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<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

Do you take non-Marvel/DC stuff? Ie Top Cow Productions or Image Comics, The Darkness, Witchblade, The Boys etc

Welcome! Yea, we allow those kinds of characters. I’d prefer a new player I don’t know to start with a more mainstream character, but considering how slow the game is right now (for obvious reasons), I’m totally cool with you throwing up a sheet for someone like that.

"O'Neil!" the gruff bark came from the room next to her, nearly causing April to slip off her chair and drop the folder of pictures and notes she had. Jameson had been on the phone about Spider-Man when she walked in. He really did seem to hate the hero more than most things, which was saying something considering all Triple J seemed to like was money and things that made him money.

She crossed over into his office, which could only be described as immaculate chaos. One desk along the wall had multiple monitors displaying tomorrow's online version of the Bugle. On the other desk were pages and pages of possible layouts for the print editions. If the Bugle wasn't such a rag, she would have found the process that Jameson was going through amazing and herculean. In reality, his insistence on controlling every little part of the paper was one of its biggest problems.

"Ah, good, you're here, what took you so long?" he asked, not looking up from the layouts.

"I was waiting out-"

"Sure, sure, sure," he waved her off. "If you have pictures, leave them on my secratery's desk when you leave. I'm sure they're great. Listen, I need you to cover an event at the Museum of Natural History on Friday?"

"I...what? An Assignment?" she was surprised. In the few weeks she had worked here, all he ever seemed to care about was her getting coffee and some pictures of the turtles. Sending her out on an assignment was a huge new step.

"Don't get too big for your britches," he cautioned. "My lifestyle guy got the flu, and is insisting I give him some 'paid time off', whatever the hell that means. So I need you to cover it."

"Oh, okay, cool," she didn't care what the reason was. A byline was a byline, right? And she liked going to the museum, so it was a win-win. "What's the event?"

"I dunno, they're unveiling some Japanese artifacts they found recently," he motioned to a folder on his desk. "It's black tie. If you need, we can expense a rental for you and a date. But the lowest priced option. We're not made of money."

"Uh...okay, Mr. Jameson. I won't let you down!"

"What do you think April wants?" Mikey pondered as the four brothers traversed the New York skyscrapers. They moved like a cohesive unit, flowing from one roof to the next like the wind.

Leonardo had come to love these moments above the surface with his brothers, the four of them not needing to speak to one another and instead just moving like a cohesive unit. The four of them were starting to really understand what Splinter's teachings were about, and how they could really be used. All those years in the dojo were now coming to fruition, and Leo couldn't feel better about that.

"She said she had some important news on the Foot," Raph responded to his younger brother. "Maybe she finally got an interview with Shredder."

"Nah, she probably just misses me," Mikey dismissed Raphael's obviously correct answer. "Who wouldn't miss my magnetic personality?"

"Mikey, more like reverse polarity personality," Donnie laughed. He was the only one, and Leo could tell that he was confused as to how, "Get it? Because people want to go away from him? Like...when you try to put the same sides of a magnet together?"

"Donnie, really?" Leo shook his head.

"Ugh, no one gets me," Donatello sighed.

"No, no we do not," Raph agreed as the brothers came to a stop on the rooftop of April's apartment.

They climbed down gingerly, making sure not to make too much noise on the fire escape. The last thing they needed was one of the other people in April's apartment complex coming to the window and spotting them. Splinter already wasn't happy they were here so soon after meeting April. He wanted the brothers to watch her, make sure that she could be trusted.

Leonardo wasn't going to have any of that, though. She and Casey had made it clear they were in for the long haul when it came to helping out the Turtles. Leo had been far too trusting when it came to Karai. he knew that. But these two were different. There was no ulterior motive to be had or reason for them to betray his family. They needed these allies, and he was going to make sure he kept them.

Once they made it to April's apartment, the knocked on the window, and were greeted by April's smiling face, "About time you guys got here! It's almost one in the morning."

"Yea, well, we're night owls," Raph shrugged and entered.

"Party all night long, guuuuuuurl," Mikey blurted out.

"Oh my god," Donnie sighed under his breath.

"Good to see you, April," Leo stifled a laugh. "Sorry about my brothers."

She shook her head, causing her fire orange hair to wave in a circle, "Trust me, they're no worse than basically every guy at school."

Mikey put his hand on her shoulder, "Someone giving you trouble? Want me to take care of him? I can drag him into the sewer. Make sure he's never seen again. Ninja...vanish."

Humoring him, she looked at him disapprovingly, "Now why would I want you to ruin your adorable reputation?"

