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Erza winced as Shadowfang got knocked out, a pained expression latching onto his face as he hurriedly reached for the dark-type's pokéball and recalled it, whispering softly to the pokéball before pocketing it.

"You did great, Shadowfang! I'm proud of you."

Despite Princess' opponent having a boosted attack, the flying-type's advantage over fighting-type managed to win Erza the battle. Erza exhaled a long, relieved sigh as he also brought Princess back to her pokéball. "Great job, Princess, thank you."


The battle against Makuhita and Croagunk was the hardest so far - without any trace of doubt. Croagunk's typing was difficult to deal with and Makuhita was just a very powerful pokémon- Erza didn't had anything with real advantage over these two, so his strategy was trying to stall them and avoid damage. It worked, but not entirely was both of Erza's pokémon had taken damage and got their accuracy lowered.

After seeing where the confuse-ray landed and how Hitmonlee nearly brought the building down, Erza chuckled nervously, a hand reaching the back of his head as he curiously looked around. They wouldn't make him pay for that, right? And... not for the hole Makuhita had just torn on the ground as well, hopefully. If that powerful blow had landed on either of Erza's pokémon, it would be the end of the battle without any trace of doubt - Erza needed to end this quickly.

"Ok, let's go - Summer, ember the Croagunk! Flora, mega-drain Makuhita!"


Erza messed up, it was not meant to be double battles but still, Hector didn't seem to particularly mind and encouraged the gym trainers to just go with it.

Erza didn't really like the sight of a Throh using bide as the damage he'd deal afterward would certainly ko one of his pokémon. Shadowfang took a power-up punch which did considerable damage already since it was super effective, but since it didn't bring down the dark-type just yet, Erza was quick to refocus entirely on Throh:

"Shadowfang, tackle Throh! Princess, keep using gust and bring it down quickly!"

Depending if Throh was brought out or not, Erza would follow the same strategy against Meditite. Gust and gust until it disappears - or Princess faints.


The next battle didn't start out quite well. Erza did not know about the possibility of Croagunk's ability being Dry Skin (otherwise he would also know that Croagunk could pack ground type moves) - it was just his writer trying to outsmart the GM and failing miserably.

With Summer being interrupted by Makuhita's fake out and right after taking more damage from Croagunk's ridiculous digging skills, Erza's mind began racing with so many ideas and strategies that he actually felt lost on what exactly he could do.

"Alright, Summer! Flora! Stay together!" This would diminish the distance between them, so Erza could proceed with his next move. "Now, Stun Spore Croagunk! Summer, confuse-ray him!"

Disabling the poisonous frog would help Erza's situation greatly. As long as it worked, Erza would...

"Now, Stun-Spore Makuhita, Summer, confuse-ray! Let's get these two out of our way."


The third battle was a walk in the park even with Eevee's huge disavantage against two fighting types. Thank Arceus to this. Vee grew a level, Erza earned an extremely low amount of prize money, heh.


The beginning of the nightmare had already begun as soon as Erza entered the gym. The man who shouted - whom Erza assumed to be Hector - looked as if he could take down Erza's entire team WITHOUT a pokémon - imagine what his pokémon could do? Swallowing dry, Erza tried to keep his cool as he moved forward, breathing deeply and fighting every sense of instinct that told him to go back through the door. He needed this badge - it was the only rightful payment for his team's hard work.

The place was tense, the smell of sweat and the sounds of trainer and pokémon training together was nearly mesmerizing. Bringing his pokédex out timidly, Erza began scanning the pokémon in the area for information: The entire Machop-line was present, as well as some rare pokémon such as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. A Medicham was also present - a pokémon Erza had never seen before, as well as the Judo and Karate pokémon: Throh and Sawk. Lastly, a single Pangoro wandered through and Erza couldn't help but think of how cool this pokémon looked: A real tough, intimidating and certainly powerful pokémon.

There was a bit of conversation/shouting between trainer and pokémon, which made Erza feel a little more intimidated than he already was and the boy was already struggling, his mind racing as he thought about everything told to him about the gym leader up to this point: An eccentric, oddball of a gym leader that would come up with a very frightening and hard challenge for Erza to take. Damn. As much as Erza trusted his pokémon with all his heart and might, it was inevitable that he felt nervous- he could feel sweat forming on his forehead and it wasn't due to a lack of air-conditioner.

