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Hello, people of the guild! I am Luna! Welcome to my fault of characters. I am here to introduce all of my characters I have used through my entire time here in the guild. I maybe even add characters I haven't used on the site. I do have a bunch I haven't used.

Red-this means the rp is dead
Blue-Means the rp is active
Yellow-Very slow rp
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Darkness That Binds Us (Killas and Luna)
Type-One on one
Reason-Abandoned after the first hiatus


Name/Nickname: Taimaine Hoshi

Height: 5'4"

Weight:108 lbs

Body Modifications: On her back she had a huge scar going from her right shoulder to the middle of her back,no one other than she knows where the scar came from. People assumed it was from the mercenary job that killed her father.

Other Appearance details: She is secretly a werewolf and the scar on her back is from that werewolf that she managed to kill. In her werewolf form she has fur that matches her hair and bright green eyes.

Birth date: April 20th

Zodiac: Taurus

Title/Reputation: Mercenary

Temperament: She tends to take things too serious in most cases. She tends to have sleeping problems and that tends to leave her exhausted. She hates being enclosed and will tend to flip out.If her blood starts rushing too quickly through her body, she will transform.

Personal quirks: She hates it when someone is not telling the truth about the mission she is on causing her to fuck up majority when she should have been told the truth. She has a bit of an OCD issue regarding her armor and swords as they have to be in the same place whenever she is done using them

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hobby: Whenever she is not on a mission, she loves to cook and draw whenever she could. She can make very delicious things from scratch and loves it when people enjoy her cooking. She loves to help people in any way she can.

Insecurities: People knowing her secret about being a werewolf. She is scared to be abandoned by the people she loves.

Capabilities: She is a master sword woman and is a master of any blade except silver blades. She is also trained in hand to hand combat and other blade like weapons.

Text color-
First color-#BB8FCE
Second color-#E74C3C

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Type-Advance, Group

Character you have created:Ji-Yeong Hu

Alias: Ji

Speech Color (Actually say what you're using): Lavender (first pick),

Springgreen (second pick)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality:
Ji is a brainy type of girl. She tends to usually have a thick almanac that she made herself when her and her sister’s pack was destroyed and she later on begin to call it a journal that she keeps with her so when she finds something new around her, she can write it down and do further research on it. Whenever people see her, she tends to have her nose in a book that she had found or she is looking for something new to add to her collection of notes in her journal. The journal is a bit of a cluttered mess, but it is a mess that she can understand well because she can remember where everything in the journal is incase she had to go back and look at her information for a certain thing. She tends to use to research other supernaturals.

She is a very sociable girl and will ask anyone of the supernatural, except Fae that destroyed her and her sister’s pack. She had begun to gain a strong distrust and thinks that all Fae are evil and do not care who they hurt to get what they want. But her feelings against Fae would never match the hatred she had developed for a person named The Ambassador, who allowed the Fae to destroy their sacred place where the pack went to honor the dead.

In her wolf form, unlike her twin who had a black wolf form, her is more of a brown color and when her elemental power is activated, her fur takes on dark green tint to it and her eyes take on a green hue to it. Her werewolf form would grow to 5’9” and she is much lighter in her wolf form. When she and her sister are in wolf form, she would practically look like the runt of the liter.

Origin Info/Details:

Race: Chinese/Korean/American
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 130lbs.
Eye: Brown
Hair: Light brown,long, straight
Skin: White
Ethnicity: Chinese/Korean American
Vision: 20/20
DoB: June, 8th (Gemini)
Birth Order: Twin (First born)

At the age of 12, Ji and Yeong went to Yellowstone National park one weekend to go camping. While they were exploring during the late evening, her sister kept going ahead, making her have to rush after her sister. It got the point they became lost. An hour into trying to find their way back, they heard noises not far from their location. Her sister followed after the noises, ignoring Ji’s protesting and ran after her. She was so focused in following her sister that she didn’t see the attack coming from her right side causing her to hit the ground. She was barely able to put up a fight as the force of the blow to her head left her very dizzy and incoherent nearly knocking her out. She could remember excruciating pain as she felt something bite deep into her shoulder. Her screams had filled the air and all she could remember was a wolf, at least that’s what she thought, getting off of her and going after something. When she heard her sister’s screams, she knew she had to find a way to help her sister. As she was about to try and help her sister, she remembered hearing howls in the distance before blacking out.

