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Medical term for brain freeze is 'sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia', you're welcome
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@fedex ship me to the middle of the ocean on an oil tanker and blow me to kingdom come pls xx
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carry a party popper in your pocket at all times in case someone needs confetti thrown at them


According to the IRC, I'm a low-grade troll. They're probably not wrong.

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@kkbird123 A couple of characters have lived on or in Galbar's moons or been associated with them, but other than Ull and to some degree Logos there aren't many space-focused gods. Space exploring gods we have plenty of, though.

Did anyone clam Deaths Hand and Reapers Lantern? If not could I perhaps set them aside for later characters?

I think Rtron is the only one here with even the foggiest idea of who has what.

Can we have a roll call? Before Lambda starts beating up anyone who lays claim to a piece of her god?

Reaper's Scythe (Soul-rending weapon) - Helvana

Death's touch (Poisoned gemstone) - ?

Death's Crown (Necromancy skull) - Thulemiz

Death's Skull (Divine knowledge earring) - ?Cyclone?

Death's Sight (HUD blindfold) - Lambda

Death's Hand (Harbinger's tarot deck) - ?Lokileo?

Death's Song (Perish Song flute) - Zotash'e

Reaper's Lantern (Soul-fueled magic) - ?Lokileo?

Death's Shroud (Invisibility cloak) -
@kkbird123 Yep! What brings you here this fine evening?
Ayem's silhouette wavered in the breeze. In the end it was just her coat, tugging at a pole of a woman who didn't move much when she listened.

What would be more wrong- to talk to this child with the same meaningless comforts that were all she yet knew how to offer, or try and work through the cloud of depressive mystery above her like the spirit's puzzle it so clearly was?

Ayem's shins showed up at Mary's level again and she lifted her chin with a spindly finger, letting their eyes meet. "You came this far, didn't you?" she half-whispered. "If you really believe you can, then you'll find the people you love again. No matter how far you've floated apart. And in the meantime I'll be big enough for both of us." She ruffled Mary's hair. "So, do you think you're ready to keep going? Just say the word if you're too tired to- too sad to walk."
Man, last month or so I've been reading a whole lot of real deity-inspiring myth type content, mostly by chance, but dang. It's incredibly refreshing to find new and wildly different authors in a genre you think you've gotten used to. Recommendations!

Rich Shapero's uncannily Divinus-esque Arms from the Sea is probably not available for free online, but the graphic novel/lore compendium(?) Kill Six Billion Demons is, and if you haven't watched Princess Mononoke yet you probably should.

I spent the whole evening reading Kill Six Billion Demons and the experience was downright spiritual

So much biblical prose, guys. Anyway anyone picked up any inspiring content lately?
Holy hi-tech Jesus, I click ONE tvtropes link and the next thing you know it's been nine days.

Sorta kinda trying to shuffle the two current stories together, though forgive me if it's clumsy since I haven't been reading the Rave/Akagalcia story too closely.
"It used to be a river," said Ayem, swishing a speck of dust off her coat and leading them out into the night lights. "People still call it that."

That was, it seemed, all she had to say.

* * *

If Ayem's arms had been strong enough to pick up Mary and carry her along in her sweeping stride, their walk would have been faster; but children are, of course, always heavier than they look. Ayem didn't feel like wearing her hollow arms out this early in the night, and she'd just been through the laundromat, besides.

Even so it didn't take long. The primary bridge was being repaired under a mound of bright yellow danger tape, for whatever reason, so they approached from the back. There all they could see was the ruin of the bio factory, still steaming in its piles of goop.

A crash site normally swarmed with police. Now, not so much. They were all airborne, or operating high-alert patrols elsewhere, where the frigate's cargo had been dropped or taken. Where crime had flared with the loss of the drones. It only took ten seconds.

Things slipped through the net on Frixion Prime. Anything that failed to keep up with the flashing lights and crowds, anything that stopped, even for a minute, stayed. The hand of the law had passed over this place and it would not come back. Maybe it won't even be repaired. Maybe it stays a ruin of industry until the next corp comes to erase it. Ayem could already see the urban ghosts dripping their way across the floor.

And the city moved on. Pedestrians already acknowledged the fresh wreck with nothing more than a glance. She could see window shoppers. She could see cheap fashion peddled on mannequins, the exact same company that had just clothed Mary. And the same traffic.

"Start looking for bodies, if you can," said Ayem, low, to Grazia. "Cartels. Before that there was a private security skirmish. They might have claimed their dead. Or, they might have cut losses." It was obvious which choice the officer found most likely. Which one she'd have made herself. "They probably sent Mary. Definitely after whoever ended up with the ship. If you identify the company by their implants, we can contact them on our own terms. That'll be a strong lead." And Ayem knew how to deal with her own kind.

To Mary, she said, "Hey. Wanna go explore the dingy death factory?"

@Kho *Dabbles waltzes in leading an Alefprian army*

@Muttonhawk headcanon: Friend sounds exactly like Tauga, only yelling.
>new character
>not a robot with feelings

0/10 Tauga's gonna sue her for text colour infringement.

(I've actually waited for this to happen for some time now just so there can be a 'huh, our voices sound really similar by sheer coincidence' subplot so keep it)

'Friend' seems interesting. I can only speculate at its purpose.

In other news, I need some advice: Where on Galbar should the Celestial Citadel make landfall?

In or near the Firewind works well enough for my plans. Not sure what those plans are, exactly, but they involve a certain flute-player wandering the barrens.

And now the author suddenly realises that he might have made his new character sound a bit too much like Chiral Phi but doesn't want to spoil its role by making a character sheet that truly demonstrates their fundamental differences.


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