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Soon after Kava's fleet had dropped out of hyperspace above Coruscant, the sensors aboard the Lazarus had detected a flurry of activity in the city planet below. There had been significant troop movements around the Imperial Palace, where Koren Ozzell had taken up residence following the Emperor's death. Of course, the panic that she could almost feel emanating from the city planet was mostly for nothing, after all, Admiral Kava had come to offer her hand in friendship to the leadership of the Grand Imperium.

For thousands of years, Coruscant served as the seat of power in the galaxy. It was the center of the Empire, as well as the Republic which had preceded it. Kava knew the rebels, as well as much of the galaxy at large to be a sentimental lot, and as such, it was only a matter of time before they made a play at taking Coruscant, and she could not allow that to happen. For if the rebels were to take the Imperial capitol, the Empire would quickly lose its grip on the systems that it still did control, and eventually would die.

And Kava would rather die than to see that happen. So in order to preserve the Empire that she served, she would do anything, including enter into an alliance with a weak fool like Ozzell. At one time, Koren Ozzell had been the standard by which other Imperial commanders had aspired to emulate. He had been a brilliant tactician and commanded respect from his subordinates, and more importantly, their undying loyalty. So it was only natural that in the wake of the Emperor's death, that he be the one to take the reigns of what remained of the Empire and forge it into something new, the Grand Imperium.

Unfortunately, as the leader of the Imperium, he became too much of a politician. He lost the edge that had made him a great warrior. Instead of bending the galaxy to his will, he instead made concessions to the rebels, even recognizing the terrorists as a legitimate government. He pandered and placated the so called “New Republic” so much so that they themselves began to believe that they were in control of the galaxy.

Fools. She thought to herself as she looked out of the window of the command deck at the massive city planet below.

“Admiral, we're being hailed by the Imperium Palace.” Captain Bryce informed her as he approached from behind, stopping short and standing at attention as he awaited her instruction.

“Very good.-” Kava grinned as she turned to face the captain. “-Bring them up on the holodisplay. We should greet our new friends.” She said slightly sarcastically.

She had met Koren Ozzell several times during her service to the Empire. He had always struck her as a gifted commander, someone who had ways to motivate his subordinates, yet, she found herself utterly disappointed in his apparent sense of contentment. He was happy to sit on his throne on Coruscant while the rest of the galaxy descended into chaos. He had no real desire to reclaim the territory that the rebels had stolen from the Empire, and that infuriated Kava. However, she had no intention of deposing him. For all of his faults, he was still useful. The truth was, that Kava did not presently have any desire to be the public face of the Empire, and she would leave that role to Ozzell, at least for now.

She stood before the holodisplay as it activated, revealing a man in a pristine Imperium uniform staring back at her. He was a tall man, well over six feet tall with tightly cropped black hair and an impeccably trimmed beard. Though she did not know this man who's image stood before her, she assumed he was one of Ozzell's underlings.

“Super Star Destroyer Lazarus, what brings you to Coruscant?” The man asked shortly. Kava had heard reports from her people embedded within the Imperium that Ozzell and his staff were somewhat paranoid, and she could see by this man's response to her very presence that these reports were true. In order to get what she wanted, she would need to assuage the paranoia of the Imperium High Command.

“I am Lez'Kava'Layro of the Galactic Empire, however, you may call me Admiral Kava. I am here to speak with Lord Ozzell.” Kava coldly.

“One moment, Admiral Kava.-” The bearded man responded as he punched information into the datapad in his hands. “-Your credentials check out. You have permission to land, I'm transmitting the coordinates to you now.”

“Very well, officer.” Kava replied coolly. Though the man's demeanor had annoyed the Admiral, she did not show her aggravation. However, as she studied the man in the holodisplay, she could see that he seemed to be slightly shaken. And while most might not notice it, to Kava it was abundantly clear that something seemed to be worrying the officer, and it was not just the sudden arrival of her fleet. “Kava out.” she said as the holodisplay went dark as the transmission was terminated.

“Captain Bryce, prepare my shuttle and gather the landing party. Beeone, you're with me.” She said to the hulking KX security droid who stood silently behind her. “We're going home.” She said after a momentary pause, a smile creasing her lips.

“Yes Mistress, right away.” the droid replied as it followed the Admiral away from the bridge.

Shortly after the Twilight Dreams touched down just outside of Mos Espa, Joren took his first steps off of the ship's boarding ramp and onto the sandy surface of Tatooine and was surprised by the scorching heat that greeted him. Although he had known that the desert planet was hot, he had not anticipated just how hot the planet truly was. As he led the others away from the ship, which they had landed on the outskirts of the city to avoid any attention being drawn to themselves, they decided to head into the spaceport to try and figure out exactly what it was that they were doing, and what their next move was.

