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Currently on the road, so I’ll take a look at this when I’m back from my day trip. Unless Ded or Hound wanted to take a crack before I’m able

Well, here goes nothing. Icon thought to himself as he reached escape velocity. He had no clue what would happen once he left Earth’s atmosphere and entered orbit. His lungs could explode, or perhaps he would lose the ability to propel himself forward. Or maybe, going into space wouldn’t affect him at all. The fact was, he wouldn’t know until he got there, and with the Finger of God pointed directly at Lost Haven, he didn’t have time to worry about what may happen. All he could think about was what would happen should they fail.

Once he and his mechanized ally had left the relative comfort of Earth, he found that the change in surroundings didn’t really seem to have much of an affect on him at all. Granted, there seemed to be more drag in the vacuum of space, which slowed him down, and he didn’t have quite as much control as he did while flying within Earth’s atmosphere but the effects weren’t that noticeable. What he did notice, however, was how silent space was. Even with his enhanced hearing, there was not a sound. To him, it sounded almost like being underwater, only more muted.

Another thing he noticed as he looked around was just how beautiful it was. Even as he moved in the general direction of the satellite, he glanced back toward Earth and was utterly awestruck by the beauty of the planet. It was like a bright blue jewel illuminated in the dark, a darkness speckled by the glow of countless stars, which shined like diamonds and dotted the black nothingness for as far as the eye could see. It was truly a breathtaking sight.

[i] Focus Scott, we’ve got a job to do.[/] Icon thought to himself as he forced himself to keep his mind on the task at hand. Although the scenery was spectacular, he couldn’t allow himself to lose sight of why they were there. The Hounds of Humanity had hidden a weapon in orbit above the Earth. It was a weapon that had already wiped two American cities from existence, and left a third city in ruins.

Now, that weapon was pointed directly at his home.

Chris Arthur, The Iron Knight had been able to locate the satellite, which had been dubbed by the media “The Finger of God,” and the few heroes that were potentially capable of space travel went into orbit to take it out. Although Arthur hadn’t been able to pinpoint the exact location, instead, providing Icon and the others with a general direction to look for the satellite, it didn’t take long for them to find it.

There it is. Icon thought as he first laid eyes on the Finger of God. At first glance, the satellite was no more remarkable than any other satellite that lay in orbit around the planet. However, the better he looked at it, the more he could see that it was much more than a normal satellite. The sleek gray and black surface did not stand out by any means. However, as Icon got closer he could see that something was moving on the surface of the satellite. It was one of the other heroes, he believed that she had said that her name was Voyager. She appeared to be working on the side of the weapon, prying a metal panel from the satellite. However, much to his surprise, she wasn’t the only thing that was moving on the satellite.

Points on the satellite appeared to slide and shift as it seemed that the Finger of God was almost aware of an incoming threat. Turrets began to manifest on the body of the satellite. There were two turrets on the top of the satellite’s hexagonal body, one near the bracing which connected one of the large solar panels to the body and another toward the front. There were two more on the bottom of the satellite in similar positions, and another near each of the small dishes that protruded from the satellite.

My God… He thought to himself as he saw something even more disturbing. The Finger of God’s main weapon which was located at the nose of the satellite suddenly came to life as a bright red light gave off a menacing glow which Icon know could only mean one thing…the Finger of God was powering up to fire.

Icon tried to increase his speed as he moved toward the satellite, however, with the vacuum of space slowing him down, and the added weight of the mech that he had been carrying adding even more drag, he wasn’t able to gain any velocity.

I hope he has some sort of propulsion system in that thing. Icon thought as he let go of the mech, allowing it to float free in space. We’ve got to take this thing down, now! Icon thought even as the satellite’s turrets began opening fire on the advancing heroes.

Lyger silently crept down a long narrow hallway that seemed to go on forever. Though he didn’t know exactly where he was going, the energy readings in his heads up display seemed to indicate that a large amount of energy was being expended in the general direction that he was heading. As Lyger moved deeper into the compound, he soon realized that it appeared that it was abandoned. He expected there to be Hounds goons swarming the hallways in order to repel the advancing heroes, however there was only silence. He was alone.


