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Current I never broke any guild rules but my characters always break the "don't be super edgy" one.
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The doctor said I'm running low on Vitamin C. Guess I'm not drinking enough coffee and smoking enough cigarettes.
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"What is better, to be born good - or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" Kudos to whoever knows where this is from ♥
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I'm a wild child. Come and love me.
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Theres nothing wrong with enjoying things not appreciated by others.


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Eᖇᘔᗩ TᕼOᗰᑭᔕOᑎ

Growlithe was a tough boy! And a good one as well. With Erza's command, the fire-type could bring down two bellsprouts in a row without much damage. The trouble came when Erza decided to go against a Shroomish: The little grass type, although not nowhere tough as Growlithe and even being in the disadvantage, knew a status move that paralyzed Growlithe, slowing his movements considerably. Erza and Growlithe held their ground however, with Erza focused on victory against the wild pokémon. After many well-placed bites, the Shroomish finally fell and Growlithe howled in his victory. The boy considered briefly catching the Shroomish but decided against it. He already had some pokémon and had his mind on another grass type that he'd eventually find.

Picking the Growlithe in his arms and caressing the boy on his head, Erza whispered to him:

"You are so strong! I'm really impressed! I will call you back now, alright? We will battle again after we get to another city. I can tell you're really tired..." The pokémon understandably nodded even though it really wanted to keep on battling. It was ferocious like a wild beast. Nonetheless, Erza returned him to its pokéball and leaned down to tie his shoes... Some may call it luck and they were probably right, but to Erza, it was his prayer already coming into full effect. There was a strange, glowing yellow stone on the ground. Erza had previously read about evolutionary stones... Well, fire water and leaf stones. That one, he didn't know but it looked quite valuable, so Erza picked it up and moved his backpack from his back to his hands, gently opening it and finding a safe spot to store the Shiny Stone.

Erza obtained a Shiny Stone!

After that, the boy carefully picked a pokémon egg from his backpack, holding it up so he could look at it. He wondered how long it would take for that thing to hatch; from what he knew about breeding, which wasn't much, different pokémon had different hatching times. The boy exhaled softly before placing the egg back to his backpack, there was absolutely no signs that it would hatch anytime soon.

Now, it was time to keep moving, but Erza was missing someone's company...

In a flash of red light, the brown-furred little pokémon came out of it's pokéball with an excited "Vee!" And without second thought, the creature leaped from the ground into Erza's shoulder, who stood up immediatelly after with a light chuckle.

"Alright, Vee. We're kinda deep into this place, I think... so we should move quickly. But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun in the way, yeah?"


When he gets some time he can change it, but he has to access the database directly to do so.

Bumping this. I decided to pick an unused name to save the hassle of messing with the database.

Thanks once again and sorry for being annoying! :P
Your work is absolute magic, holy shit. The quality is more than impressive. Leaving this request here and thank you in advance!

Request type. // Signature/avatar set
Stock and images. // Here

Size. // default/surprise me!
Text. // "Can you feel the cold hand of death upon your heart?"
Misc. // The image is a reimagined version of a reanimated dragon from World of Warcraft. An icy/frost/death theme might look good, but it's not mandatory at all.

Some brazilian music.

Eᖇᘔᗩ TᕼOᗰᑭᔕOᑎ

Erza's sense of direction wasn't particularly great. So he just took a random path and followed it through; unknowingly, he was heading towards the Northern Silent Forest. He could notice that he was getting somewhere because the scenery was slowly changing. The practically ever pouring rain was there nonetheless, bothering him slightly but making no huge difference as the boy was already soaked, unfortunately. He could only hope that he wouldn't catch a cold or something that'd impact his journey negatively.

The forest seemed darker now. Looking up, Erza could barely see the sky; this forest was dense and thick. The boy was already beginning to feel an eery feeling within himself. The silence and the emptiness of this place was unsettling; and what were those blue lights that he could see in the distance, anyway? They clearly didn't seem to belong here.

Slowly but steady, Erza's steps brought the boy further into this mysterious place. He could now tell that the blue lights were lanterns. There were arcs placed everywhere that didn't seem to lead anywhere. Erza could, however, identify some pokémon:

Pokédex Entry #669 – Flabébé, the Single Bloom Pokémon. At the beginning of its life, this fairy picks a flower that then becomes a part of its body. It can draw out and control the hidden power of flowers, whatever that means. When it floats in the wind, any troubles in its heart is said to wane.

A fairy-type. Exciting, but Erza knew that without a Steel or Poison type, he would waste too much resources and risk hurting his pokémon in a possible uneven battle. As far as he knew from reading pokémon related materials, Fairies are tough to battle without the advantage.

It didn't took him much longer to notice other pokémon he didn't encounter before:

Pokédex Entry #285 – Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokémon. It lives deep in dark, damp forest where it eats the composted soil and fallen leaves. By day it remains still in the forest shade, by night it moves to eat. If it detects danger, it can spout highly toxic spores from the top of its head, strong enough to make trees wilt.

Pokédex Entry #69 – Bellsprout, the Flower Pokémon. A carnivorous plant, it traps and eats bugs to eat. It can root itself deep into the ground to drink, or uproot itself to move. It’s skinny body is extremely flexible to avoid attacks, and its speed with its Vine Whips at prey are said to be blindingly fast. It loves hot and humid places.

Erza took a deep breath. It was raining, but he still had his Growlithe with him; fire types don't do well in the rain... but again, Growlithe didn't even knew a fire type move just yet. Maybe he could have some fun while heading deeper in the Silent Forest, hm? Smirking at the thought, Erza carefully picked Growlithe's pokéball and summoned his companion forth, the creature surging in a flash of red light with a yawn.

"Ready, Growlithe? Let's see how tough the pokémon in here are!"

Banned because I'm bored.
The last post in here is very likely to precede the site's death. Think about it.
Giving this a bump. Looking again.


When he gets some time he can change it, but he has to access the database directly to do so.

Damn, must be a hassle.

I will patiently wait, thanks!
Hey, I'd like my name to be changed to Ephemeral

*The username is taken but I believe it fits the criteria of inactive nicknames, as it has very few posts and is currently MIA.

Thanks in advance!
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