Initially, Dono and Kelsa had been against coming to Tatooine. They both had argued that leaving one Hutt controlled world for another was not the best idea, and Joren could see their point. However, he had argued that it wasn't the Hutts that had chased them off of Nar Shaddaa, it was the Kath Hounds and the Empire, neither of which existed on Tatooine.

However, the truth was that Joren didn't know why he had suggested that they come to this planet. And even if he did, he didn't know that he could explain it to his friends. He wondered just how he could tell them that a voice had called out to him through the vastness of space and beckoned him to come. Though it hadn't been a voice that had called to him, had been more like a feeling. He knew that it sounded crazy and he couldn't explain it.

“So, where are we going?” Kelsa finally spoke up, breaking the silence.

“Mos Espa spaceport, it's what passes for a capitol city around these parts. Keep your heads down and try not to bring attention to yourselves-” Dono said without breaking stride. “-This place can be rough.”

“So, we should feel right at home.” Nyna said as they continued toward the spaceport, which appeared to shimmer before them in the heat.

Once inside the spaceport, they walked down the sandy streets passing numerous adobe style buildings and found themselves in an outdoor market place. They passed by the citizens of Mos Espa, many of whom had rough and weathered skin due to years of exposure to the desert elements and the twin suns, as well as numerous beings of various species who were mingling throughout the marketplace. Up ahead of them was a food stand which had a variety of what looked to be relatively freshly killed creatures strapped up on display, and while the critters didn't look all that appealing, the smell from the stand certainly was. The crew continued past the food stand a little ways and found themselves in front of a small eatery. The establishment, called Akim's Munch was a small diner with a number of tables inside, and several more outside around the side of the building. Used to watching his surroundings, Joren took note of the patrons that were sitting at the outside tables. There were several Weequay scattered among the tables as well as a few Bith. However, the one character that stood out was a lone Mon Calamari. The sight of the aquatic creature sitting alone at a diner on the desert planet struck Joren as ironic, if not outright odd. However, as strange as it was, Joren was just about to suggest they stop for a bite to eat when something else caught his attention.

Not far from the diner a group of Rodians had surrounded a young woman. Joren watched as the woman tried to get away from the reptile like aliens, only to be pushed back. There seemed to be a heated exchange by the young woman, who appeared to be about the same age as Joren and the others, and the Rodians, though Joren couldn't tell exactly what was being said.

“No, don't even think about it.” Nyna said as Joren began drifting toward the confrontation.

“We can't not do something.” Joren replied as he took another step towards the woman and her “friends.” Though Nyna knew that a public confrontation would draw attention to them, potentially even the attention of a Hutt who had connections to the crime lords of Nar Shaddaa, she also knew that Joren was right. Who knew what the Rodians wanted with the girl, and Nyna nor her friends were capable of standing by while they did whatever it was they had in mind for this girl.

“So much for keeping a low profile.” Nyna said as she followed Joren and Dono as they began walking towards the source of the confrontation. Joren and Nyna led the way as Dono and Kelsa followed close behind them.

“Hey, back off slagchucker!” Nyna exclaimed toward the Rodians as one of them shoved the slender young woman. The sudden outburst caused the Rodian thugs to turn their attention away from the young woman and to the intruders.

“Mind your business.” One of the Rodians said in broken basic as he stepped aggressively towards Nyna and Joren.

“Hey, no need for that friend. Take it easy.-” Joren said as he put his hands up toward the group of aliens with his palms facing forward. “-Now, let the girl go and we'll be on our way.”

“No, she has to pay for what she did. Now you leave or you pay too!” Another of the Rodians spoke up as Dono made his presence known, drawing a blaster.

“Sorry.-” Dono said as he came to a stop before the Rodians. “That's not going to happen.” He finished as he pointed his blaster at the Rodian who appeared to be in charge.

The Rodian reached for his blaster, however, before he could Dono fired to blast bolts into his chest. As the Rodian stumbled back and began to fall, one of the others rushed toward Nyna brandishing a durasteel club. He swung the club before anyone had a chance to react, hitting her in the head and knocking her to the ground.

“Nyna!” Joren shouted as he raised his blaster and opened fire on the Rodian with the club, hitting him several times in the upper arms and chest.

