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Renovations Might, Renovation
BGM: Friendship

Hirtutila looked over the strange little contraption as Asher placed it into his hand. An earring? Yet it was capable of such feats? Why should it not, he thought to himself, it's not like anything should surprise him anymore. Accepting the small gift from Asher, he pondered over it for a bit more, before tossing such thoughts to the wind and placing the earring in his pocket for later. Piercing wouldn't be an issue. 20 years ago, a bit of a fad for earrings spread to Vandalia via Egypt, and a younger Hirutila was not immune to the peer pressure. Seemed like it id pay off in the end, this earring would be invaluable indeed.

Hirutila gave a small thank you to Asher, before turning his attention to Georgia as well. "If you're taking off, I better go get some sleep for the night," he uttered out, followed by a yawn, which the man tried to cover up. "I don't have your energy anymore". With that, he gave a quick bow and shuffled himself away. The old man was quick to scout out a moogle, to whom he inquired over the location of the bedrooms.

"Oh yes, kupo! The bedrooms are all set up just over that way and don't worry, as we told your younger companion, the pranks were already disarmed, kupo!"

Hirutila stared at the little animal with an expression that could only be described as a three-way mixture of confusion, disapproval, and relief all at once.

"Thank you, he spoke," once again shuffling out of the sight of the creature as he made his way to the room.

"But just a reminder, kupo! Tomorrow, Tocsax has informed us to ensure that everyone is present for his debriefing on the plan of attack, kupo! If you would like for one of us to wake you up, just let us know!"

"Oh," Hirutila spoke, unsure of how to take it. He was not that old, was he? Was the moogle implying that he could not wake up on time, or had Tocsax told them to do so out of a lack of faith in him? None the less, despite whatever reasoning was behind the creature's inquisition, he replied in the affirmative.

"Okay, Kupo! Be sure to get plenty of rest or tomorrow."

With that, the creature was gone, and Hirutila retreated into his new chamber.

A sigh of relief escaped from the old man's mouth as he reclined upon the bed. It had been so long since he had rested upon something other than loose hay over jagged prison stone. Hirutila began to remove the pieces of the armor he was given upon his arrival, unstrapping each component and laying it over in the corner of the room. With both the metaphorical and literal weight off his shoulders, the man began to pay some closer attention to the room. A small meal had been left, kept warm by some kind of magical force it would seem. Hirutila quickly took to devouring the food in such a fashion to put even Snopes to shame. Every flavor was held in his mind for what seemed like an eternity as he ate, returning to his bed satisfied and with a full stomach for the first time in years.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment

The words of the Buddha rang through his head as he relaxed. Despite what might come tomorrow, Hirutila took the current moments to enjoy himself. Before long, he was fast asleep.

Alexandria, Isaurian Egypt, Green Sahara, 1245 AD
BGM: Kriegsgaldr

Everything had been assembled for this moment.

Hirutila stood at the helm of the ship, sword drawn as he stared down the coastline. It was possible to see the collection of Egyptian soldiers gathering on the shores to face off with the pirates. The Egyptians were gathered in their formations, preparing for the assault, while Hirutila directed his men to begin the advance onto the shores. A previous battle had crippled their naval forces in Alexandria, and any retribution from their other naval divisions would not be able to arrive in time before the pirates had pillaged the city totally.

Egypt had brought this upon themselves when the Pharaoh ordered the raiding of their bases on Crete. He had picked a fight with the wrong pirates, as Hirutila and Rago were able to gather enough reinforcements and allied pirates to wage a full out war against Egypt. The Pharaoh stood firm against them, refusing all negotiations. Now the two forces met in the battlefield.

The two men had shown the power of their soldiers when they decimated the Alexandrian navy just a day earlier, while their own ships were left strong enough to press the attack on. Now, Hirutila lead the eastern division while Rago held command of the west. Rago encircled the harbor while Hirutila split his forces in half, sending a division of ships to attack the shores around the harbor, while Hirutila and his men entered into the heart of the city via the harbor to attack directly. The Egyptians had abandoned the Harbors defenses, simply retreating into the city and the shores to fight off whatever they could.

The pirate army was massive, its lines filled both by Hirutila and Rago's originally Corsican and Sardinian Vandal pirates, but also with men from the Saxons, Danes, Hausa, Fulani, Libyites, and with the fierce tribals of the Adriatic coast. Allied pirates also made their contribution, as the destruction of Alexandria would be complete by nightfall.

Hirutila made landfall, with his men firing off the cannons, spraying a dust of Gothic fire, that burned even as the waves of the harbor fell upon it. The Egyptians fled as the fire burned away their front lines, as Hirutila and his pirates departed the ship from the sides, landing beyond the flames and advancing like horns for a double-pronged attack on the Egyptians, trapping them between hostile enemies and uncontrolled fires upon the shores.

While Hirutila's men fought with their enemies, he kept a close eye on the shore, as Rago and his men began the attack on their shores.

All seemed to be going well, that was, until something raised its ugly head.

Over the hills, Hirutila caught sight of Egyptian reinforcements.

It was impossible, the Egyptians were caught off guard, there was no way they could have known, no way they could have advanced this far in such a short time.

It was like they had been expecting them.

The addition of Egyptian reinforcements and more allies, and the premature arrival of stronger Egyptian ships, and doom was spelled for the pirates. Bodies of the pirates were flung everywhere as the Egyptians surrounded them. Men riddled with holes as they were cut down by the spears of the phalanges as the encircled his division. Men fled the lines in terror, only to be cut down without mercy. As Hirutila went to try and recollect his army, he felt the sharp pain of a spear lodged into his chest, as he toppled from atop his horse into the dirt, before everything went black.

Renovation's Might, Ongoing World War II

Battle Strategy Conference

Hirutila was awoken by the sound of a moogle.

"Good morning, kupo! You had better get ready to make sure you're on time for the debriefing, kupo."

The man groaned, guess there was no time for meditation this morning.

As Hirutila listened to Tocsax's plan, but was caught off guard by one thing. The city, Berlin. Where there even cities that far north? Europe was a hellhole, full of savages who barely knew how to use wheels. The idea of those people being able to construct cities and modern technology was completely incomprehensible to him. He knew not to be surprised by anything, but there was only so far that he would be able to suspend his disbelief.

When Tocsax said that one of the groups would be going to Britain, Hirutila burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"Britain!?" he said between his fits of laughter. "Oh, I don't envy you.".

Britain was the worst of places in the already savage continent of Europe. The people ran around hairy and naked, living in mud and straw houses and herding sheep and cattle. The men all had 7 or 8 wives, and they sacrificed children and prisoners of war to their gods in giant wicker men by setting the structure on fire. Or so he had been told, he had never actually once set foot on Britain. Though he imagined that even if the British here were different, they still had to be savages, same with the Germans they were about to meet. In his head, he imagined Europe as being just as backward and primitive as his own homeland. The people must be living out of metal shacks in villages. He would have to see. And with that, he boarded after the others, waiting for the arrival in Berlin.

Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom, Ongoing World War 2
BGM: Orchid Horror

It was absolutely necessary to be as vigilant as possible in these times. Two British soldiers, part of a division deployed to protect the little coastal town of Southend-on-Sea, were watching over the sea in the event of a naval invasion from the Germans. Though such an invasion had yet to happen, and in contrast to London, Southend-on-Sea saw more trouble from refugees from the rest of Britain, as well as Mainland Europe. Almost overnight the city had become full of Dutch and French speakers as well as those fleeing the chaos in the larger cities of the island, to the chagrin of the local inhabitants. Thus the usual fray was keeping the peace more than fighting Hitler's monsters.

The two men were drinking from a pack of beer and eating as they did their rounds.

"Hey, over there!" one of the soldiers shouted, pointing out a direction that his partner quickly turned to, binoculars in hand.

There, in the middle of the ocean, was a man upon some sort of raft, rowing his way to the shore.

The two men looked on in disbelief. Such a sight was not totally, uncommon, but the idea of it just being single person paddling his way to Britain on a shoddy raft that had them surprised. The soldiers seemed totally baffled as to where he could have come from.

"It's a black guy, looking like he came straight outta the bible, paddling in from the Dutch coast."

The soldiers drove up to meet with the man, as he arrived.

"You're safe now," one of the men told the stranger, "What's your name?"

"Zekaraya," he replied.

"I see, and what are you doing here? Where did you come from?"

The man ignored their question, instead, inquiring upon his own plans.

"How do I get to London?"

"London?" the two soldiers looked at each other, "You don't want to go to London, mate. The whole place is swarming with monsters. Safest place to be right now is here in Southend.

"I have a meeting," Zekaraya spoke, attempting to leave, only to be held in place by a soldier. He responded with a swing of his sword, taking the soldiers head clean off.

As the other went to attack, Zekaraya simply raised his hand, as the man combusted, burning in flames.

Zekaraya took a look around, noticing the vehicle in their possession. The angel had made him aware of these things. Rummaging through the soldiers' belongings, he came across the keys, commandeering their vehicle and making his way to London, to seek out his two targets.

Mecca, Green Sahara, 1250 AD
BGM: Battle 2
@Tenma Tendo@Double

The mixture of lightning and fire nipped at Audry's face as Rago pushed his blade harder against her own, the weapons coming dangerously close to her own face. Thinking quickly, Audry reached for her gun and fired a few shots into Rago's stomach with her free hand. The other stepped back, furious at the wounds, giving Audry time to position herself back. The opportunity gave her a chance to hurl a fireball of her own at the attacker. The spell connected, lighting the silken garment Rago wore on fire, as it burned away, revealing the man's chest and abdomen.

Audry looked on in surprise and horror as she saw the gunshots begin to close off, and the burns heal, as if by magic. Tendrils of blood whipped their way across the wounds, interlocking with themselves, as flesh grew over the mesh until the wound was as if it had never been there at all. Audry gritted her teeth, firing another bold of flames, however, Rago responded this time with a barrier, destroying the fireball as it crashed onto the ward.

In turn, he manifested a black orb before him, which exploded into a flurry of needles, all of which were directed at Audry. The girl held up a ward of her own, but the strength failed to stop at least some of the needles, which dug into her, prompting the young woman to drop her weapon and fall upon the ground. Rago jumped forward, swinging his blade upon her, however, the magicite instinctively threw up a barrier, which Rago slammed his blade against angrily, unable to break through. Audry felt the magical needles burn as they released a cocktail of poison into her body, leaving her in silent agony as she began to feel herself begin to fade out of consciousness. Audry managed to stand herself up, throwing the barrier off of her to meet Rago in battle again, blades welling up with electricity as she shot it at the swordsman, leaping into the air to attack as he toppled over.

The two blades met once more, as Rago forced the woman off of him with a casting of Aero. Audry cringed as she fell to he feet, the poisons increasing in intensity as she fought.

Rago smiled watching the girl slowly succumb to the poison. "You have the bug too, don't you. I can see it in your eyes." Rago taunted, pointing out his own eyes, that now glowed with the same sickly green as her own. "And yet you don't even know how to heal yourself with it yet?". Rago manifested another dark orb, this time, however, instead of breaking apart into needles, the orb simply coalesced into a single dark blade, that rushed forward at Audry, barely giving her enough time to escape, but grazing her off arm, leaving a deep, painful cut, that burned further with the poison it left on her wound.

Audry cried out in pain, as Rago continued to taunt her, "You can't heal, can't use any spell more complex than beginner magic, I bet you can't even teleport yet." he muttered, advancing towards the injured woman. But Rago wasn't completely right about that last one. As he came closer, Audry's blade disappeared in a flash of green light, in its place, a shotgun manifested. Audry may not have learned how to teleport herself and other large objects to specific locations, but she knew enough on how to make use of 'hammerspace'.

As Rago rose his arm to attack, Audry's eyes flashed out of the darkness as she perked up, and fired the gun into Rago. The shot, augmented with fire magic, cut a large hole into Rago's body, causing the man to fall back in agony, and as he tried to heal the wound, another was blown into him just under his shoulder. Audry stepped forward, firing another blast at his leg, directly into Rago's knee, leaving him unable to move back further. As she stepped forth to deliver the killing blow, Rago desperately waved his arm over himself, teleporting himself away from the battle.

At that moment, Audry caught sight of her allies, Capella and the would be sacrifice she had saved. Capella seemed to be taking care of the Heartless. The man was moving in to attack the giant beast that the army was trying to contain. She would give him a hand.

Malachi was gritting his teeth in anger as the Soldier's were unable to simply detain the creature. The army had sustained enough losses.

"That's it, we're pulling back immediately!" he shouted, as the creature was distracted by the arrival of another. "We've taken too many losses, we need to regroup in Sana'a. We'll prepare to return and take Mecca afterward." Malachi gave the order for the army to begin the return to their base, where they would take portals back to Sana'a, and then march onto Mecca once they had replaced their loses. The lost soul beast was fighting with Ezra, giving him just enough time to do so. Malachi gave the beacon for the Heartless to follow.

"Do not think you have won just yet, for you have simply made me aware of what you can do."

Mecca, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Double

BGM: Hellfire continues

Before he had a chance to even speak, the freed prisoner had escaped the bondage of the spell, and stood before him, crackling darkness wicking off of his body like water off wax. In the blink of an instant, the armored man was there no more, replaced with a beasty creature, the same that had been depicted in the protective casing around him. Malachi stood in awe, looking over the beast, a smile came to his face as he looked upon it. That power, he had known that his observations were correct. But the power was that armor. Yes, experimentation be damned, he would make a fine addition to the Messiah's army.