Hector laughed - and the gym silenced. The man seemed pleased with Erza's entrance - too bad all that vigor and determination was fighting his nervousness right now.

"Five levels fourteen, one level fifteen." Erza replied while pocketing the pokédex, glancing to his shoulder, where Vee was. A comment from a battle-girl made Erza light up a bit. She was joking, right? Just like she was joking about eating him, yeah? Hopefully...

Three trainers, two each. So Erza would use his entire team - right, apparently, the brilliant idea was that Erza would fight every trainer in here. What about Hector, then?

And just as Erza thought about that, Hector explained the challenge in full. Erza remained silent for a moment, thinking it through. So, after fighting the three gym trainers, without even healing his pokémon - only then, he'd take on Hector himself. Heh. Another glance at Vee, which seemed quite confident, made Erza smirk broadly.

"Oh, yeah?! Well! LET'S GET THIS THROUGH, THEN. All I gotta do is get through the three of you without giving a chance for your pokémon to touch mine. Heheheh..." Easier said than done for sure, but Erza wasn't going back on this. There was even a huge benefit of knowing the three pairs he would have to fight before actually picking his pokémon. Erza whispered on Vee's ear, then returned the normal-type to his pokéball.

Let's see...

First, Meditite and Throh.

Second, Makuhita and Croagunk.

Third and lastly, Mankey and------ What the heck?! A shiny pokémon?! Woah, it was as if destiny was intent on rubbing Erza's inability to catch one for himself.


Against Meditite and Throh, Erza will use Poochyena and Pidgey.

Against Makuhita and Croagunk, Erza will use Budew and Vulpix.

And lastly, against Mankey and Hawlucha, Erza will use Eevee and Flaffy.

"I've selected my teams, let's get this started! Shadowfang, Princess go!"


Erza found information rather quickly... And well, he had earned a lot of money recently and all thanks to his pokémon, so it was only natural that he'd spend it with them. Onwards to Lundin's Fine Establishment!

It actually took Erza a bit to find the desired place - and then, a much longer time to finally get a table. After paying the full amount and comfortably sitting at a rather large table, Erza released all of his pokémon and smirked broadly.

"Hehehe... Hope you all enjoy it as much as I will, because maaaaaan, I'm hungry! And I didn't even work as hard as you guys did!"

The table was meant for eight, so there was only one empty char, with the others filled with Erza and his entire team. Without much knowledge of what they served here and what was actually good, Erza trusted the waitress/waiter to provide recommendations for him and also the food for each pokémon that was with him.

After the satisfying meal, Erza and his team rested a little more just to gather their energy again. It didn't last long, however, as the boy was now ready to tackle a new challenge. Hector... the fighting gym leader. Honestly, if he didn't knew about it previously, Erza would've been shaking right now: This place was scary, but the reasoning behind it was not.

Anyway... After some deep breath, Erza and his starter, Vee, both entered the gym with Erza announcing his entrance with a large shout:


While Vee raised it's head high and shouted with the same energy:


Seeing Vee being struck five times made Erza wince slightly; that Spearow was no joke. The boy kept himself steady however, his eyes focusing solely on the two pokémon battling in front of him:

"Come on, Vee! You've got this, I know it! Swift!"

The battle carried on. Vee got fury-attacked five times in a row once again, but after all the hard work, it inevitably won. It was time to switch into Mareep.

"Guess you've been...."

"THUNDERSTRUCK!" Mareep had a really easy time with his flying types. After beating up this poor flying-type trainer, Erza could only agree with his remark: Mono-type trainers couldn't deal with their weaknesses very well. Which is why Erza was planning to have an array of different, well-trained and tough pokémon to deal with everything since his objective was reaching the top of the pokémon league and making a name for himself. Heh.


And then, Mareep started to glow faintly - the pokémon didn't halt it's own evolution, and Erza observed with awe in his eyes, his hands clasping together. "W-Wow! Look at that, I just caught her and it's already evolving?! Amazing!"

Finally, Mareep finished evolving into it's second stage: Flaaffy, which Erza quickly registered with the pokédex before humming softly. "I guess... you need a nickname now, right? How about... Tailglow- uhno, maybe... Starlight? Eh... Pharia?"

