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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some Q & A to help players get started.

Q - How do I submit a character?
A - View the Character Creation Guide.

Q - Can my character be in multiple threads simultaneously?
A - Yes. It is up to you to decide what timeline and sequence of events make sense for your character.

Q - What about NPCs?
A - You can introduce an NPC at any time in any thread in which you have an active character. Anyone may play an NPC unless it is included in a group or character profile, in which case only members of that group or the creator of that character may play it. They can give others permission to play the NPC as they see fit. If an NPC has any special traits, it must be submitted as part of a group or character profile.

Q - Can I have a closed thread?
A - Not as an individual character. However, a group may create a thread exclusive to members of their group.