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If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

Mater Lei watched Yuu go, pulling her glove back over her hand as she stepped from the Vault. Her hand, where she'd struck him, was unbruised- unmarked- unreddened; still the same gleaming black masterwork it had always been. It hadn't been much of a blow. Still, he was tougher than he looked.

The beach was empty now. Lei raised the shining orb, and one last time, she clicked the Lock. This time she removed the key.

Malkut received the golden Lock with silent diligence. Lei tossed the Key into the air, and watched Alto take it in a blur. Something else was in the sky.

A jaguar? Headed for the Southern Continent.

"Malkut," said Lei, "construct for us a headquarters on the South. Take what power you need. I'll run a portal between the two, such as to extend our presence into every hemisphere."

Malkut nodded. "Schematics?" Lei smiled.

"No, Malkut. Build whatever you please and make it yours. The South I give to you, and the respite you desire. You've earned it." Malkut nodded.

Lei turned to the sky once more. "Alto, keep an eye on that dem- Alto? Alto." But Alto was already gone. [colour=thistle]Of course he is.[/color]

Well, thought Lei, conjuring a journal as Malkut performed a fifth-dimensional turn and disappeared from view. I think it's time we take stock.

In the distance, Alto met the horizon.

Mater Lei's fingertips brushed the edge of the fern that from swamp and forest grew. Pelegath's life ate Ipeyr's death, each completing the other, a cycle of healing and rot. It was beautiful. A second book appeared, and a stylus marked it down.

Great clarions rose among the trees, whispering their secret words, and for that she conjured a journal also, and the sprites beyond her mimicked the motion of the pen, taking up sticks with which to sketch with threads of light. Trailed by an entourage of little artists, Lei watched the subtle glow of the Ley absorbed by the towering pumpkins she had made, and laughed, and ran into the wood.

All around she felt the scent and taste of life.

Fish leapt from the salt waters and crabs lurked in the fresh; The Pendulum ticked its seconds down at the heart of the forest as one explored the other. An akbaba swallowed the Plume she had slain, and its companions drank the nectar of the Centaur's Tree, beneath which Elizer stood in wonder.

She spread her arms and danced reality into a whirlpool. Into the vortex flew books without number.

In a faraway river valley, the automaton stood, and as tomes and sketches and unwary sprites spun around him, he examined a book in his own code. Malkut looked up into the portal, and snapped it shut with content. He raised his hands, and when he struck the dry rock, it quaked itself to powder; and in its absence he dragged his great white stones, into the cool canyon wall where he would rest.

All this world I shall preserve.

Overhead he saw a flash. Malkut nodded to his brother.

And Alto...

Just watch.

Alto swept across land, sea and air. He passed the plains of the Jaguar, where Onca lay in lush green; He traversed the plateau of Perfection, crossing Pervanon and spinning through the jaws of the Vyer that lurked there and the Goldari beyond. He soared low through the flowers of Aella's field, sweeping up a gale of petals.

Alto curved his flight to meet the isles beyond; he saluted the Turtle and soared with the griffins at their morning hunt. Alto struck with the lightning of the Dragon's volcanic clouds, and fell with the spit of his magma.

Alto penetrated the sea and flew there, chasing the Faliargun and their susurring thoughts. His wings clipped the corals and spilled spores o'er the Islands of Song, that new Clarions may one day haunt there. He returned to land, where his demigod charge had summited a mountain to share his wonder.

And Alto chased golems, scurrying at play across the Plains of Madness, pursuing the joy of the broken mould. Alto chased the horses on their way to Surm, where Death raised his solemn land and carved his people from its stone, and purple grass thrived beyond.

This world- could anything match its splendour?


The Avatar crossed from day to night to day, and back to the night, and leapt into it, and broke the light barrier.

Solari roared and cheered him as he passed, bright and blue, dim and dour, lords in service to lords. They cheered him and they praised, for all eyes were turned to the Galaxy's true center, from which he was an emissary; And Alto took a seat with their light and looked down, with them, at the world that was.

The envy of the universe.

Galbar was born.

End of Turn 0

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Centaur tree

Grimloq's isle
Island Turtle
Coral islands
Mount Pervanon
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