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  “Thanks Mr. Brown.” Scott said as he took the breakfast sandwich and a cup of iced coffee from the proprietor of Mac Brown's, one of the best food trucks in the city. A trip to the truck was something of a daily ritual for Scott, where he ordered the same thing every day. A Big Belly Breakfast Sandwich, which consisted of two eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese on a toasted bagel. Granted, Scott was sure that it was terrible for you, but it was delicious and he didn't seem to have to worry about problems like heart disease. So each day he would make this stop and grab what he considered a tasty treat.

He walked as he ate the sandwich, thinking about the day to come. He was excited, but nervous. He and Alexa had an appointment at the venue to make the payment to secure the space for their big day. Then, in the afternoon they had a cake tasting at one of the best bakeries in Lost Haven. He knew that after today, it would all be real. He and Alexa were getting married. It was no longer a hope or a dream, or some far off event that they could look forward to. It was happening, and it would be happening soon. Scott loved Alexa, and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. However, there were some things that needed to be resolved before the wedding took place. When Alexa told her parents about the engagement, her father did not take the news well. For some reason that Alexa didn't understand, her father did not like Scott. Her mother had assured her that he had just been shocked by the news, and that he would come around, but both Alexa and Scott had their doubts.

Just as Scott had scarfed down the last of his sandwich, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. When he took the phone out, he saw that he had a text message from Alexa.

“Don't forget, Seaside Gateway. 11:30.” The text message read.

The Seaside Gateway was one of the premier wedding venues not only in Lost Haven, but on the entire East Coast. It offered a massive banquet hall and unmatched views of the Atlantic, which were especially breathtaking during sunset. Alexa had fallen in love with the place the first time she saw it, and couldn't imagine having their big day happening anywhere else.

“C U there.” Scott replied before stuffing his phone back in his pocket and continuing on his way.


As Scott rounded the corner, he was able to see the large glass enclosed venue which sat overlooking Lost Haven's waterfront. After breakfast, Scott found that he had some time to kill, so he did a few errands, and then took to the skies looking for any trouble that he might be able to help with. However, Lost Haven was quiet. He did consider expanding his patrol away from the city, be decided against it, as Alexa would have killed him if he missed the appointment at the venue. As he approached the front of the venue, he saw that Alexa had, unsurprisingly beaten him there, as she was standing in the parking lot leaning against her Bentley Continental.

“Hey there, Fly Boy.” Alexa said as he approached her.

“You're one to talk.” He said jokingly as he put his arms around her and pulled her close to him, kissing her on the forehead.

“I almost expected you to be halfway to Terraria by now.” Alexa teased him.

“Oh, I thought about it, but I figured if I did, I might as well not come back.” Scott said with a chuckle as he let her go. “So, what do you say we get this over with.”

“Get this over with?” Alexa said with mock pain in her voice.

“You know what I meant.” Scott playfully said as he took her hand while they walked. The truth was, although it was said in jest, Scott did hate paperwork, which was partly why he had put Eric in charge of the club. Alexa understood this, but still gave him a hard time every chance she got.

As Scott and Alexa made their way toward the front entrance of the venue, they were greeted by an eager looking blonde woman, who looked to be in her mid thirties.

“You must be Ms Winstone and Mr...Hunter.” She said with a smile after the brief hesitation. “I'm Amy, and I'll be showing you around and answering any questions you might have.”

As she had promised, Amy led Alexa and Scott all throughout the building, showing them the function hall where the wedding itself will take place. The hall had a wide open floor plan with large picture windows that overlooked the waterfront. From there she showed them the reception area which had a large dance floor and an outdoor deck area. Once Amy had concluded the tour, she led the young couple back to the business office to finalize the paperwork and process the down payment to secure the venue for their big day. On the way back to the office, Amy explained the cancellation policy, “just in case,” as well as how much they would need to put down to secure the venue, and seemed somewhat surprised when Alexa informed her that they would be paying the entire balance.

As they walked into the office, Amy brought them to the back of the room where an old oak table was set up against the wall. A small flat screen TV hung on the wall behind them tuned to the local news. Amy motioned for them to sit and began going through the paperwork with them, explaining everything as they went through it and showing them where to initial and sign when the paperwork required it.

Then Scott heard something from the TV news that made his stomach sink. The newscaster was describing a story that was just developing. The details were not one hundred percent confirmed as they were still coming in, but it appeared that an earthquake had struck in Charonia, causing wide spread damage to the capital city, the newly rechristened city of Taloseden. The destruction within the city had apparently been enough to set off a new round of violence between the regime and the resistance fighters who's revolt had been thought to have been stamped out. More concerning was the reports that a train had been derailed which may or may not have been carrying an experimental weapon of some sort.

This was bad. The Charonians were a notorious brutal regime, and though Icon had up to this point stayed clear of international affairs, this could potentially destabilize the entire Mediterranean region. He couldn't just sit there while the entire region erupted into a possible war zone.

He had to do something.

