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10 Apr 2017 12:34
Just stick the two concepts together. Steam Tank Wars: Thomas the Railgun Engine.
10 Apr 2017 1:08
'What a beautiful day,' I say, in hell, cranking up the aircon
20 Feb 2017 16:35
kids these days with their sludgepop and their wonkstep and their satanwave, why can't they just listen to harsh noise like they used to
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14 Feb 2017 19:34
My head's full of empty, tbh.
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3 Feb 2017 11:39
Finally settled on a less phallic avatar after like an hour of deliberation
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According to the IRC, I'm a low-grade troll. They're probably not wrong.

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A lot of what you wrote seems a bit unfamiliar to me though. Were you in the oldguild divinus and is mentioning lost content or is it new stuff in the old world?

I was in oldguild Divinus, but this is entirely new content. Either an alternate timeline or just a long time after the canonical events. The only real constant is some of the gods, which won't be particularly relevant anyway.
This was going to be a prologue to Osveril's introduction collab, but I realised that it was sort of irrelevant and, being dialogue, much longer than the content was worth. Also, no more double post, I guess.

Today we learn that Jvan has a surname, and that she originates from the Oldguild Divinus version of Galbar, complete with some very old but familiar gods.


"...So tell me, how did you settle on a name?"

"It wasn't hard."

"And yet, some spend weeks deciding on what to call their engines."

"Well, I did not."

"I presume it has no particular meaning, then?" Teasing.

"Of course it does, Ceeln." Unperturbed.


"The Horror. It's what people feel when they're swept away. When the beauty of the thing is too raw, too far beyond what they believe should and should not be. But it exists nonetheless. That's what I want to be, Ceeln. The awe that shudders."

"...That's so very you, Jvan."

Short sharp cackle. "I am very me."

"I... see."

"I think not," said Jvan, as nonchalant about Ceeln's disability as only a sibling can be. Ceeln shrugged as if to say



"Vowzra's beard, you have a touch for this."

"Try Achozaal's. I hear it's longer." Some thudding sounds. Jvan crawled out from inside the war engine. "Some say Vestec hides a goatee under his-AGH NO CEELN YOU BASTARD"

Sisterly laughter, lovingly cruel.
"Oh, I definitely don't see you enough, Jvan."

"..." Resigned limpness, arms crossed.

"...Senator Nuul?"

"Yes?" "...?"

"Eh, my apologies. I forget you're siblings." Light, gruff smile. "Senator Ceeln, then. The ambassadors."

A nod. Ceeln turned back from Prrhyi. "Farewell, Jvan."

@Commodore Also, while I'm fangirling over our gotta-go-fast animation millipede, here's something her theme brought to mind.

I really wanted to get an important post in before the end of the turn, but damn it, no one has posted since the Aitiraq/Toun collab. I may have to be a rude, uncouth, and downright savage person and double post in IC :C

@Commodore Another oddball artist neutralish non-humanoid unpronounceably-named J-girl..?


I love her. Jvan's going to give her so much free shit

Well, I've had a fully developed science fiction character floating around for a while now with no particular setting to his name, so I guess this is as good a place as any to dump him. Somewhat silly concept from a daydream.

Don't practice historical european polearm techniques in the same room as your computer.


Anyway all my stuff was already safe since Windows 10, despite the many flaws I had to shell out $150 for, somehow does know how to reinstall itself without laying waste to my meme vaults. I do gotta do that, though.

Other than that, things seem to be clearing up faster than expected. Damn tech giants and their constant data harvesting, I love it.

Did you feed it enough memes? Meme machines die without them.

My meme machine made the spontaneous decision to ram seven feet worth of Swiss halberd up its, uh, disk drive. I'm currently putting it through suicide counselling and have sent its five children to live with their great aunt far away from any central European polearms, but it looks like recovery's going to be, in the doctor's words, a massive bitch.

So don't expect too much from me for a few days yo.
@poog the pig I've researched it before and as I recall, Earth the planet was in fact named after dirt, but in a roundabout etymological way that probably took many years. It basically stems from a root that meant 'land' or 'ground'.

Dry land was the world plants grew and people lived, farmed and worked on, and I presume the sea was something kind of external to that. For most people the entire world was a vast expanse of earthy ground, plus (unreachable) sky and (uninhabitable, empty) sea. Eventually people figured out that the Dirt is a speck of dust in an infinite void but by then the name had stuck.

That's for Germanic languages and possibly also Latin, anyway. Other languages might not have the connection.
@Double Capybara Nope, doesn't look like it.

But damned if that list isn't useful, I already have ideas for what to do with chimes and iron roses. Urtelem might plant earthsouls on themselves in cities so that others can see an urt's mood as easily as an urt can sense theirs. For politeness.
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