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Current If you think about it a "lethal dose" is also a "lifetime supply".
11 mos ago
If I were superman, I'd fly into space and find proof of alien life.
11 mos ago
Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.
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Statistically, bearded men are more likely to cheat on their partners than bearded women.
1 yr ago
When I ordered a 42 inch TV I did not expect a dwarf transvestite.


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Enough interest for you?
Interest thrown. Pretty novice when it comes to the canon story of the game though, and haven't played in a while. But this could be interesting.
So, here is a link to the game I was talking about earlier. If you think something like this sounds fun then perhaps we could give it a try.
Subscribed. This sounds fun. Kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure-thing. I'll stick around to see what comes of it.
It has been a while, but if you're up for giving this a shot I'm interested. Tried my hand at creating a ninja-rp a while back with influences from both Naruto and the new RPG "The ninja crusade" (2nd ed). It was fairly fun, but the format was a bit too much geared toward pen and paper. I could show you what I have if you're interested.
In other news, I'll be turning 25 this Sunday (yay ) and, as by Danish (an generally Scandinavian) tradition, I will be getting shitfaced to the point where I'll need subtitles at the bill of my friends and family. I'll likely be hung over for at least a week, because I'm older on the inside and haven't really had a drink since new years, which wasn't even enough to get me buzzed.

Just to be clear since we're talking to non-Scandinavians. This is not a tradition that is specifically associated with turning 25, but rather for turning any age above... twelve I guess...

Anyway, you're welcome for getting more uncomfortable, that was what I was aiming for after all.

Are magic runes a thing in this world? Because if so all we have to do slap some disruption ones on a pair of shackles and boom. We good.

Unless iron happens to be the anathema of magic in this world like so many other.
@Komager If he's not inside the prison, he could be the guy the prisoners go to to get out of their shackles.
@VitoftheVoid Added Aressa as home nation for my character. Is there anything else that I need to do before I head over to the IC?
As Mikio made his way across the small village he passed one end of the mouth-watering Savourly Lane. Even though he'd already had both breakfast and fruit, and was feeling a bit on the full side, the magnificent flavours that the fumes hinted at made him want to take a detour. He'd arrive at the school too fat to do anything, and the children would have a merry time running laps around his big, fat belly, but to stuff his face with meat so tender it would literally melt in his mouth was almost too tempting to walk away from. However, as one of the best and brightest of the village he had to lead by example, took one last sniff and turned away toward the school building.

He passed though a section of the commercial district. It was just about to heat up with the wave of prostitutes on the night shift coming off duty. He spotted a familiar face in the crowd. One of the villages other dedicated ninjas, a fierce woman by the name of... Haruna? Harune? Haru... te? Something with Haru... They didn't have a long history together and there were too many people in the village to know them all by name, even in a relatively small village with an even smaller group of dedicated ninjas. In a small ninja village like this, the whole roster of ninjas on active duty could probably fit on a single page, no need to use a scroll for it. Bigger villages had to use a filing system and some way of sorting out which people were best suited for which tasks. In Gobi you only looked at the bottom of the list to find the poor sod that had gone the longest without a mission.

As he watched she's just taken a step away from the rack of clothes in front of her when a young man, sneaky like a tiger in a bright orange forest, threw himself upon her from behind and sensually groaned "Miss me, my dear? I know a certain part of me that definitely missed you." into her ear.
Mikio physically flinched, for several reasons. For one his own ninja reflexes kicked in to shrug off the surprise attack. His view of the Haru-woman was of a strong warrior capable of trowing the youngling across the village without breaking a sweat. Last but not least, the pick-up line was cheesy on a level seldom seen in the land of mortals. The cringe-level was only further elevated by the response from the Haru-woman, which was to freeze.

Cicadas were doing their best to fill the awkward silence with their weeeo-weeeo-weeo. In the land of fire crickets would chirp in with their own unique sound and people from the village of sand would probably expect a tumbleweed to slowly roll by. One more sound could be heard though, from the crowd of more or less horrified onlookers came a laugh. Not just any laugh, but the kind of involuntary laugh that complete shock brings on. The kind of laugh that could not be stopped, no matter how many times you slapped your knee or dried your eyes. The kind of laugh that was not contagious, but only added another layer of uncomfortable on top of those already present. A few people tried to chime in with an uncertain hahaa, but it didn't catch on.

After what seemed like an eternity, but which really was only a few seconds Mikio's violent laughter caused him to start coughing, which finally put an end to the laugh. As he wiped his eyes a final time, and with a voice coarse from coughing he said
"That was so smooth... Ow, my stomach..."
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