At the last suggestion Flaaffy seemed to light up, some electricity sparking around it as it moved over to Erza. Apparently it enjoyed the name for some reason.

After a while, Erza battled against another trainer. Here, he led with Princess - the pidgey - against the opponent's Vulpix. The battle was intense and Erza was always cheering on his pokémon... though, a critical ember took down his flying type.

"Princess! Damn! Come back..." Calling the fainted pokémon back, Erza brought the pokéball close to his face and whispered softly. "You did very well, sorry about that." And immediately picked up Poochyena's pokéball, sending out the dark-type to finish the fire-type. The battle was short.

"Great job, Poochyena! Now return and come out, Budew! The grass/poison-type didn't see much action until now and... well. It was very low level so Erza was preserving it, instead, switching mid-combat to Vulpix. The battle was quite intense, an exchange of embers and thundershocks- but Vulpix came out on top.

"Great job, Vulpix! I knew I could count on you!"

On sight of an Eevee, Vee was sent in. The battle was difficult because both had similar movesets- but Vee's experience quickly proved decisive on this combat. Erza cheered with a big smile as he beat his second trainer in a row.

"Amazing, Vee! Great job!"

A third battle against another trainer. Erza led with Budew, once again, but quickly called it back as he saw the psychic pokémon, knowing that it would be no good because of Budew's poison type. Instead, Poochyena came out.

It won over the Chingling with ease.

Blitzle came out and Vulpix went in as well.

"Baby-doll eyes, Vulpix! I know these quick attacks can hurt." Yeah, flashbacks from a recent event made Erza extra wary of this one. However, harsh-sun empowered embers made it a quick work and eventually the electric type couldn't battle any longer.

"Yeah, we're steamrolling here, man!" Erza was quite content with his victories and with reason.

And lastly, Erza sent in Budew. A Dwebble came out and Erza immediately told Budew to Growth, knowing that the harsh sun doubles the stats gain from that particular move. Followed right after, was an Absorb - though Budew took some damage on the way there.

"Great job, Budew! One more absorb, come on!" Dwebble was a very interesting pokémon and apparently this one was tough. It managed one more absorb, but a sequence of rock blasts hurt far too much for Erza to continue the battle with it.

"That was amazing, Budew! But now come back, it'd your turn, Poochyena!"

A quick-switch to preserve his grass-type and take on the weakened Dwebble won the battle for Erza, though Poochyena took quite the damage from a critical-hit Fury Cutter. Surprisingly, that activated the Poochyena's hidden ability, making the pokémon much faster than normal - it moved so fast that Erza didn't even commanded any move, so the Poochyena bit on it's own.

"W-Wow! That was incredible, Poochyena! Take a well-deserved rest. Thanks for the battle, it was intense."

And thus, Erza had enough of battling trainers. They were much tougher than wild pokémon obviously, so it was time to grab some more training with those many wild pokémon in the nearby routes. Of course, a quick run back to the pokémon center to get his team healthy again.

In the way back to their training, Erza released Budew, Poochyena and Vulpix from their pokéballs, grinning broadly as he looked over to the trio. He picked up Budew as it couldn't quite keep up with Poochyena and Vulpix, holding her in his arms.

"So, I've been thinkin' up some cool names, you know? And I've decided on some. Starting with you... Poochyena! You move very quickly and that makes you really scary, you know? Like a predator. What do you think of Shadowfang?"

The Poochyena howled and bared it's fangs aggressively, though in a manner that Erza could understand that it was apparently trying to imitate an actual predator. Good, it liked the name.

"Great! Vulpix, whenever you enter a battle, things get really intense and hot... so uhm, how do you like Summer?"

The Vulpix didn't quite react, so Erza cast a glance at the fire-type. It seemed in thought... but only for a few moments before it nodded with a happy;

"Vul, pix!"

"Hah, guess you liked it, Summer! Great."

With that, there was one mon left to name: Budew, which was held in Erza's arms. The boy gently patted the rosebud pokémon.

"And the last one is you, Budew. You look like a rosebud, you know? Really cute... but I gotta say, I have the feeling you'll become something tough, yeah? Still, how about... Flora?"