The next time she woke up, she was in a different area. As she moved, her shoulder stung with each movement as she tried to sit up. She noticed her shoulder was wrapped. She was confused and scared as she could not remember why her shoulder was hurting and how it got wrapped. She looked around for her parents and instead of seeing her parents, she saw around 7 unfamiliar people. Frightened, she tried to move too fast hurting her shoulder even more and it made her head spin. All she could feel that day was fear even when she and her sister were told what had attacked them the night they got lost and what they now were. That night they had transformed and all she could remember was the pain she was in before her mind had blacked out for the rest of the night.

They figured their parents couldn’t take the change suddenly, so it began arranged that they would vanish. The alpha male of the pack they took them in made sure to handle it and they soon became missing, the parents later assumed they were dead.

When they hit puberty, Ji noticed that she was developing some power as she was not like her sister, who was gaining more attention than she was, not that Ji minded. She began to practice a little by herself and she figured it was something relating to earth when she had gotten frustrated at her sister with her constant teasing and used her new magic to hurl a rock at her sister and bonked her in the head. When she looked at where the rock came from, it was no longer there and decided to try again and hurled another into a tree. That day was the day she learned she had earth elemental powers.

Years later during the night was one of the worse nights Ji and her sister had had since the night they were bitten. It was the night shortly after they had turned 18, their pack was destroyed with a female named The Ambassador and some Fae went onto their sacred graveyard and began to violate it. The pack ended up attacking as defense and was destroyed. Being the only two survivors, she and her sister ran from the home they had for years since they became werewolves. They escaped all the way to New York where they knew there was no werewolf pack. For a year they lived in an a apartment and Ji got a job as a pizza delivery girl and a painter on the side to make ends neats and barely have enough money to afford luxuries unless it’s from a thrift store or garage sales.

Hero Type (Select one): Supernatural/Elemental
Power Level (Select one below): Street
Powers (Be Specific):
Being a werewolf, Ji had two modes that she can go in between that she can already can do at will. In her human form, she looks like a normal young adult with a limited healing rate and enhanced senses. Her anthro form is the described in the costume area.

Skills learned-

  • Parkour (Advanced in human and expert in werewolf)
  • Research (Adept)
  • Navigating (Adept)
  • Organizer (Expert, mild OCD)
  • Painter (Advanced)
  • Hunter (Novice in human, Expert in werewolf)
  • Multicasting (Adept)


Attributes (Select one at each category):
Strength Level: 1-2 tons

Speed/Reaction Timing Level:
-With training speed Ji’s is about 5x faster than humans, making time slow slightly and enables quicker acknowledgement to the threats. However being able to dodge or count them is another matter.

-When it comes to her speed, in a trot she can reach up to 5 mph and causally cover wide areas of ground in a single day without rest. When in a flat out run she can reach up to 25 mph, with a few bursts of 45 mph for 1-2 minutes, before she nears exhaustion and risk collapsing.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
-In a steady, easily going trot Ji can cover miles in a day’s time before she needs to rest. This stands to reason with lax and less.

`During non-stop and stressful activity, her endurance lasts about 3-4 hours. However afterwards she will collapse from complete exhaustion and feel ravenous, reverting back to human.

Agility: 3-4x that of a normal human,and with her smaller stature, she can fit into reasonably, tight space places like windows, sewers openings, etc.
Intelligence: Very highly intelligence, with specialties in certain areas like supernaturals, bills, funds, etc.

Fighting Skill: Trained


After the pack was killed off, Ji and her sister escaped to New York to hide among the unregistered and got an apartment. While her sister was a stay at home person, Ji went and got herself a job as a pizza delivery person and made more money by painting on the side. She is very good at handling income for them and never lets them over budget with anything.

