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In the days since Hounds of Humanity had been defeated, Kyle had hardly heard from Harry. Aside from the occasional text checking in, there was nothing. Kyle had tried getting in touch with his mentor to go over cases that he had been investigating prior to the ordeal with the Hounds, however, the old man would simply tell him that he didn’t have the time, or that they would look into it later. Harry’s seeming disinterest was very much out of character, and Kyle had begun to grow concerned for his friend. So, when he received a text message from the old man telling him to meet at a specific address in Crown Ridge, he was both relieved and concerned.

Meet me at 53 Somerset Ave, Crown Ridge, noon. The message had said.

Kyle arrived at the address Harry had provided just before noon and was slightly confused as to why the old man had wanted to meet here. There was nothing there but an old decommissioned post office building which looked as if it hadn’t been touched in twenty years. Around the perimeter of the old building was a large brick wall which much like the rest of the property had seen better days. The wall was in disrepair, and in some places looked to be crumbling. However, as he looked closer, he could see that it appeared that there had been some recent renovations to the wall, as well as what looked to be a state of the art surveillance system.

“What’s going on Harry?” Kyle asked out loud, although he was alone.

Not seeing Harry anywhere, Kyle began to walk around the outside of the wall which surrounded the old post office. He was puzzled as to why Harry could possibly want to meet here. Though, one thing he had learned in his time working with Harry, is that the old man always had a reason for everything, he’d just have to wait and find out what that reason was.


Harry was late, which Kyle found odd. Harry was never late, for anything. The old man was always quick to remind Kyle of one of his many rules of thumb, “if you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” So, the fact that Harry had not arrived yet had him slightly concerned. However, he did not have to worry for long, as after a few minutes, he saw Harry’s black Cadillac round the corner before if pulled up to the curb in front of him.

“Hi.” The old man said with a smile as he stepped out of the car. His tone was much more jovial than normal.

Now, Kyle was worried.

“What’s up?” Kyle asked as he greeted his mentor. “Why did you want to meet here?”

“Come this way.” Harry said, motioning Kyle to follow him through the gated entrance which would take them to the other side of the wall. ‘We’ve got some things to discuss.”

Harry led Kyle to the old post office building, and as they got closer Kyle could see just how badly the building had deteriorated from years of neglect. Though, as he looked more closely at the building, something seemed slightly “off” about it. Something about the building seemed artificial. Kyle followed Harry around the left side of the building to a section of wall which was just out of view from the street side.

“Put your hand there.” Harry said pointing to a specific section of the wall that was broken into four square panels, indicating that Kyle should put his hand on the second panel in. When Kyle did as he was instructed, nothing happened.

“What is this?” Kyle asked, growing slightly frustrated, and yet, even more concerned for Harry. In the past few weeks, something had been off with Harry. He didn’t seem to be as fully invested in what they had been doing as he once was. He also noticed the little things, the fatigue in Harry’s eyes, the difficulty the older man had with seemingly menial tasks, such as picking up a coffee mug, or the increasing frequency in which Harry forgot things. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was just another example of Harry’s recent troubles.

Almost as if sensing Kyle’s trepidation, Harry placed his palm of the same panel that Kyle had, and much to the younger man’s surprise, the panel glowed with a bluish hue and the wall slid open, revealing a large elevator with enough room to fit two cars side by side.

“Your biometrics haven’t been programmed into the system yet.” Harry explained to Kyle. “Once we do that, it’ll open for you too.” He finished as the elevator began to move downward.

“Harry, what the hell is this place?” Kyle asked.

“This…” Harry began. “This is what I’ve been working on for the last month.” He explained as the elevator came to a stop.

Once the elevator had stopped, the doors slid open revealing a large room. In the center of the room was a rather unassuming car. Although it was a nice looking car, it didn’t seem to be anything special. Then his eyes shifted from the car to the rest of the room. On the far wall was a large computer array, and in the opposite corner of the room was a workout station, complete with weights, climbing ropes and cardio machines.

“What is this place?” Kyle asked even though he knew the answer.
“This is your new base of operations. During the cold war it was common for the US government to build bomb shelters beneath municipal buildings, this was an example of one. It was decommissioned in the 70’s.” Harry began.

“I was able to purchase the property on your behalf, and using some of my old contacts I was able to establish several different shell companies to hide the identity of the true owner, but that’s not anything that you have to worry about.” Harry said, clearly enjoying the baffled look on Kyle’s face.

“It will make operating within Crown Ridge more efficient. Of course, you’ll still have access to The Garage should you need it.” Harry explained. “I know it doesn’t look like much now, but we’ve been working on this for weeks, when we’re done, it’ll be all you need.”

“We?” Kyle asked.

“Kyle, this is a young man’s game.” Harry began, ignoring Kyle’s question. “And I’m not a young man anymore.”

“What are you saying?” Kyle asked, concern creeping into his voice.

“I can’t keep doing this Kyle. When I began training you, you were just a kid with unlimited, untapped potential. And while in many ways you are still that same boy that showed up on my doorstep with Ronnie, you’ve grown so much.” He paused for a moment, closing his eyes and tilting his head to the floor at the mention of his grandson.

“But there’s nothing more I can teach you.”

“Harry…” Kyle began but was immediately cut off.

“It’s time for you to take the next step, it’s time for you to be your own man.” Harry told him. “And as it’s your time, it’s also mine. It’s my time to retire.”