As the melee began, Kelsa ran toward the young woman who had been the target of the Rodians' ire and grabbed her and led her out of harm's way as Joren and Dono fought off the remaining Rodians. The fire fight was over before it really began. When the dust had settled, the six Rodians lay sprawled out in the street.

Joren holstered his weapon and made his way over to where Nyna lay. He bent down and slowly helped her up. Though her head was pounding and she was a little unsteady on her feet, she seemed to be alright. Joren was helping Nyna try to steady herself, the young woman who had been been the subject of the Rodians' ire approached.

“We should really get going.” The young woman said as she reached them.

“Probably a good idea. Who knows what we just stirred up.” Joren agreed.

“My place is just outside of town. It's just a short walk from here.” She told them.

“That's alright, our ship is on the outskirts of the city.” Dono said as Nyna stumbled a bit as Joren still held on to her, keeping her upright. The young woman watched as Nyna struggled on her feet and then shook her head at the Mandalorian.

“Those guys that you took out.-” She said motioning to the dead Rodians that littered the roadway. “-They're debt collectors for Sladoba the Hutt. He won't be happy when word gets out that you slaughtered his guys, and from the way that word travels around here, I'd say he's probably learning about this whole fiasco right about now. So, you can take your chances and head all the way back to your ship with someone who can barely walk straight, or you can come with me.”

Dono was about to raise an objection, however, Kelsa spoke up before he had the chance.

“She's right.” Kelsa said.

“Kelsa, we don't know her.” Dono said.

“And she.-” She said pointing emphatically at Nyna. “-can't walk straight. Let's go with...” She paused as she shifted her gaze to the young blonde woman.

“Breia.” she said.

“Breia to her place, get Nyna some time to rest, and we can get back to the Dreams tomorrow.”

“Not a bad idea.” Joren said as he turned to regard Breia. “I'm Joren, this is Nyna, Dono, and you've met Kelsa.” He said as he pointed to each of his friends.

“Nice to meet you all, now we should go.” Breia said as she led the others away from the scene of the shootout.

As they began walking toward the edge of town, Joren stopped short. There was something there with them on this world, something that felt dark, cold. It was something that Joren had never felt before, and if truth be told, he hoped to never feel again.

“You okay Vod'ika?” Dono called to him.

“Yeah...yeah, I'm coming.” Joren said as he rejoined his friends. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that something, or someone, was watching them.
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Sheet is possibly WIP. Malg is a very independent character, so I wasn't sure if I should give him any supporting characters to reflect his self-reliant nature. I already discussed with @FalloutJack that Malg and Singe would be connected, so maybe I can get away with listing her there? I'm not really sure.

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P R I V A T E E R ~ C O R E L L I A N D A W N ~ N E W R E P U B L I C

Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

Character Background: Huc was born on Corellia in the year 15BBY, years after the formation of the Empire and their stranglehold over the galaxy. His parents were laborers in the Corellia Shipyards, and led a simple, yet safe, life under the eye of the Empire. Neither were fans of the totalitarian state, but held their opinions to themselves in order to protect their young son. Huc's earliest memories were his father sitting with him as they watched the ships come and go from the shipyards. Sal, his father, would explain the capabilities of each ship and Huc would dream of flying away on one. Like all Corellians, he had a wanderlust that the Empire would no longer allow, especially for someone of his class.

As he grew, his parents' treatment at the hands of the Empire as well as being stuck on a planet he was beginning to see as a prison began to form his hatred of the Empire. This was all crystallized when his mother died in a shipyard accident caused by the Empire overworking the shipyard employees. The loss devastated Huc and Sal, sending the latter into a state of full on radicalization. He began meeting with a group that called itself the Corellian Resistance. The group began as nothing more than a secret forum for people to vent their frustrations. Huc was allowed to attend the meetings, setting him down the path that would consume his destiny.

Everything changed after the Battle of Yavin. As news of the Death Star's destruction spread, the Resistance on Corellia became emboldened. Outright sabotage of Imperial efforts in the shipyards became the norm, and some radical members of the group began outright attacking Imperial installations.

Seeing that true insurrection was impossible without support from the upstart Rebel Alliance, Sal devised a drastic plan. He would steal a YT-2000 light freighter from the shipyards and use it as a blockade runner to supply the rebel band. Huc was adamant he join his father, arguing that he was now at an age where he could no longer be protected. So the father and son infiltrated the shipyards and stole the freighter from under the nose of the Empire, and made contact with a Rebel cell.

For the next few years the two of them were the critical supply link between the Rebellion and the Corellian Resistance. They ran blockades, smuggled contraband, and even performed prison breaks using the ship, which Sal named the Corellian Dawn.

