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Current tfw you eat only super rare steaks, so everyone else in you house who only eats well done looks at you in disgust
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Considering quiting the retail business to become a stripper. It seems less objectifying and degrading.
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getting pollen everywhere, and it's basically just plant jizz
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Latin, Old Irish, Old English, Old Norse, French, and Middle Welsh classes? Guess I'll be properly prepared for any trips to 11th century Britain.
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Gah, I'm so in love with this woman, god damn. Now if only I had the courage to just ask her out :X



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Language Competancies:

Any languages at B1 or above are ones that I am comfortable to RP in

Modern Languages
English: C2 (native)
French: B2
Afrikaans: B2
Spanish: B1
German: B1
Japanese: A2
Modern Irish: A1
Icelandic: A1

Ancient/Classical Languages
Old French/Anglo-Norman: B1
Gothic: A2
Old English: A2
Latin: A2
Old Norse: A2
Old Irish: A1
Middle Welsh: A1
Gaulish: A1

An RP done entirely in Latin would be amazing

About Me:
I started roleplaying around age 12, giving me about 11 years experience. I'm a hobby writer who makes subpar fantasy and sci-fi novels on the side and have dabbled in the world of light novels to give my drawing skills a bit of practice. I'm by no means a professional or even really a 'good' writer, but I do try my hardest. Unfortunately, I am a very busy person so I often simply don't have the time to put the level of quality revision and editing into my posts that I'd like. That said, I am committed to creating the best experience for my fellow roleplayers when I join their RPs. I am a busy person, however, so know that I may drop an RP if I become unable to devote any more significant time into it.

I mostly take part in Fantasy RPs and Nation RPs. While I enjoy romance side plots in other RPS I do, I generally don't do Romance focused RPs except on occasions. I am okay to do Romance RPs on 1x1, however, note that I usually have to be in a particular mood for these RPs so I am not always up for doing them. For this reason, when I want to do such roleplay, I seek out a partner myself. I am fine with writing mature/18+ scenes, however, I typically find them boring and uninteresting to write (sorry, I'm not much of an erotica writer). As stated above, I am LGBT and Trans friendly, so LGBT Romance subplots and RPs are totally fine by me.

In terms of characters, I'm most likely to roleplay women, as I am one, though I can roleplay any gender. I enjoy exploring the characters and fleshing them out as they grow in the setting.

I am often told that I can come off as rude, and while I like to play it up a bit and be something of a tsundere, and I am trying to work on it, but please note that I am not much of a social person, even on the online realm, and I may take a while to respond to messages or not give you a very detailed response. Feel free to message me for purposes related to the RPs we are mutually a part of, though. I love to discuss things concerning the games to give them a more interconnected and realistic feeling.

As stated above, I have dyslexia, and it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Don't be afraid to point out mistakes in my writing, I have a tendency to misspell, and I want to be made aware if it's particularly bad. I also speak a variety of languages, and if you are interested in RPing in a language other than English, I am more than happy to do so. Check out my Langauge Competencies list to see what I am capable of using.

My interests are High Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Nation Games, Alternate History, and Video Games. I'm not crazy about Anime, but I watch a few here and there, but I'm hardly the person to go on a long discussion on Anime about (I don't really see it as much different than any other animation, sorry.), same with Manga. However, don't go all weeb on me, I'm part-Japanese sansei myself, so obsession with and fetishization of Japan and Japanese people annoys the shit out of me and if you do it I will likely have a few strong words to say to you before I block you. No, I don't care if you're also Japanese. In that case, you're not a weeb, you're just a dime-a-dozen nationalist and that's even worse in my eyes.

Anyway, I hope to have some enjoyable RPs with you all. Let's have some fun.


Twitter: @skakafraujo (in Gothic)
Discord: Druzhinka #5058
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I am mildly interested. Though out of curiosity for compatibility I have a dimension hopping character where the some of the dimensions are, excuse me, were preexisting RPs that no longer exist. Since there is some controversy involved with a character of that kind of history, I want to check with you about it if that would be an issue. If I were to submit a character whose story is to that he traveled from one Rp to the next explained via dimensional world hopping, would that be allowed?

Essentially the character in one shape or form has done part of your RPs premise where the other worlds were other RPs. He’s a history seeker and story teller mainly.

