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Alright, I did the thing. Bio is a bit short for my liking, but I haven't written in a good long while. Bit rusty.


| Name |

Tachyus of Themyscira

| Age |

Wonder Woman

Built like an ancient Greco-Roman statue, Tachyus is perfectly toned. His Olympian heritage ensures a certain level of physical fitness regardless of his training regimen, which, combined with the strict instruction of the warriors of Themyscira has sculpted his body well. His facial features would be cherubic if not for the lack of body fat in his cheeks, and the set of his jaw. His skin is darkly tanned due to his island upbringing, which contrasts with his abnormally-bright blue eyes (another result of his Olympian father) and his auburn hair.

Tachyus' goes into battle lightly armoured, with a tight-fitting chest-plate of lightweight, yet durable Olympian steel underneath a traditional doric chiton and a half-cape. He has bracers and grieves made of the same Olympian metal as his chest-plate, but other than that he is mostly unarmored.

| BIO |
Tachyus' birth was somewhat of a scandal among the Olympian Pantheon. Zeus had long ago forbidden the intermingling of Olympians and mortals, but Hermes had taken to a mortal woman in the city of Metropolis. In the guise of a mortal himself,
he wooed her, and together they conceived a child. Due to the child's demigod physiology, the mother did not survive the birth of her son,
and Hermes, uncharacteristically moved by the death of this mortal, took the child into his care, whisking the newborn away to Olympus.

However, upon his arrival, Zeus declared that the child should be destroyed, as it's very existence was a direct act of defiance to his laws. Hermes, ever quick of wit and sharp of tongue, pointed out that Olympus was full to bursting with Zeus' own demigod prodgeny, and managed to convince Zeus to let his son live, though Zeus would not allow the child to live among the Olympians, and would not grant the boy full godhood. Furthermore, Hermes would only be allowed to visit the child once every ten years for a brief time on the day of the child's birth. While Hermes couldn't keep his child safe with him on Olympus, he was able to take the boy to Themyscira, the next best place in the opinion of most of the Olympian gods.

So, Tachyus, despite being male, was groomed in the manner of the Amazon warriors. He was taught the arts of combat, language, mathematics, everything that an Amazon would learn. However, when the Godspeed manifested itself during his combat training after his tenth birthday (and his first meeting with his father) it was decided that a more personal touch was needed in his training, and so Diana, princess of the Amazons and a demigod herself, began to mentor him.

As his training continued, he became ever more curious about Man's world, continuously badgering his mentor to allow him with her on one of her adventures with the Justice League. For years, he was denied, until the formation of the new team for young heroes, which provided both the perfect testing ground for his powers, and a way to satiate his appetite for adventure. Wonder Woman put him forth as a candidate, and he was placed, though to his mild chagrin, not as team leader, despite (what he sees as) his extensive knowledge and combat training. He has taken the code name Quickling, as it is both quicker to say when speed is of import, and appropriate for his role on the team.

As a half-Olympian Demi-god, Tachyus is superhumanly strong, swift, and durable. Should he be damaged in some way,
his demi-god physiology is capable of self-repair at a super-human rate. Aside from these features of general demi-godhood, Tachyus is gifted with a unique power from his father Hermes, called the Godspeed. The Godspeed is an inner reservoir of Olympian power which allows Tachyus to move at impossible superhuman speeds.

Having been raised on Themyscira, Tachyus was trained in the arts of warfare by some of the greatest warriors on the planet. He is swift and agile, and proficient in the use of several weapons, and the art of deflection utilizing his Olympian Steel bracers which he was taught by Wonder Woman herself. His training, coupled with his innate abilities and the Godspeed make him a swift and hard-hitting melee combatant.

Tachyus is equipped with four artifacts forged by the Olympian god Hephaestus. First, his breastplate, which magically conforms tightly (yet comfortably) to the midsection of it's wearer. Second, Tachyus has a pair of enchanted bracers, which (like Wonder Woman's own) are capable of deflecting and absorbing kinetic and energy-based projectiles, and blocking all manner of physical blows if the wielder has sufficient strength and speed. Thirdly, Tachyus' grieves, are enchanted with a rather simple enchantment that ensures that they will never loosen or fall off. It sounds silly, but it's quite necessary when one is moving at the speeds Tachyus frequently does. While their enchantment is far from extravagant, they are still forged of Olympian steel, and can be used to kick through solid objects that would injure Tachyus' bare shins alone.

