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Paintings of Xeron


In the beginning, there was Czar and there were Fae. Fae were higher beings who acted as a collective, selectively evolving to enable themselves to harness more flux, the energy that enables magic use. Czar was the only God. He spoke and created the Czarian Coterie, a group of Gods tasked with overseeing the universe in his place. This included Cynthia, Nebula, Porcine, and Xeron. After this, Czar went silent. From these four, many other gods were created to rule the different aspects of the universe. Xeron was given the ability to create inhabitable paintings, the first of which were Y’vera, the Oscuarry, and The Sky to protect his paintings from the void. The goddess of nature, Elk, took favor with the world of Y’vera and gave it life. The flux of the void was too strong for mortal life on Y’vera, so Elk created the Crystal of Balance to keep most of it at bay. Life thrived on Y’vera, but was unable to develop advanced consciousness. Czar saw this, and in combination with his displeasure of his Coterie in ruling the void, killed Cynthia, Porcine, and Nebula, forcing them to be reborn as mortals in each of the paintings: Cynthia to Y’vera, Porcine to The Oscuarry, and Nebula to The Sky.

With the advent of mortals, Xeron took pity on their souls and designated the Oscuarry as their final resting place. Nebula took advantage of the empty painting of The Sky and fractured himself into thousands of shining beings with which he could observe all other paintings. Elk willingly killed herself to be with Cynthia and rule over nature on Y’vera. She seeded Cynthia with the first human, and they became progenitors of humanity.

Those beyond the first generation aged and died. It was at this time that the new Czarian Coterie began to take interest in the affairs of the mortal world. They began exercising their will over humans like pawns in a game of chess. Religions formed, but it wasn’t enough for some Gods. Some radicals decided to join their followers in Y’vera by killing themselves to be reborn as mortals, sometimes creating new races of their own. Tension in Y’vera rose, until Coyote, father to a race of beasts disguised as humans, usurped Cynthia as ruler of the the human continent Ephesus. He attempted to rule from the capital city Delteria, but was met with the resistance of the an army led by two human brothers, Storxx and Rolark. Together they drove Coyote and his followers off the mainland of Ephesus, to The Venison, a desolate desert wasteland off the coast, where Elk’s touch hadn’t yet reached.

Storxx and Rolark established themselves as leaders of the new world, creating two cities on the island ithica, the home to the Crystal of Balance. Odium was Storxx’s city to the north, and Lucre was Rolark’s city to the south.

Around this time the first 100 year cycle was completed and a star fell from the sky marking its passing. This star was the Nebula Vulcure, who chose to fall into Y’vera. His physical form was torn from him during his descent to Delteria. He crashed into the stonework and rebuilt his body using the materials around him. Some called him a golem, but the reality was he was very much living with a crystal core containing his spiritual self. Vulcure became an influential figure in Delterian politics, working closely with Storxx and Rolark.

|Current Day|

Eon 2, Year 95, Week 32

Wormsloe is a seedier town at the peak of the Gloam Delta. Built using the dark wood of the surrounding forests, the city is among the newer cities of Y’vera. It has an eclectic mix of culture and architecture from all races save for the Fae. On a good day you might even spot a Siren if you know where to look.

A new city in the current political climate meant no ruling faction. Wormsloe technically had a council, but it wasn't composed of career politicians. Rather, it had tradesman from several of the city’s largest industries: lumber, herbalism, crops, transportation, brewing, and fishing. By day they worked hard and by night they reaped what they sowed by partaking in whatever pleasures Wormsloe offered. Once every 10 days they met in the river docks (which were honestly quite impressive) to discuss the going ons and problems of the surrounding landscape. They rarely needed to give their attention to a problem as most tradesmen worked out disputes themselves. Occasionally, though, the leaders would need to unite their community to deal with a common threat, the latest of which was an elusive fable: Dread Pirate Xen.

Enter Ivory. The pale red haired girl had recently discovered a 150 year old journal inside her Alchemy Shop (The Sacred Mind) detailing a process for the thistlization of blood: another fable that “experts” (no one thought of them as anything other than insane) claimed would grant eternal life if successfully achieved. The journal called for a rare evergreen plant known as Blood Thistle. The problem is, Blood Thistle was a well known poison. Which brings our story to Wormsloe; someone here must be able to provide it.

Ivory’s arrival was timed terribly (or wonderfully, if you think getting involved in a political drama that ultimately results in the creation of a vampire is “wonderful”). She arrived in Wormsloe at the height of Dread Pirate Xen’s most egregious plot yet: he intended to turn Wormsloe into the Underworld hub of Y’vera. His title had amassed a following over the past 150 or some odd years, and he schemed to use it to plant seeds in the council as well as in every trade network moving through the river city. Ivory was just unfortunate enough to ask one of Xen’s plants for information regarding Blood Thistle.


Descendants of the Goddess Cynthia. Inhabit most of Y’vera, but mainly Ephesus.

Dark, ashy skin. Mixed race of all races on Y’vera. Mainly live in the Darkshire as outcasts. Humanoid.

Descendants of the Gods Ocan and Ogren. From the islands Ocan and Ogren.

Descendants of the god Nebula, mostly live in The Sky as stars. One selectively falls to a painting of their choice every 100 years. Body is made up of inorganic matter. (If you pick this let me know. There are not many Nebula in the world of PoX)

Descendants of evolved Fae. Live in a Fae city named Tarver built in the middle of the ocean.

Small humanoids with wings. (¼ size of humans)

Descendants of the god Tiamat. Females take snake-like form. Commonly referred to as Sirens. Males take lizard-like form. Lives in Silent-run and The Venison.

Male: Rough scaly skin. Lizard-like Humanoid. Thick long lizard tails.

Female: Snake-like and smooth scales from the waist down. Waist up normal humanoid with dark colored skin (purple, grey, etc). Some born without cavities for nose, mouth, ears, or eyes.

Artificial race created through clever use of flux and crystals. Arguably not really sentient. Inhabit Feyere. Composed of inorganic matter, besides their crystal cores.

Lycan Variants
Originally descendants of the god Coyote. Disguise themselves as humans. Lycanthropy affects different races in different ways.

Vampiric Variants
Beings infected with vampirism. Don’t age.

|Character Requirements|

Appearance (description):
Age (<50):
Brief history:
Speaking Color:
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