If Budew had arms, it would probably clap now. The tiny pokémon seemed content with the nickname - so much that Erza giggled a bit as the pokémon moved around in his arms. "Deww!"

Erza steps back into Redcoast, with his six pokémon outside of their pokéball and following close by... Except Budew. Unfortunately it was too tiny to keep up with the rest, so Erza carried it. And Vee, whom had naturally taken a liking to sitting on Erza's shoulder.

"I'm really feeling it now, you know! We've trained a lot, man." The trainer glanced over at his pokémon, they were all looking tired but at the same time happy with their own effort, apparently. "We deserve a good, long rest! What do ya'll think?"

The pokémon replied in total agreement. Heh, maybe Erza had overdone it...

So, without further ado, Erza went to the pokémon center. After healing up, he decidedly asked to rest in the pokémon center with his pokémon. Since it was apparently a thing.

The next day, Erza's first was quickly running around, stopping people to ask a very, very important detail.

"Where can I find the best pokémon food in Redcoast?!"

Erza's got a new opponent: A birdkeeper that was frustrated that all pokémon laid eggs and not just the birds. Really? Well, the motives behind his frustration mattered not to Erza, the boy was ready as ever. Since Vee was already out, that was his first choice, which was matched against the trainer's Spearow.

For this match, Erza's tactics is pretty straight forward. Baby-Doll Eyes immediately, lowering the Spearow's Physical Damage. Right after, Swift and then tackles to finish up the match, should things go particularly well in Erza's favor.

Knowing that his opponent is likely to use flying types, Erza now switches Vee and sends in Mareep. She should be able to handle the rest of the team particularly well with Thundershocks.

... Depending on the damage Vee and Mareep took, Erza will nurse them back to health with potions.

It didn't take long for Erza to pick a second battle. Once the trainer explained that she wanted to train her team, which made him giggle heartily as he replied:

"Guess we're the same spot, then! Come on!"

Here, Erza leads with Princess. There is no thought process behind Erza's tactics: Simply gust and tackle to wear down the Vulpix. If that works out, the trainer will probably send Mareep. Erza retreats Pidgey and sends Budew... Which is probably not high-level enough, so it was thrown out just to absorb exp and then get switched to Vulpix. Drought+Embers should be able to handle Mareep - in the case it does not, Vulpix will be exchanged for Poochyena to finish up the Mareep. The last pokémon is Eevee - which made Erza raise an eyebrow. Hopefully that wasn't the Eevee he was hoping to catch... Anywho, heh.

"Vee, it's your turn!" And then, another Eevee against Eevee match. Erza will start with Baby-Doll Eyes and proceed to tackle down the other Eevee. IF the trainer uses baby-doll eyes as well (or even sand-attack), Erza switches to Swift. Hopefully that works out - if things aren't working particularly well, Erza will once again bring out Poochyena to finish the job.

Yet another battle against a particularly confident Route 011 trainer. Notably, Erza healed up the members with the lowest health with his remaining potions before this - the opponent leads with Chingling and Erza leads with Budew, who gets instantly switched out for Poochyena. who - guess what? Is immune to confusion. Bite this little bell into oblivion, oh mighty-future-mightyena!

Blitzle comes out, then. That gave Erza dark memories of a particularly difficult to catch Blitzle- a difficult pokémon to deal with. Erza will bring out Vulpix here, so it can baby-doll-eyes to lower the Blitzle's quick attack damage, then use the empowered by sun ember to finish it, hopefully.

Lastly, a dwebble. Now, Erza has nothing to deal with this effectively. Hoping the drought's harsh sun is still up, Erza brings out......... Budew! And uses Growth. If the Budew doesn't go down in this turn, a sharply raised absorb might grab it some health. Then Erza switches to Poochyena so, once again, the dark-type can be used to finish weakened pokémon. Phew. That should be about it.

Hector was the gym leader's name; Erza felt like he should've known that at least but alas, he didn't. That was how clueless he was regarding the gym leader of Redcoast Town. Either way, he felt both inspired to take on the challenge and a little intimidated from all the information given to him by another trainer. This Hector was unpredictable and wild. What if he decided to use a truly high level pokémon against Erza? It would be like that Absol battle all over again, except that it could go even worse. Giving a little more thought about it all... Princess was a flying-type, which held the advantage against fighting types. Surely a Gym Leader had prepared his pokémon in order to deal with their weaknesses however, so Erza couldn't rely just on Princess.