"Capture that creature!" Malachi barked out to the Axumite legionaries, who nodded in agreement as they began to advance towards what was once Shun. The legionaries held their swords out, as the weapons glowed with a blinding white as beams of energy fired upon the beast. Malachi's expression changed rapidly from that of gleeful awe to one of horror and fury as he saw the Lost Soul Beast go into action, cutting down the legionaries like nothing. Soldier after soldier fell to the beast as Malachi roared in anger.

"Horsemen! Surround and lasso!"

At his command, the mounted noblemen went into action, surrounding the beast with a double encirclement of horses, tossing thick electrified chains at the creature, wrapping the weapons around its limbs and neck, as the legionaries continued their assault with castings of Holy and Firaga upon the beast. But a simple torque of the beast's limbs was enough to pull the magicite enhanced soldiers from their steeds, dragging the men through the dirt, tossing them into the sky like dolls as they lost hold of the chains. Malachi cursed, screaming orders at the soldiers as they tried and failed to detain the rampaging beast. But the battle had only just begun, as the Axumite Legions found themselves facing not only the beast, but the strange, bluish creatures that crawled out of its shadow. The beasts overtook the Soldiers, as they turned to face them, only to fall victim to the still rampaging creature. The Lost Soul Beast and Unversed had totally taken hold of his attention, not noticing the two women descending from above to join the fray.

Audry could feel her feet sinking into the sand as she ran, raising her sword, now crackling and bursting with lightning that jumped off the blade, frenzy in the air as she rushed forward. She leaped, swinging the blade forward to cut down the first of the legionaries that she came upon, directing the blade to fire out a chain of lightning that jumped between the men just ahead of her. Audry seized up as she saw Shun make his final stand, looking on in pure horror as she saw him transform into the Lost Soul Beast. In the brief moment of her terror, she was pulled out by a familiar voice echoing from overhead to land at the would-be sacrifice. She got the message, though no further words were exchanged.

Malachi's attention was pulled away from the chaos by the sound of Capella's call. His eyes narrowed upon her.

"Rago," he uttered out, as his assistant's glowing green eyes turned to him.

"Your time has come for vengeance. Go take care of the girl."

Rago smiled savagely. "With pleasure."

Leaping into the air, Rago landed only a short distance away from Capella. The man stood before her. No remnants of their previous encounter seemed to remain, the charred flesh she left him with before was gone, as if it had never been there to begin with. His previous orange garment was replaced with that of a light blue one to match Malachi's priestly garb.

"Do you remember me, girl?" Rago seemed to purr out, his voice low and rumbling, with a hint of humor underneath. "Our last encounter was far from fair, but I've taken steps to make sure that we will have a more fair fight this time." As he finished speaking, Rago raised up his sword, the same twisted iron blade from before, but this time it glowed brightly with fire. But has he attempted to swing the blade down upon Capella and Ezra, a curtain of flames rose up between the woman and her attacker. Rago screeched in rage and turned his head over to the source of the barrier. Audry's hand still glowed with the flames, as she stared down the man. Rago charged at her, as the barrier around Capella fell.

Malachi grunted in annoyance, as he raised his other free hand to catch the attention of the Heartless.

"Go forth and deal with that woman!" he yelled, pointing his finger over to Capella, as the heartless obeyed, rushing over like a swarm to the location of the Star Child and the fallen Ezra.

Meanwhile, the people of Mecca had taken refuge behind the summoned altar. Abu Talib attempted to calm the Meccans, and direct them back into the safety of the city's walls. However, he found himself being the target of insults lobbied against him by his fellow tribal leaders.

"Abu Talib! Will you turn our people against our benefactors! Let the men of Mecca fight alongside the Axumites!" yelled Abu Lahab, pointing his finger at the other.

Abu Talib scoffed. "This fight is beyond the capacity of our own warriors, Abu Lahab. Would you have it that our men are killed to the last individual? The Axumites wish to defend us, then let them defend us. If they want to take our soverignty, then let them pay the price."

Abu al-Hakim entered into the conversation at the side of Abu Lahab. "You speak out of fear, Abu Talib. As their subjects we are obligated to aid them."

"Their subjects?" the other shouted, "We are not their subjects yet!"

Abu Talib's retort was met with Abu Lahab raising his hand to smack the other leader down. "Do not jeapordize the survival of this city, Abu Talib. We had predicted that you would not see reason. Did you think that these negotiations meant anything? We have already decided the fate of Mecca without you!"

As Abu Talib rose out of the sand, he sneered in rage. "You sold us out to the Axumites behind all of our backs!" he screamed, rushing to attack the other two. "You have killed us all. Abu Lahab! You have fed us all to the Flames! Amr ibn Hisham, Abu al-Hakim! You deserve no to wear that name! You are no father of wisdom, you are a fool! Anta Abu Jahl, you are the father of ignorance!"

But the two men were more than capable of overpowering the other tribal leader, beating him and tossing him into the crowd.

"If any other wishes to stand against us, know that we have the backing of the Axumites! If you stand against us, know we can destroy you with ease!"

Mecca, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Double

BGM: The Maiden

A genuine yet discomforted smile appeared on Audry's face, undercut by a look of sadness.

"You're bleeding", she spoke, eyes moving towards the fresh gash left over the girl's eye. Audry made no gestures of aggression nor hostility, merely a concerned look. "It's a long story but, I was sent to protect you. If you'll let me, I can heal you."

Audry advanced towards Capella, walking slowly, and reaching her hand out, slowly as not to invoke a defensive reaction from the other, but offering her the chance to comply. The familiar glowing green eyes no longer narrowed in opposition as before but open and inviting. "There is a lot that needs to be said, and to be explained. She looked away as she spoke, eyes turning away from Capella towards the ground. "I can't change what has happened before...but, I can only ask that you forgive the harshness of our encounters.". The smile returned to her face, "I'm Audry, I was sent to protect you.". Her hand remained outstretched, inviting the other woman to take hold of it, the palm and fingers emanating and glowing with faint energy, calming simply to look at.

"Where I am from, they call you Jadyata al-Nujumiyyah.", she spoke, "The Nazarenes, I mean. When I lived with them, they told me about how you saved the founder of their order, and how you saved the world from the False Messiah. But, something happened, and...they needed to send someone back to help you.". Audry returned to her awkward phrasing, eyes once more turning away. "So...they sent me.". Audry cursed herself under her breath. In the short time that she had arrived she had already more than likely compromised a good deal of the mission. The Nazarenes had proven themselves mistaken in their assessment of her abilities. The Gummi Ship was lost, Yevon had been lost in whatever spacial flux that transpired with the collapse of the ship's medium. "But I suppose I don't know your real name!", she responded, as if jerking herself out of the depressive slump back into a chipper mood, a bright smile returning to her face in that brief moment.