Mike spun around to face his brothers, "She thinks I'm adorable!"

"Okay, calm down, weirdo," Raphael rolled his eyes.

"Your email said you had big news?" Donatello brought the line of questioning back to business.

"Oh, right," she headed back to her desk and pulled out a folder, handing it to Don. "I got an assignment from my boss. Didn't seem all that interesting until I started going through the program for the museum unveiling it's for. Take a look, I thin you guys are going to be pleasantly surprised."

Don flipped through the pamphlet for a few seconds before his head snapped up, his eyes wide and staring back at April, "There's no way."

"I know, right? Almost too good to be true," she nodded with a wide smile on her face.

"What is it, Don?" Leo asked.

"An exhibit on newly found ninja artifacts. Including, and I quote, 'the legendary Book of the Foot Clan, supposedly containing the prophecies that informed the mysterious ninja clan'."

"Holy shit," Raph blurted out.

"Yea, that's what I thought you'd say," April beamed.

"We need to get our hands on that book," Leo looked at her, and he instantly knew she had a plan.
.....sooooo, has anything been done with the X-Men yet?

Clearly I'm doing a shit job of GMing.

I've touched them a little bit, and Rogue is an integral part of my Steve Rogers story, but otherwise no, not really.

I've hit a bit of a funk on this and don't know whether I'll be able to push through it. I thought I'd just put that out there in the interest of being transparent rather than ghosting.

No problem. I'm being pretty lenient on the posting deadlines considering everything going on in the world, so feel free to pop back if you get past it.

Rogue should have taken Steve's advice about the blue furry mutant man seriously. He was like Donkey Kong mixed with Cookie Monster. It was the craziest thing she had ever seen, and she had seen a rat man just a few days ago. But he also talked as if he was the smartest man in the world. He was currently giving her a rundown on what it meant to be a mutant, biologically. He was using words like gene and chromosome and RNA, all of which promptly flew over Rogue's head at the speed of light.

"Doc," she interrupted him in her southern drawl, "I don't mean to be rude, but could ya get to the point? All this science mumbo jumbo makes about as much sense as latin."

"Oh, I can speak fluent Latin," the furry professor smiled broadly, but quickly moved on when it was clear that she wasn't going to be impressed no matter what he said. "Fine, fine. All this is just to tell you that I've discovered just how your powers work. The genes, as I was saying, have been supercharged. The way they rebuild themselves are unlike anything I've ever seen before. When you come in contact with another's genes, yours start to shape themselves to match, siphoning off any abilities the other person mid have."

"As well as their life," she muttered to herself. She didn't really care how her powers worked exactly. All she knew was that they hurt other people, that she would never be able to get close to anyone, and that she'd always hurt those she loved eventually. The science behind it didn't matter in the slightest.

"Yes," he put his head down and fiddled with his pawed hands. "That...I do not have an answer for. I know it's hard. Things are never easy for us. It is our blessing, and our curse, these abilities."

"Come on," she chuckled. "I can't touch people. At least you're fuzzy and cute."

He smiled warmly, "I understand. But there was once a time I felt as you do. That my abilities, my...differences were keeping me from living a normal life. That I would never be happy as long as I was different from everyone around me."

Hank McCoy rolled his chair over to his desk and deftly snatched up a picture frame sitting on it. He slid back towards her and handed it to Rogue, "Take a look."

She looked at it, before glancing up at the doctor. The similarities were hard to find, but they were there. The eyes, mostly. The same intelligent sparkle was in the picture and the mutant in front of her. The way his glasses hung off his nose, and the wry smile were also similar. But it couldn't be.

"Ah, but it is me," he smile broadly, realizing what she was thinking without her having to say it. "I was so ashamed by my large hands and feet that I thought I could develop an anti-mutagen. A cure, if you will. All I wanted was to be normal. Instead I made myself even more abnormal. It took finding my way to Charles for him to show me a new purpose. A new way to help the next generation of mutants. So, I understand how you feel. But know that you too can be an inspiration. It just depends on what you do with your abilities."

She nodded, taking everything she said into herself.

"Thanks, doc. Hopefully I'll see you soon."

"So do I, dear," Hank McCoy smiled. "So do I."

Steve sat in front of Xavier's desk, and Summers took a seat next to him. The young mutant was embarrassed he allowed Rogue to slip away from him so easily. Steve had attempted to ensure him it was no big deal, that kids would be kids, but there was a burning desire for leadership in that one. He was too focused on rigidity though. If Steve had the time he's walk him through the story of when Dugan and Bucky disobeyed a direct order and ended up capturing two Hydra tanks on their own.

Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen.

"We've done some digging while you were away and resting," Xavier started, sliding a file over to him. "The orphanage where Rogue was being held hadn't been used in two decades. The building was standing, but unoccupied and unowned. That is until a few months ago when a private equity firm bought the building and the land. We've been trying to untangle the web of funding, but so far we've only been able to find one company name in all of this."

Steve had to have a chuckle, "This is some real spy stuff, Charles."

"We have our ways, Captain," he smiled back. "In the folder you'll find information on Stagg Industries, a biotech and pharmaceutical company based in Hub City."

"Let me guess, they're working on mutations," Steve mused as he began to flip through the report.

"Not that we know of," Scott shook his head. "But considering they're the only lead we have, they're probably worth checking out."

"Guess I'm headed for Hub City," Steve shook his head. "I know it was a tough place before the war...and it doesn't sound like it's gotten much better."

"There's more," Charles winced as he flipped on the television. There scenes of the aftermath of his fight with the rat boy played out. Talking heads on the television were going on and on about how Steve Rogers, the former Captain America, had gone on a warpath for reasons unknown. There were discussions of sending SHIELD after him in a manhunt.

Steve couldn't say he was surprised. He knew that whoever had blown up the building had hoped for this exact reaction. But that was beside the point. They weren't going to frighten him out of action.

"That's certainly going to make things more difficult," Rogers rubbed his chin, the beard he was sporting starting to really fill in. "Especially travel."

"Well, we have an idea about that too," Xavier smiled.

The small aircraft was rolled out of a back part of the hanger, Steve and Rogue both whistling at it as it did. It was smaller than the Blackbird, but still big enough for a mobile base. It was sleek, almost like a hawk in flight. Two jet engines on the back were paired with wing-based rotorblades that would allow it to hover silently. Inside were some beds, a small galley, and everything they needed to survive on the run.

"I call it the Quinjet," Hank McCoy showed off the craft, smiling like a proud parent. "Fast, maneuverable, and sure to get you out of any trouble you ever find yourself in."

"Sounds like you shouldn't be giving this away on a whim," Steve's eyebrow raised.

Scott, Hank, and Charles all gathered around him. Hank put his hand on the hero's shoulder, "Steve, someone is threatening mutants. And not only that, they're trying to take you down as well. I helped design this craft to help protect my people. In your hands, it's doing just that. I can't think of a better use of its time."

Rogers smiled, and blushed slightly. He would never be used to people treating him like a living saint. All he wanted to do was help, not be worshiped. But he couldn't deny that he appreciated the help. He and Rogue were going to need all that they could get.

"Thank you," he looked at the three mutant men. "All of you. I promise, I'm going to figure out what's going on here. And I won't forget all the help you gave me. I hope I can make you proud."

"Ugh," Rogue rolled her eyes. "Don't make me vom. Come on, old man. We got some bad guys to take down. Thanks for all the help, Chuck."

"Kids," Steve shook his head and followed the teenage mutant up the ramp onto the Quinjet.
So GM update:

Considering everything going on in the world, I'm kind of letting the 2 week thing slide for now. I know people will need time to deal with far more important things in life. The game will always be here. So don't feel too beholden to the two week thing.

@IceHeart sorry to see you go. Hopefully you find something else to write.

Leonardo twirled the piece of the robot they had kept in front of him, the "TCRI" brand inside spinning in and out of view as he did so. His father had never told the four turtles where they had came from, or in reality, how their father had found them. How he had really found them. He had never said he kept the broken vial of ooze, which was now sitting on the coffee table in the middle of the Den's living room. On the couch were Raph and Mikey, while Donatello was sitting in his computer chair, leaning back. All of there were staring at the canister in silence ever since Splinter had placed it in front of them.

He figured his father wanted to leave his sons to their thoughts for now. After he stood in silence a while, he turned and headed for his room. None of the brothers had said anything else regarding the canister since then. Even Mikey was completely quiet, which was the most amazing thing about it all.

"So..." Mikey started, making Leo realize he had thought too soon.

"No, Mikey," Raph sigh. "No."

"I'm just sayin' if the place that the ooze came from is still around, and clearly they are since they sent the metal munchers after us," he shrugged. "Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to get in there? Find out what the ooze really is?"

"Good lord that's actually a good idea," Donatello was so surprised he nearly leaned too far back in his chair. He pinwheeled wildly with his arms to keep his balance.

"Hehe," Mikey chuckled. "I'm smart."