Otherwise, I’ll just leave it at ‘mildly interested’ and might join with an original character once it’s live.

Yeah, a character who's already been involved with dimension hoping is all fine and good. If you want you can PM me the character in question so I can look them over.
Id be down to do this, sounds like fun
Uh, hey.

I'd be down for this. Is there any more specific lore?

Ill write up a lore post when I'm home from work
Long Ago, the world was contained within only one timeline and within a single world. When strife and discord fell upon the universe, the Three Great Sages decided to restart the universe, fragmenting the root of the timeline into a mighty tree of timelines, each separated by a barrier so that this new multiverse may never reach the dangerous scale of its predecessor.

However, the multiverse now finds itself once again in chaos. The barriers are beginning to break apart, monsters appear in worlds unknown to them, technological marvels are brought into stone age worlds, and wealders of magic are placed into mundane realms.

In one such world, the entity calling himself Hiko, a former being of power demoted to a mere solar custodian in one of these worlds, has sought to take advantage of this breakdown of barriers to attain as much power as possible. His subordinate, Gin, sent out a beacon across the collapsing multiverse, and was expelled from the realm if Immortals, to Earth, hoping to gather a collection of those strong enough to help stop the potential collapse of the world and the attainment of Hiko's vengeance upon the universe for his demotion to a lesser entity.

This RP is a spiritual successor to a former RP that I unfortunately did not have the time to properly manage at the moment. I decided to try and start my own take on a similar premise with an entirely new and original multiverse setting and see if I can recapture the magic of that old RP.

Convergence of a Memory is a multiversal crossover RP that takes place in a split timeline that is starting to collapse in upon itself. A beacon has been sent out across the multiverse to call upon heros who will help fight against the threat of total multiversal collapse as egged on by the disgruntled former god Hiko. The story involves our heros transversing the multiverse, which consists of alternative histories, fandom worlds, original worlds, alternate timelines of fandom worlds, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I'm looking for a small to medium sized group, and you do not need only to play heroes, you can be a villain character too, but bear in mind that if you want to be a villain we will have to discuss it to make sure it fits within the plot I have planned.

Base Rules

1. Characters should be reasonably powered at least at the beginning of the game. We can all be OP later.
2. No explicit 18+ content. At least not on the main game, whatever you want to do in Private Messages is none of my business
3. Species isn't important for characters, be a non-human/non-humanoid as long as it's reasonable, just nothing too absurd. If you're not sure, run it by me
4. Posting a world is not necessary for making a character but I'd appreciate it since we might visit some characters home worlds if I like them enough.

Let me know if you're interested
I'm interested
Palace of the Balchranae, Renovation

One Day Earlier
Collab with @Letter Bee

Luminita rose to her feet, stretching to release the tension in her muscles. Sleeping late was not usually a part of her daily routine, but for situations such as these, extra rest was imperative. A meeting would take place today, one of great importance. She would have to get dressed quickly.

At her side, the trusted companion, Mogquis was perched diligently at his post.

"Good morning, Miss Draculea! You are awake quite late today, kupo."

Luminita gave a tired nod to her moogle, before tossing the covers off of her bed, making her way to her dresser, retrieving a uniform, typical of those involved in the Byzantine Special Operations, but with a particular insignia, that of the Order of the Dragon, emblazoned proudly on the sleeves and chest.

"I trust you sent out those invitations as I asked?"

The Moogle looked at the ground in a mixture of confusion and embarrassment

"Hmm?" Luminita pressed her inquiry

"No...kupo. I must have forgotten."

Luminita scowled, "Then I trust you know to get to it right away, we do not have any time to spare!"

With that, Luminita finished, excusing the moogle to tend to his duties. Exiting from her chamber, she was to seek out her fellow leader on this assignment.

Tocsax was weary - Despite his youthful form, he was prematurely aged inside. Clad in his dark robes, he waited to meet Luminita in one of the palace's more covert briefing rooms, a secret chamber hidden beneath one of the ladies' powder rooms. This secret chamber was large enough to fit five people, a desk, a miniature computer, and some documents and a few small pistols - Those ought to be enough. Once Luminita had found her way in, he looked at her and said, "You arrived just in time. I hope that the invitations to the squad that will secure the 'contingency world' have been sent?"