Scott looked over to Alexa, who had noticed the change in his demeanor. She was looking at him with an expression of concern, and then looked to the TV, where she saw what was causing his sudden unease.

“You have to go.” She mouthed to him hoping that Amy didn't pick up on what was happening.

“Hey babe, didn't you have that appointment this afternoon?” She asked.

“Oh, god, yeah. I didn't realize how late it is.” Scott played along. “I should get going.”

“That's fine, I can finish things up here with Amy, you go on and get over there.” Alexa continued.

“Yeah, that's not a problem.” Amy said, confirming that she only really needed one of them to finish the booking.

With that, Scott stood up and extended his hand to Amy, which she hastily shook before he bounded out of the office. He made his way out of the building as quickly as he could without drawing attention to himself. Then, once he was away from the venue, he ducked down an alley where he pressed the activation switch on his bracelet, and within a flash of an eye, he was now wearing the famous uniform of Lost Haven's hero, Icon. He then took to the skies and set himself on a direct course to Charonia.
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excellent. We look forward to seeing what you have in mind. We are in the process of winding this season down, but the next season will be kicking off with a bang.
I've got some stuff in the works. Working on a collab (and I plan to have my current bit finished tomorrow), also have Icon, Lyger, and maybe even a Slipstream post in the pipeline.I also have next week off from work, so hopefully I'll get a bit of writing done
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How does one get one of those cool character banners?

I made a lot of them ones in the game. Things have been a tad hectic, so give me a few days and I'll see what I can come up with.
Character Name: Nikki Martinez-Gallegos
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Character Alignment: Villain
Identity: Secret


“This city is beautiful, isn't it?” Richard Midas said to Alison Sparks as the pair stood gazing out of the large picture window that gave the owner and CEO of Midas Industries an unrivaled view of Lost Haven. “As beautiful as it is though, this city is troubled. It seems like it's always under the gun.” Midas continued, never taking his eyes off of the Lost Haven Skyline.

“It does.” Sparks said in agreement.

“It doesn't matter if it's terrorists with space lasers, the latest freak of the week, or our own 'heroes' that are more concerned with making an entrance and looking cool than actually doing what's best for the city.” Midas' voice trailed a bit as he spoke.

“Heroes.” He said after a momentary pause. “Idiots with flashy costumes and more power than they know what to do with. They think they're doing good out there, but all they do is make things worse.”

“That's one way of looking at it.” Sparks said in a neutral tone. Though she hadn't exactly been a fan of the numerous super heroes who have come out of the woodwork in recent years, she had to admit that without them Lost Haven would more than likely be nothing more than a burning pile of ruins.

“It's the only way to look at it." Midas snarled."Take the big blue showboat for example. He comes out of nowhere, catches my space station out of the sky and announces his presence to the world. The next thing you know, this city is in constant threat. A demon invasion, that Nightmare character...the Hounds of Humanity. It never ends.” Midas told her.

“Look, I'm not his biggest fan, but he's done some good.” Sparks said.

“He has. There's no denying that.” Midas agreed. “But he could have done great things. Did you know that after he first arrived here, I reached out to him. I offered him a place here, working with me. I told him that together we'd be able to change the world. But he wasn't interested in making any real, lasting change. He was more interested in playing dress up and punching problems until they go away.” Midas was about to continue his current train of thought, but stopped as a penitent smile crossed his face.

“Pity.” He said finally as he stepped away from the window.

Sparks just stood there silently as her employer spoke. While he paid well, she had learned a long time ago not to interrupt him when he goes on a tangent.

“And that's why we're where we are now. There has to be a better way to ensure the safety of this city. One that doesn't include relying on costumed saviors to protect Lost Haven or her people. I think that working together with our new friends, we will be able to ensure the safety of our home, while making a nice profit while we do so.” Midas said with a grin. “I was glad to hear that your meeting with our new partners went well.”

“It went as well as it could have.” Sparks said.

“Indeed.” Midas agreed. “I was pleased to hear that you did everything necessary in the situation.

For a moment, a sudden pang of disgust washed over Sparks. Indeed, she had done what Midas had expected of her, and she had used all of her skills to ensure that the deal was still solid after the Daybreak fiasco.

“I did what I had to do.” Sparks said, her tone suddenly cold.

“Indeed.” Midas said with a chuckle. “In fact, I want you to get ready. We'll be going to Crown Ridge shortly. I have a possible acquisition that I want to look at myself, and we'll be meeting our friends in the Eye while we're there.” Midas told her.

“I'll get the car ready.” Sparks said obediently.

“Not just yet. Give me a half hour, I want to go visit with the twins before we go.”

“I wasn't always like this...”

Lyger heard the words of Insomnia even as he raced through the streets of Crown Ridge on the back of his motorcycle in search of the maniac. Earlier in the night, the madman had taken control of a local news station, where he slaughtered the crew and broadcast his intentions to the entire city. The scene that had played out on television had been effective in delivering the maniac's message, and it had the desired effect on the populace, as there had been reports of rioting and looting throughout the city.