"You'd be smarter if you realized we'd be walking in the lion's den if we went strollin' into a lab that can clearly detect us," Raph motioned towards the piece of metal in Leo's hands. Before he turned to Donnie, "Speakin' of which, we gonna have any way to make sure they don't find us down here again?"

"Oh sure," Donatello waved Raph's worry away. "I'm gona rig something up with some of the transmitter/receivers I picked out of the deactivated robots. Should be ready in the morning."

Leo took all his brothers' ideas in and let them roll around in his head. His whole world had been turned upside down tonight. He found out his father had been keeping information from him, that Raphael had discovered the Foot and the Purple Dragons had become allies, the people who indirectly led to their creation were searching for them, and he now had two human allies. It was a whirlwind, and the lingering doubt of his father's decision to make him the leader of his family still spoke to him. His fears of his family breaking apart were starting to rear their ugly head.

"TCRI and where we came from are not our priority," he made the decision, putting the piece of the robot on the table next to the broken canister. "Not for now at least. We'll let April look into them and get back to us with some info. In the mean time, we need to figure out what Shredder's plan is for the Purple Dragon. If it's just general chaos, we ignore the Dragons and go after Shredder. Either way, we need to focus on our mission. On our family's mission. That's to stop the foot. Anything regarding TCRI...that can come later."

The three other turtles looked at him with determination in their eyes. The small speech had felt good to him, the first decisive action that made him feel like a leader. It was something small, but it was something.

Karai entered the mediation room that was at the center of Oroku Saki's penthouse. While most of the other rooms in the sprawling domicile overlooked the bustling city of New York, this room was encased in wood. Soft padding lined the floor, the only furniture being some pillows and an inscense holder burning on a shelf. It was a respite from the nosy, smelly city outside the windows.

The girl had hated New York ever since she had come here. While she was used to city life, living most of her years in Tokyo training with her sister, New York was different. Everything was grimy, the people were rude, and there was an underlying anger running through it she did not understand. Tokyo was so clean. it was so orderly. Whatever happened with New York seemed to happen wrong.

Sitting in the middle of the room were Saki himself and her sister Pimiko. They were both silent as she took a seat next to her sister. She still was never comfortable around her "grandfather". His power radiated off of him like a tsunami of energy. He was power incarnate, and it was scary.

After a few moments of silence, he spoke to the sisters, "I have a mission for the two of you."

"Anything, Master," Pimiko nodded. She was wholly devoted to him already. Why shouldn't she be? It had been her life's work to bring him back. She was a good fifteen years older than Karai, and during thos fifteen years she had plotted against their father, who had been part of a line that had squandered chance after chance to reclaim their birthright. Karai's birth coincided with Pimiko's rebellion and the rebirth of the true Foot. Now she longed for nothing more than to prove herself.

Karai did not answer, she merely bowed.

"An object of great importance to the Foot will be coming to New York this weekend," he began to explain. "A book of prophecy. The book where the page you used to bring me back came from. It is invaluable to claiming the world for our own. I want you to infiltrate the museum where it will be on display, and steal it. It should be of no consequence for ninja as skill as the two of you."

"Yes, Master. Your will be done."

April O'Neil stared at Casey Jones in amazement. Everything he had just explained to her made no logical sense in her mind. The turtles weren't monsters. They were completely sentient and were teenagers younger than the two of them. Their father was a rat. And they were fighting gangs in New York as well as a clandestine ninja cult that had just popped up. She cursed her terrible luck. This was possibly the best story anyone could ever write, and no one would believe it. I mean, the world was weird, but teenage mutant ninja turtles fighting an undead ninja master? No one was going to believe that.

"And you ran into them, how?" that much she still wasn't sure about. "How does a random teenager come across a group of mutant ninjas?"

His eyes narrowed at her, "Are you interviewing me? You writing a story in your head right now?"

She cursed herself, realizing that's exactly what she sounded like. April couldn't help it. Her mind was always thinking like an investigator, and the questioning came out like that. Casey was a nice guy, and if she was going to continue tutoring him, they'd need to at least be civil. No need to treat him like a story.

"Sorry, sorry," she shook her head and laughed. "It's a bad habit. Still, would love to hear that story."

"Yea, well," Casey's eyes darted from her to the floor, and his hands rubbed the back of this neck. "I, uhh."

Before he could answer, a rap on the window drew their attention. There, standing on the fire escape, were the four turtles as well as a large, humanoid rat at their forefront. April had to do her best to not gasp in shock. The creatures she had been searching for, here at the home of the guy she had been assigned to tutor. It was like the will of the universe or something. She could hardly believe her luck.

Casey got up and slid open the window. The rat looked down at him, turned his gaze to April, and sighed, "I believe we need to sit down and have a discussion."