Luminita winced at the question. "Unfortunately, there was a clerical error with my assistant." She sighed as she spoke again, "Mogquis is sending the invitations as we speak, they should be arriving any time now."

Lumnita quickly changed the subject before the other could interject with a quip of his own, "As I'm sure you're aware, we lost contact with our scouts in the target world quite recently, so we suspect that knowledge of the area may have been severely compromised if the Local Warlord proclaiming himself as the Messiah knows to directly target our agents. It looks like things will be more difficult than we previously anticipated."

Tocsax sighs at that, "Are there any hints that Leo had managed to contact this 'local warlord' after all? The main assumption of the mission was that for once, we can get there before he has an inkling of what we're up to. Has that been nullified?"

Luminita nodded, "From what we gather about this character is that he has proclaimed himself to be the Jewish Messiah, by way of an angel proclaiming revelation to him directly. We hypothesize that this "Angel" may have some connection to Leo, and has directed him to begin targeting those they can identify with us. Beyond that, we have no information, not even this so-called messiah's name. We're dangerously in the dark here, and it may be for the benefit of our invitees if we keep them...on a need to know basis, lest they compromise our mission."

Luminita pointed to the Levant, "We'll start out here in Israel, the Axumites don't have a strong presence here, unlike in most of Africa or in Arabia, so we can stay hidden until necessary...but once we have to go into Arabia...the Axumites have much of Arabia under occupation, so the danger is high there..."

"We can probably go east, to Persia, and take a ship from the Sassanid Empire to Mecca, and bypass most of the Axumite occupation." Luminita smiled, "And from there, we get the two prophets away from danger, east to..." moving her finger across the map eastward to Kaifeng in China. "Here. Where the warlords can't reach them, and where they can flourish in the height of civilization."

"Sound plan, no?" she inquired, smiling.

"It is," Tocsax was impressed. "But two things. One, is the Destined Star - Capella Auriga - one of the prospective invitees, and has the Stellar Keychain meant to amplify her powers been sent to her yet? Two... There are ancient notes from the Mysterious Tower of Epibatai that something - Or someone - powerful and connected with the Old Keyblade Order is lying in wait inside the Green Sahara universe. That something might be an asset we'd need to deny to Leo... Or try and get to our side, if possible."

"The Star Child has been sent the keychain with her invitation", Luminita assured Tocsax. "At least she will once Mogquis sends the invitation out."

She pondered on this information, "I will be sure to keep my eyes open. I have done some research on this area. The talk of a lost empire, from a fallen one of the ancient ranks..." Luminita snapped back, "But this is all mythology, no? Even if it's worth looking into, could a human being live that long?" She pondered over it a bit longer, It seemed unlikely, but more bizarre things have come to pass before. "It's only been recently that we could even contact this world, could it not be that whatever this power was, that it has passed, and that is why we can make contact with the Green Sahara?"

Luminita caught sight of a pink flash in the corner of her eye as Mogquis entered into the chamber. "Miss Draculea, Mr. Tocsax, kupo. The invitations have been sent out by way of moogles, they should arrive by tomorrow."

"Wonderful news!" Luminita proclaimed, "Our plan is set into motion. And with that, I should go prepare the accommodations and debriefing for our new arrivals." She turned back to Tocsax, "Do you have any final points to discuss, Tocsax?"

Tocsax had a final thing to say, "Just this. Whatever happens, one of our groups has to succeed in their mission. Otherwise, all will be lost, including our contingencies."

Across the Multiverse
@Tenma Tendo@Double
At Luminita's orders, Mogquis sent off a fleet of moogles on gummi ships to the various lands inhabited by the chosen few who would go on to aid on the journey to secure the Green Sahara against the forces of darkness, each was sent with a simple note, inviting them to the cause.

Come quickly, chosen few, to the Palace of the Balchranae in the world of Renovation, for the thousands of Universes in Existence stand on the edge of a knife. From there, to the world of Green Sahara, and thence forward to the Kingdom of Israel, and in Israel, look for a village called Bethlehem and fly above it as a Star. There, a legion of Heartless seek to slay a child named Yeshua, a child born of a Virgin Birth. Do not let them touch him, or all is lost. After you've saved Bethlehem, go to the western side of a Peninsula called Arabia, and save a city called Mecca from an invading army calling themselves the Kingdom of Axum. Do not let a single Axumite - Or their own legions of Heartless - get within 50 miles of the city. Another birth of immense importance is to occur there.