“For years, like so many other people, I struggled with the inability to sleep. It affected my family, my work, my life. In fact, there was no aspect of my life that didn't suffer because of this affliction. So, I set out to do what any person in my position would do...I set out to find a cure. Unfortunately, the cure didn't work out as I had anticipated. You see, the cure that I found did not cure my affliction, it did so much more than I had ever dreamed. Though at first it was painful, both physically and mentally, to the point where I believed I was losing my mind, eventually I came to realize that this cure, this wonderful miracle that I had created, truly had liberated me. Now I see things the way they really are. I am able to see the world for the nightmare that it is. Truth be told, I have never been more alive, I have never seen so clearly. And soon, I will help you all see as clearly as me.”

The madman's threats echoed in the back of Lyger's mind as he continued his search for the maniac. Through the hijacked broadcast, Insomnia had boasted about his plan, and how he, and several like minded individuals would soon release the “cure” that had turned Insomnia into a monster into the city water supply. The thought of an entire city overrun by an army of Insomnias sent shivers down his spine. In fact, he had even thought of calling in some of his new “friends” to help, unfortunately, Icon was currently occupied and Iron Knight was otherwise unavailable. And even though Slipstream's abilities could prove useful, she was still too green to help in Crown Ridge, and he would be damned if he were to get her killed in this hell hole. So he had no other options, he was on his own.

There were 3 main locations that would most likely be the targets for the chemical dump, the Pequawket Water Plant was the least likely of the three main water plants to be attacked, as it only supplied water to the Lower East Side and Carson, while the Casco Plant only supplied water to the South End. It was too small of an area to make any real impact, and if Lyger was sure of anything, it was that Insomnia wanted to go big.

That left the New Portland Water Plant, which provided water to about ninety percent of the city. If Insomnia really did plan to put his “cure” into the water supply, this is where he would do it. So that is where Lyger was going, he just hoped that he wasn't too late.


Lyger approached the New Portland Water Plant and soon realized that he was not the only one that had deduced that Insomnia had chosen this location for his target. Outside of the water plant, chaos had erupted in the streets. Self proclaimed vigilantes had made their way to the water plant in an ill advised plan to protect it from Insomnia, however, their misguided but good intentions fell to the wayside when they began fighting one another, and soon, a full on riot had had erupted in front of the water plant, a riot that had overwhelmed the Crown Ridge police officers who had arrived on the scene to protect the plant from any attempts by Insomnia to tamper with the water supply.
Lyger jumped from his motorcycle and drove his foot into the jaw of the nearest rioter, instantly knocking the man unconscious. He had barely landed when a second man moved on him, only to be met with a jab to the throat and a right hand across the bridge of the nose. Though his strikes were punishing, he still held back, not wanting to do any real damage to the rioters.

I really can't blame them. They're scared, they're acting out. Who knows, if things had been different, I might have been one of them. Lyger thought to himself as he planted another of the rioters face first into the street.

For every rioter that Lyger put down, it seemed as if two more emerged. While he was engaged with a pair of rioters, another was able to get behind him and hit him across the back of the head with a wrench. The sudden attack nearly knocked him from his feet, and for an instant he was thankful that Ash had been able to reinforce his head gear with some light armor for just this type of situation. However, before he could react to the newest attack, another came, this time, one of the rioters had grabbed is legs and held on as tight as he could, then another came, this one grabbing him around the shoulders. Before he knew it, over a dozen of the rioters had surrounded him, taking him off his feet and began punching and kicking him all at once.

Well, this is an embarrassing way to go out... Lyger thought to himself as the idea that this might just be it for him entered his mind.

Lyger struggled to get free of the rioters, however, there were too many of them. As he struggled, he was pounded with punches and kicks. The rioters stomped him and beat him with blunt weapons until he couldn't fight anymore. Then, just as he had come to the realization that he couldn't get himself out of this situation, that his overconfidence had not only cost him this battle, but perhaps his very life had set in, the pummeling stopped. It was almost as if his assailants were being pulled off of him one by one.

Surprised by the sudden end to the beating that he had been receiving, Lyger looked up and saw that the rioters who had been assaulting him were floating several feet off the ground above him. Then, all at once, they were slammed down onto the pavement. Confused by what had just happened, Lyger sat up and looked around him. He saw a number of other rioters engaged with the police, and then he saw a familiar figure standing a dozen or so yards away from where he sat. It took him a moment to figure out where he knew the young man from, before he figured it out. It was the same young man who he had rescued from the Hounds of Humanity several months prior.

“It looked like you could use a little help.” The young man said to him. “I didn't really get a chance to thank you the last time we met...They call me Reklis.” he said as he offered Lyger a hand up.

“You shouldn't be out here, this is a dangerous situation.” Lyger told the young man who simply looked at the black clad hero incredulously.

“Clearly.” He said as he began walking towards the entrance of the plant. “See you in there.”

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