Lastly, the Caduceus Staff of Vaulting is a weapon forged specifically for Tachyus, and his most prized possession. Though forged of the impossibly solid and durable Olympian Steel, the staff is enchanted so that at Tachyus' mental urging, it becomes flexible, and may also extend itself mystically, allowing him to use the staff in conjunction with his speed and agility to vault vast distances with ease.

Tachyus is boisterous and confident, having been told his entire life that he was half-god, and thus literally superior to mere mortals, his self-assuredness can often lead him to underestimate his opponent. This can (and does) frequently land him in dangerous situations, though he has yet to be truly humbled.

Tachyus can only lift approximately five-hundred pounds, which is high for a mortal, but not very impressive when considering his parentage. Although he is capable of withstanding more punishment than a human, he is not invulnerable by any means. He is susceptible to gunshots, stabbing, anything with sufficient piercing power. Blunt weapons and falls from heights are no threat, but a stab in the back or a sniper round will bring him down swiftly.

His main limitation, however, is his lack of Mastery over the Godspeed. Either due to his half-human blood or simply a lack of any guiding figure in the use of this power, he is unable to sustain access to the Godspeed for a protracted time. This means that he is capable of short bursts of extreme speed, but he cannot access it for longer than ten minutes without needing a resting period of at least half an hour. Additionally, should he push the Godspeed past his body's limit to withstand it, he will lose consciousness, making him an extremely open target. Thus, he must constantly manage his inner reserves. This balancing act means he is often a powerhouse early in a fight, but a battle of attrition will see his opponent the victor if he is not capable of ending them swiftly.

-Tachyus has a lack of modesty that can sometimes make others uncomfortable.
-Tachyus is bisexual, though growing up on Themyscira, has never explored with the same sex.
-Tachyus is well-versed in the arts and languages of the world due to his Themysciran upbringing. Though on Themyscira there is an emphasis on the classical, he is not unschooled in modern languages, arts, and mathematics.
I'm not sure, but I may have time to play if I'm not GM-ing. I love what you've got going with it.

Minas Tirith

Prince Galador II strode the outer wall of the great city of Minas Tirith, looking out across the Pelennor, but not toward the south and east. Instead, he looked to the north. The High King's call had been sent out many days ago, and the representatives would surely be arriving soon. A nagging voice at the back of his mind kept worrying about whether or not said representatives could make it to the city without being waylaid. Osgiliath was still firmly in Gondor's control, but the forces that attacked Minas Ithil were dangerous and cunning, not just an orc warband, but treacherous men from the south, and monstrosities that Galador had only ever heard about in tales.

As he paced the wall in his white plate, adorned with the symbol of the Silver Swan, the common soldiery and guardsmen of Gondor nodded or saluted as he passed. He returned these gestures absently, his mind wandering. On one of his laps, he was stopped short as he noticed a small speck crawling along the stones to his side. He leaned down to investigate the insect, more as a way to distract himself from his incessant musings than anything else. The tiny thing crawled on eight legs, skittering across the stones until he bent over it, and it froze, staring up at him with several beady eyes. A spider. He was reminded of the forces he and his knights had encountered as they secured the escape of those innocents fleeing Minas Ithil.

His face turned grim, his brow furrowing and his mouth puckering ever-so-slightly. The main force of that army had been eight-legged monstrosities. Somehow, the men of Harad had apparently learned to tame them. Perhaps it had been the orcs who remained roaming the mountains which had done the deed. It didn't much matter, he thought. What did matter was the freedom of movement of the enemy with such creatures in their employ. A small swarm of the things could pass stealthily by Osgiliath's defenses, slink across the fields, and ambush any of the representatives who might be coming from the north or east. The thought was interrupted as the spider interrupted the staring contest with the man, and began to scurry away.

