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๐‘ผ๐’๐’Ž๐’†๐’Š ้‹ๅ‘ฝ

Interaction | @Odin
Location | Uragiri's Clan Area, specifically: Uragiri koi pond

โ€œTrespassing is illegal, and punishable by death, don't you know?โ€

A quiet 'tsk' followed after. Not in a disrespectful manner but more the kind that came from someone who held back a chuckle. Unmei knew who was behind her even before she looked, as mistaking Sakana's voice was quite hard on its own- and he was probably the only Uragiri that would openly approach her and even so, she still found it strange that the boy decided to randomly make conversation. She cast a glance back, her left eyebrow arched as she idly ran her eyes over his figure before focusing at his eyes.

Before Unmei said anything, he voiced how he observed her sitting there a few times; even suggesting, possibly jokingly, that she should bear the clan's name. "I'm sure it would make me seem more trustworthy than simply Unmei, hm?" She chimmed, finally replying and breaking the monologue. Her voice was soft and sweet, although quite low. Sakana mentioned the names he saw on the files Unmei had on her lap, which made her subconsciously shuffle them around while peering down at what was written. His comment was ignored, up until he mentioned the boy from the clan Ueda.

"Everyone is a nobody until they do something to change it, hm?" And the Ueda clan wasn't particularly bad- in fact, they did pretty well at least economically speaking. Their situation didn't matter, however, the life of a shinobi was never dictated by status, Unmei didn't voice that openly though, instead choosing to reply to his next comment as she stood up, placing the files under her left arm.

"I'd rather not throw the life of our shinobi into the hands of fate or a sage. I only hope that they find within them the will of pushing through without failing. Take care, Sakana-kun, and if the sage wills it, we will meet again." There was no change in her tone at all, except when she said the last phrase, which was clearly playing around Sakana's own saying. Once he left, Unmei simply sat again and observed the koi, focusing on the prized koi of the Uragiri, the yin-yang koi.

Unnerving boy, this Sakana...
Two Days Later | Early Morning | Interaction: @Odin @Halvtand @Solotros

Unmei was already preparing herself mentally and physically for this endeavor. She was completely inexperienced and, while she wasn't one to let it show, anxiety was taking its toll on the young jonin. She decidedly distracted herself with training, pushing herself further and exerting herself as much as she could do, a trick to keep herself busy. Between teas, eating, training and resting, Unmei decided it was finally time to set up the team's official meeting that would happen in two days from now.

Unfortunately, she didn't have any creative idea of how to approach them other than being very direct, which was probably for the better. They probably didn't want to waste any more time- knowing Kyosuke and Sadako were orphans meant that they were likely anxious to start working with missions and receiving some sort of income. Tadasu at the other hand had a lot to prove on his own. Unmei actually liked her team right away; they were all eager, willing and with a lot of potential. Unknown, invisible names that could become known powerful shinobi from Amegakure.

Knowing their routine, locations and having easy access to them made everything easier. Unmei didn't need to speak with them directly just yet, but the three of them would eventually find a kunai with a piece of paper tied to it being thrown next to them. Not dangerously close at all, but clearly noticeable. Hopefully they'd pick it up and read the message, which was written in hasty handwriting, but still readable:

โ€œThree days from now, assemble with your team. 05:00AM, in front of the Lumine building near the Shibuya street. Do not be late.

Your sensei, Unmei.โ€

Three days after | Location: Amegakure no Sato, specifically: In the streets, in front of a known industrial building

There wasn't much to observe. A street, with next to no movement because of how early it was. You'd see the occasional worker arriving - or exiting here and there, sometimes a passerby but other than that, nothing extraordinary. Although it was foggy and light rain poured down from the sky, Unmei wore no protection against the weather and carried none against the rain, either. She was standing next to a wall, her back planted against it, hands clasped in front of her. Her eyes occasionally analyzed briefly the surroundings to see if any of the genin had arrived. Once someone did arrive...

It didn't matter which of the three arrived first. Unmei would simply nod and gesture idly with her head. As odd as it was, she was probably going to wait until all three of them had gathered here before saying a word. Hopefully, none of them arrived late, otherwise, that'd earn a slight cold question such as: did I not inform you to get here on time? Nonetheless, now that her team was here, she'd propel herself forward and move her hands behind her, eyeing the three of them over, blatantly analyzing their features. Did they look like promising shinobi? No, but in times like these, rarely any of the new genin did.

"Sakamachi Sadako, Ueda Tadasu and Shoma Kyosuke," At each name, she'd pause and give the mentioned genin a brief look. "I'm sure none of you know me, so... I'm Unmei. Your Jonin or sensei - but of course the three of you knew that, I hope. There is not much to say about myself, I've been a jonin for a short time and in fact, this is my first team- hopefully you weren't expecting a more experienced jonin. Nonetheless... let's hear about you, now, Sadako-chan. Tell me all you want about you, then, answer me: Why do you want to be a shinobi? After you, it's Tadasu's turn and lastly, Kyosuke."
Eแ–‡แ˜”แ—ฉ Tแ•ผOแ—ฐแ‘ญแ”•Oแ‘Ž

The ball rolled thrice. The center lit red and the Blitzle escaped, together with his herd. Erza returned the fainted Vee to his pokรฉball and right after, wordlessly returned Extraordinary to her pokรฉball as well. The return to the pokรฉmon center was somber and quiet, Erza was contemplative, lost deep in thought: If there was one thing that he absolutely loathed, was losing. This however, wasn't a mere loss: It was a total and complete loss to wild pokรฉmon. Not only that, but it felt as if he had thrown a great opportunity at the trash-can.

