Hello there! I'm Overlord Thraka, more commonly called OT.

I'm creating this interest check because I really want to do this idea. This is semi-borrowed from an idea the great [@katherinewinter] came up with. So go check her out as I cannot claim 100% originality for this idea

First a few things. This will be 18+ for... things. Iris is a very free-spirited character, so expect some more adult situations, so please don't bother applying if you're underage. Sorry.

So into the idea.

The idea is this, My character, Iris the Goddess of Emotion and Empathy has been trapped in a locket for the past 400 years. She has been able to see the outside world change and shift around her, so she knows what the world is like, but she's not interacted with another being for 4 centuries.

Your character, an everyday person, living a mundane if lonely life. Few friends, no girlfriend or boyfriend, comes across a mysterious locket. Perhaps it's sold to you by a homeless person or gypsy, perhaps you find it lying on the ground. But you find it and take it home. The locket refuses to open however, so you leave it on your table. The next morning you wake up to the sound of someone in your house, you are terrified that someone's broken in, and then you meet her. Iris. 7'2", color changing skin and more beautiful than seemingly humanly possible. She's made you breakfast.

She swears as payment for her freedom to stay with you for the rest of your life, and the RP focuses on the relationship between you two. So now you are semi-forced to live with an incredibly kind giantess who means well, but often accidentally causes trouble or distress to you.

I look forwards to your replies!