The year is 1521, and Europe has been shaken by the recent discovery of an entirely new world across the Atlantic. The massive new landmass has attracted the attention of people all across the continent, for the potential of trade and land in this mysterious new world.

But this is not the America that we are familiar with.

Time was kinder to the Americas and blessed her with beasts for her people to cultivate and grow alongside. Horses, Camels, Llamas and cattle exist throughout the Americas, and the people have made good use of them. Civilization thrives in these new lands, and these civilizations are as shaken by their first contact with Europeans as the Europeans are with them. How they will respond to the discovery of a world beyond their own is anyone's guess.


A World Away is a Nation RP set shortly after the discovery of the Americas by Europeans. However, the Americas are quite different in this timeline. Domesticatable animals in the Americas and wider spread of agriculture are found in this incarnation of the continents, specifically the Horse (Equus Scotti) all across the two continents, Camelops in the Western part of North America. There are also domesticatable livestock animals like Oxen, ect. as well as the adoption of Corn, American Rice, Maygrass, and other grains as staple foods across the continents.

Players are allowed to join in one of two groups.

1) European Powers, looking to engage in trade and conquest of these newly discovered lands
2) The Indigenous Nations

Europeans are mostly identical to their OTL counterparts and retain their technological levels, territories, and histories. They are technologically better than the indigenous nations, but the technology gap is not as extreme as in our timeline.

Indigenous Americans are not defined at the beginning of the game and are completely up to the players to create. I encourage players to work together to create a cohesive internal history of the Americas. Work with each other to interweave everyone's history. Americans are divided into technological tiers, which I will explain below, based on their location and their lifestyle.

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