Below the Bluff
BGM: Malachi

As the procession approached the gates of Mecca, a small collection of the city's leaders had gathered, the tribesmen speaking among themselves until the advance of the Axumite excursion had finally appeared beyond the horizon. The forces of the Ethiopians were not particularly large, but the Meccans struggled to remain steadfast in the presence of such imposing soldiers. At the head of the party was the leader, Malachi, seated upon his mount, a dwarf elephant, one of the last of its kind, captured and broken specifically for his use. Flanking him were a collection of powerful soldiers, dressed in resplendent armor and luxurious furs, carrying long polearms to show their status. Behind the nobles was a small dispatching of infantrymen, dressed in simple armor and bearing banners of the Kingdom of Axum with them. The human soldiers bore a striking trait, glowing green eyes that seemed to shine out of the darkness of their helmets, as if phosphorescent. But perhaps what frightened the men of Mecca most of all were the legions of heartless that followed in formation with the standard soldiers, still small in number but nearly twice that of the standard swordsmen and the horsemen.
As the Axumites came closer to the gates, the three most senior tribal leaders stepped forward to meet them. Abu Talib, Abu al-Hakim, and Abu Lahab all undertook the ceremonial motions, Abu al-Hakim taking hold of a quiver of arrows, and throwing them at the feet of Malachi, who awaited the assessment from the decided diviner.

"Hubal smiles upon our negotiations" he announced.

While up on the bluff, Audry's attention was briefly turned away from Capella as she heard the commotion and sounds coming from below.

"Huh? What the?"

She rushed over to the edge of the cliff to get a better look

Back at the city gates, Malachi stood upon a platform to address the people of the city.

"People of Mecca! While my army has come today to take control of your city, do not fear our coming, for the wise men of your tribes have settled upon an agreement that will ensure your autonomy even under the rule of our blessed Messiah. All we ask is the rights to take of your food and water as we need, and to root out any subversive elements that may dwell within your walls."

The Meccans remained caught in their fears, yet Malachi continued his speech.

"To prove that your right to worship your gods will continue under the protection of the Messiah, and that we will not force you to our ways, we shall provide an offering to your lords Hubal, Shams, Bal, Allat, Al-'Uzza and Manat, with the blood of one of our own to demonstrate the sacrifices we are willing to make for you as our subjects."

With the wave of a hand, the soldiers at Malachi's sides advanced, pulling forward a collection of tinder and wood, which the leader ignited with a burst of flames. Meanwhile, the soldiers went back to retrieve the sacrifice. Between the two recent prisoners, the soldiers decided upon Ezra to be the sacrifice. The men took hold of him, dragging him through the sands over to the burning pyre. Though Shun was struck with the paralyzing spell, he would begin to feel the effect rapidly fading away. The armor he was cloaked in upon his arrival had weakened the magic, and now the effects began to decay away. All the while, the soldiers tossed the still stiff body of his brother at the feet of their leader, who took hold of Ezra, raising him before the three Tribal Leaders, and proclaimed,

"With this man, burned to ashes for the honor of the Gods and Lords of Mecca, may our new alliance and integration into one nation be fruitful and prosperous!"

"Yallahi! They're going to burn him alive!", Audry screamed in horror as she saw the pyre lit and the leader of the forces announce his desires. Without thinking, Audry leaped off of the cliff face, landing hard into the sand and rolling a short distance before taking off running full speed towards the conference. There was no time for thinking, just to save this man, whoever he may be, and get out before anyone noticed her. Not that she really knew how she was going to do it, but she'd figure it out when the time came.

Renovation's Might, Renovation

The image of a sling firing stone after stone faster than he could comprehend send a cold jolt down Hirutila's spine. It was moments like this that made him wary of this entire trip. The Emperor and the rest of these people were fools. He fought with swords and crossbows, this was an element that he was not certain he could even make the jump to effectively fight in. Georgia assured him that she had a method deal with such things, but the thought still left a feeling of deep unease in his stomach. The journey they were to go one seemed to get ever more difficult and imposing as time went on. This wasn't like piracy, pirates and the Marines he fought would at least have abided by the laws of his own world's reality, yet here everything was turned on its head. Hirutila sighed at the thought. Georgia even seemed to express discontent, the look of anguish on her face only served to make his anxieties increase. Georgia knew these things, yet she did not seem to be any more eased by her knowledge. It was terrifying to say the least.

Hirutila followed after the girl and her pet towards the two other new arrivals. Hirutila was unsure of how to parse the trio of brothers that had made their late arrival to the party. A strange mixture of innocence and stern orthodoxy was the theme that he perceived of these two who the little dinosaur had lead them to. Hirutila had to at least attest to the novelty of the creature. Never before had he seen anything quite like it, and what exactly it was and where it came from intrigued him. He had some ideas, the creature resembled a cross between a lizard and large bird. The Greeks living in Egypt often told tales of a local creature called an ichneumon, that killed and hunted dragons for food. They were like large roosters but lacked feathers for scales. Was this creature really an ichneumon? The girl did say that her ancestors came from Africa, though he did not place her as an Egyptian.

Hirutila perished the thoughts over the animal for a second and focused on its behaviors. The animal was certainly useful, like a dog of some sort, though he imagined far more dangerous. The third brother, Agni was his name if he remembered correctly, also made the dog analogy, but he emphasized the differences above all. Hirutila was taken aback by the sudden change he underwent at the strike of his younger sibling. Hirutila frowned, annoyed with the mysteries and surprises that kept popping up. He could only hope that things would even out eventually, though somewhere in his mind he seriously doubted that to ever happen.
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Capella's Gummi Ship, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo

A series of distressed kupos echoing out from the cockpit caught Audry's attention. Yevon had yet to make a return to the conference room, and the growing despair in the little creature's voice was catching her attention. Figuring that Yevon would likewise hear the noises and come to investigate, Audry leaped out of her seat, and began the advance towards the pilot's section. The first connection with feet upon the ground was met with a low vibration running throughout the entirety of the vehicle.

Must be turbulence, maybe we hit a storm... Audry pondered as she continued on her path. The vibrations became increasingly intense with each step, as a low, resonant sound began to echo through the air. Audry's eyebrows furrowed at the sound, unsure of what it could be, that was until she was knocked off her feet as she was thrown to the wall with great force and the lights were cut to darkness, managing to pick herself up and tossing herself into the doorway. Finally entering into the cockpit, she was met with a panicked Amalthea slamming onto the ship's controls, with a distressed kupo with each peck of the buttons and pull of the levers.

"Kupo! Kupo! Kupo!!!! We've lost control, the whole ship is going down, I can't control it, Kupo!

Audry's face was washed pale upon the news of the imminent descent.

