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Well we're almost a week into the IC and already on our third page so out of curiosity, what are the driving factors and influences in your story?

Outside he obvious answers like the MCU GOTGs, Thor Ragnarok, and Infinity War, my main source of inspiration is Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER. Asgard (Gilead) has fallen, and the Gunslinger (Thor) is traveling to find and kill his Man in Black. As he and his new group of warriors will uncover a conspiracy to undo the multiverse.

No big deal


The stars passed by the windows of the vessel as Thor peered out over the vastness of the universe. Pinpricks of light fade and swirled around the ship as it sailed silently through a sea of nothingness. In the distance a nebulas and quasars twirled and flared like storms of the void. It was a view he had seen for centuries. Nothing new to an Asgardian, especially one as well traveled as Thor was.

But it had never felt so lonely before. In years past it had been shared with Loki, Heimdall, or Sif. During the best of times Thor had been with the Allfather on a trip to hunt a dragon or a troll. Now, however, he had an unfamiliar ship and a space pirate as company.

How far he had truly fallen.

Thor looked into the mirror of the ship's facilities. His face and hair were caked with dirt and grime from the battle on Asagard. Normally, he would be rejoicing at the sight of them. He and the Warriors Three would be drinking mead in the halls of Asgard when they looked like this. Instead they were now the marks of his failures. They were the grime of failing his people as he had never done before.

He stepped into the ships meager shower and began to rid himself of the muck. It was barely big enough to fit his frame, but it felt good to try and cleanse himself of his failings.

As the water splattered against him weakly, he considered his situation. Without Mjolnir he was restricted to conventional forms of travel, at least until he came across Toothgnasher or Toothgrinder. But the likelihood of that was low. He had freed his goats the day his father delivered the hammer to him all those centuries ago.

Quill seemed capable enough for a pirate. Thor couldn't put much stock in his honor, but as long as the Thunder God could use the fool he would. As of now he was the only form of travel Thor could bank on. He had a thirst for recognition and riches. They were easy aspirations to manipulate, especially for a God. Thor would use that to his advantage.

After he was cleansed, Thor joined Quill in the cockpit of the ship he named the "Milano", whatever that was. It was a good ship, Thor had to admit. Filthy, though. Quill clearly wasn't one for cleaning in the slightest. But Thor could tell it was fast and could pack a punch when it needed to.

The man was listening to some baffling music that Thor could barely decipher, though he was never one for the Mortals' music.

"So where are we headed, big guy?" Peter asked, looking back at the God of Thunder. "You haven't really told me where you came from. Or how you can breath in space and all that good stuff."

Thor studied the man. He had told Quill his name and title, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that broadcasting his status was probably dangerous. Whoever had destroyed Asgard was clearly capable. They would not take the chance of leaving any Asgardians alive. If it was discovered the crown prince had survived, there would be a price on Thor's head no one could ignore.

"My home is...gone," Thor didn't lie to the man. "I am looking for a way to kill the one responsible for that."

The pilot's eyes went wide at that, "Well, that's not the answer I was expecting. Your hammer back there can't kill anyone? Seemed pretty heavy to me."

Thor's nostrils flared. He had tried to lift Mjolnir. Of course he had.

"The hammer...will not respond to me," he responded curtly. "But there are other tools to fell a beast."

"Okay, great," Quill rolled his eyes. "That doesn't sound like it's going to pay the bills, though. And me not being able to pick up your Whack-a-Mole Mallet back there means I'm gonna be behind on that front."

"Thou darest to sell Mjolnir!?" Thor raged.

"Listen, Endless Summer," Peter defended himself, "I gotta make money to keep this ship goin'. It's not my fault I thought it was just floating out there alone."

Thor considered his words. He hadn't been around mortals much, if he was being honest. A passing moment here and there was all he really had. They often worshiped or thanked him, but he never gave much thought to them. He guarded the realms that held them, but the people themselves? They were like sand on a beach to him. He understood not their worries, not when there was so much more important things to consider. This worry of Quill's alone could be used. Thor needed transport, and Peter needed treasure.

"If thou shall continue to aid me in my quest," Thor said, breaking a few moments of silence, "you will be rewarded with treasure from my people."

It pained Thor to offer such a bounty. The treasures kept in storehouses across the universe were not worthy of Odin's treasure room, but they were still won through victories against mighty foes. But if it was what it took to ensure the mortal's dedication, then some of the wonders of the Nine Realms would be his.

"Treasure, huh?" Quills eyebrows shot up. "How much we talkin'?"

"More than any mortal could ever spend in their lifetime," Thor answered with a wave. "And enough for your organization as well."

Quill considered Thor's proposal. He studied his passenger intently.

"Okay, but you're gonna have to start answering some questions," Quill shot back. "First, you keep calling me 'mortal'? You immortal or something?"

Thor's eyes narrowed, "Not completely. But I am incredibly long lived."

"How old are you?"

"Tens of thousands of your standard years," Thor did the math in his head.

"No shit!" Quill laughed. "You don't look a day over thirty-five!"

"Verily," Thor nodded.

"What's with the belt?" Quill motioned.

