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I'm here, Didact, as expected.
Galadred's nose curled as soon as the party entered the clearing, the smell of old fires and rotting flesh mixed to make a stomach-churning bouquet that reminded him too much of his vile kin and their raids on the shores of Ulthuan. This put him instantly on-edge. Obviously, somethinbg was wrong here, and the Estalian's reaction to the visual evidence further perturbed the elf. Even before the thudding of the arrow, Galadred had raised Argent Roar, resting the enchanted battleaxe on his broad shoulder, ready for what may come next. Still, prepared as he was, the arrow finding its home in the tree next to his charge surprised him. For a split second, he thought the unseen archer may have missed, and he moved to cover the Estalian with the bulk of his thick fur cloak, which made decent protection against projectiles.

However, in the brief moment of surprise after the arrow struck the tree, the shooter revealed that they had indeed hit their mark. A warning shot. Perhaps they were not the perpetrators of the massacre? The unseen archer claimed that they had the party outnumbered. It may have been true, though even with Galadred's keen Asur eye, he was having trouble seeing anyone at all in the underbrush. Shortly after the archer spoke, there was a slight whistle and a crack from another direction in the woods. It seemed that they were indeed surrounded and outnumbered. Talking their way out was the only recourse, but Galadred wasn't quite as confident in his silver tongue as he was his Ithilmar axe.

The tall elf turned his head toward the Estalian behind him, and raised an eyebrow.

"Well, Severo. What do you think? Should we talk, or let the stunted one charge in to distract them?" He asked slyly, only half joking.
I realize I'm a bit late here, but are we still accepting?

Consider me re-interested. Imma' recycle Galadred
@Jaredthefox92 Feel free to ask me anything in PM if you need some lore help.
<Snipped quote by Lucian>

I won't. I've actually studied Warlock Eldar for quite some time now.

Fine with me then.

I'll throw up an OOC soon if we can get some more interest.
I could play as a Warlock, perhaps?

Acceptable, so long as you don't go overboard with your psychic abilities.
I really don't like craftworld eldar, but I really do like Exodite Eldar and my point is could I play as a space wood elf riding a t-rex?

Good to see you, and yes you can.
I find that the Eldar, as a faction, are supremely underrepresented in the roleplaying community. Roleplaying the Adeptas Astartes can be fun, but the mysterious and fascinating Eldar are just as interesting, and their vast and expansive lore allows for tons of awesome stories and characters to be developed. With that in mind, I present my concept for an Eldar themed rp.

The Eldar Maiden World of Virdaan is in great danger. The local Exodite shamans have received dire warnings form the World Spirit of a great and terrible calamity soon to befall the planet, an Ork Waaaaagh. In response, the shamans mustered all of the psychic power they could, and sent a call for help through the warp. The call was crude and imprecise, but powerful, drawing on the World Spirit for an extra psychic boost. The call was so powerful that several nearby (relatively speaking) Craftworlds could hear it. Each of them scrambled what aide they could, vanguard forces, ghost warriors, Rangers. With the psychic coordination of the seers of the Craftworlds, a massive Eldar fleet began its movement to reinforce Virdaan. However, the pyschic call for aide was heard by more than just the Eldar, and dark, hungry forces now set their sights on the vulnerable Maiden World.

-The Team: The idea is to have a diverse cast of Eldar who can be from a number of Craftworlds, and fill a number of roles. You can be anything from a lowly Guardian to a powerful Warlock. There may even be a few spots for some ghost warriors, if I think you're capable of roleplaying such a character. This will be a small-to-medium sized special forces group sent ahead of the main eldar fleet on a very specific mission.

-The Mission: The mission for our team is three-pronged. Firstly, make contact with the local Exodite population to coordinate defenses. Second, find and repair an ancient Eldar Webway gate to allow for swift and secretive reinforcement planetside, and third, assist in the defense of the planet through the first few waves of the assault and holdout until the conjoined Eldar fleet arrives. However, things will not go as smoothly as intended.

So, obviously, this will require basic understanding of the 40k lore, and at least a little knowledge of Eldar lore specifically, however, I'm a big lore buff, particularly in respects to the Eldar, and can answer most questions. Anyone interested?
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