The boy thanked the trainer that aided him with such priceless information and went ahead with his journey. After supplying himself with pokéballs and potions, he went back to the pokémon center's PC. It was time to rearrange his team yet again; unfortunately leaving behind some members in order to take new ones in. Hunter, Castform and Extraordinary were sent to the PC, exchanged for Vulpix, Mareep and Budew. Now, Erza wanted to take the gym challenge but- he had a certain priority: Training his team. All members are first stage pokémon, so some evolutions are due if he wants to increase his overall team's strength. Especially Princess who's going to be his go-to pokémon if Hector's pokémon are indeed focused on fighting types.

Time to start, then.

Erza goes to Route 011 once again, and as soon as he sets foot on the route, he releases his entire team. First, he explains to them that they have new company, allowing Vee and Princess to meet Vulpix, Budew, Mareep and Poochyena. After their short introduction, Erza happily informs that they'll be training a lot now in order to tough up enough to take on the gym challenge: Vee especially seems excited about this, jumping a few times around Erza. Poochyena doesn't seem so invested however, apparently a little discomfortable about battling strong pokémon, Erza scratches behind the Poochyena's ear and nods. "Don't worry, I will make sure we're really strong before I take the challenge, alright? We will be like, the toughest team ever!"

After that, Erza calls back his pokémon to their pokéball, except Vee. "Alright, Vee. We'll start the training with you, alright? Let's go!"

Now, Erza marches forward through Route 011. Any trainer that comes across his sight and doesn't look overly tough, will be challenged to battle. Wild pokémon that have any kind of type disavantage against one of Erza's pokémon and is unfortunate enough to come across this rampaging boy will also be challenged. The boy will be focusing his training on three members: Vee, Mareep and Budew. Budew especially, because of it's low level, will be used only when paired against water-type (If a trainer happens to have one) or will lead the battle and then will be switched for a tougher member of Erza's team.

Once the first trio grabs some levels, Erza will switch for Princess, Poochyena and Vulpix. Depending on how many trainers he battled, the boy will go to Route 012 and continue with the intense training regime there.


Erza was on a winning streak. Poochyena, Vulpix, Mareep and Budew - four new additions to his team. It also meant that he needed to rearrange his team entirely - which was kind of bad as he'd probably need to leave some members in order to take others. Well... if he could manage just switching them here and there, he could train up all his pokémon and he'd have many more options than the usual six.

What wasn't a straight win, however, was this wild Eevee. Vee and the wild Eevee had been exchanging tackles and Vee seemed to have the upper hand, but even when weakened, the wild Eevee didn't give in - crashing out of the pokéball and apparently ready to fight once again. Erza exhaled a soft sigh; he knew Eevees weren't quite the easy pokémon to catch, as they were somewhat rare due to their popularity and the fact that they can evolve into a plethora of different pokémon. Without the desire to pursue this fight for longer and end up hurting both his and the wild pokémon, he called out:

"Vee, enough, come back!" With Vee's pokéball in his hand, the pokémon was absorbed by a red flash into the round object. Erza whispered to the pokéball; "You did great, but we're not prepared well enough for this, right now..." With that, Erza looked over at the wild Eevee and - unless the wild pokémon switched its focus on him or something, he'd walk out with a; "Alright, next time you better be prepared to embark on a journey with me Eevee, cause I won't leave without catching you, kay?"


Now, the way back is probably long and Erza has a weakened team and no potions. He'll try to hurry along and avoid any danger - but if something does show up in the way, he'll rely on Princess as she's currently the only healthy member in the crew. Once he manages to travel all the way back to Redcoast City, the boy will heal up at the pokémon center - he'll also try to get any valuable information regarding the pokémon gym in here, such as how tough the leader is, what kind of pokémon he uses and etcetera. Then, Erza will proceed to the pokémart and resupply. He'll buy 10 pokéballs and 5 potions.

Erza was a magnet of getting free items, apparently. Without knowing what to do, he shyly thanks the trainer that just handed his ass to him and then proceeds to organize his backpack, putting the newly gained scales inside... It was starting to feel heavy, heh. Oh, now that he opened the backpack, he carefully picks up the egg that was given to him a while ago, holding it over in front of his eyes with a puzzled expression.