There was no dialogue with the nurse, either. He handed his pokรฉballs, except Extraordinary which wasn't harmed, nodded when she asked if he wanted them to be healed and took them back wordlessly as well. From there, he moved to sit on the couch, hands grasped together and elbows resting over his knees. He stared forward, blankly, still fighting his own thoughts.

Could he find the shiny pokรฉmon again, ever? Was that an one in a lifetime opportunity? Maybe he should train his pokรฉmon harder before searching them... Where could he ever find a ground type, anyway?

"YOU KNOW WHAT! The boy suddenly stood up and likely startled the entire Pokรฉmon Center. He burst into a sprint out of the door, throwing a pokรฉball up as he did so: An Eevee materialized and fell comfortably on his shoulder. "Get ready, Vee, we'll be playing rock'n'roll from now on. NO MORE LOSSES EVER AGAIN.

With that, back to his previous route he goes. He'll not seek that Shiny just yet, but...

"Extraordinary, let's go!" With that, the ghost-type also came into action. Erza decidedly will train his pokรฉmon, as he clearly needs some levels. Eevee and Extraordinary, for now.

๐‘ผ๐’๐’Ž๐’†๐’Š ้‹ๅ‘ฝ

The boiling water was bubbling as it was poured down into a cup, a vapor with a rather pleasant smell- at least in Unmei's taste, filling the small room as she swung it gently around. She let it sit for a few minutes, then slowly removed the teabag and placed it over the sink, leaving it there while she moved to sit on a frail, old wooden chair in front of a table in similar state, completely empty of any decoration or object of importance. Honestly, the whole building was kind of depressive - the walls were painted in a boring beige color, probably painted that very color as a reminder of how sad this place was, all furniture seemed as if they were already there back when Pain was still alive and there was a severe lack of decoration. Happiness wasn't meant to exist here.

Unmei did not mind one bit. A few years ago she slept in a tent that was much worse than this, having her own place, despite how bad it looked, was a victory in itself. Being a shinobi paid rather well - at least for someone that had absolutely no income whatsoever apart from what she could scavenger or maybe steal from others. Her missions weren't too complicate, either. She might've had a few close calls and dangerous situations, but such life was beaten into her much before she became a shinobi of Amegakure. The only thing that really bothered her was...

ไธไฟก Fushin | Distrust

Her clan was known and while Unmei wasn't not known to all as part of a clan that was practically thrown out of Amegakure no Sato and lived as criminals until they met their end, some jonin and politically inclined individuals knew the truth and Unmei could literally feel their distrust when they looked at her. She was loyal same as they were, she was willing to dedicate her life to the village in the same manner they would, but no matter what, it was still an ever present feeling of displacement that the young jonin couldn't get rid off.

Perhaps training her very first team of genin would finally change something. Maybe they'd become reputable, well known shinobi and cleanse Unmei's name by consequence. Fate would decide.

The warmth of the boiling liquid made Unmei ghost a sigh with a soft 'aah'. It was a relieving drink and Unmei was particularly very fond of warm drinks in general. Especially coffee and tea, both of which she secretly considered herself pretty good at making. A quick glance at the watch in the wall, with a broken grass piece missing, made an eyebrow raise. How did time pass so quickly? Soon, the students of the academy would be gathering for the amekage's speech and their graduation. It should be an exciting moment for them.

Unmei exhaled slowly, picking up her cup, she sipped a few more times before placing it at the sink, spending no more than a minute cleaning it up before she moved around the small apartment, picking up a folder and placing it under her left arm, she rolled her shoulders and stretched her back, then ruffled a hand through her hair to put back in place a few misplaced strands before she reached out and twisted the knob of the door, leaving the small apartment. She didn't even care to lock it up.

After the ceremony had taken place, Unmei was sitting by a pond located within the Uragiri clan area. To her, it was a rather peaceful place and the Uragiri was a clan she was kind of fond of. They were hardworking individuals and their appearance was quite exquisite - not in a bad way. Unmei appreciated the fishy eyes. She had personally worked with a young man from this clan in the nearby past, Sakana was his name. Talented and dedicated, though not very sociable- their mission went perfectly fine nonetheless. There was something about him that made Unmei think that he could understand her through her silence and in the short time they worked together, she enjoyed how quickly he could make right decisions that meant the success or failure of the mission.

