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6 mos ago
Current Payday soon. New computer forthcoming (I hope.)
7 mos ago
My computer got doinked. Sorry everyone. Will be getting a new one in a few weeks!
3 yrs ago
3 yrs ago
Anyone waiting on a post from me, its been a busy week, expect responses to come towards the weekend! Thanks for patience!


Been on-and-off of the site for a long time. Male, late-twenties. My interests are varied, but steer towards western fantasy and sci-fi. I'm picky with my weeb media.

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This post is my 2000th post on the site. Let's party like it's 2000.
I do intend to return when I can get a fresh laptop, but as previously stated it will take some time on my end! Otherwise I can only post from my phone or my laptop at work when time permits, and I don't think I can properly contribute with those restrictions.
In fact, @Skwint @Dead Cruiser @Skygirl, I'm temporarily passing the helm to @tundrafrog1124 as a co/temp GM! Big thanks for the assist to this cold amphibian bro! I've sent him a general outline of the coming plot and we should be able to get things going and prevent a stall until I get a new device! (Currently using my laptop at work hahah.)
I swear something like this always happens when I want to join an rp. I must be cursed.

Trust me; it's not you, it's me hah. Every time I've tried to get this particular concept up and running something happens.
@Lucian would you mind if @skygirland myself started posting in the IC thread in the meantime. I was gonna include a background post about Caendoros being called from Commorragh anyway and this way we can keep the momentum going.

Actually I'm totally okay with that! I'd intended to make the opening post, but given my limited access to a keyboard, you all are welcome to get the flow going!If there are any questions about specifics, feel free to DM!
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