"What are you gonna be, hmm? I'm so curious, damn." With a sigh followed by a lowly laughter, he returns it to the backpack, closing it and returning it to his back. Right, NOW he went and what he did in the previous post: Pokémon Center. Heal. Route 12.


And once arriving there, what a tremendous sight this place was. Erza couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear as he looked over at the scenery, delving deeper into the route and immediately desiring to move up across the biggest stone cliff and look over the entirety of the route. Pokémon seemed abundant here with many varying types clearly visible right off the bat. Erza took his five pokéballs and tossed them all up, releasing his entire team.





"... Form?"

"Heh, I wanted you guys to see this place, beautiful, right?"

Vee and Hunter seemed to agree immediately. "Eevee!" The evolution pokémon quickly climbed over Erza's shoulder, standing there. Meanwhile, Growlithe began sniffing the ground ahead of Erza. "Growlitheee... Grow." It was probably picking the scent of the many pokémon that could be found in this area. Extraordinary, Castform and Princess were interacting for the first time, talking amongst themselves.

Eventually, Growlithe stopped and began growling in a certain direction. As Erza turned, a small trio of Poochyena hastily hurried out, possibly not looking for a fight against a squad of pokémon. Erza hummed softly and decidedly returned Duskull, Castform and Pidgey to their pokéball, nodding. "Don't worry, you'll be here in a few... now, let's go, Vee! Hunter!"

With that, Erza breaks off into a sprint with his two loyal pokémon. Hunter running alongside him, keeping up with ease, and Vee on his shoulder. He'll be searching with Hunter's help (and his acute scent) for some pokémon to catch and will target these five:


A Dark-type which evolves into a mighty... Mightyena. Hunter will do the battle for Erza, utilizing embers and returning bite-for-bite until the Poochyena is weakened sufficiently. Not a very bright strategy or anything.


Castform will be brought out here. A non-stab Water Gun (as he has no means of using forecast to change into rain form without, you know, rain) is still super effective. Same drill, weaken and then Erza will do the spinning-backflip-into throwing pokéball straight at the Vulpix.


Now it's Duskull's turn. The only pokémon that is able to damage the Mareep without the risk of being caught in a Static-paralyze. Night Shade, disable it's Thundershock (it's probably his only damaging move alongside tackle, right?) and weaken it sufficiently for Erza. A-ye, captain.


A grass-type! Especially one that looks very cute and evolves into something quite amazing. Princess will be the choice here. Gust should be able to handle this little bud easily - and then, voilá. The pokéball goes;


Eventually, Erza's Vee will warn him of the scent of a nearby Eevee. Eevees are very rare and even though Erza already got one, he has no clue of what Vee wants to evolve into - a second Eevee means an abundance of possibilities, so he'll go for another one. For this one, Vee will be his go-to choice, as he believes that Vee is capable of taking care of one of it's own... Be it by weakening it for Erza to catch, or convincing that coming with Erza is a very good option. We'll see how this plays out.

Before it got to the point of Princess fainting, Erza quickly took her pokeball and called her back. It was unnecessary keeping this fight for any longer than it needed to be, the girl had proved her point: Her Absol was an amazing pokémon and it was very, very experienced from what Erza could tell.

Sighing softly, the boy whispered to Princess pokéball and then looked over at Yvonne with a bright smile, nodding to her.

"Wow, you've done a great work with your Absol. It's really tough!" Although this girl's attitude rubbed Erza in the wrong way, he had no qualms against admitting defeat and even complimenting her pokémon. Maybe he was slowly starting to understand that he couldn't win everytime, especially after two rather humiliating losses in a row - one with the shiny Blitzle and the second in a trainer battle, against this apparently much more experienced trainer.

There was absolutely no reason to remain here with his entire team weakened, so Erza moved along hurriedly to the pokémon center in Redcoast to get his pokémon healed...


Once done, Erza switched routes. Instead of returning to Route 15, the boy walked back to Route 11 - he was just hurrying along, trying to avoid trainers and pokémon unless something extraordinary (and not a Duskull!) caught his attention. If he managed to do such, he'd move over to Route 12 this time around.
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