"You've lost control!? Ho-How!!! I thought you were the pilot for this thing!"

Amalthea demonstrated the complete loss of control, pushing onto the light switch, but no lights returning. "The power is gone, kupo! The panel doesn't connect to anything! There might be something wrong with our engine, and if there is, kupo, it could be really ba...

The Moogle's fears were met with a loud explosion, followed by a series of smaller explosions.

The pale Audry immediately turned pure white as she heard the bursts. "Wh-what was that?"

Amalthea stammered out her reply, "The-The Gummi Blocks are collapsing, kupo. This whole ship is going to collapse in on itself!"

"What!" was all Audry could spit out before the entire room exploded into purple mist, as the Moogle standing just before her was pulled away at light speed, fading away into red before disappearing entirely. The former interior of the ship disappeared into an orb of purple behind Amalthea that disappeared with her, as Audry was left in pure darkness, only for the entire space around her to become consumed with light so bright that she could not help but let out a scream of agony before all consciousness was ripped from her.

Just outside of Mecca, Green Sahara
BGM: Sandy Badlands

Audry opened her eyes met with a curious crow that stared at her. The woman responded by shooing away the bird, which let out an annoyed caw as it took off with its kin. The heat radiating from above was more than she could bear, removing the heavy jacket she was wearing, and tying the garment around her waist, exposing the sleeveless black top underneath. As she looked to her sides, she caught sight of Amalthea and Capella, both unconscious, at her sides, but one of the party was not accounted for.

"Yevon?" she inquired, met with no response. "Yevon!" She called out, still receiving no reply. Audry rose to her feet, running a short distance into the sand, still receiving no response. That was until she was found by a figure in the sands

"Looking for someone?", the man asked.

Audry instinctively rose her blade, though the woman was quickly disarmed with a wave of the other figure's hand, as the blade dematerialized, reappearing in the other's hand.

Audry glared hatefully. "Who are you?", she snarled.

"My name is not important, Audry, what is important is the task ahead of you. A noble task indeed."

Audry screamed, "Tell me your damn name!"

The man smiled, though a look of disappointment was present as well. "Perhaps I have come at the wrong time... You must be distressed, very well. I will return when you are of more sound mind."

As if in the blink of an eye, the man was gone, only the silver sword of Audry in his place, stabbed blade into the ground. She went to pick it up, examining the weapon before returning it to the holster. A mirage, just a mirage..., she repeated in her head, as she walked back to the two other survivors of the explosion.

Barracks, Axum, Green Sahara
BGM: Malachi

"Prepare the captives for transport, we will be departing for Mecca immediately."

The soldiers of Malachi were collecting a plethora of creatures to be transported through the Barracks portal to the exit portal to the Meccan encampment. It had been only a short few weeks, and already the Meccans were preparing for the total surrender of the city in exchange for being spared from total destruction. Malachi had a plan to win over their hearts, and the collection of cattle and other such creatures would be for such use.

A soldier under Malachi's command would be there to haul the two stunned captives into the cart next exiting the portal, which would be transporting Malachi himself as well. Ezra was quickly hauled into the back of the wagon with very little trouble. The soldiers then turned their attention to his brother. One whistled with admiration at the armor the other was wearing.

"Take a look at this one! How much you figure that cost him?"

The soldier took hold of Shun's paralyzed body, however, his hands quickly were pulled back, a cry of great pain coming off as he dropped the captive to the floor, looking on in horror at the burns covering the insides of his hands. "The armor is cursed!" the soldier shouted, getting the attention of Malachi, who walked over to the two.

"Control yourselves when handling my belongings!" The Mage shouted, looking over to the burned soldier.

"This one wears cursed armor, sir, we cannot touch him."

Malachi was intrigued.

"You, soldier, load this man into the cargo at once."

The other soldier looked at Malachi in horror. "You..You want me to touch him? After what happened to..?"

"Yes, pick him up and deposit him into the cart!"

The other soldier looked over once more, before doing as commanded, only to let out another scream as his hands touched the armor. Malachi looked over Shun, curious as to the nature of his wear.

"Very well, It seems I must take care of this myself," Malachi spoke, summoning his magic to levitate Shun's body up, and place him into the carriage without the need to touch him. "Now then, we depart for Mecca at once."

The soldier agreed, running to get the cart ready to leave through the portal. Mecca proper would be only a short while away.

"Inform the men to have the altar and the fires ready as soon as I arrive, the sacrifices will proceed the peace negotiations," Malachi informed them, as he took his seat next to the carriage driver.

And with that, the group was off through the portal to Mecca.

Renovation's Might, Renovation
BGM: Moogle Theme

"I will try to make myself as useful as possible. Though I do have some questions.", Hirutila replied, "Firstly, What is a gun?"

As Georgia inquired as to the location of the kitchen, Hirutila caught the odor of cooking vegetables in the air.

"If my nose is correct, it's just down this way." he chimed in, pointing in the direction of the smell. Leading her to the source of the smell, Hirutila peaked into the room, to be met with the sight of Moogles providing the dinosaur with a veritable banquet of food. Hirutila sighed at the nonsense, "Well, there he is." he spoke.
@RennyNo worries, I appreciate the heads up

Axum, Green Sahara, 1218 AD

"It is a great honor to finally be able to speak with you,"

The clack of a ceramic cup against the wooden table run throughout the tent, bathed internally with sunlight filtered through thin red and white cloth. The younger of the two men, head covered with a white cloth and curled auburn hair took a sip of the drink, the refreshing mint contrasting against the heat. The older man, dressed only in simple cloth, with long black hair hanging in tight curls down to his waist, and glowing green eyes that contrasted against his black skin, smiled in response to his guest's words.

"Tell me, my friend..."

The other man interjected, "Please, your holiness, call me Kikkuli."

An eyebrow was raised when the man uttered out his name. "So, you are a Hurrian?"

Kikkuli shook his head, "My father was a Hurrian, but I am of Bnei Yisra'el by the blood of my mother."

"It seems unbefitting for a Ben Yisra'el to bear the name of a Gentile."

Kikkuli nodded in agreement, "I cannot help it, I was raised among them, I speak their tongue and it colors the thoughts in my head." The thought was broken by another sip of tea before he continued. "Among my people, there is hardly a man outside of the Yeshiva who can speak a word of the old language. I must say it gives me great pleasure in my heart that we may conduct this conversation in the Leshon Qodesh."

"So tell me, Kikkuli. Why have you come all this way from The Sahara to my abode?"

"When I heard rumors that the Messiah himself had revealed himself to the south, I was compelled to see the proof for myself." Kikkuli's expression changed from a mirthful smile to something far more serious. "I have seen the zealous followers, and I have seen your displays of magic, but this is not enough to distinguish a true Messiah from a common magician. Tell me, do you deserve to bear the claim that Immanu El 'God is Among us'?"