Thor ran his hand over the Belt of Strength, one of the other gifts Odin had given his son in his youth. He felt the runic incantations carved into the Uru, "It amplifies my godly strength. With it I can perform feats greater than any other being."

"And the cape? does that like make you fly or something?"

Thor looked down at the red garment on his back, "Nay. The cape just gives one a regal air."

Quill chuckled lightly, "Right."

The God of Thunder leaned back in his seat and looked at his new traveling partner. Quill was nothing spectacular, even for a mortal. He was tall and wiry, with a disheveled look. He dressed like a common ogre, and smelled only minimally better. Still, there was a spark in him that Thor couldn't place.

"What is your story, Peter Quill?" he asked. "Where does thou hail from?"

"Earth, originally," he replied and popped some sort of food into his mouth. "Been with the Ravagers for like two decades now though. Yondu picked me up on Earth. Said I was gonna be an exhibit in a zoo somewhere past Xandar. Used me as a thief to fit into small places instead. It sucked early on, but the thievin' life ain't bad in the end."

So Midgard was the home of the man. That made sense. He looked to be a human.

"And your mother and father?" Thor continued his questioning, staring out into space.

"Well, my dad died before I was taken off earth," Peter shrugged. "And I don't right know who my mom is."

"Ah, you have my sympathies," Thor said, not truly with conviction. "My brother was adopted as well. I am familiar with that sort of estrangement."

"Aw, well that's nice that you guys got along."

"Oh, do not misunderstand, Peter Quill. Loki attempted to smite me many a time. He really was quite the bastard sometimes."

"well, that's family I guess," Quill chuckled.


An uneasy quiet fell over the cabin and the pilot fiddled with his displays, "Well, we're relatively close to Knowhere. That's as good of a place as any to get our bearings. I need to refuel the ship anyway."

"Aye, and I need to ascertain the closest cache of my people," Thor nodded. "From there we will plot our next move."
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Silence surrounded the God of Thunder. He wasn't sure whether he was alive or dead. Considering what was happening the last time he remembered having thoughts, dead was the most likely answer. Still, being dead would be a welcomed respite to Ragnarok. So much fire, noise, and death had consumed him there. Even to a legendary warrior like himself it was nearly too much to bear.

Through the void he remembered the sight of Surtur standing as tall as a mountain, towering above Asgard. He could feel it when the demon plunged his fiery sword into the heart of his home, ending it in the blink of an eye. Around Thor his friends and family fought valiantly against the invading hordes, but it was all for not. They were not prepared. Ragnarok was not to come for years, yet it had happened just that day.

The faces of the dead floated through his consciousness. The Warriors Three laid hewn on the steps of the palace. Lady Sif slumped over in his arms. His father Odin yelled defiantly as Sutur's blade pierced through the skin of Asgard and into its heart. The Allfather was consumed by blinding light as Asgard was obliterated.

And Loki...Loki was in the great library when the attack came. It was where Sutur's hordes breached the wall. Thor knew his brother had perished, even if he did not see the body himself. While he and Loki had often not seen eye-to-eye, often leading to some prolific clashes, he was still Thor's brother. He was still family.

Now he was gone. All of them were gone.

Thor had no idea how he survived. He was strong, of course. Possibly the greatest warrior Asgard have ever known. But how he could survive when so many other brave and worthy warriors did not made no sense. He was no more honorable than another Asgardian warrior.

Someone had defied prophecy. Someone had moved the cogs of the universe forward. Whoever had the power to do that was a threat...A threat worthy of a battle with the mighty Thor. Yes. That was what he would do. He would find the one responsible and he would extract revenge. Revenge for the warriors he lost and the destiny that was stolen from him. Asgard and its people were his to protect, and they were taken from him.

A bump into a rocky surface let him know it was time to take stock of his surroundings. Thor cautiously opened his eyes to find himself stuck to a large asteroid in some god forsaken spit of space. The explosion of Asgard was powerful and vast. For all he knew he was on the other side of the cosmos.

Luckily for him, he heard the hum a familiar tool nearby. His heart skipped like a child with anticipation. He may have been nowhere, but he had Mjolnir. The great hammer had never failed him. It was nearly as feared as he was in the Nine Realms. It had taken him from one side of the universe to the other countless times, and had slain ten times as many foes. As long as he had it, he had hope.

Thor stood on shaky legs. He must have been unconscious for longer than he thought. His muscles were far more out of work than expected. It took him a few moments to gain his footing, but then remembered that Mjolnir always made him feel stronger. Holding the hammer would do him good at a time like this.

His hand shot out to the side and he called for the legendary weapon. But it did not come. He waited for far longer than it should have taken, and peered down at his hand.


He began a trek towards where he sensed the hammer was. The rocky, uneven terrain of the asteroid made it a tough time, but he had been worse places. Jotunheim was just as rocky, but everything there was also covered in a maddening layer of ice. It made sticking one's feet for a proper blow on a Frost Giant tricky. But he could do that with little effort. Few others could. As far as Thor knew, Odin was the only other one as adept at fighting there as anywhere else.