“What are you going to do?” Kyle asked, the shock of the moment made it difficult for him to get the words out.

“Oh, I think I’m going to go to a nice tropical beach somewhere and spend my days sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.” Harry joked. “But no matter what, if you ever need me, I’ll be there for you. I’m just a phone call away.”

“I…I was not expecting this.” Kyle admitted, still struggling to find the right words.

“But I wouldn’t leave you without getting you set up with everything you need. I know that it doesn’t look like much right now, but neither did The Garage when I first started working on it. This place, this place will be special…and you’re going to make it your own.” Harry told the younger man.

“Harry, you said ‘we.’ Who were you talking about?” Kyle asked.

“Them.” Harry said as he pointed behind Kyle. Much to Kyle’s surprise he saw two young women standing behind him. One was a young blonde woman who looked to be barely out of high school. The other was a dark haired Latina woman who was about his age, or slightly older.

“Kyle, I’d like you to meet Cassie Welch, the best hacker in the Western Hemisphere. Trust me, the computers are in good hands.”

“They call me Whisper.” She sad as she extended her hand to shake his.

“And this is the woman that created most of the equipment you use, Ash Martinez, also know as Echo. Her father was the most innovative engineer I’ve ever known. And I have to say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I think you’ll be excited to see what she’s been cooking up for you.”
Hoping to finish a post tomorrow and get started on another. RL has been hectic this week
I was planning on doing some writing for a collab with Ded and post of my own, but I had some things come up that I had to deal with. I got a little bit done on one post, I'l be working on both tomorrow
hey its me again, sorry its taking so long, I'm moving houses and shit.

no worries

It was over.

The group of heroes that had come together to stop the Hounds of Humanity had managed to get the job done. Lyger and Radiance had been able to infiltrate the Hounds’ main base of operations and shut down the killer satellite from the ground, which gave Icon and the other space farers enough time to destroy The Finger of God once and for all.

They had routed the Hounds of Humanity troops, destroying much of their weaponry along the way. Their fleet of destructive vehicles, the advanced choppers as well as the walking tank-like mech suits lay in shambles. With their war machine in ruins and their leadership scattered or in custody, the Hounds of Humanity scrambled to avoid capture by the authorities who had since come on the scene. Though it was unlikely that every member of the Hounds would be captured on this night, the organization had been crippled.

Lyger emerged from the Hounds base just behind Radiance. As he stepped out of the entrance, he saw that both the FBI and the National Guard had arrived on the scene, along with Icon and some of the others that had gone into space to deal with the satellite. He surveyed the scene, and could see several men being taken into custody by the National Guard, including one man who was being escorted by Iron Knight himself, though Lyger didn’t recognize the man, he assumed that this was the man, or at the very least one of the men responsible for all of the death and destruction that the Hounds had caused over these last weeks. As they stepped out into the street, Radiance looked back at Lyger.
“Good work.” Lyger told her.

“You weren’t so bad yourself.” She retorted before making her way over to where Icon and some of the other heroes were gathered.

“Harry.” Lyger said into his comlink. “It’s over, we’re done here.” He told his mentor as he slipped away into the darkness.


Sam Myers sat with her eyes glued to the television. The new coverage of the assault in Lost Haven confused to say the least, offering conflicting reports almost throughout the duration of the event. There had been rumors of casualties on both sides, and she could have sworn that she had seen at least one of the female heroes gunned down by a group of Hounds, though the chaos of the battle made it impossible to follow exactly what was going on.

Then the battle moved from Sherman Square to Carver, and the news coverage quickly became journalists speculating as to what was going on inside of the Hounds of Humanity’s headquarters. She watched as several loud explosions on the inside of the base could be heard, which led to even more speculation from those covering the event. The simple fact was, nobody really knew what was going on…and it was driving her mad.

She felt sick to her stomach not knowing what was going on in Lost Haven. Her heart pounded in her chest as she saw numerous heroes emerging from the Hounds compound, but the one hero that she was desperate to see was nowhere to be found. As the reporters began to cover the apprehension of the Hounds of Humanity leadership, the cameras focused most on heroes such as Iron Knight and Icon, but not one word was said about the one hero who she was desperate to hear about.

She watched the coverage for about another hour, which had begun to repeat news that it had already reported as there was very little new information to report.

“Come on, Kyle.” She said as she had tried calling his cell phone for the tenth time, only for it to go directly to voicemail.

As she sat there in front of the television with no word about, or for that matter, from Kyle, there was an icy pit deep in her stomach as her imagination began to take hold and she began to fear the worst. She reached again for her phone and just as she was about to press the button to call him, her heart jumped as she heard a key in the front door. She jumped to her feet and raced toward the front door. Her heart continued to pound as she saw the door begin to open, and then relief as Kyle walked through it.

“Hey babe.” He said quietly, barely above a whisper as his gaze met hers. She said nothing as she stepped toward him, wrapped her arms around him and met him with a deep kiss.
working on a couple of things at the moment.
alright, so we're just waiting on a post or 2 to wrap up the Hounds arc proper, then we'll all be free to move on with whatever we want to work on
Right now Charlie and Maddi are ready for moving on whenever you guys are. They’re in the basw ready to be bamboozled or slip outta sight. My collabo with Hound has been quiet since he’s busy.

Yeah, I talked to him about that. He's kind of in a tough spot but should be all set in a couple weeks.
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