The Moogle sent to the world of Capella was equipped with a further note.
As proof that we are right, we are sending, with the Moogle, a symbol; a Keychain that empowers the Keyblade, The Moogle bringing the message then brought a triangle of platinum with three symbols at its corners, one a pure golden circle, and the other two finely engraved pictures of Frankinsence and Myrrh. Attach this Keychain onto Halcyon, and attain great power.

Palace of the Balchranae, Renovation

Present Day

"Good morning, Miss Draculea, kupo." Mogquis chimed, "The Invitations have been sent out, the arrivals should be coming soon. We should make our way to the throne room as soon as we can."

Luminita shook her head, "We are on a need to know basis, for the moment. We will have to skip the throne room and explain the mission to our companions on the ride to the Green Sahara." With that, Luminita went off to the airfield to meet with the arrivals, and hurry them onto the Gummi ship for quick transfer over to Green Sahara in one piece.

While Meri and Sunja were in the midsts of their argument, Auxentia took the time to examine her surroundings. The little girl would be quite the humorous sight, being dressed almost like a small ancient Roman soldier, in makeshift armor fashioned from the broken pieces of those dead soldiers she scavenged it from, her tunic, long turned to a sallow color from hiding in the dirt from horrors, but a red cloak covering her body with the oversized helmet on her head. Perhaps she would even be somewhat cute if it wasn't for the ravages of malnutrition leaving her repulsively skinny, and the dirt and grime on her giving not only a greasy look, coupled with her matted, oily hair, but the odor of a child who couldn't remember the last time she had bathed. Anyone around her would be thrilled when the filthly little girl would be taken back to be scrubbed clean and made presentable. Auxentia herself thought about this, there was no way she was in any position to be presented to royalty like this. Still, this was Roman royalty, and she would be damned if she cared to be respectful to the same people who enslaved her and put her in this position. Yet, she wasn't sure if these were even the same Romans, the Palace was, while so familiar, also so different from what she remembered in her brief time in Constantinople. Still, she went along with it, best not to aggravate people who have the means to turn you into cheese with their swords should you offend them.

As the team was herded, Auxentia got a look at another woman, Luminita, making her way to the airfield as they left. She wondered what she was up to before snapping back to reality, lest she get in the way of any of the others. Auxentia wasn't sure what to make of them, the two women in the front seemed rather disinterested in the others, who the girl found difficult to parse. What surprised her the most of all was the appearance of a boy her age. The thought of anyone else as old as her being recruited for such a mission was unfathomable. She gripped onto the book in her hand tightly, pressing it against her chest. She wondered, if that boy also had some special power like what the Gnosticum gave to her.

Meanwhile, Meri was trying her best not to make eye contact with the infuriated nun casting deathly eyes in her direction. She understood the suspicion, but still was bothered by it. The Selenites had done terrible things, that much was true, but Meri had left that all behind, turned against Chang-e's machinations and fought to defend humanity. Still, she understood the hostility, yet it looked like only this Sunja figure was also from her homeworld, as the others didn't seem to look at her with the same hateful gaze. Meri removed her hat, as her long, rabbit-like ears stood up to listen around the palace. Such strange new sounds and sights, humans had advanced quite far by this period, almost like that of what was being done on the Moon. Unlike Sunja, who seemed lost in time shock, Meri was quite aware of what the technology of the Byzantines was, or was able to infer it by what the Selenites had of their own.

Her ears perked up at the request for medical attention, to which Meri shook her head, "I'm in good health, but I think that kid there might need to get looked at." She said, pointing over to Auxentia, who quickly pulled her helmet over her face as eyes turned to her, "Poor thing looks like she hasn't eaten or bathed in months."

Auxentia trembled at the thought of the others judging her. It was true, and she was lucky enough to have been given the food and drink by the man they sent to escort her to the palace, but her stomach did still hurt, and she did have a few injuries that were never properly treated. A moogle quickly dispensed a small drink to the girl, some kind of liquid, instructing her to drink. A quick drink of the potion gave Auxentia an instant rush of energy, unlike anything she had felt before. As the Moogle spirited away the empty glass, the group continued moving along to the Throne room, where all was explained to them.

