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First - Great hook. I like it.
Second - More info.
Which type of werewolf are you planning to go with (There are many)? What is the story about? I'm talking about stuff like, where do these soldiers come from? Why are they in the military and not a private outfit? What/who/why do they fight? How/why does no one know about this?

Thanks for this info. Im still working on the details
There are who fight for their country and die for their country...we honor them...salute them...remember them. But what if our military had a secret. No not like Area 51. What if they had troops that were a bit more. This roleplay im planning has to do something along the lines of that. So do ypu wanna sign up and fight.

A member of..

This is going to involve the group being either the pack or the one holding the leash.
Name: Travis Marks
Demon: Death
Shortcoming: needs to kill others or bring them to beg for it
Age: 25
Bio: Like you born a sweet innocent thing but then not like you, truely born in blood. Father was a notorious seriel killer and when Travis was 5 he watched not in horror but in Joy as his mother plunged a knife in his fathers heart in his sleep. Then when she slept that same night after burying dear old daddy. He beheaded her as she slept. Bathing in her blood he felt himself satisfied and fulfilled till he noticed what he had done and put on a act for the police. he was then put in the foster system. Only to go from that to a psychiatric care do to his...dark problems. At 18 he was released into the world. Only to start again. But this time. He wasnt alone. He felt the need to kill was much stronger now. Hidding in plain sight as a friendly neighborhood sales man. Traveling around to leave 6 to 7 bodies brutally murdered. Each death is different from the other. It mainly depends on the victim. For example one little old lady could be smothered with a pillow where as the neighborhood gangbanger is lynched from a lamp post to the autoshop mechanic getting dragged down the street by his tow truck to the woman burned on the cross in the church.
Very interesting. Im intrigued.
Just post something down if your interested to let me know and ill type up something soon
Considering on starting a fun rp of Alfheim Online, it is inspired by SAO, but main Characters of the Anime are not playable, they mainly would be NPCs, so looking for those willing to join and assist in the set up.
well right now my character is smithing out front of solitude and talking to two others

Jarett blinked at the sword then glanced back at his companions. Was he supposed to hold it? Was this a test? Jarett stood there until Valen walked over to talk to the bald man. Valen was right to think Jarett didn't have the strength to pick up a greatsword as tall as him, but Jarett wasn't someone to underestimate. He ignored Valen's words and chuckle as he reached over and took the sword in his hands. It was heavy. So heavy that Jarett grunted softly when he took it off the smith's hands and held it at waist level. He would never be able to wield a weapon such as this, and he didn't want to. The ebony greatsword brought bad memories back to the front of his mind that the Redguard would rather forget them. Still, he held the sword and looked at the Nord in front of him for a reaction.

the nord laughed at the breton struggle and nodded "Alright, a man who is willing to accept a blade that is to much even for them is worth the metal in my fires, How can i help you today?" he took the sword back and put it on a table next to a long ebony crafted case, he spat into the forge causing a sizzle on the hot coals and he then grabbed another piece of ebony metal and stuck it in a smelter of his own design and the metal started to melt slowly and flowed into a stone bucket that was over another firenear a series of molds "Did you need a weapon or had a question?"

he asked as his back faced the group as he started at a couple of hammers on mounts each one marked with a elemental rune and he reached up with his ebony gauntlet and grabbed the one imbued with lightening and he then walked over to the stone bucket and poured it into the mold for a dagger and her scrapped away the excess melted metal from the mold and let it cool slightly before taking it out of the mold and hitting it with the hammer her chose causing every strike to sound like thunder
Thraine stopped mid swing when he heard someone call out to him and he looked over at the Redguard and eyed him for a second before finish his swing and made the metal clang one last time before nodding to his assistant and the Imperial pulled the hot metal from the anvil and dipped it into the barrel of cold water and the metal sizzled as it went in and when it was pulled back out it was forming up to be a beautifully made ebony great sword, he then grabbed it from his assistant and walked over to the Redguard before spitting in a spit tune off to the side making a clang as it went into the metal pot and he held up the ebony great sword looking at the blade before holding it out to the Redguard.

His eyes as fierce as the fire he forged with, staring at the Redguard, starring at him waiting, a slight breeze goes by as he waits holding out the blade. The assistant has seen him do this dozens of times to test the person of their judgement, and to see if they were worth his time. The Smith continued to stare reading the Redguard, the crowd stood in silence and the guards readied themselves for any form of trouble.@Rodiak
Thraine hammered away at the hot metal and he set the hammer down and reached for a black ebony guantlet that was a bit bigger than normal guantlets of that particular make and he rolled his shoulder a bit before clenching his fist and hitting the metal with the guatlet cover hand and turning it over before hitting the otherside and repeated with every turn of the hot metal before putting it in a barrel of cold water. He then took the guantlet off and began to whistle while walking over to a cart with barrels in it lifting a small barrel that looked like it was a keg of Mead and set it down near the leather rack he hand and popped the lid off revealing more dwarven oil and he grabbed one of the brown leathers off the table and dipped it into the barrel before drapping it over a pole "there we are. Now ill let that cure for a bit. Hey imperial. That axe is sharp enough. Take it to the guard and becareful. Im not responcible if you lodge that weapon in someone or yourself." The assistant nodded and took off without a word.

Thraine then grabbed the metal he was working on and it shimmered like ebony and he inspected it before putting it back into the fire and he spat and sniffed before reaching into a black leather pouch and pulled out a pinch of fire salts. And dripped them onto the blade. The black metal sparked and began to glow hot again in time for the assistant to get back. "Grab hold and turn when i tell you too" he brought the hot metal to the anvil and the assistant grabbed the glowing metal and waited.

Thraine then grabbed hold of a black ebony double sided hammer and he looked at the metal and inhaled before swing the hammer and then repeated telling the Assistant to turn the metal ever 3 swings
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