In the jonin's lap, there was numerous files regarding the team that she would lead. She was reading through intently and was apparently focused, but deep down, she was feeling nervous. Slightly so. It was an experience she had before but she had to do her best no matter what. From what she could tell, she had a team with a lot of potential. Their names had been mentioned a few times in the past. Orphans were very well trained, even if the manner of training was rather harsh. They would grow used to whatever method of training Unmei planned very quickly. Good. She enjoyed people with a knack for adaptation...
Eแ–‡แ˜”แ—ฉ Tแ•ผOแ—ฐแ‘ญแ”•Oแ‘Ž

Erza's breathing was heavy. He returned Growlithe and Pidgey to their respective pokรฉballs, as both could no longer fight. Eevee wasn't feeling too well, either, even after a potion he could tell that his ace pokรฉmon couldn't handle that many Blitzle at once. Extraordinary, however, was almost completely immune to them all: He could literally just waltz through and get out unscathed, but for how long? Erza was considering his options right now and there weren't many. He could keep Extraordinary and stall the battle until she could weaken the Shiny Blitzle, couldn't he? But, Extraordinary wasn't particularly tough just yet and a STAB attack such as shock wave could likely bring her down.

Erza exhaled, he was not lost in thought just yet - he had to stay focused after all. Maybe formulate a strategy in seconds. His objective wasn't winning here, it was catching that Shiny Blitzle, so maybe he could go for an all in strategy - yeah, that's risky, but all the Blitzle had just attacked.

"Vee, tackle the Shiny Blitzle! Extraordinary, Night Shade him!" As Erza commanded his pokรฉmon, he readied an empty pokรฉball. It was an all or nothing strategy. There was two things to consider here: That Erza managed to weaken his objective enough - and all the other Blitzle were sand-attacked enough to not have a chance to counter-act in this period. Hopefully...
Hey hey! Just popping my head in to see if you still have rooma vailable? It's been a while since I've dipped my feet into the Naruto-verse, but I am interested in participating if you'll have me!

Yeah, we do have a few still. Feel free to join our discord if you need to clarify any doubt or need any help getting your character ready.
Hey, showing up just to say that I'm quite interested and it sounds like its going to be a fun story.

If possible, I'd like to reserve the rune Uruz. I will have my character up in a few hours since I have to go sleep now and work tomorrow morning.

If reservation is not a possibility or if someone has already been working on a character based on that rune, its all good, tho.
Eแ–‡แ˜”แ—ฉ Tแ•ผOแ—ฐแ‘ญแ”•Oแ‘Ž

Erza winced slightly at every quick attack taken by his pokรฉmon. Growlithe and Eevee took quite a lot of damage from a sequence of quick attacks - these Blitzles were indeed fast as ever. Extraordinary, however, was completely immune to their attack thanks to his ghost type. Not only that, but Erza quickly realized that their electric-type attack didn't go through as well: They drained their own lightning thanks to their innate ability. Interesting the boy thought, quickly realizing that he had suddenly gained an enormous upper hand that would serve pretty well. Here, have one more friend join the frey!

Pidgey came out of its pokรฉball already taking flight with a confident look on her eyes. That particular pokรฉmon didn't get to see much battle if any at all, so it was eager to prove herself.

"Vee, Growlithe! Move away from them, don't take any more unnecessary hits! Vee, stay behind and be defensive! Pidgey, sand-attack from a safe distance! Make sure their lightning rod keeps you safe from being hit with an electric-type attack- Extraordinary, target the Shiny Blitzle with Night Shade! AAAAH, Growlithe! EMBER! THAT ONE!"

There. Now Erza has four pokรฉmon on battle, Eevee and Growlithe are weakened while Pidgey and Extraordinary are still completely healthy. He couldn't lose this opportunity, so he was trying to keep himself calm- still, he wasn't particularly comfortable with the situation especially after he realized that he was the targetted choice of at least one Blitzle, which made Erza panic and quickly order Growlithe to ember that particular one. Their numbers and levels were both higher than his team, so he had to rely on luck and possibly some strategy to get through this. If Growlithe managed to use Ember on the Blitzle that was targetting Erza himself and the boy was free to act, he'd quickly pick up two potions from his backpack. One for Eevee, one for Growlithe.
Eแ–‡แ˜”แ—ฉ Tแ•ผOแ—ฐแ‘ญแ”•Oแ‘Ž

So, apparently praying at the Silent Shrine wasn't a bad decision at all. Erza halted his decision of charging head on as soon as his eyes caught sight of something particularly off. There was one Blitzle that seemed different. It's colors - honestly, it felt special just from a glance. Naturally, that was the one Erza wanted - the bad thing? All the other Blitzle were around it. Erza wouldn't be able to just waltz around them and catch that one.

The boy took a deep breath. He concentrated... then, lowered the empty pokรฉball. In each of his hands, were Growlithe and Duskull. Pidgey wouldn't be a good choice against an electric type.

"Growlithe, Extraordinary! Out!" The boy called out, the two respective pokรฉmon being released from their pokรฉball in front of him. With Eevee, Growlithe and Duskull, maybe Erza would have a much greater chance of catching his objective.

"Now, Eevee! Sand-attack them! Growlithe, Ember at the ground, around -that- Blitzle! Extraordinary, use Leer on the first one that makes an attack!"

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