Parallel worlds, an evil wizard, and a quest to save everything. Auxentia found it all very difficult to digest, but she tried her best. Meanwhile, Meri and Sunja listened intently, with Sunja speaking first, "A simple enough goal, but if I may inquire, Nobelissimos, how shall we go about putting an end to this Leo's plans?"
WIP, but want to get something out so I can start collabing

Kingdom of the Perkones

=-=General Information=-=
Capital: None
Demonym: Perkoni
Language: Perkoni language
Religion: Perkonic Paganism

Government: Tribal coalition under a High King
Population: 3,500,000











Alright, Special Operations leader up for final examination

Great Forest of Nara, Japan, Luna Dial

A small donation box could be found sitting inconspicuously beneath a single cherry tree. The box was engraved with the image of a cross across the top, inlaid with gold. The sound of twigs snapping and the crunch of dried leaves resonated out as a traveler made his way towards the box. Behind him floated a strange little creature, like a winged bear covered in whitish-pinkish fur. The creature came as a messenger, bearing a letter to be delivered to the one that the people of this village knew as the Saint of the Forest. But, one could not simply approach the forest saint directly, an offering would need to be brought to catch her attention.

"The saint lives by our generosity for her teachings and her protection. She does not cease from her holy work, unless the need to aide a traveller or defend our village comes. As such, we provide her all she needs."

"And you're sure she'll come, kupo?"

The guide nodded, "Once you put something in the box, she doesn't take long."

The Moogle obliged, flying up to the donation box, depositing a single loaf of bread.

"Now, we wait, kupo?"

The two sat upon the stone bench placed by the box, awaiting the arrival of the mysterious saint of the forest.

"What can you tell me about the saint, kupo?"

"Oh, I can't say much. I've never met her personally, I never need to travel through the forest, but I've heard some say that she is a powerful priestess with great magical abilities. She dwells in a wooden temple in the darkest part of the woods where her worship can transpire uninterrupted."

"How long has she been here, kupo?"

"Oh, as long as any of us can remember," the guide said, scratching his head. "Probably been here for as long as Japan has existed, yet she never seems to get any older." He laughed, "She must be from the Kami or something, she can hardly speak Japanese correctly. Where that accent of hers is from, I can't tell."

With that, the familiar sound of rustling leaves could be heard, as the creaking of hinges rang out.

"Who is in need of guidance?", spoke the emergent figure, a woman, looking to be in her early 30s, clothed in loose, long black clothing, and a beige head scarf wrapped around her hair. The woman eyed the two, though, her eyes narrowed as she caught sight of the moogle.

"Are you the one named Junko the Forest Saint, kupo?"



"You asked me my name, and I have told you, my name is Sunja." she responded monotonously, "The Japanese read my name in their own language as Junko, but if you ask, I will tell you as I read it in my own."

"Okay, kupo..." The Moogle replied, "I was sent here with a message for you."

An eyebrow perked up, "A message?"

"Directly from the Roman Emperor in Constantinople, kupo!"

As the moogle handed the envelope over to the nun, she stared at it intensely. That name, Rome. The Roman Empire, Daishin. That hermit, the one who made her like this. He said he came from...could it be? Constantinople, that was a new one. Never had she heard that name before, though, the context made it clear what its significance was.

Snapping back from her lapse, she looked at the Moogle. "This is startling news. Please, if you would be so kind, I believe we should continue this discussion in a more discrete location. We can disclose the details at my monastery."

It was not a far trek from the donation site to the monastery, though it was a simple structure, a tiny shack out in the middle of a dark forest, the inside of the shack decorated in bright, golden icons. Sunja prepared a small pot of tea for her and the visitor, as she listened to the little creature explain his mission and the plight of those who sent him.

Taking a sip from her tea, she looked at the creature as she spoke, "While I understand, it would not be so simple for me to just abandon my post here. The people of this village are dependant upon me to protect them not only from the threat of the Heartless but of the Selenites as well. I do not know that I can simply take off to engage in discussions with a war council."