A white gauntleted fist came down on the thing, killing it instantly, and Galador rose, now determined to ensure the safe passage of the envoys of the free peoples lest his fears prove well-founded. Things moved rather quickly after he left the wall. The Knights of Dol Amroth were gathered, and within an hour were geared for patrol, and combat if necessary. Galador himself took point as they rode from the great gates of the White City, and out toward the north.

Somewhere in Near Harad

Two men rode swiftly across the sun-dried plains as they began to give way to the more lush lands of Gondor. One of the men, a seemingly old man on a dapple-gray mare with a braided beard, wore a blue cloak which trailed behind him as the two rode. The hood of the old man's cloak remained inexplicably untouched by the wind, despite the speed at which their horses were running. Abruptly, an arrow stuck into the old man's cloak. The old man heard the other rider yell something in the language of the south. He thought he recognized a challenge or a warning in the tone, but couldn't make out the words above the thunder of the horses hooves. In an attempt to identify the threat, the cloaked man hunched in his saddle, and scanned the scruffy foliage thirty meters to the right. The obvious place for the archer to be. He saw movement, but couldn't make it out. He cut his horse to the right, and moved toward the brush, drawing from his saddle a quarterstaff of silver metal with a blue orb secured to the top. As the old man did this, the orb began to glow a deep orange, and then red. He held it to side, and the orb began to drip little motes of fire as he rode toward his attacker.

Behind the man in blue, the other man, in his ornate riding clothes and blue headscarf, drew his scimitar and followed the charge, though at a lesser pace. As the man with the staff neared the dead brush the ambusher was hiding in, he whipped the staff around, the bits of liquid fire that had accumulated at the tip suddenly flying of toward the brush. It was a small flame, but the shrubbery was dry and dead, and quite flammable. It caught quickly, and a gruff voice was heard shrieking in black speech. "Ghash! Ghash agh-!" The younger man didn't hear the rest. As the orc left it's swiftly-burning hideaway, the man with the scimitar urged his steed on faster. The fleeing orc took one look behind him to see the rider in all his fearsome glory, scimitar raised, horse wide-eyed, and then the blade came down, relieving the orc of it's head.

Suddenly, a call went up to their north and east. A shrill orc-horn, followed by rough calls in that foulest of tongues, and then the howling of great wolves. The younger man called out to his elder,

"He was merely a scout, Pallando. They were waiting in ambush. It seems Alatar knew we would come this way." He said. The wizard trotted his horse close to the younger man's.

"Of course he knew. This was the only option truly open to us. Alatar may be a traitor, but remember, he is no fool." Pallando said, his brow furrowing in some unspoken thought as he replaced his staff in his saddlebag.

"But what do we do now? They've wargs, by the sound of it. They will be on us soon. Our horses have been riding too hard and for too long. Shall we kill as many as we can before we die?" The younger man said, making a point to hoist his steel, rather than sheathe it.

"No, Darm. We must reach Minas Tirith. If we can make it to Osgilliath, then the soldiery of Gondor will drive off our pursuers." As the blue wizard spoke, he leaned down to his gray's ear and whispered something. The horse neighed and shook it's head, suddenly much more energetic. When the wizard had worked this magic for Darm's horse, the two rode away as fast as possible, heading north-west toward Osgilliath, and refuge. Behind them, the howls and taunts of their foul tag-along harried their every gallop. The wizard Pallando hunched in his saddle more and more, the exhaustion of the ride and the working of so much magic having visibly weakened him. He began to truly wonder whether they would make it to Osgilliath or not.
@BurningCold I was actually just looking for a province/state to be an envoy of xddddddd.

le ehckz dheee amirite?

@Lucian@MiddleEarthRoze Sorry to waste your time and annoy you with my irritable character.
Have a good RP

Next time, if you really aren't just fucking around (which you are, but I like my caveats) take the criticism from people.

Edit:@Oddsbod Dude seriously, what did I misname? Fables for Tales? I'm pretty sure they are called "Fables", either in game or wiki, the series comics is titled "Fables" and the town is called Fabletown not Taletown.

^This discussion is not happening here.
I do like sharing space with like-minded individuals, mannequin heads, and bullet-casings.

(Also thank god someone recognized my set.)
I might not be able to get much work done with that collar bone distracting me.
@MiddleEarthRoze I didn't mean to annoy you, my apologies. But whats so lore breaking about a simple bird companion? Hell, they are used all the time for communications and such among other things.