Emmanuel smiled at his guest, unphased by the man's skepticism, "My name was bestowed upon me by an angel of the lord, but I will be more than happy to satisfy your doubts, scholar."

"Does the blood of David run its course in you?"

"I testify before the lord that I am of the seed of David."

Kikkuli's expression remained unchanged

"And your purpose?"

"I shall lead the true believers from this exile in Abyssinia to crush the Egyptian domination of our holy lands under the undeserving Hasmoneans."

Kikkuli ceased his questioning, "Very well, you have stated your blood and your reason to be, yet, Emmanuel, will you not show me a miracle of my own?"

As if he was prepared for the request, Emmanuel took hold of Kikkuli's hands, as his own glowed with the same green color of his eyes, the energy seeming to seep out of his hands, and into those of the other. The intensity burned like molten iron though the flesh of Kikkuli, who gritted his teeth in agony, though in only a few seconds that agony gave way to a gentle warmth, as the man's eyes turned from their natural black into a glowing green like that of Emmanuel. Kikkuli caught sight of his altered form in a bronze mirror behind the prophet.

"By God, what have you done to me?"

Emmanuel smiled, "I have given you the same power of miracles that the Angel bestowed upon me."

Kikkuli was intrigued, looking over to the still steaming cup of tea, the man instinctively raised his hand, and as if by magic, the drink was frozen in an instant.

"You...You truly are Melek Mashiach!" The man exclaimed as Emmanuel nodded in agreement.

"And you, oh Kikkuli, will be the greatest of my followers, the one who will stand at my right. But the name of a Hurrian will not suffice for a man of your status. And so, on this day forth, you will not hold the name of a stranger, but will be known as My Messenger, Malachi."

Axum, Green Sahara, 1250 AD

The two newcomers would be met with the total paralysis of their limbs, falling to the floor like mannequins as soon as they had entered into the new world, as a bolt of magic hit, spilling all throughout their bodies. Malachi's brow furrowed, as he watched the remainder of the portal finally dissipate away, falling out of existence without so much as leaving anything left of the soft, gummy material that had produced it.

"A shame," he mused, "though we are fortunate to have recovered more. And furthermore, I am quite fortunate to have acquired a little souvenir from the other side." he spoke as he approached the two new arrivals. The would still be conscious, Malachi had made certain of that. "Welcome, you will find there is no hope of escape, so you should not expend any needless energy attempting. It is fortunate that you have arrived, I have been in need of appropriate test subjects."

The mage held his hands over the two young men, feeling the great magical power that radiated off of the two. Then, a surprise. The faint feeling of something unusual, something intense yet implacable. Both of these men were in possession of artifacts of great power, yet they were somehow intangible, the mage felt these ephemeral curios and yet they were unable to be placed. No matter, it would be something to investigate at a later date.

"You wouldn't know it, but there is a shortage of subjects who have any kind of affinity for magic, they are quite fragile to it. But you, I'm sure you will do just fine."

The conversation was cut short by an interjection, "Lord Malachi, we have received word from a messenger that the lords of Mecca are requesting a public audience with you to discuss the terms of their surrender."

Malachi's expression fluctuated from anger and disappointment to pleasant surprise once again. "Very well, I will depart for the City immediately. Rago will report with me as well." The Magus' attention returned back to the two brothers. "Hmmm, I may have another use for you yet. And in truth, only one will truly be necessary."

With a flick of his hand, Malachi opened a tear into the wall of his laboratory, the fissure splitting open into a portal, though the appearance of the gate was remarkably different from the misty, evaporating one that had transported the brothers, instead having a far more stable appearance, like that of a glass window. With the other hand, Malachi levitated the two stiff bodies, carrying them with him as he crossed over the threshold.

Renovation's Might, Renovation

For a man who had spent the better part of his later life raiding and pilfering sea vessels for a living, Hirutila had a special dislike for conflict. As if chaos was following him, as Felix began his impromptu "lesson" on Asher, the sounds of commotion began to disappear in the other room. There was little need to sneak out, he was sure Felix could care less about his presence.

The old pirate returned just in time to get the general gist of what their leader was divulging on the next destination. However, the names meant close to nothing to Hirutila. When the time came to ask about splitting into teams, Hirutila responded upon his return.

"I'll go with Georgia after this Hitler.", He had little comprehension on why he should choose this tyrant over the other, but something inside of him was pushing him in that direction as if some fated encounter was to transpire.

The old man rolled his eyes at Tocsax's obtuse propositioning. Perhaps he was too cynical in the topic of romance for his own good, but he felt a bit of annoyance of the idea of the certainty of the young party getting distracted in the throes of emotion and passion. He was annoyed at himself for getting caught up in it when he was around their ages, with nothing more to show for it than a collection of estranged descendants. At least this Agni character had the social skills to match his would-be suitor. Maybe they would make a good couple after all. The old man chuckled to himself at the thought.

The trip would be a long one, he was sure. The old man would need something to keep himself occupied until they got there. Looking around, he caught sight of something that brought the first real smile to his face in years. A chess board, affixed to a table. The game looked unloved, though he would be sure to change that. He wondered, who among this motley crew would be a good opponent.

Hirutila went to proposition Georgia to play a game with him, though it was immediately obvious that the girl had something else on her mind. Ah yes, the dinosaur, there was a distinct lack of her companion. "Probably went looking for food," he mused over to the girl, "Animals are usually like that." He may not have understood just what exactly the creature was, but he knew that if there was anything that would be common among all living things, it was a predisposition to seek out a nice snack any chance they got. Hirutila caught sight of the stain of blood on the girl's sleeve, though he said nothing for the time being.

Israel, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Renny

Audry obliged to Yevon's request, climbing back onto the Horse, switching Capella into a more comfortable position to rest while they advanced the short distance to the ship. As the pair traveled across the rocky landscape, Audry glanced at her new traveling companion on occasion, observing the speed with which he moved. There was much about him that was odd, in her opinion.

I had assumed him to be human, but I'm beginning to doubt that...I'll have to remember to inquire about that later, if possible., she said to herself in her head, pondering.

It seemed like little time at all had passed when the party reached the dormant gummi ship.

"Alright, Moogle. You promised you'd be able to fly us around in this thing, so don't disappoint. Audry spoke to the little creature, who nodded at her in response.

"I would never dream of it, kupo."

With that, Amalthea was off, as she opened the door of the ship allowing the party to enter.

Kupo, the ship has a cargo bay too, so if you want to keep your horse, just walk it in.

Audry remembered the steed and smiled to know that she didn't steal this horse just to abandon it in the middle of nowhere. The girl dismounted the animal, taking hold of its reigns in one hand. As she began to walk the horse into the ship, she motioned for Yevon to come towards her, before handing Capella's still unconcious body to him.

