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Current Backstories are a spook, man. Either the character is interesting enough in the present for you not to need to introduce their past, or you set your story too late in their life.
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on holiday for five days. if you need me, toss a rock into the fuckin' desert and I'll whisper in your dreams
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Serial Experiments Lain, or, How To Download Linux And Become God (feat. You, You, You and Evil You)
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Medical term for brain freeze is 'sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia', you're welcome
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According to the IRC, I'm a low-grade troll. They're probably not wrong.

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@Kho Nah, it's flavoursome, but it's not a mechanic currently significant enough to be worth enshrining a kinkless version of in the errata, given how specific it is to Vowzrid entities. So go nuts! Unless the other GMs have a problem or Victors start abusing it in ways they really shouldn't be (teleportation is a major power), it should be fine.

I think the ultimate solution here is for nobody except Kho to capitalise the word 'fabric' from now on.

Voila. I'm an amazing GM.
@Kho ...Could it be imagined as the paper on which the Codex is written? Paper is a lot like fabric. Right? Right??

Heartworm swallowing a piece of the fabric of reality is explicitly mentioned in this post, summarywards, where it consumes part of the underlying structure of existence to become more like the background of all that is, thus explaining a point of concealment. That's always been Heartworm's teleportation mechanic: literally carving up reality to make a wound it could move through.

(As an aside, it's also one of my most consistent long-term bits of character development. At first Heartworm had to laboriously chew through reality, but later it could carve holes using a tool. Eventually it could slice portals into existence quickly with its vehicle, and lately it's just been kicking reality so hard it rips like paper. An upcoming post is the first and only one in which Heartworm simply wills a wound in reality to open up. It's also been teleporting more as time goes on. So there's some subtle power progressions for y'all.)

The thing is that 'the fabric of reality' is a really common metaphor for 'the underlying structure of the existent universe' when it comes to describing both physics and metaphysical stuff. I'm sure most of us have used it here at some point, unthinking, to mean exactly that.

Unless the Fabric as you describe is something specifically other than that, then I imagine it's a Vowzrid phenomenon of the general concept. Heartworm might be interacting with a different layer of it somehow. It might simply not be attuned to the sentience, or there might be some mirroring effect in which its own weird AI soul reflects on the Fabric and makes it seem cold and lifeless from its perspective.
@Kho What does the Fabric think of Heartworm chewing holes through it all day every day? Can entities other than Victors communicate with it, or is it all in their heads? ...what is it, exactly?

Just spent 13 hours with no electricity or phone service my dudes. I'm surprisingly sane.

@Kho It only gives a general idea of direction and proximity, but given that Sculptors roam, they can triangulate one another quite easily. Urtelem use this to coordinate their meetings with the fae folk.

Jvan doesn't keep tabs on all Sculpts- she hadn't spoken to Flux in hundreds of years by the time he died- but she's cautious and she'll notice an aberration that isn't masked.

To make chronology work, she's probably been watching Juras without his knowledge until the latest developments with Gadar. Good to keep one's options open.
He finds a Sculptor and, after a struggle, breaks into the Sculptor system of telepathic communication. Juras' link remains even after he kills the Scultpor.

Guess who can expect an immediate call from a certain peninsula?

I'll catch up in a bit, but expect it to start with 'hello and thank you for giving away your exact coordinates, NOW WHERE'S MY DAUGHTER'
I've forgotten to post this about eight times already, but here's a monster design that makes me think of Vestec with his mask off.

Mercenary - Birth
Tauga - Marquisate 3
Tauga - Marquisate 4
Chiral Phi - general Phiposting, i.e. KIDS
Heartworm - Death
Lambda - Vestec and Isonymph
Tira - Gadar
Ama would certainly find use for them.

She's actually in the Amestris area to start with, so she could end up involved with Jericho or the lot. She'll probably move on eventually, though. Mercenaries are notoriously unreliable after all.

Hmm, I was thinking of working the guy into Yorum, but might be a bit difficult unless entertainment to an ex-hordeboi can be achieved with music.

Unless this mercenary would like to join in with Ch'eater down in the south. That'll be much more brutal. But that means they won't be featured for a while.

Ehhh, I'll leave it open for someone else to take. For now.

She'll be happy if she gets to beat the shit out of some raiders every once in a while.

The downside is, now that I'm actually thinking about her, she's spontaneously developed not only a personality but also motives. She'll accept cash, and some very specific other favours.

My headcanon is that they all follow Tauga's YouTube channel, forming a toxic adolescent fanbase known as the Taugang. Tauganactsa is just the Grotling language equivalent of the Taugang portmanteau.

...what exactly would Tauga even put on a youtube channel?

*lens flare intro*
*Microsoft Powerpoint transition*
*three second long blank stare at screen*
*looks at script*
"so uh hey guys and welcome to my minecraft let's play channel"
*twenty-five minutes of boring gameplay that's 60% awkward silence and 40% limp self-narration*
"guess that's all we have time for thanks for watching guys don't forget to like and subscribe"
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