“Up this way.” Radiance said to him as she hovered past him “There’s a massive electrical spike coming from somewhere down there.” She said as she continued down the hall. Lyger knew that she was right, he could see the readings on his HUD, however, how she knew that was a mystery to him. The only way that she could possibly know, he guessed based upon her power set, was that she could somehow sense the massive output of energy.

“How can you tell?” He asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“I can feel it.” Radiance told him, confirming his suspicions.

“I’ve got this. You head back and keep an eye on the rookies.” Lyger said referring to Pantheon, Alchemyst, and Lady Hex. The disregard that Pantheon had shown for human life did not sit well with Lyger, and though he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop the hotheaded powerhouse head on, he had made it a mental note to keep an eye on him. The other two, he didn’t trust. He heard them whispering among themselves, and though he wasn’t able to hear exactly what they were speaking of, he did get bits and pieces. The were discussing something, or someone called the Witchfinder. Though he didn’t know who, or what that was, he didn’t like the possibility of someone’s ulterior motives screwing up this operation.

There was far too much at stake.

“No, you might need me here. Besides, I don’t think they need a babysitter. Arthur and Blacklight should have it covered.” Radiance told him with such conviction that he didn’t bother arguing the point. Instead, he just grunted in acceptance and continued down the hall.

Though Lyger couldn’t argue that Arthur’s heart was in the right place, he still doubted his ability to lead an operation like this. He still had issues with the way that Iron Knight had recruited people who were clearly not ready during the Pax Metahumana crisis, and that carelessness had lead to Bast being injured. However, she was lucky, she recovered. Lyger still intended to have a conversation with Arthur about that, however, again, this was not the time. But the time would come, and soon.

Blacklight however, was a different story. She was a disciplined and experienced hero. She had forgotten more about what it means to be a hero than a lot of people would ever know. Though, he did admit, that he was surprised to see her here as nobody had heard anything from her in years. Having her in the mix gave Lyger some comfort, because he felt that if anybody could keep everyone in line, it was her.

His mind returned to the task at hand as he and Radiance reached their destination. At the end of the hall, there was a massive blast door which ran the entire length of the wall. The door was sealed and there were two heavily armed Hounds standing guard. Lyger stopped short and put his hand on Radiance’s shoulder, pulling her back.

“We can’t take them head on, it’s suicide.” He told her as they peered around the corner at the Hounds guarding the doorway.

“Tsk, tsk.” Radiance said, shaking her head. “Watch this.” She said as she raised her hands up to face level, the air around them began to crackle as electricity jumped between her fingers. She then stepped out around the corner and before the two Hounds could react, she sent a pair of arcing bolts of electricity toward them. The electric bolts hit the Hounds at the same time, the jolt sending both men flying backward into the heavy blast door.

“See, sometimes there is an easier way.” Radiance said as she moved toward the door.

“Right.” Lyger replied as he rushed behind her, hitting the control panel for the blast door, and much to his surprise, the door slid open.

“These guys really need to do something about their security.” Lyger quipped as they entered what they discovered was a sort of command center. The walls were covered with large television screens. There were computer arrays spread throughout the room, and a large array set up in the center of the command center.

“He jokes?” Radiance said, feigning shock as she walked in behind him. “It really is the end of the world.”

“Radiance…” Lyger said. “We have a problem.”

“What’s wro…oh.” She replied, cutting herself short as she saw what he was referring to. One of the computer screens had a single set of large red numbers, and they were counting down.





“We have to shut this thing down, now.” Lyger said as he rushed to the computer console. He tried accessing the controls, but found that the console was locked and the only way to access it was to put in the password. They did not have the password, nor the time to find it.


Lyger immediately went to work, pulling the covering from the console and attempting to put a stop to the countdown the old fashioned way, by smashing the computer that controlled it. However, much to his dismay, the countdown did not stop.

“It’s not working.” Radiance said, panic creeping into her voice as for the first time the thought that they might not succeed penetrated her mind.




“The signal must be coming through another console somewhere. We’ll never find it in time.” Lyger said as he frantically began smashing various computer arrays inside the command center, however, he was right. There were too many computers and not enough time.

“Get back.” Radiance said. “We’ve got one shot at this.” She explained as electricity began to encompass her entire body, which caused her to take on a truly luminous form. Lyger asked no questions, and did not argue. He just did what she had told him to do. Then, an instant later; the sound of thunder reverberated throughout the command center, followed by a electrical sizzle as all of the electronic devices inside the command center went dead. Nothing, including the HUD or the communications system built into his mask had survived.