"Find her some place to rest, if you can. I'm sure she doesn't want to wake up to see me alone. Might lighten her spirits to see you okay." Audry smiled a bit as she guided the horse. "When she's all taken care of, come find me. I'll try to explain everything as best as I can."

Amalthea fluttered up to Yevon, "There's a sleeping chamber on board the ship, kupo. I will lead you there, follow me!

The layout of the Gummi Ship was rather logical, though not totally intuitive. The sleeping chamber was filled with a small number of beds, and Amalthea landed on one of them motioning for Yevon to deposit the girl.

"She will be fine here, kupo.", the Moogle reported. There were more pressing matters to attend to, notably what they were going to do next.

Audry was situated in a central hub room, reclining in a small chair, combing her hair. The woman had a passive look on her face, seemingly calm, attending to her personal grooming, awaiting Yevon's return. However, the blase expression was a mask, nothing more.

Damn me, not yet started and already things are not going to plan. Audry's eyes darted back to the various corridors, hunting for any sign of movement, At least he's willing to help, better we gain an ally than another enemy.

Axum, Green Sahara

Emmanual smiled as the open space gave way for a shadowy portal, and a familiar face exited.

"The siege of Mecca is going to plan's, my Messiah. The Meccan's are cut off from any support from their allies, and the leaders have already entered into negotiations with myself to secure the continued existence of the city. I estimate we have only a few more days until the walls are opened."

"Excellent, Malachi. You have done well." Emmanuel clapped his hands with approval and mirth as he heard the news, "Tell me, what is the status of locating the accursed child within the cities walls?"

"We have not yet located the child," Malachi reported, "I plan to personally initiate an investigation of the city's inhabitants to find and eliminate the child, as was done in Bethlehem."

Emmanuel smiled, "You have shown yourself to be a great asset to God's cause, Malachi. A...loyal servant to the cause."

"My only desire is to complete your ascension, as God intends," Malachi responded

"You are dismissed, Malachi."

Malachi nodded as he turned to leave.


Malachi's hand brushed against the material, recently salvaged after the excursion to Mecca. Reports of a downed ship, not unlike the one that was reported to have appeared with the arrival of the keyblader near Jerusalem.

This material was unlike anything that Malachi had yet encountered. Elastic and rubber-like in texture, the material radiated energy, the same magical energy that artifacts radiated. How exactly this material was to be used was unknown, but Malachi intended to make use of it however possible.

A rig had been created by the Magus to input magical electricity into the strange block, to test how it would react to high energy. The block was installed, as Malachi grabbed onto a pair of electrodes crafted from pure copper, and filtered electricity through the wires. The circuit was completed, and electricity flowed into the block, as the material began to react to the energy.

Without any indication, the energy was too much, and the block vaporized, sending force a blast of energy that flung Malachi back against a wall of the laboratory, and he opened his eyes to see something amazing where the block once stood, an open portal, evaporating away. Malachi advanced toward the portal.

"So, that's what it does," he said, smiling at the portal.

Mecca, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Renny

Nightfall had descended upon the city of Mecca, the sound of animals grunting and groaning as they were carried off by the worried hands of their owners. The sounds gradually went from the grunts of annoyed sheep and camels to a range of screams of pain as the people gathered the creatures into the center of the city, taking shimmering knives to their throats, painting the streets a vibrant crimson as the sacrificed's blood seeped into the sand and between the cracks of the stone. Body upon body tossed upon the stone altars of the Meccan gods, as the people pleaded and begged with their deities for salvation, from protection from the oncoming army of the Axumites.

As one of the Meccan men touched a torch to the pile of flesh and blood, lighting the animal carcasses on fire, a plume of smoke rose high into the air, as the ground was filled with the desperate prayers of the Meccans, and the weeping of women and children over the coming battles. From a distance, a group of men stood, looking on from a higher distance. One of them, a fat man with bright red cheeks to match his orange, coppery hair, chuckled slightly at the panic that went on below.

"Look at them, throwing their livestock and wealth to the Gods like it will save them."

The man standing next to him simply let out a small laugh, "Fear will do strange things to men, like forcing them to give up their food to deities when they would do well to save what little they will have to eat."

Another of the men, a rather short man, carrying some noticeable weight on him, with a small boy next to him, spoke up. "Abu al-Hakim, Abu Lahab, I don't think that it is appropriate for us to be mocking the people when they require leadership more than ever."

The red-haired man, Abu Lahab, simply sneered and scoffed at the other's objection to his mockery. "It is not our fault if they behave irrationally, Abu Talib, what right do you have to take away the amusement of watching them panic?"

The taller of the three men, Abu al-Hakim, raised his hand to silence his companion. "Make no mistake, Abu Talib, we have been taking the necessary steps to ensure that Mecca will be safe in the coming embargo. Negotiations have already been taking place between ourselves and the leaders of the Axumite army to ensure as minimal casualties as possible."

Abu Talib frowned at the responses, but he had no reason not to trust what Abu al-Hakim had told him. "Very well, if what you say is true then I suppose there is little more that can be done. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to retire home for the night. Come, Ali." the man said to the young boy by his side, who nodded and followed along with his father.

When the two were gone, Abu Lahab spit upon the ground where Abu Talib had stood, cursing him. The man then turned his gaze back to Abu al-Hakim. "You are certain they are coming tonight?"

"Absolutely," he responded, "I specified our location, shortly before dusk, while the people are busy with the sacrifices."

As if summoned from their words, the two men heard a rustling of plants as two hooded figures made their way into the tent that the men had assembled for this purpose.

Abu al-Hakim smiled at the sight of the visitors. "Just as we had planned, come in Gentlemen, allow me to pour you a drink."

As cups of wine were poured for the two visitors, the men pulled down their hoods, to reveal the faces of a man of obvious African descent, and another who looked to be more of a Jewish background.

"I am always punctual to my appointments, Ibn Hisham" spoke the clear leader of the group, sporting in a blue turban.

"Please sir, call me Abu al-Hakim. You have allowed us to call you by your birth name, Malachi."

The Jewish man smiled as he took a sip of the wine, "Indeed I have, I suppose it is only fair that I extend the same casualness to yourselves."

Abu Lahab slammed a fist against the table, "Cut the shit, Malachi, tell us what you want from us."

The darker man fixed his glowing Green Eyes upon Abu Lahab as he went to reach for his sword, only for Malachi to rest a hand on his arm, "Easy, Rago, there is no need for violence. Not yet at least."

Abu al-Hakim apologized for his associate's behavior, "Please forgive him, sir, you must understand that we are busy, and would like to end this conflict as soon as possible."

Malachi nodded, "My superior intends to devastate this city as an example of what will happen to those who defy him. I'm sure you already know this. But I am willing to give you and your people a chance to avoid that fate, if you are willing to meet my demands."