Being a breed of werewolf, there are ways to counter this ability. It also works in her both forms but in different ways, her human form being the most vulnerable to the substances. Strangely enough, Ji is unable to detect them with her sense of smell and it could be related to it being her breed’s weakness toward it.

Silver: Most werewolves are allergic to silver, through fortunately for Ji’s breed isn’t not fatal on instant contact and would take large amounts to become it.

In her human form it causes severe allergic reactions such as swelling on the location where the metal comes into contact. If injected/ingested, it could cause her throat to swell shut and breathing to be impossible unless an adrenaline is injected into her system boosting her immunity which will open her airways.

In her wolf form, this can easily paralyze and slow Ji’s healing rate, but the purity of the metal determines the healing power and time it lasts. The more pure the silver is, the longer the effects last and sooner it takes effect. Pure silver can take effect within at least a minute depending on Ji’s condition.

For any reason, should pure, liquified silver get into her blood system (digestion or something) when a wolf then it will paralyze Ji up to a day. Large amounts will kill her, such as a quarter of a pint or more, unless it’s purged from her system quickly and in about 3-4 hours.

Wolfsbane- herb: A weak smelling herb that is a strong and slow poison. It’s believed to be so lethal to a werewolf that a tablespoon worth sprinkled inside a bullet and shot into the target will kill even an alpha in half a day’s time. Any smaller amount will only cripple the wolf for several days, making them helpless and feeling like they wish they were dead. It can be cured through magical/unnatural means or even when a werewolf is laid out under a full moon, allowed to undergo extreme transformation thanks to the moon’s radiation.

Full Moon- Every American werewolf must answer the call of the moon as its radiation fills them with an immerse and sudden surge of energy, their bodies unable to contain their wolf forms while underneath its pale light. New wolves have the hardest time since their animalistic side is most frenzied and frighten during this time so many newly made wolves depend on their pack mates to keep them from injuring themselves during this period. After a few moons (6 moons), the eyes turn a yellow declaring them an adult.

It’s unknown why, but when someone is bitten beneath a full moon they have a percent of becoming werewolf depending on the species of werewolf.

Elemental Weakness- She is weak against fire magic that is enchanted. When she is hit with fire magic, it could delay regeneration and take longer to heal than normal. This could be healed by magical means outside of herself.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):

Ji’s Boss-
Her boss is somewhat understanding and gives Ji leniency, but at the same time, she is trying to keep the business up so Ji can continue having a job. Her boss will let it go if she is late or doesn’t show up, but only for a certain amount of time before her boss gets snippy. Her boss doesn’t make her do night shifts.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yes

Sample Post-

Ji-Yeong sighed as she was standing at the register at her job dealing with another customer. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but this customer that was in front of her was complaining nonstop about the slow service she had received the night before, THE NIGHT BEFORE for christ sakes! She couldn’t have gone over here last night and made a damn complain, nooooo she had to wait until the next day to come here and complain! This had been going on for about 30 or so minutes and she lost count of how many times this lady had repeated her lines. Seriously, how long could this woman talk without taking a deep breath. She just kept nodding her head in a relaxed fashion to indicate she was listening and completely calm when in reality she wanted to rip this woman’s head off. When the woman had stopped talking finally for a moment she was quick to jump at the opportunity to talk.

”Ma’am I am sorry for the slow service. Allow me to go and get my boss and we can get this straighten out as quickly as we can.” She said in a very thick accent that was mixed with chinese and korean. She turned away and walked into the back office before the woman had a chance to speak and knocked on her boss’s door and opened the door.

”Ma’am, there is a lady here with a complaint and I need you to handle her.” She said in the most calmest voice she could muster. Her boss must have seen the rising frustration in her eyes, because she nodded and stood up.