He quickly glanced over at the main console display and saw that the large red numbers flashed once, and then the console went black.

00:02 was the last number in the countdown before it went dark forever.

“Well, I wasn’t entirely sure that was going to work.” Radiance confessed as she took a deep breath, then took an unsteady step forward. Lyger stepped toward her and offered her his arm to steady herself.

“We bought them some time.” He said looking upward. “Now it’s up to them to take that thing out for good.”
Working on actually getting free time. It is not going well.

I can relate. I had planned on spending the entire day writing...however my sister had other plans...instead I spent more than half the day in a car dealership. Tomorrow I'm visiting a friend who I haven't seen in 2 years, and then next week I get to drive 8 hours to pick up my niece....
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I'm going to go ahead and approve this
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Slipstream zipped through the dwindling numbers of Hounds of Humanity foot soldiers, punching, elbowing, kicking, and shoving thug after thug as she moved so fast that she was barely perceptual beyond a pink and purplish blur. The group metas had given the Hounds of Humanity more than they could handle, yet the fanatical murderers kept coming.

“These guys don’t know when to quit.” Slipstream said to no one in particular as she took a momentary breather.

“Tell me about it.” Radiance said as she landed a well placed kick to the temple of a nearby Hound before sending a jolt of electricity of another as he approached. “There!” Radiance shouted at Slipstream as she pointed out several more Hounds moving toward them.

In an instant, Slipstream was off. As she accelerated, the entire world slowed down around her. As she moved toward the incoming Hounds, it was as if everyone and everything around her was standing still while she moved around freely. As she raced towards the incoming Hounds, her mind drifted back to the hidden base that she and Arachne had busted up just outside of Pacific Point. The people trapped inside cages would forever be etched into her memory, as would the metallic smell of blood and viscera that permeated the lower levels of the hideout where the Hounds had executed countless victims. As the memories of the horrors that she had seen in that installation, Slipstream found new determination to make sure that something like that would never happen again.

So she ran right at them. She met the first of the Hounds with a right hook, then immediately went to the next, shoving him at supersonic speed. Then she followed that with a jumping judo kick to the jaw of the third Hound, then moved on to the next, and the one after him, and then another. After she had hit each of her targets, time itself seemed to speed up again, and each of the Hounds that she had assaulted were tossed and flung in all directions at once, as if they had been hit by some sort of force all at the same time. Pleased with what she had done, but knowing that there was still work to do, Slipstream looked back to Radiance who was dealing with her own problems.

A group of Hounds had flanked Radiance, and now she found herself surrounded. Ten of the jackbooted thugs had encircled her and were moving in with their weapons drawn.

“Time to put this freak bitch down.” One of the Hounds said as he raised his gun and aimed it at her head. There was a nod of agreement from a few of the others as they stopped advancing, their weapons leveled at her.

Suddenly, the air around her began to crackle with electricity. Radiance, and anyone else in the immediate vicinity could feel the hairs on their arms or the backs of their necks begin to stand on end, and suddenly, the heroine unleashed a powerful blast of electricity toward the encroaching thugs. However, there was something different about this bolt of energy, it almost seemed to be alive, to have a mind of its own as it danced around, striking each of the Hounds as if they were connected in some sort of devastating electrical chain. When the lightning bolt had run its course; each of the Hounds that had been advancing on her just a split second before, were now laying motionless on the street. The only sign of life was the slight raising and falling of their chests with each breath.

Soon after dispatching the Hounds, both Radiance and Slipstream turned their attention to Iron Knight, who had announced that they not only discovered the location of the satellite, and a small contingent of heroes, led by Icon had left the Earth to deal with it, but they had also found the Hounds hidden base near by. Iron Knight then gathered the troops and with the tech in his suit projected a map of the area, pinpointing the exact location of the base.

“That’s not far from here at all.” Slipstream said. “I can get there—”

“In a flash?” Radiance said in an attempt at levity.

“Jiffy.” Slipstream retorted. “I was going to say, 'in a jiffy.'” She said, and with a blink of the eye, she was gone, leaving only a slight rustle of wind in her wake.
Welcome back. And again, sorry for your loss
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