"If you are reasonable, im sure we can accommodate for you."

"It simple really, firstly we would like access to your food and water unimpeded when we arrive."

The two nodded at the request.

"Second, you will be having a visitor to your city, a woman from the west. You will know her by the color of her hair. When she arrives, I expect her to be captured and delivered to me. But I must warn you, she is more dangerous than she looks."

Abu al-Hakim chuckled, "I am sure that we can handle one woman, sir."

"I should hope so too," Malachi replied. "Those are my demands, once the woman is delivered to me, and we get our supply of food and water, we will leave your city undamaged. If there is no more to say, we will take our leave."

With that, Malachi commanded Rago to come with him. Leaving the two men to decide the fate of Mecca for themselves.

Renovation's Might, Renovation
@Ryteb Pymeroce@ShadowVentus

Time as a pirate had let Hirutila know when the time was to get out of a situation. And a child screaming roaring flames into existance was absolutely the time for him to get the hell out of there. As soon as the fire was started, he took off running into whatever space would get him away from that whole mess. Hirutila was never good with kids, something he regretted when it came to raising his daughter. But that was a long time ago. Maybe he'd finally learn how to deal with them properly during this little adventure. Until then, the immediate need was to find somewhere he would not burn to death.

Quick thinking lead him to leap into the nearest room, not that he had any idea what that room would be. He was quickly met with a very sterile environment, and with a very theatric display as that fox kid was giving off some speech as he was messing around with the body of another one of the recent arrivals, before he saw the arcs of electricity leap from the fox's hands and strike the other, who quickly jumped up, angry and confused.

Hirutila just stood there, confused as well, scratching at his head as he looked over at Felix and Asher, no words to say, just a perplexed face that showed how on one hand he wanted to just turn around and leave, but clearly showed that right now it wasn't really and option.

"I know what you're thinking, but you don't want to go out there right now." He managed to stammer out to Asher.

Near Jerusalem, Israel, Green Sahara
@Tenma Tendo@Renny

A gentle trip was interrupted by the sound of a struggle coming from behind.

"Don't" Audry quietly requested, though it would appear that her guest let the words fall upon deaf ears. The struggling continued for a bit, though eventually, it died down, only to be followed with a plea of some sort. When the talk of death came, the horse stopped in its tracks, with the rider sitting still upon the horse. The imposing walls of Jerusalem lay above the hills ahead, as the horse whinnied and grunted, with the Moogle resting in Capella's lap looking up with an inquisitive look at the rider as she stopped.

A dull thud sounded as she dismounted the horse, still holding Capella in her arm as she went to approach her bound captive.

"Oh good, you're awake," Audry uttered, looking over Yevon as she spoke to him. "My apologies about the straps, but I thought you would prefer that I not leave you in the sands and that you would prefer not to fall from the horse."

As she spoke, Amalthea had spotted a familiar sight in the corner of her eye out in the distance. The Gummi Ship lay right where they had left it, only a few kilometers away.

"The Gummi Ship is straight ahead, kupo. I can see it.

As the Moogle pointed out the ship, Audry shielded her eyes from the rising sun as she made out the sight of a vague shiplike structure.

"Hmm, it looks like we made it." Audry returned her attention to Yevon, who, though he looked calm, was making his discomfort and anxiety very apparent though is words.

"The girl is fine, as you can see. A little tired." Audry reached into her coak, retrieving a knife, slashing through the ropes she had wrapped around Yevon's body, letting the man free himself.

"You're free to go if you please." she spoke, looking at the man. "But," Audry paused slighting, hoping to catch his attention. "I can tell that you are not from this place, not from this world. And I'm sure you can tell the same of myself. I think our destinies are intertwined, and that your and my own presence here have some kind of connection, and that we have something to do with her too.", she said, motioning towards the girl in her arms with a tilt of the head.

You're a strong man, and there are dark forces at work here. I understand if you would refuse, our first encounter was less than ideal." Audry turned her gaze to the sand, avoiding to look at her former opponent. "But it would be to her benefit if she had more than one pair of eyes looking after her. And I'm sure you would like to get to bottom of why you're here too."

Audry pointed her finger over the distance, too the Gummi Ship. "The Moogle here says it can work that thing. So if you want to come with, that's our next destination."

Unknown Location, Central Europe, Ongoing World War II

Zekaraya sat, eyes closed in the cockpit of the Gummi Ship, as the world outside of the vehicle began to coalesce into something a bit more familiar. The man opened his eyes as the voice of the angel disappeared into the ambiance. There was a brief moment of serenity as the ship soared, the pilot still tending to the wounds he had received in his last fight.

But that serenity was short-lived, as the rocking of fire knocked the man to the ground as the Gummi Ship began to twist in the sky. Zekaraya ran to the window, to see two planes occupying the sky with him. Gray machines, with wings emblazoned with a sharp cross. As the battery continued, the Gummi Ship sounded its alarms. Altitude decreased, as the ship lost its flight, and the blue of the sky was replaced with the dark green of foliage. The sound of snapping trees and the tearing of metal filled the area as the Gummi Ship tore through the forest.

The aftermath was true wreckage, as fire stripped the trees of their leaves. Zekaraya emerged from the wreck, the Gummi Ship was damaged, though he did not know how badly. At least, it still looked to be structurally sound, save for the holes punched into it by gunfire. So this was the accursed world. Zekaraya was not sure what to make of it, nor certain of where he was. As he exited from the forest, the swordsman spotted what looked to be a small village over the horizon.

As he entered into the little hamlet, taking note of its surroundings. Several men were stationed outside of a home, armed with, something. Zekaraya did not recognize the weapons in those men's hands. The swordsman approached the building, only for the men to approach, and stop him from getting any further. Zekaraya found himself unable to understand the men's words, as they spoke to him in some guttural language. The swordsman could only look on as the two attempted to speak with him, yelling at him when he did not respond to their requests.

But a cry caught the attention of Zekaraya, who quickly lost interest in the soldiers, looking at the house that they were guarding. A flash from the window as a child cried out, a man pressed up against the window, with a distinct band of colors. White cloth, with black bands across a fringed edge. A tallit, the men in this house were Jews, his kin, and these soldiers were...after them. The words of the angel echoed in his mind. A world forsaken by God... where those who follow the Law of Moses and those with black skin are persecuted, marked for extermination.. The fears were confirmed when the prayer shawl was stained red with blood following a sharp explosion and a flash of light from inside the house, as the soldiers turned to look on in surprise.

As if he had lost his mind, the swordsman sprung into action grabbing the head of the nearest soldier, and ending his life with a crack as the twisted and snapped the man's neck with ease. The other soldier looked on in horror, only to be met with the searing of flesh as a fiery fist slammed into his face. The final sight of the soldier would be the falling of sharpened steel upon his eyes, before fading into blackness.

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