"But think, kupo, the threat that I have described to you is a danger that has the potential to threaten the entire multiverse. And only certain individuals have the capacity to be of aide! Is that alone not worth at least coming with me to speak with the Emperor?"

Sunja closed her eyes and nodded, "Very well, I will meet with him, and discuss the situation."

Massalia, Roman Gaul, Luna Dial

The pale-haired girl stood bent over at the waist, head tilted slightly as she looked over the little creature. The poor thing had been unceremoniously knocked unconscious by one of the Selenite bombings, the poor little thing being just out of range to be hit with any deadly shrapnel, but still in range to get a good hit of the shockwave. She removed the conical hat she wore to get a better look, revealing a pair of long, rabbit ears on her head, pale white, brighter than the bluish-gray hair on her head. She reached out to pick up the moogle, taking note of its belongings, a sealed letter of some sort. The girl tucked it away into her clothing, as she retreated back into the hole she had dug, lest more bombings continue with her out of proper protection.

The messenger moogle would finally awaken, not in a devastated countryside, but in a warm, though clearly makeshift burrow. At the other side of the pile of blankets he had been placed into. The burrow was warm, softly lit by a single candle, and a makeshift bed at the side, though difficult to make anything out in detail, but he could clearly make about that the other end of the dwelling was occupied, and there sat a young woman, with her rabbit ears and all, eating and humming a tune as she sharpened the knife in her hand.

Wait, a knife?

The Moogle's heart pounded, and it was only made worse by the sudden turn of the face, as the rabbit-eared girl's gaze crossed his own, and she smiled at him.

"Oh, you've woken up!", she closed her eyes as she spoke, placing the knife down, to the relief of her visitor. "I was getting worried, I found you out in that field after they bombed it. But don't worry, we're safe in my little burrow here."

"Oh, I was just on my way to find someone, kupo. You wouldn't happen to know anyone named Meri, would you?"

"Oh, I do. That's my name!" she replied cheerfully, "You're looking for me?"

The Moogle responded by handing her the letter he was carrying. With Meri retrieving her knife to both open the seal and to cut and stick some pieces of cheese for eating.

"Hmmm, so you need me to come along with you, huh?". Stabbing a piece of cheese to be placed in her mouth, she smiled, "Constantinople...heh, you know, I was supposed to be going there anyway, but...for destroying."

The Moogle tilted his head, giving as close to a concerned look as possible at the strange woman. Catching sight of the look, Meri couldn't help but wave her hands about to dismiss any concerns. "Ah! But don't worry, don't worry! I'm not working with the other Selenites anymore.". Her expression changed as she mused further, "I couldn't bring myself to go along with...all of this." A sorrow crept into her words as she spoke, but was cut short by a quick shake of the head.

"But let's not keep them waiting any longer. Better get back to your ship before the bombs get it."

Gabal, Syria, Roman Empire, Tenebrae Invictae

The unfortunate traveler hadn't had much of a chance when he entered into Gabal. Communications were lost in the village some time ago, and the Romans would send a scout out east to figure out the source, never to return. The soldier was just another victim in a long line of unfortuate souls who walked right into a death trap that they never would have been able to prepare for. Abraxas' creatures simply shredded the scout to pieces, leaving a mangled corpse to rot away in the heat of the desert. The sun had vanished, yet it always stayed just as hot. The cries that managed to escape from him were an alert of sorts for the one inhabitant who still called Gabal something of a home. She had learned that when the screaming starts to take cover, and to investigate later.

Enough time had come to pass, and it was fine to go out and see what new treasures were hers. It had become a routine at the first of evey month, to loot the corpse of a fallen soldier and maybe get a treat. She was not disappointed this time. The beasts had been so kind as to leave the soldier's ration pack in place, with a bottle of vinegar and oil, as well as a still mostly intact bread loaf. Sadly, no wine nor honey to speak of. The girl sighed. At least she would have something to soften the old loaf, though no sweetness for breakfast once again.

The girl, Auxentia was her name, at least, the name she remembered best. Searched the body some more. Ah, her lucky day, the creatures had left the cloak of the soldier mostly untouched. The bright red fabric called out to her, and she quickly snatched up the garment, draping it over herself. The cloak was big, too big for her, but she didn't care. It looked nice, in her mind, and that was all that mattered. She picked up the soldier's dagger, clipping it to her own belt, and began marching up and down the street, mimicking the movements of the soldiers as best as she could remember. She wasn't sure why she did it, maybe it made her feel more powerful, more like she could take care of herself better.

