In all of his life, he couldn't remember a moment in which he felt more vulnerable than he did in this instant, waiting on a one word answer that would forever alter his life, fore better or worse. He looked up to Alexa, who was standing frozen in place, her eyes bulging out of her head and her hands covering her mouth as she gazed at the diamond ring that he was presenting to her. The agonizing seconds continued to pass, and Scott was beginning to second guess himself when Alexa finally spoke.

“Yes.” She said. “Yes.” her words coming between bursts of tearful laughter.

Relief washed over Scott as his question had finally been answered. He gently took her hand and placed the ring on her finger before getting back up on his feet and taking Alexa in a tight embrace. He held her in that embrace for several moments before he pulled away and looked her directly in the eyes before they leaned into one another for a long kiss.


The Next Day

She said yes. Icon thought as he soared through the skies above Lost Haven. The events of the previous night kept replaying in his head, even as he flew upward, performed a vertical half turn and went back the other way.

“She said YES!” He shouted in glee, though due to his speed and altitude, no one would be able to hear him.

His thoughts kept going back to the night before: His fear, his proposal, more fear, the agonizing wait, and then, mercifully, her affirmative answer. After the proposal, they had gone back down into the club to share the good news. Jenny had been down in the back office with Eric when they broke the news, Eric, naturally wanted to celebrate and began planning a big party, which, to anyone who knew Eric should not have been a surprise. Jenny's reaction was slightly more subdued, she gave both her big brother and future sister-in-law a big hug and told them “It's about fucking time!”

However, the sounds of gunshots and people screaming pulled him back into the present. It took him a moment to pinpoint the source of the disturbance, but when he did he made a slight course correction and made his way toward Chinatown, which had had it's fair share of issues in recent months, gang wars and explosions that nearly destroyed the entire neighborhood were some of the more recent troubles that they had been forced to deal with as of late.

What now? Icon asked himself. However, as he arrived on the scene he saw what the problem was, and he couldn't believe it. He saw the new Aquilifer, who he had briefly met when he and several other heroes teamed up to bring an end to the threat posed by Nightmare. And he was not alone, instead he was doing battle with someone who looked very much like Terrance Stamp dressed as one of his most iconic roles, that of the rogue Kryptonian General in the original Superman movie. However, Aquilifer wasn't just fighting the man, he appeared to be serenading him as well.

“......UPTOWN GIRL!!!”

“What the...?”

However, that wasn't all. Once Aquilifer had brought “Not Zod” back to the ground, Icon saw the appearance of a giant animated mouse with a clenched fist and bad intentions.

“You've gotta be shitting me...” Icon said as he touched down in the center of the conflict.
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