"Flapper flew at the command of his master because he was trained to recognize auditory commands. He landed. He was given a treat. It was nice."

How would you even play a regular bird? It's a fucking animal, dude. Birds are cool as shit, don't get me wrong, but they're not even human-level intelligence. How would you draw up several paragraphs that were worth reading? I'm pretty sure you're just fucking around at this point. The Great Eagle idea would have been potentially doable, though difficult. However, considering the source of the idea, definitely not. I really don't think you're serious about this. You strike me as someone taking the piss.
I tried to make it pretty clear in the opening post that, despite not looking for much in the way of a CS, I do require a knowledge of the lore. I like your enthusiasm, but you may need to study up. Also, if you're rushing, don't. This has been slow-moving. We're in no hurry. If you need to take time to develop your character concept, please do so, alright? I don't like telling people no, but it's a no for now, for all of the reasons others have already stated.

@MiddleEarthRoze ok ok wait, I got it. Please bare with me.

I'm a spawn of Ungoliant, a pure spider that was given birth after she retreated to Nan Dungortheb on her last years. Though it was smaller than it's brethren, it was fast and had the capability to jump up to 40 times it's own body length. After the War of Wrath ended, my character diverted from the other spawns of Ungoliant and explored middle earth while killing as many orcs and goblin and anyone who served under Morgoth as he could. At year 1000 TA, my spider returned to Mirkwood to rejoin it's companions, children of Shelob and whatnot second hand filth. There it learned of the dark shadow, "the necromancer" who had taken residence in Dol Guldur. Going to verify it itself, it was met by a creeping shadow moving just out of sight. Going right into attack, it was not able to even touch him. As the ghosts and wraiths started to emerge, it swiftly made it's escape by jumping out of the ruins. As it now considered itself the ruler of the spiders of the forest, it just couldn't allow another power to contest its territory. It enlisted the help of the other spiders to attack the ruins but eventually they failed and more than a dozen spiders perished. News reached him ,at that time, of the wizards who had arrived in Middle-Earth. The following years he spent his days trying to figure out a way to beating the looming shadow. Eventually he settled on putting sentry spiders on the forest surrounding the ruins, effectively isolating it. Hundreds of years later Radagast arrived in Mirkwood where the wizard tried to make contact with the animals of that place. Not soon after he was approached by the spawn of Ungoliant. There it warned him of the dark shadow that resigned over the ruins while also proclaiming his hate for Morgoth and it's forces, both things were the truth. Doing this he also expressed his wish to help the wizards in order to defeat all the remnant forces of Morgoth that still resigned in Middle-Earth like parasitic worms. After that he stayed in service of the wizard for a couple more hundred years until the shadow inside the ruins was revealed to be Sauron. Still harboring resentment on the betrayal of Morgoth towards his mother, he attempted to convince the other spiders, the children of Shelob, to attack the shadow that resided within the ruins knowing that it was Sauron but none would follow. Enraged he left the forest, not before killing a few of the other spiders. A year later, in TA 2851, Radagast told him of the plan to dispatch multiple creatures in order to search the Gladden Fields. For this the wizard gave him the power of transformation. Specifically, now it could transform itself into a large 4 eyed raven. 350 cm wingspan and 179 cm length and the ability to fly at speeds up to 400 km/h. The transformation couldn't suppress the poison that formed on his body and was channeled through its pincers so now it was channeled through its talons.

OK, now is this good? Please...

This might sound rude, but the tone of this character is so far removed from the tone of this RP that I thought you were joking at first. This sort of character really doesn't fit at all.

Okay, everyone else, I'm going to start writing now. Finally. Sorry for the wait.
<Snipped quote by Lucian>

Since Near Harad is so large, and pretty factiony and divided, would it fit within your setting and story for at least some of the tribes to have stayed neutral after the old treaties broke? Or at least, to find the fall of Minas Ithil troubling enough to call a truce and send representatives to Minas Tirith?

I sentcha' a DM in Discord. I don't wanna' discuss all this in the OOC, because there's a bit of spoilers for other players.
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