“Ok allow me to handle her and you can take your break an hour early” She said. Ji-Yeong nodded eagerly and went out the back doors of the pizza place into the alley way. She walked away so she wouldn’t smell the dumpster and began to pound her fist against the stone walls that decorated the outside of the shop muttering to herself.

”God that woman wouldn’t shut her fucking trap. I get it, you had slow fucking service because you expect us to be there in an hour when you live clear the fuck on the other side of town which is an extra thirty minutes from where we are.” She said, letting those rare cuss words out of her throat. She gathered her hair and place it in a lower braid and sat down on the ground taking deep breaths trying to calm herself.

She lost track of how long she was out there when she saw her boss appear in front of her looking a bit concerned for her. She saw the silent question and answered.

”I am calmer yes.” She said and stood dusting herself off.

“Well she left, so you can return to your work if you want. I do have a delivery that needs to be done if you want to do that and get away from the building” She said before going back inside. Ji-yeong sighed and followed after her preparing to make another delivery.

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Roleplay-The Places We Will Go [Cynder && Luna]
Status-On Going
Type- One on One

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Roleplay- Blood Act I~ Ghosts of the Past
Status- Ongoing
Type-Casual, Group

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Roleplay-Manifest Anima
Status-On going

Azulia Ellison

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not"

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Coruscant Sacked-Aftermath
Status-Reboot, ongoing
Type-Advance, on going

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New Country, New Mystery
Status-On going
Type-One on one

Name: Yukina Tomaru
Age: Unknown
Appearance: [img]s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/97/…\img]
Status: Grim Reaper of the Japan Division of Grim Reapers
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Star Wars: Traitors
Type-One on one

Jana Larker




Level-Jedi Knight

Appearance: She stands at height of 5'6" and her eyes are a bright green color with jet black waist length hair and her skin is a pale color. She also wears the usual jedi robes

Equipment-She carries two light sabers, one that blue and one is a light purple color. She also carries hair ties to keep her hair out of her face when she is in a fight or is about to fight, she carries communication equipment, some first aid things, and grappling hooks.
[*]She can battle with two light sabers
[*]She knows some force healing to get her by
[*]She can use telekinesis very well
[*]She has a good understanding on ships and how to repair them

She was born on a desolate planet that never really had a name for it. She was born in a lower middle class family. Her mother was a merchant while her father was paralyzed and couldn't work. She spent more time with her dad while her mother worked hard during the day and she listened to his stories of how he was mechanic and made many ships that they had. She began to basically learn by his stories and if she didn't become a jedi, she would have done that like her dad did.

She was taken by the Jedi knight to the temple on Coruscant, where she immediately began her training to be a jedi. She was like other jedi's who would be passed along with a master and they would spent a couple years under their mentor ship and she excel in the trials. She became a jedi knight at the age of 23.
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HCL V: Insert Witty Title Here
Reason-Replies came slower
Type-Free, group

Name: Luna Ren
Age: 21

  • She can turn into a wolf (not a werewolf)
  • She can control darkness
  • Shadow blending (she can use this as a way to hide when needed, emergency power)
  • Enchanted crossbow (cannot run out of bolts, like Susan from Narnia)


  • Her dark powers are useless during the day unless she is in a shadowed place
  • Her rash and reckless ways tend to back fire on her a lot
  • She can only be in her wolf form for so long

She grew up in Japan most of her life and during her teenage years, it turned out to be the worse. Between her parents and her twin sister dying and her getting into an abusive situation with her ex, she ran away from her cousin's home and anonymously turned her ex boyfriend (he is dead and wont be popping up). She was always a reckless child and very hot headed. She always got into fights when she was in school and she was never allowed in Chemistry for many reason (*cough* kept blowing the room up *cough*). Luna has been proven to be very unpredictable.

She learned around the age of 17, about the age she ran away from home, that she had these powers and began to train herself with them. During those years, she constantly moved around, mostly sticking to forest near rivers and good place for rest and food. Anyone who got on her bad side quickly found out why it is never a good idea to piss this girl off.
Theme Song: Bad to the Bone
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Status-Dropped out
Reason-Lack of time

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