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Name: Reyat (Rey) Turrelle

Title: none

Influence: # 2

Group(s): None yet

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 34
Race/Species: Human

Short and stocky, a female-bodied person of ambiguous racial background, Reyat seems to otherwise be primarily defined by the word “ish”. Her skin is brownish, but not really brown. Her hair is black-ish and short, of no particular texture. The dirt which seems to perpetually dust her entire body partly hides the clawmarks scored into her face and down her chest. Reyat’s eyes are amber brown and her hands, while callused, are laced with tiny scars as if she tried to clutch a handful of glass shards years ago.

Reyat is quiet and spacey most of the time. When she does have opinions, however, she rarely takes no for an answer. She is quick to anger but slow to show it in more than small gestures, abrasively practical, and her sense of humor is… morbidly sarcastic, to say the least. She does not shy from unpleasant tasks or unpleasant thoughts, but often seems detached from the world as a whole.

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers:
• ( influence 2 ) Unarmed combat and knife fighting—Though Reyat has little experience with longer weapons, she is decidedly, brutally competent in unarmed combat and knife-fighting, particularly against large, furry mammals like those which dominated the forest she used to call home.
• ( influence 2 ) Enhanced senses of hearing and smell—Reyat doesn’t really understand the expression “so quiet you can hear a pin drop”. I mean sure, it has to be pretty quiet for her to hear something like that, but there can still be some quiet conversation. She also doesn’t understand how people can enjoy, say, loud music, given that as soon as it gets above about the noise level of pretty normal shouting, it starts to feel like someone stole her daggers and is trying to drive them into her ears. Needless to say, that hurts. As for smell—Reyat doesn’t smell so well she can track someone’s footsteps on that alone, but she can certainly tell if someone’s been using soap or bleeding all over the place from fifteen or twenty feet away.

• ( influence 1 ) Weapons—An eating/belt knife (not really a weapon, but still), and two longer daggers which fit in her vambraces, plus a boot knife (in the sole of her left boot) and the treated wood hair stick she usually wears, which has a screw-on cap over a narrow, 1-inch blade.
• ( influence 1 ) Partial armor—Armor is usually expensive, but Reyat lived in the woods and hunted for a living, so she has access to leather. She normally wears a gorget, vambraces, and short leather faulds attached to her belt, sometimes skipping the faulds if she doesn’t expect a fight.

The first thing Reyat remembers, really, is a campfire in the woods. That’s… pretty much it. She grew up alone, beyond some vague memories of what was probably another person, armed with a bow and ready to fight. She doesn’t remember who that person was, really, just that they disappeared one day, probably having gotten themself killed by one of the many, many deadly creatures inhabiting the monstrosity of a forest Reyat called home—though more accurately, she called it hellmurder forest. Eventually, when she was about twenty (she doesn’t actually know how old she is, precisely), Reyat left. She floated around from place to place, doing odd jobs for anyone willing to offer her some money, honesty being her only real guiding principle. If anything, her goal is to find a goal for her life—some majestic purpose, for good or ill, because greed gets boring for her and gives only the most transient of benefit, and needless kindness or cruelty to Reyat always seemed… unnecessary. Pointless.
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Just saying, this RP is pretty much dead. I think they're gonna replace it with a star wars themed universal rp or something.
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