Hey, everyone! purugly here, and I just watched Unleashed, and it's given me the biggest need for something loosely inspired by the movie.

I'm not fussed about genders, just to get that out of the way, I'm fine with anything. I tend to write men more than women, but toss whatever gendered pairings you prefer at me, I'm probably good.

But in a nutshell, the idea is that I'd play your character's pet (I admit a very large preference toward dogs) who, via some cosmic event, ends up human. It would be a sappy, sweet love story as my character tries to acclimate to being a human and also trying to not exactly let your character know that they used to be an animal and belonged to them. For the purposes of both plot and sappy romance, my character wouldn't be turning back into an animal, or if we want ~all the sappy drama~, they could be offered a choice and choose to stay a human?

I'm super open on shenanigans they get up to. I don't even know if the idea is very sustainable for an rp, but I want to write a good boy in human form, darn it!

Anyway. As far as bits about me go, I'm over 21, timezone is EST and I love sappy romances (and heartwrenching angst, but can't have that all the time!).
I'm happy to write over email, gdocs, PM, thread, or discord, but I definitely prefer the first two.
You can reach me at: scriptedevent@gmail.com, thehormones#8132