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"War... The destruction of countless lives, economies, and planets... So unnecessarily cruel, yet so common in Yaglecostian society...
Is it really so hard to get along and live in peace among the alliance?"

"My name... My name is DUNC-59-SCI6, Experiment #45-B, but you can call me Duncan, for the sake of simplicity."

"My title is technically Riagler where I come from, which is pretty much meaning a very high class general in standard terms."

Influence: 3, however in another place, another time, another universe, he may be ramped up to 5, but that is there, not here.

"I am not part of any groups, however, far, far away, in my home universe, I am part of the Yaglecostian alliance, as is most members of many species of rightful intelligence..."

Description: Duncan is basically an alien which seems to be a horrible mutation of Fox, Snake and Human, with a bit of alienness to him. He is a freelance mercenary/hired worker, working legally by day bound to a contract to do things such as mild contruction, weaponsmithing, weapon testing, research, or scientific work, and by night working as a mercenary to eliminate anybody who he is hired to do so, as long as they have no ties to him or is anyone important.

"That isn't the best question to ask me, but I am around one hundred and fifty earth centimeters."

"That is quite rude to ask a self conscious Lalnanian... But for your information, I am around 50 kilograms, quite lightweight for my age."

"My age is not one that can be measured by standard earth years, for I have been alive since the dawn of human civilization.
I am around twelve thousand years old."

"I am a Lalnanian, subspecies sneakxof."

Appearance: Duncan is basically an alien which seems to be a horrible mutation of Fox, Snake and Human, with a bit of alienness to him. He is mostly covered in orange and grey fur, with his underbelly covered in overlapping black, purple, and reddish orange scales, in a mesmerizing pattern. He has a head that is mostly covered in fur, with two fox-like ears and mostly human features. He has a visor on, with a helmet covering the back portion of his head, that he wears along with white Armour, with green and black decoration bits, similar to a combination of a tron(tm) suit and an ironman MK15 Armour, that turns into a chest-plate through robotics when the Armour is not in use. He has a retro-futuristic outfit, consisting of a military esc full body suit and a scouter, as well as metal boots with non-functional jump assist to give a sort of 'double jump', but now only gives a weak blue glow on the bottom.
Personality: Duncan is a very kind creature, and his kindness can get in the way of himself, considering he rarely will fight, preferring peaceful ways to solve an issue. Also, he is very intelligent and innovative, using brains over brawn and coming up with unique and smart ideas to solve problems. Also, he is a little cold and uncaring when someone he doesn't know treats him badly, but will quickly become a warm, caring creature. Also, he has a dark side, when he is payed to kill, will put aside all care and kindheartedness, to be able to get enough cash to live.

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers:

( influence 2 ) Weak stun blast -- Shoots a blast of weak energy from the hands that stuns weak opponents and causes mild dizzyness and loss of balance to stronger ones.

( influence 3) Enhanced speed combat training. -- Duncan is a mobile fighter, using his speed, if he is in a fight, to run off and attack at a distance while moving, to make it hard to hit him with traditional weaponry when in a group. He has very good training in speed combat, which gives him a slight advantage in fighting styles that require speed and quick thinking.

Items: Weak cosmetic suit of robotic 'zero armour', a decent plasmatech modified G57 Burstwave Plasma pocket rifle, and a APVSF-ENV/ORG MK-5 scanner to scan surrounding terrain and lifeforms.

( influence 2 ) PlasmaTech modified G57 Burstwave Plasma pocket rifle -- This is a pocket rifle useful in combat as it is quick and easy to reload, takes standard weapon energy cells, and is a 4-blast per second rate of fire weapon, good for firing on the move. It has low damage but high rate of fire blasts that cause mild plasma burns that steadily get worse depending on how many shots are hit in the same area. Also, when the ammunition cell is damaged, it can be used as a weapon, detonating upon hard contact and acting as a weak plasma grenade.

( influence 3 ) Small personal bomber class 4 man spacecraft -- Duncan has a small modified Lalnanian bomber vessel, which has small weapon fire to easily hold its own against a few smaller or one or two equally size vessels. It has high and low speed, the high speed meant for escaping fighter vessels with a speed slightly lower than standard class fighter vessels of larger size and the low speed meant for bombing other ships, stations, or planet based settlements. However, several weapons including 2 out of 3 bomb bays, 2 out of 4 plasma lancers, and 1 out of 2 weak missiles are too damaged to safely function without issue, making this ship more of a safe transport rather than what it's original function was.

Background: (I do not want to spoil his background, I hope it is allowed that I share his background through roleplay, to get people to interact with him and learn more about him, as do their characters.)
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