But the distant, frightening calls of more Abraxian beasts made her take off back towards her hideout.

But, she was not to make it very far.

Turning into an alleyway, she crossed around the wall, only to be met with a pair of glowing yellow eyes. Auxentia jumped back, tripping over the cloak and tumbling onto the ground. Out from under her, fell her book. That book, no ordinary book, was the closest thing to a proper defense against this kind of beast. While a well-placed knife could take out one of Abraxas' creatures, these things didn't seem to go down so easy. The Gnosticum had a few banishing spells to send them elsewhere, but it was out of reach right now. As the creature approached, Auxentia's eyes darted to the tome as she made a dive for it, hoping to reach the book and twist away from the creature's reach before it could get to her. Hitting the stone of the road, she pulled the Gnosticum close to her as she turned to the side, but only saw the creature continuing to approach as she struggled to get the pages open. Bracing for an attack, she winced...only to feel nothing.

Opening her eyes, the creature was gone, slain, though no body remained. In its place, two new figures. One, a man, of uncertain origins, and a creature, though far from the monstrous entities that wandered about in Gabala, but more inviting, cute, one might say.

"Greetings, little lady - My name is Shahrukh Mizra the Fifth, and this is Mog the Moogle. We've come to ask for your help."

Auxentia did not return the smile, only staring back at the two, a face full of distrust and uncertainty. She looked over at the man's weapon, a blade unlike any other that she had previously spotted. The creature, a Moogle, it was called, named Mog, flew over to deliver the message to Auxentia. Opening the letter, she pondered over it.

Auxentia looked back at the two strangers, still bearing her nonplused expression.

"How did you survive the beasts?", she spoke, her Greek still heavy with the accent of the Gothic language. A barbaric trait, so the Romans had said to her. Though, perhaps it best takes a "barbarian" to survive barbaric conditions."Do you know a way out of here?"

Assured that all would be explained, Auxentia decided to take the leap of faith and follow these strangers. Anything had to be better than remaining here.
One more character, want to play a very dynamic character who will really grow (literally and metaphorically) as the game progresses

Character Sheet
Name: Auxentia Grimulfa

Born as Grimawulfa in a Gothic family settled by the area of Pannonia by the Romans. Grimawulfa was the daughter of a Gothic man and a captured Roman woman of Gaulish and Syrian descent. Seeing oppourtunity to exploit the Goths, the Romans began the practice of regularly starving out Gothic settlements within the empire to force the Goths to sell their children as Slaves for food. Grimawulfa was one of these children, bought by a Roman slaver to be sold off in Thessaloniki, given a Latin name, Auxentia. The children were bough by a merchant from a small city in north eastern Syria, called Gabala.

Gabala was the center of a Gnostic sect, who sought to achieve gnosis by appeasing the true god with the blood sacrifices. The Gothic slave children were purchased with the intended goal of being killed as offerings to the god Abraxas. However, unknown to any, Auxentia's mother was the daughter of a rogue Gabalian priest, and her presence triggered the rise of Abraxas, who promptly killed most of the inhabitants of Gabala, turning any survivors insane or into monstrous creatures. While the priest captured and attempted to kill Auxentia as a sacrifice to spare himself from being killed by Abraxas,in his death she took his book, which seemed to call out to her. Reading its pages, she found herself able to use its magic to defend herself, and hopefully to survive and escape. But now, in addition to the beasts spawned from Abraxas, now strange new creatures, unknown to her, are spawning in Gabala.
A survivalist, she's skilled at sneaking around and avoiding combat, staying undetected as much as possible. But when confonted, She can use the energy of thr transdimensional demon Abraxas to use dark magic through the book, the Gnosticum Infamante. However, its use is taxing on her mentally and spiritially, and process makes her ill, and at a certain point becomes disturbing enough that she will cease being able to so much as speak.
Quiet, almost a mute. She refuses to talk to most people, and is riddled with trust issues and insecurity.

Her setting is basically HP Lovecraft meets Silent Hill set in the late Roman Empire
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