Huc began training with the fighters of the Resistance, becoming an able commando in his own right. While not proficient in the skills, he could slice into simpler systems when needed. But his true calling was flying the Dawn, which his father taught him how to do. He was a natural, and could adeptly fill in for his father when needed.

The Resistance was successful in disrupting the shipyards, buying the Rebellion time and infuriating the local governor. This eventually led to a more sizable garrison on the planet, as well as the nefarious replacement of local workers with slave labor to ensure compliance. This made life for the Resistance harder, and the fighting became more desperate across Corellia.

Eventually, they were given word that the Rebellion was going to make a decisive strike on the Empire soon. To coincide with this, the Corellian Resistance planned to cripple the Imperial presence on the planet. Using a major guerrilla-style attack throughout Coronet City, the Resistance systematically wiped out Stormtroopers en mass while the ships they had assaulted the shipyards and freed the slaves held there.

It was during this mission that tragedy once again struck Huc's life. Sal was covering a group of slaves as they boarded the Dawn, and was shot down by a Stormtrooper. Unable to retrieve his father's body, Huc escaped with the liberated workers and was never able to bury his father properly. But the mission was a success, the Empire on Corellia was greatly weakened, and Huc knew that's all Sal would have cared about in the end. Now he and his wife were joined in the Force.

From this tragedy came opportunity. In the group of slaves he rescued were Yu'li Tavir, a Togrutan that was about his age, as well as the Herglic named Gor-Nada, who fancied himself Yu'li's surrogate father. Yu and Huc bonded quickly, as neither had many peers in their same age group inside the Resistance ranks. It turned out Yu'li was a crack shot with nearly any weapon handed to her, and she could man the guns of the Corellian Dawn like a pro. Her mischievous ways partnered with Huc's easygoing attitude led to the pair getting in more trouble than they should have in Resistance headquarters. It was usually Gor that had to reprimand them. He had become a mechanic for the Resistance, and was a whiz when it came to repairing the Dawn. The two became the permanent crew for the ship, and Huc was happy to have a family again.

When the fledgling New Republic decided to fully liberate Corellia, Huc, the Corellian Dawn, and her new crew took part in the Battle of Corellia, helping the New Republic fleet to drive the Empire out of the important ship yard. After the battle, they were offered official commission to join the Fleet, but Huc had other ideas. He had waited too long to explore the galaxy, and thought that being tied to orders from the New Republic Navy would hinder those opportunities. Instead, he proposed that the Dawn and her crew would be privateers in the service of the New Republic. They would raid Remnant shipping lines and merchant vessels, taking some of the profits while delivering the rest to the nearest Republic base. The proposal was accepted, and the Dawn set out across the galaxy to do just that.

Along their travels, Huc "acquired" an AC series pilot droid to act as his co-pilot aboard the Dawn, and Yu purchased a domesticated Loth-cat known as Fuzzball as a pet.

The crew is currently in the Outer Rim, on the planet Batuu, hunting rumors of Imperial expeditions into the Unknown regions...

Character Personality: Huc is driven by his desire to see the Empire wiped out for their crimes against the galaxy. He believes fully in the promise of the New Republic, and has hope the new Jedi Order can keep the peace in the galaxy. He is dedicated to helping those that need it, some times to the point of folly or endangering his mission. This can lead to friction with his crewmates, who are more focused on profit and moving onto the next job, but his easygoing and fun-loving attitude often leads to quick forgiveness. He is a smooth talked, and even though he bares scars from his freedom fighter days, he uses his handsomeness to his advantage. His swashbuckling demeanor is used to paint over the deep seeded pain he still carries from losing his family, however, something only Yu'li truly knows about him.

He's never happier than when he is behind the helm of his ship, the Corellian Dawn. Flying is the thing he truly is best at, and he never passes up an opportunity to show off. His co-pilot, the reprogrammed Star Tour pilot droid AC-DK known as "Duck", often reprimands his flying style.

During missions, Huc never kills those that don't deserve it. Only military targets such as Stormtroopers, TIE pilots, or Imperial Remnant Officers are liable to be killed. This can sometimes lead to trouble, as raided merchants often send the authorities after the Dawn, and sometimes Huc's crew believe he enjoys being chased.

Huc loathes the leftover racism that still lingers after the Empire's rule, and is fiercely protective of Yu'li and Gor, even though they don't need him to be.

Character's Physical description: Seen above. About 5'10", and 200lbs

Character Class: Force-Sensitive Scoundrel (Privateer)


Supporting Characters:

Approved. Glad to have you aboard
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