Alopex watched in awe as Hob tore through the deactivated robots with such ferocity she was afraid to get near him. He was completely animalistic as he tore into the metal with his claws and even his teeth. Piece of metal flew through the air as if they were bloody pieces of carcass when the vultures come to feed. The small din of metal bouncing off the concrete of the sewer walls filled the air.

Behind her, Herman was injured, but not badly. Two of the robots had managed to crack the shell on one of his claws, but he assured her it was merely a flesh wound and he would heal in no time. Pigeon Pete, meanwhile, was still hanging on a pipe far above them, ensuring he would be far away should any of the robots come back to life as quickly as they deactivated. He hadn't stopped shaking since they came underground. She felt sorry for the mutant. He was confused at the best of times, she could imagine what was going through that tiny little brain of his at a time like this.

"Hob!" she called out to her group's leader, attempting to get him to snap out of his mindless fury. "Hob! Would you cut it out! You're gonna make Pete's heart explode if you keep that up!"

The mutated alley cat spun around and glared at her with his remaining eye, the anger burning in it unlike anything she had ever seen before. He snapped back at her, "This is all your fault. You and those damn turtles!"

"What the hell is your problem!?" she growled in response. "They didn't send those robots!"

"No, but the goody two shoes one drew them to us! To our home! And now it's gone forever!" he howled. "Everything we built! And now we're on the run!"

"So we'll set up a new home!" she motioned around her. "There's plenty of space in New York!"

"No," he shook his head. "Not any more. We're not going to sit around. We're not going to wait for another attack. It's time we actually live up to our name. The Mutanimal Liberation Army is going to take the fight to the humans. No more hiding. No more games. And if your turtle friends get in the way, we're gonna kill them too."

Jordan Perry rewound the video once again, watching how the mutants worked together, spoke to one another, and even, as crazy as it sounded, were smart enough to design an advanced vehicle in the subway tunnels. Everything about them was so much more incredible than they had ever had hoped. It told him that they were close to unlocking the final goal that TCRI had been built for. After all this time, he knew he was close.

"I can't believe it," Stockman said over his shoulder, just as in awe as he was. "This is everything we had hoped for and more."

Agent Bishop had left in disgust when the MOUSERs were deactivated, leading Perry and Stockman to conceal their looks of amazement. That one of the mutants they had created had the ability to hack into their own technology and override it was incredible. Just incredible.

"We'll need to run more tests," Perry started to muse. "Once we're sure they perform up to specification, we can start more fabrication."

"How do you suggest we do that?" Stockman's eyebrows raised at his boss.

"Simple," Perry smiled. "Agent Bishop is going to want more counter measures. We make sure those counter measures find their way to the mutants. He doesn't have to know that we really don't want them killed. Not yet, at least."

April sat, enraptured as the rat, who she now knew as Splinter, explained the mutants' origin. How he found the baby turtles crawling in a green ooze not long after his master had been murdered by the Foot Clan. How it turned them into the large, impressive creatures they were today. How they were the last ones whose burden it was to stop the resurrected Oroku Saki and ensure the dominion of the Foot never came again.

"So you can see," Splinter finished his tale, "painting my sons as the 'Terror Turtles' is not overly helpful, Miss O'Neil."

"Not cool, lady," Michelangelo shook his head in disappointment.

"Sorry," she winced. "That was my editor. He's...excitable."

"Well, you can make it up to us," Leonardo, whom April gathered was the leader of the group, offered. "We're going to need human allies. Ones we can trust. You guys help us out, and we can help you out."

April's eyes narrowed, "Help me out how?"

"Next time, we'll pose for the pictures," Raphael joked. "Make it look real good."

"The last one was incredibly blurry," Donatello added in.

"Hey!" April chuckled, beside herself. "It was dark. But, what could I even help you with?"

Splinter looked and nodded to Donatello, who placed a piece of one of the robots on the desk. He flipped it over and pointed to a cereal number, with a large logo plastered above it.

"TCRI?" April rubbed her chin. "That's a private think tank in the city. Why would they have sent the robots after you?"

"I do not know," Splinter shook his head, "but the canister of ooze that created us bore the same marking."
@Pacifista's Hawk and Dove and @Bounce's Robin are approved!

@Inkarnate's Batman is APPROVED!

<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

I feel that a DC world isn't complete without the big guy. I feel tempted to make one of him

It would have to fit in with @Inkarnate’s story, just FYI. As of now Kara is the founder of the Super legacy in the game. She would also get to decide whether it gets approved along with the GMs
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