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Quiet bump because I rewatched Unleashed and I love it too much.
Hey, everyone! purugly here, and I just watched Unleashed, and it's given me the biggest need for something loosely inspired by the movie.

I'm not fussed about genders, just to get that out of the way, I'm fine with anything. I tend to write men more than women, but toss whatever gendered pairings you prefer at me, I'm probably good.

But in a nutshell, the idea is that I'd play your character's pet (I admit a very large preference toward dogs) who, via some cosmic event, ends up human. It would be a sappy, sweet love story as my character tries to acclimate to being a human and also trying to not exactly let your character know that they used to be an animal and belonged to them. For the purposes of both plot and sappy romance, my character wouldn't be turning back into an animal, or if we want ~all the sappy drama~, they could be offered a choice and choose to stay a human?

I'm super open on shenanigans they get up to. I don't even know if the idea is very sustainable for an rp, but I want to write a good boy in human form, darn it!

Anyway. As far as bits about me go, I'm over 21, timezone is EST and I love sappy romances (and heartwrenching angst, but can't have that all the time!).
I'm happy to write over email, gdocs, PM, thread, or discord, but I definitely prefer the first two.
You can reach me at:, thehormones#8132
Bump for more topic, at stupid hours in the morning??
A bump for a topic change?
Hello, hi, good morning -- I've been watching bad, cliche things all night, and I'm absolutely dying for some horribly sweet, shenanigans-filled romance.

Quick bit about me and my writing, I'm on the east coast of the US which means EST for those who'd like to know, I'm 24, and my hours are sporadic unfortunately. I prefer writing about three paragraphs, more or less is always welcome as inspiration comes and goes, but I'd like to keep things above a sentence or two. Paragraph-style, third person, past tense, all that. I've been writing for over 10 years now, and if things do end up getting mature, you'll need to be eighteen or older. I'm not especially looking for this to end up mature, but we'll see where it goes.

Onto what exactly I'm looking for, I'm hoping to find some people who'd be interested in writing a romantic male lead against a female one for a crossdressing line. I've got a stupid love of storylines involving female characters being mistaken for males (either masquerading as male for a very specific reason (boy bands, all boys school, etc), being just androgynous enough to be mistaken as male frequently (and subsequently rolling with it/not correcting them until its too late), or female characters who were raised as male for any convoluted reason we want). I'm super open to what sort of scenarios we play this in, whether we want something modern, something to do with schools, co-ed or all boys, or something fantasy/historical, a girl in a typically masculine position, or anything in between.

Give me all those long nights of 'holy shit i cant like him, i'm not even bisexual!' and getting into arguments over stupid things because they aren't communicating enough. I do want us to write well together, and I want it to be a well-told story, but I'm really not fussed if the premise, or even the characters, skirt a little close to cliche.

I'd love to figure something out with you all, if you're at all interested in something this silly, please shoot me a PM - I prefer to play over email, PM, or maybe IM (i have telegram and aim ready, i can also kik for ooc stuff), but given no other options I can also thread!
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