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13 days ago
If you're not trying to romance the Pokemon, what's the fucking point?
21 days ago
Can't help but read 'woah' as a regular 'wuh', but 'whoa' as a deep, masculine 'HOO-AH!'
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21 days ago
That's patently untrue. I planted some potassium the other day, and no matter how much I watered it, all I got was explosions.
1 mo ago
I maintain that if alien life observed earth from a distance, they would jack off to it
2 mos ago
There are only five good degrees: law, banking, statistics, engineering, and dentistry. Those are your five options. Choose wisely.


According to the IRC, I'm a low-grade troll. They're probably not wrong.

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@Leotamer The world's been around for a while, it just hasn't had complex life. The usual stuff that's in an earth-like planet should still be there- iron, aluminium, gold, salts, what have you.

ed: you can still make them, though, obviously.

Working together to make something is exactly the same as making something alone. If one character puts time and effort into a thing to the value of one Might, then it's a special thing. If two characters both put that same amount of time and effort into one thing, then they've both spent one Might, and the thing is worth two.
@Capt0blivious Ideally we don't have intrusions from other or prior worlds unless there's specific Door shenaniganry involved, but pick whichever one suits you. Lei's probably let a reincarnating soul in by accident at some point or other.
@Capt0blivious Straw hat? Check. Japanese? Check. Manufacturer of living weapons? Check. Yuu is gonna love this guy.

Anyway, Telum Dei is all good! Feel free to put him in the character thread and start working on his introduction when Kho's ready.
@Capt0blivious Welcome! Just check over the writing we've seen so far in the character sheets and the game itself, and if you feel like you can keep up, feel free to make a character and/or start thinking of parentage.
@Kalleth Fire is an important technology, you should probably subtract a Miracle for either teaching it or creating a species with knowledge of it.

ed: Also, what do the Koguja eat? At the moment I don't think there's any vegetation on Surm to be food or fuel.

Same goes for anyone else with intelligent species. Y'all gods gotta provide, yo

Lei's not gonna swoop in and give free sealizard burgers to everyone


I'll get back to this after classes!

Monday — Morning — Cafeteria

"We can bring in a hot plate, do it here," shrugged Kat. The thought of food was usually safe from the loom of depression. "That way it's warm when they get it. Admin won't mind." Admin could be spiteful, from time to time, but mostly they were apathetic. And they wouldn't mess with a fundraiser like this one, surely.
oh yes they will
"Anyway, that way you have time to study." The clock counted another three seconds up. Click click. "...oh shgitz, study!"

Kat stood, wiping his mouth. In truth, his thoughts on the gym final had been nothing deeper than 'I can probably wing it' all week, but he hadn't expected to actually forget about it. Was that another thing that was wrong? Or am I just that useless?
you know you are
Was someone talking?
Kat looked to Rebecca, his bag halfway to his back. He felt rain-chilled blood run a little colder.

'Maybe the timing is just off... it seems like it gets this way every year. When everyone is stressed out about tests, everyone gets like this...'

Everyone? Even me?

Kat had an Abraxas pendant on a keychain on his bag. He thumbed it under the guise of checking his phone, and prayed to the Monad, the sliver of sun that the Teacher said lay inside of him. Is it so? Is this just something that happens? But the sun and its warmth was missing. What's going on?
Updating that intro post, little by little. Might get to repairing the Prestige system eventually.
Lei didn't use that maneouvre to teleport or anything, guys. She's straight up relaxing fully clothed in a giant pot of soup.
@Kalleth Big keks.

Watch this one, guys. They know that the Termite only listens to the language of meme.
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