After a short trek, he saw the hammer's metallic, brick-shaped head glisten in the starlight. Its dragon-leather wrapped handle pointed up like a sign post pointing Thor the way. He could see the runes carved into the Uru metal that comprised the hammer. They were the spells Odin and the Dwarves had inlaid into the hammer at its creation.

The God of Thunder smiled and approached. He bent down to pick up the weapon, but as his hand pulled he felt the weight of the universe pull back against him. Confused, he pulled again but the hammer did not budge. Thor attempted to pull with both arms and still it did not shift. Becoming panicked, he pulled with all his considerable might. His feet began to dig into the hard rock of the asteroid. He felt its crust cracking beneath him.

Yet Mjolnir did not budge.


The word slipped from his tongue as a whisper. Mjolnir was not like other weapons. The various spells and incantations that had been placed on it gave it something of a mind of its own. If it did not feel its bearer was worthy, it could not be picked up. And Thor had now been deemed unworthy.

The Asgardian prince fell to his knees in despair.


The alarm went off, rousing Peter Quill from his bunk on the Milano. He fumbled for the switch, but decided to let the song play instead. It had been too long since he had heard it, and for whatever reason it helped nurse his hangover. He needed to remember to stop drinking with Skrull outriders. They could change their tolerance levels on a whim. It wasn't fair.

"Ugh," the Ravager grumbled. "Status report."

He squinted through blurry eyes at the display screen. The ship's sensors had picked up something valuable in the nearby asteroid field. Didn't look like much according to the readout. But maybe it was some sort of ancient crap that some collector would spend way too many units on. Those were Quill's favorite things to find. Something that took no effort to collect and paid off enough to satisfy Yondu and allow Peter to pocket some money on the side.


"Speak of the devil," Peter groaned to himself as the blue face of the Ravager leader appeared on the screen.

"You're late in getting your share. We don't get no profits, we don't enjoy life. So what you waitin' on?"

"Yondu," Quill rubbed his temples in an effort to quell the headache that was rising back up in his head, "I've got something coming in later today. I'm about to pick it up. Once I do, we'll be square."

"You best be right, boy," Yondu sneered as the feed cut out.

The human flashed an obscene gesture at the screen as it went black. Yondu may have saved Quill's skin years ago, but he was a gigantic prick. Still, life as a Ravager wasn't half bad. He got to see the stars, drink, steal, and screw whatever the hell he wanted to. There were worse ways to spend ones time as an insignificant speck in an unforgiving cosmos.

Now it was time to collect his trinket and get paid far too much money for far too little work.

Quill allowed the Milano to track into the location of the object, and brought the ship down deftly onto the surface of the asteroid. He slapped on his breather mask and sauntered down the ramp. At the end of it, he saw whatever the ship's sensors had picked up. It was some sort of warhammer. Whatever it was it looked ancient. Definitely something some crusty old collector would pay top dollar for. He couldn't believe his luck on that.

"Well my friend, you are coming with me," he chuckled to himself as he bent down to pick up the hammer.

Before his hand touched the pommel, however, he felt a presence move behind him. Not much could survive in the vacuum of space, and whatever did wasn't friendly, generally. In a fluid motion he pulled the Element Guns from his belt and pointed them at whatever drew his attention.

Standing there between him and the landing ramp of the Milano was the most impressive figure Quill had ever seen. Standing at a solid six-foot-five at the very least and with broad muscular build, a blond guy that looked like he fell off the cover of a trashy romance novel glared at Quill with grossed arms. His hair seemed to billow in the wind, which of course was impossible because there was no wind.

Peter cocked his head to the side, "I clearly have been in space for far too long."

"Thou shalt not defile Mjolnir with your touch, mortal," the blond bodybuilder replied. "How did you find us?"

"Okay, first of all, Hasselhoff, I wouldn't be defiling anything. I just washed my hands," Quill didn't drop his guns. "Second of all, my ship picked up your, what did you call it, Mojang? So relax. If it's yours I'll just-"

He fired with the Element Guns, but the half-linebacker, half-model dove out of the way with frightening speed. Before Quill could react, the man had slapped the guns out of his hands and had the pirate by the throat.

"That was a grave mistake," the other growled through the blond beard on his face. "Not many attack the God of Thunder and live. So give me a reason not to crush your throat."

"*Ack*," Quill struggled against the strength of the man. He was stronger than he had any right to be. He was big, but this was superhuman. Through a struggled, horse tone he explained, "Because you're clearly stuck here. I have a ship. I know how to fly it. I can get you where you want to go."

The mountain of a man considered his words while staring him down with narrowed eyes. After a few moments, he dropped Peter back to the rocky crust of the asteroid. He turned and began to board the Milano, "Be warned, pirate. If thou darest to fire on me again, thou shall receive a swift chariot to Hel."

"Yea, sure Shakespeare," Peter responded with a chuckled. Before he went to join the hulking individual on the ship, he bent down to pick up the hammer. But it was heavier than a freaking elephant. "Geez..."

A few moments later, the Milano took back off into the far reaches of space.
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So for quick reference, Season One: Gods Among Us will conclude approximately on June 17, 2019.

So just FYI, I’ll be away June 1-14,so looks like I’ll try and mostly finish my season before I go away
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