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Note: I've moved this to the General Interest Checks.

1)"How is your relationship with your parents?"
A)"Nonexistent. They died when I was little."
B)"Bad. They were malicious and cruel."
C)"Fine. They worked most of the time but they made sure I had what I needed."
D)"Good. They loved and supported me."

2)"What did you think of your schooling experience?"
A)"It was a waste of time. Nothing I didn't already know or couldn't figure out myself."
B)"It was too hard. I didn't understand most of the material covered."
C)"It was great. I learned a lot about a wide variety of topics."
D)"I wouldn't know. I never bothered going."

3)"Tell us about your friends."
A)"I don't have any. I'm a loner."
B)"There are a couple people I hang out with. I wouldn't call them friends."
C)"I have good friends. I know they have my back."
D)"They're very important to me. We'd go to hell and back for eachother."

4)"Where do you fit in with your community?"
A)"I come from a prominent family, so fitting in comes naturally."
B)"I get along well with my neighbors, but don't really get involved in the important stuff."
C)"I live alone, and mostly keep to myself."
D)"I don't. I'm usually on the wrong side of the law."

5)"Why do you want to leave Aerilon?"
A)"I'm tired of seeing the same old things. I want adventure."
B)"I've learned all I can here. The outside world must have more to teach me."
C)"I've got some bad memories here. I guess I just need to get away from them."
D)"I hate this place."

6)"Where do you plan on going?"
A)"North. I want to visit the technologically advanced city of Celespolis."
B)"East. I want to explore the ruins of the Necrotic City."
C)"South. I want to speak to the sages in the Village of the Void."
D)"West. I want to sail the Vodew Deep."
E)"Don't know. I'll just pick randomly."

7)"What are you taking with you?"
A)"Everything I can fit in my backpack."
B)"Just the essentials."
C)"I have the essentials, but I saved room for a few keepsakes."

8)"What would you say your greatest strength is?"
A)"I'm quick to act."
B)"I have an iron will."
C)"I'm quite clever."
D)"I'm like, really strong."

9)"And your greatest weakness?"
A)"I'm a slave to my addictions."
B)"My stubbornness."
C)"I'm a bit of a narcissist."
D)"I don't have any."

10)"Last question. What do you think is most important in life?"
D)"That's what I'm hoping to find out."

So here's what I would like to do. I will build the world, and narrate the story. But the community will decide what directions and decisions the main character makes. I will post the IC and characters, and decisions will be made in OOC. The way everyone votes on this quiz will decide what our character, Soren, is like. The most popular answers are what get written into the story. I'll check back in a day or two, and will start working on the story then, or when the voting dies down. After that, voting is locked. Feel free to jump in or out, since I'll be the only one posting IC.
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Subscribed. This sounds fun. Kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure-thing. I'll stick around to see what comes of it.
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